Rob’s New Life

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“You’re a sorry fucking bitch,” screams Rob.

Betty shouts back, “And you’re a sorry fucking excuse for a man. You worthless cock sucker.”

“At least I’m not out trying to fuck the entire town.”

“Neither am I. I am just satisfying one man. At least he can satisfy me. Not like some ass hole that will remain nameless.”

“How do you expect to get satisfied when once or twice a week is all that you’re willing to have sex and then you want it over with in five minutes?”

“Shit, I’d like to see you last five minutes.”

“You sorry fucking bitch; I ought to kick you ass.”

The last comment had scared Betty. Never in their three years of marriage had Rob ever threatened her with violence. She shouted at him, “I think that you had better get your sorry ass out of here.”

Rob had been concerned himself about threatening his wife with violence. The fear on her face had had dual effect upon him. The thought that he would resort to violence against his wife scared him. He had never raised his hand to a woman in life and he hoped that he never would. He realized now that the threat had been pure bluster and he was sure that he would not be tempted to get physical with her. However, the look of fear in her face gave him a feeling of power over her. He decided that he would use that power against her. He told her, “I should just kick the shit out of you. No court in the land would convict a man who has just found out that his wife has been cheating on him.”

As Rob moved toward the bedroom, Betty told him, “If you don’t get out of here in five minutes, I am going to call the cops.”

Rob asked, “And what are you going to tell them, that I got angry when I found out that you were fucking another man and I raised my voice. I said that I should kick the shit out of you; I didn’t say that I would or make any attempt to strike you. Don’t give me any fucking timetables to get out of here. I wouldn’t spend another night in the same fucking apartment as you, if my life depended on it. I’ll be gone when I get some things together.” Rob was busy packing a small suitcase and he grabbed some clothes out of his closet and began to leave the apartment. Standing in the doorway, poised to leave, Rob told Betty, “Incidentally, don’t try to spend any of the money that we have in the bank. Today, when I found out about you and your boyfriend, I stopped by the bank and closed all of our accounts. When I talk to a lawyer, I will tell him where the money is at.” He slammed the door and carried his stuff to his SUV in the parking lot.

Rob Keene and Betty Hart had been married a little more than three years earlier, shortly after his graduation from college. Rob was a twenty-five year old computer programmer and he had managed to put away a considerable amount of money in savings. His wife, or soon to be ex-wife, had taken little interest in their financial matters. As long as Rob paid the bills and provided her with a sufficient amount to go shopping or partying with her friends, she had been happy. Less than a month before, Rob had found a house that he wanted to buy. He had made a couple of offers on the house; but the sellers wanted several thousand dollars more than he was willing to pay. He had taken a pass on the house and had had many worries that he had passed up a good thing. Now, he knew that fate had been on his side. Without a house to divide, their cars and the furniture in the apartment were the only non-liquid assets that they had to worry about dividing. Since both cars were of the same vintage, about two years old, he could probably get by with them each keeping the car that they had been driving. Although he would argue against it at the outset, he was willing to let her have the apartment and the furniture that was in it.

Rob drove to the edge of town and found a motel. He didn’t want to pay the prices at any of the better ones; but he wasn’t going to stay at a ‘flea-bag motel’ either. His room was pleasant enough and the television received most of the channels that were available on the local cable system. Rob had a fairly restful night and went to work at the normal time the following morning. Shortly after ten o’clock, he left work to go to his apartment. He packed the remainder of his clothes and as many of his personal possessions that he could load into his vehicle. He returned to the office and spent the rest of the day working as normal. At quitting time, Rob drove to a bar near the motel and drank a couple of beers and had a sandwich. He spent a couple of hours enjoying the college football game that was on the television.

Four blocks down the street from the motel where Rob was registered, Jill Keene Ambrose was getting dressed to go to town with her friend Brandy Porterfield. Jill was Rob’s sister and was one year older than him. She has been divorced for about two years and used the name Ambrose as little as possible. Her apartment lease, her driver’s license and her bank accounts list the name Jill Keene. illegal bahis She has just completed a hectic day at work and was looking forward to an interesting evening on the town. Her friend Brandy was also divorced and the two of them often went out in the evening looking for some male companionship. Jill was dressed in a tight short skirt and was wearing an equally tight, low-cut top that revealed a considerable expanse of her 34B breasts. The top that she was wearing tonight was tight enough that she did not feel that a bra was necessary.

