Rock Star Ch. 02

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Once the new recordings were pressed on a CD and uploaded on i-tunes the band prepared for another tour.

Mark their manager set up a month long trip, one long leg rather than many little ones like the last tour. Interest in the band was growing and it was easier to get consistent gigs.

Mark came and asked Payton to have a business meeting before their first show of the new tour.

“Payton I want to talk to you about your look.” Mark said closing the door to her dressing room. “The songs are much more sexual now, and you are very beautiful. You have this girl next door look going right now, but your singing isn’t like that anymore.”

“You want me to sleaze it up?” she asked, unsure of how she felt about that.

“Naw. Nothing slutty. That isn’t you. But something more sexual somehow. More in keeping with the sound. A more experienced manger would probably know what to do, but you are the first female singer I’ve worked with and I like you too much to make you into a commodity. But we need to find a new thing.”

“I get it. I’ll think about it. I’ll look online for some ideas, and I think you should do that too. I already feel like I’m ‘in character’ out there, so we can massage that and find something appropriate.”

“Yeah. Great. That is the spirit. I love the new sound; let’s get the look in line with that.” He let himself out.

Looking in the mirror at her straight hair and t-shirt and jeans she saw what Mark was talking about. Payton still looked like a girl in her parent’s garage practicing her craft. Now she was a woman out on the road supporting a second independent album. One with a focused sexualized vibe. She needed to support that sound.

Rummaging through her suitcase she saw that she had very little that would work for the stage persona she was looking for.

Doing her best she dressed and did her hair and make-up with the thought of being as sexual as she could with the wardrobe she had.

Payton went out on stage that night in a mini skirt with fishnet stalking and a short sleeved button up shirt with a few extra buttons undone. Her bright red bra was clearly visible in the open space between the undone buttons and she felt scandalous knowing her minimal cleavage was on display.

Her hair was more teased up and her make up a little more sexual. She shadowed her eyes more, and gave herself longer lashes, and brighter cheeks. She wore a crimson lipstick that matched her bra and the woman singing the songs that night looked a few years older and more overtly sensual.

Within two songs a crowd of men lined the edge of the stage, and she felt like an exhibitionist. Bending down as she sang, Payton let the men see the swells of her breasts. Lifting a leg up onto the monitor she had in front of her she gave them a glimpse under her skirt at the panties that matched the bra she wore.

All through the first set Payton sang and teased both her audience and the men in the band, who were all watching this new version of their singer closely.

Payton spent more time posing and letting her audience watch her than ever before. She strutted the stage and emulated all her favorite rock stars by engaging the crowd and the band in new and exciting ways. The whole enterprise had her feeling amazing and aroused.

By the time the first set was over she was wet with desire. Showing off like that was getting her really horny.

Taking a break, the band scattered after slapping each other on the back and laughing at how amazing the energy in the room was.

As she leaned against a wall to the side of the stage Payton caught her breath and marveled at the great reaction everyone was having to her performance.

A handsome man in his early thirties approached her with two clear bottled beers and offered her one.

“You guys are amazing. You are such an incredible singer.” He said over the sound of background music in the room.

She stood up straight, took the beer and looked at the bottom to see if anything was dissolving in the bubbles. She didn’t need to be spiked. “Thank you.”

“Your music is incredible. Did you write those songs?”

“I did. Me and the guitar player.”

“Are they about him?”

“They are about a lot of things.” She replied evasively. Was he hitting on her?

“Well they are about sex, that is for sure.”

“Sometimes.” She leaned back against a wall letting herself enjoy the beer, which she only sipped.

“Look,” he said, “I’ll be straight with you. I would love to spend the night with you. You are rocking my world. I’m hoping you don’t have a thing going with that guy, but if you do please just let me down easy and tell me before I fall in love and make a fool of myself.”

Payton laughed at his earnest delivery, and he grinned back. Feeling squishy between her legs she impulsively did something she couldn’t believe she was doing.

“How would you like to give me head?” she asked, shocked at her own audacity.

“Really?” He gaped. “I would love that!”

“Okay. That’s all though. I still illegal bahis have two more sets and don’t have much time. But I need to get off right now.”

“Wow! Sure!”

“Come on then.”

Leading him back to her dressing room Payton was reeling from what she was doing. She felt clear and sober, but her pussy was dripping and burning for some attention making her do something she would never normally do.

Closing the door behind him she went to a counter by the sink in the little room. The man came up beside her and put his beer bottle down next to her. Sinking to his knees he looked up at her, eager but waiting patiently.

Payton unzipped her skirt and pulled it off, she pulled off her fishnets and then, trembling nervously, she pulled down her panties. Never in her twenty years had she had sex with a stranger, and certainly not in such a transactional way, but the need to get off, and the thrill of using this handsome man to do it was far too intoxicating not to do.

Lifting her leg up onto the counter she exposed herself lewdly to this complete stranger. The man sighed and leaned forward and began to lick around the larger lips of her soaking snatch. Moaning softly with pleasure Payton was thrilled to be so vulgar, so lewd.

As the man warmed to his activity he began to lap and slurp on her delicate inner lips driving her mad with lust. He brushed her sensitive sex with his chin and mouth, licking her slit greedily.

His technique was good and he had her quivering with passion in moments. Feeling her lust build excitingly, Payton felt music burbling up in her throat. Reaching for her phone on the counter Payton opened her voice memo ap and began to sing into it.

The man looked up from where he nuzzled her sex and he smiled at the sight of her singing a song he was helping her make.