When Brandy arrived, Jill noticed that she was also wearing a tight skirt; but Brandy’s was somewhat shorter than Jill’s. Brandy was also wearing a low-cup tight knit top; however her 36C breasts were encased in a bra. The two young women stopped at one of the local bars that usually had a considerable number of eligible men on the prowl. Tonight, this one was somewhat slow. They drove down the street to another of their favorite nightspots. At this one, they found that there was a good crowd. The girls ordered a drink and found a table. It wasn’t long before a couple of guys approached them and asked them to dance. They each danced with three or four different guys and they each had a couple of drinks. Neither girl was that interested in any of the guys that were hitting on them.

After returning from one of her trips to the dance floor, Jill noticed a couple in a corner booth that were all over each other. She thought for a while that they were actually going to fuck right there in the bar. Jill thought that there was something familiar about the couple; but she couldn’t pinpoint it right off of the bat. Jill was sitting there sipping her drink when Brandy returned from the dance floor. Jill asked, “Anyone who interests you yet?”

A frown crossed Brandy’s face, as she replied, “No. None of these guys turn me on tonight. How about you?”

Jill shook her head and answered, “No. I am about ready to blow this pop stand. Another night might have better results.” The couple in the corner that had gotten Jill’s attention began to leave the bar. The woman was still hanging all over the guy as they moved toward the door. Jill now realized why the couple was so familiar, yet not that familiar. The woman was her brother’s wife; but the guy was not her brother. Jill had always had some degree of disdain for her sister-in-law and tonight she felt vindicated for her previously unjustified feelings. An unsatisfactory evening at the bars had just turned worse for Jill as she witnessed her brother’s wife cheating on him. Jill and Brandy finished their drinks and left the bar. The two of them got into Brandy’s car and began the drive toward Jill’s apartment.

As they were approaching motel row, Jill asked Brandy to slow her car down. Brandy had no idea what was up. She didn’t think that she was driving too fast and she did not have a clue what was on Jill’s mind. Brandy had been Jill’s close friend for too long to question what was being asked of her. The look on her friend’s face told her that she was concerned about something. Suddenly, Jill hollered, “Turn in here.”

Brandy asked, “Are you so horny that you are going to get a room here and then call an escort service?”

Jill snapped, “No, asshole. I’m just looking for something.” Jill spotted her brother’s car parked near the end of the building. She told Brandy, “Okay, let’s go home.”

They rode in silence to Jill’s apartment building. Brandy parked her car and followed Jill into the apartment. When Jill had closed and locked the door, she turned and took Brandy in her arms and began to kiss her. Brandy returned the kisses for a few moments and then when Jill began to feel one of her boobs, Brandy broke the kiss and asked, “All right, are you going to keep me in the dark all night? Why did you almost spazz out back there by the motels?”

Jill kissed her friend and paused before saying, “I was looking for my brother’s car at one of the motels. It was parked in the lot that I asked you to pull in to.”

Brandy said, “I really don’t know your brother that well; but from what you have told me, he doesn’t seem to be the type to cheat on his wife.”

Jill snapped back, “He’s not, dammit. You remember that couple in the corner of the bar that was almost fucking in plain sight?

“Yeah, why?”

“The cunt was my brother’s wife. I recognized her when they were leaving. I don’t think that she saw me. She’s fucking around on him. I think that maybe he found out and left her. That means that I am going to have to have a very difficult conversation with my brother tomorrow night at my mother’s birthday dinner.”

“You’re not going to bring this up at you mother’s birthday party; are you?”

“No. I’m pissed off; but even pissed off, I don’t do things that stupid. I’ll wait until my parents leave and then I will broach the subject to Rob.”

Brandy took Jill back in her arms and began to kiss her again, saying, “Honey, I know that illegal bahis siteleri you are upset; but neither of us can do anything about it tonight. Let’s go to bed and take your mind off of this. We will both be able to think a little straighter in the morning.”

Jill returned Brandy’s kisses and said, “Oh, I’m thinking straight tonight. Straight enough to know that if I left this apartment now, I would go find that bitch and kick her fucking ass. No. I am thinking straight enough to know that I am not setting foot out of that door and tonight I am going to suck your pussy like I have never sucked it before. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

Jill and Brandy had been having sex with each other for a number of years. Although they each preferred the feel of a warm, hard male organ sliding between their legs, they did love the taste of each other’s willing, anxious pussy on their tongue. Tonight, as they had on many other occasions, they would satisfy each other orally after failing to find a man that interested them. Brandy was swiftly removing her clothes. It was not that she was so horny that she wanted to get into bed early; she knew that her friend was upset and experience had proven that sexual satisfaction was the best way to relax Jill when she was upset. Brandy pulled the covers back from the bed and reclined to await the arrival of her friend. Jill finished undressing and moved onto the bed to embrace Brandy. Brandy kissed Jill and then said, “Talking about people cheating on their spouse. If your ex-husband had known about you and me before you caught him cheating on you, it probably would have cost you the twenty-five thousands dollars that he had to pay you. Wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah, probably. That asshole thought that he was getting off easy, paying me that amount for my half of the business. He thought that I knew so little about managing money. Now that twenty-five grand has turned into forty and he ended up selling the business for about twelve. I love it when shit happens to people who try to shit on me.”

Brandy told her, “Shut up and let’s make love.” She then quieted Jill by locking her lips on the other woman’s mouth. The two of them continued to kiss and rub each other’s breasts. Brandy’s hand moved between Jill’s thighs and she slid two fingers into that moist crevice. Jill felt excitement as her friend’s finger slid in and out of that channel and she moved her own hand to Brandy’s wet slit. Brandy continued to work her fingers in and out of that wet pussy as she moved her lips to Jill’s well-shaped tits. Jill’s nipples were growing at a rapid pace and they were getting so hard that they actually started to hurt. When Brandy’s mouth started to move from her tits and it moved toward that waiting snatch, Jill began to shift her body. Her quick movements had her face poised directly below Brandy’s blond bush.

Brandy’s tongue split the sparse auburn hairs protecting Jill’s pussy and it slid deeply into the recesses of that wet love canal. Jill was eagerly lapping the juices from Brandy’s equally wet pussy. Almost as if choreographed, they stabbed at each other’s swollen clits at almost the same time. They continued to lap at each other’s love-boxes for some time until they each began to feel the onset of pleasant orgasms that began to engulf their entire bodies. As they were catching their breath, they rearranged their bodies on the bed and began to kiss each other, savoring the taste of their own juices on each other’s mouths. Tit-to-tit, pussy-to-pussy with their arms entwined the two young women fell asleep sated by their love for each other.

As soon as the result of the football game was no longer in doubt, Rob left the bar where he had nursed several beers. He walked back to his motel room and tried to go to sleep. The events of the past two days had him fairly tense. He turned the television to one of the movie channels that was playing a soft-porn movie. As he watched the sexual events that were transpiring on the small screen, he slid his underwear off. He watched a pair of beautiful breasts bouncing up and down as the actress was being screwed on the screen and he began to stroke his seven-inch cock. After unloading a burst of cum into a hand towel that he had placed on the bed, Rob was able to quickly fall asleep.

At nine o’clock on Friday morning, Bascom Hart was sitting at his desk pondering the news that he had heard the evening before. Bascom had celebrated his fiftieth birthday a few months earlier. He was president of a computer software company that he had founded fifteen years earlier. Rob Keene was one of his better programmers; but he was also Bascom’s son-in-law. The previous evening, his daughter had visited Bascom and his wife to inform them that she and Rob had split up and that she was going to file for divorce. He and his wife had prodded Betty for some time about the cause of the break-up and she had finally admitted that she had been having an affair and that Rob had learned of this canlı bahis siteleri fact. Bascom had been married for nearly thirty years and was fairly conservative. He found it hard to believe that his only daughter was cheating on her husband and he definitely did not condone such actions. Betty was, however, his only daughter and even when he believed that she was wrong, he was still going to stand behind her. He sat at his desk facing a very difficult situation.

Bascom called on the intercom to instruct his secretary to send Rob Keene in to see him right away. A short time later, he heard a knock at the door and he invited the visitor in. Upon seeing Rob, Bascom said, “Rob, close the door and have a seat.”

Rob had been dreading this visit since he and his wife had split. He had always had the utmost respect for Bascom, both as a father-in-law and as a boss. He was totally in the dark about the reaction that Bascom would have to their break-up. The hundreds of possible scenarios were passing through Rob’s mind as Bascom said, “Betty came to visit us last night and with her visit came some very disturbing news.”

Rob took a deep breath and replied, “I wondered how long it would take her to go see you and Mrs. Hart. What all did she tell you?”

“The main thing that she told us was that you two had split up. Do you want to tell me your side of the story?”

“Not really. I don’t really have a side and I don’t want to get into a situation where I am making disparaging statements about someone to a third person. I would prefer to keep as much of our problems as possible between Betty and me.”

“If it will put your mind at ease, she did tell us what the main issue is.”

“And that is?”

“That she was having an affair.”

“Okay. I didn’t want to go into that until I was sure that she had told you.”

“Do you think that there is anyway that the two of you could reconcile?”

“I don’t think so. I am not sure that I can get over the hurt from her cheating on me. Even if I thought that I could, her attitude about it just about killed any hopes that I could forgive her. Forty-eight hours ago, I was sure that I still loved her. ? When I found out that she was cheating, she acted like it was my fault because I found out.”

“I understand. That seems to be the one thing that you are in total agreement on — there is no chance at reconciliation. What action do you plan to take?”

“Right now, I am going to see what she does. I just want to put everything behind me as quickly and as painlessly as possible.”

“Well, today, she plans to visit a lawyer to explore her options. She is going to try to file for a no-fault divorce; but that will take your cooperation. From what was explained to me last night, in a no-fault divorce, you both have to be party to the filing. Would you object to that?”

“That would depend upon the terms of the settlement. In my opinion, I am the one who has been wronged. I don’t think that I should come out on the short end of the stick, in this case.”

“I agree with you that you shouldn’t be short-changed. On Monday, I’ll bring in a copy of the proposal that the lawyer gives her. I will go over it with you and then I will relay your counter-proposal to her and her lawyer.”

“That is fair enough.”

“All right, now we have to discuss your status here at the company.”

“I got this job before I was you son-in-law and I don’t think that I should lose it because I am not going to be your son-in-law for much longer.”

“That is true. You are one of the best programmers that I have ever had. You are probably the best that I have right now…”

“No probably about it. There is no one else here that comes close to me.”

“Again, I would have a hard time arguing about that. The problem is that I am not sure how we can maintain a working relationship, especially since a week ago, I promised Betty a job here. I don’t know how you would handle that; but I know how my daughter would handle it and I don’t think that it would be conducive to a pleasant work environment for any of our employees.”

“So my wife cheats on me and I get fired for it.”

“Now slow down, I didn’t say that. I just think that it would be better if you worked in another environment. I will contact some other people in the business and will line up something for you that will be comparable to what you are doing right now that will provide you with about the same amount of money and benefits. Until we can line you up with something else, you will remain on the payroll here. Do these terms satisfy you?”

“I have always heard that blood is thicker than water. I just don’t like having to learn the truth of that axiom the hard way. I can live with that, as long as I am not in the unemployment line.”

“Thank you, Rob. I knew that this wouldn’t be pleasant for you; but I am happy that you are accepting it as well as I could have hoped. ? Now, go back to work and we will talk again on Monday when I have more information on job prospects and what Betty’s lawyer has proposed.”

Rob returned to work and, although he was not overly productive, he did manage to complete one major segment of a project that he was working on.

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