The tune explored her carnal pleasure at using a stranger. Odd bits of lyrics relating the obscenity of her position and situation bubbled out of her gasping mouth. The man licked her clit and plunged his tongue into her depths and she sang about it. She wailed along with his lashing tongue and created a new melody as her orgasm built up.

When the man slid a finger inside her and curled it around to touch her g-spot she lost all ability to sing and she shouted her climax into her machine. Her body clenched and released in a special rhythm only it knew the reasons for, and Payton rode the waves of delight as she pressed her hips forward urging her lover to dive deeper and please her more.

Eventually her orgasm passed and she gasped from the pleasure as her body trembled with gratification.

Shivering with delight she pushed his face from her tender pussy and smiled down at him.

“Thank you.” She said simply.

“No. Thank you. I hope that song makes it onto the next album. I feel immortalized.”

Wiping his chin for him with her hand she smiled happily.

“I bet it will. That was inspiring.”

She then dressed again and washed her hands. Drinking some more of the beer she gestured for him to leave. “I have to get back out there. My turn at the merchandize table.”

They left, her on slightly unsteady legs and him with a grin from ear to ear.

A brief stint at the merchandize table and the many compliments from the people buying their t-shirts and CD’s made Payton feel almost as good as the orgasm had.

The rest of the night went just as well. The crowd loved the second and third sets, the bar full and rowdy as the band ripped through their new numbers driving the crowd into a rock and roll frenzy.

Dripping sweat from the aggressive, energetic show the band met backstage and congratulated each other on giving their all. Feeling like rewarding herself for both a fantastic show, and for pushing her own sexual boundaries Payton went back into the bar with the band for a couple drinks. Something she rarely did.

As the band sat at a table in the back of the room, trying to keep things private even though a crowd of well-wishers and women and men blatantly offering a night together gathered trying to get the band’s attention. The band toasted their joy at being young and popular.

The guys were overjoyed at having Payton join them and she regretted it when she felt the fatigue in her voice demand she go someplace quiet and rest.

When she got home she listened to the recording of her and the unknown man make music together. The song was great, and Payton transposed it to guitar while listening to it over and over.

The sound of the man slurping on her pussy was clearly audible and by the time she was done she was as horny as she had ever been.

Payton listened for Dylan coming home, and when she did hear him come down the hallway laughing, he was accompanied by feminine giggles and she felt disappointment that he wasn’t alone.

Instead of fucking her guitar player she turned off the light and went to sleep, hearing the sound of sex through the wall and wishing she were the one having it not that unseen woman.

Payton felt illegal bahis siteleri her libido growing stronger as the tour progressed. More comfortable with each other Dylan and she were more able to disengage from their sexual rendezvous and follow other lusts. He returned to sleeping with other girls after some shows, and Payton started taking the odd guy home as well, unwilling to go without having her needs met while Dylan indulged his desires

Still they came together every few nights and wrote music while fucking, new songs pouring out of them like wine. The old system of sharing her room with one of the other band mates while someone hooked up with a new lover continued. Only now all the guys were getting more action, not just Dylan.

So it came to pass that occasionally Dylan was the one seeking refuge in Payton’s room. At least as far as the other guys knew. In actual fact he used this as a cover to spend the night with Payton. They used these nights to fuck and write new music.

As the tour progress the band grew tighter, and more proficient at adapting the new songs the pair of writers was bringing in, and Payton struggled over how to best present herself onstage.

Looking for a new style for her stage persona Payton grew frustrated not knowing what look would be best. Finally she turned to the guys in the band and Mark their manager. Inviting them to her room one afternoon she stood before them in a bathrobe.

“I’m having a tough time find the right look. I need to know from you as men what aspects of my body are good for showing off and what aren’t. Okay? But be kind. Objective, but kind. I’m really putting myself out there on this one. But be as objective as you can. This is about work” She dropped the robe revealing her body in a small bikini.

“Oh I’m objectifying.” Neal quipped.

“Nope,” Jed corrected dryly. “Objective, not objectify.”

Blushing, but eager for input, Payton turned slowly showing them her lean limbs, her perky butt, her toned stomach and her small, firm breasts.

The guys were silent, staring at her, and she grew even more self-conscious.

Seeing her extremity Dylan chimed in.

“I think your stomach is amazing. You look like a bikini model the way it is so tight and muscular, but it’s still super feminine. So show that as much as you can.”

“Yeah.” The other guys chorused.

“And your tits! They rock!” Neal shouted.

Farid said, “This is hard. You look amazing. I had no idea your body was so rocking!”

Mark stood up and moved nearer. “This could really change the direction of the band guys. A sexy female singer will get a lot of attention. I encouraged her to find something, but it will mean that if you guys get popular or even famous she will become the defacto spokesperson for the band. Everyone will want to talk to her. Are you okay with that?”

“Well,” Jed started, “I feel that you have already been a huge force of change, change for the better Payton. We get far more bookings, more attention and a better reaction with you up front than we did before. So if you were to become more of the focus I’m okay with it. Just remember we aren’t a backing band. We all bring something to the table.”

“Of course! ” Payton enthused. “Without Dylan this new sound wouldn’t have happened. You guys are great, and I don’t want people to think that we don’t all contribute.”

“Cool.” Farid said. “But you could dress in rags and look good.”

“We do need to make a choice though about all of your looks, not just for Payton.” Mark said. “You guys don’t sound like a grungy garage band anymore. The sound is slick, and sharp and unique. You should think about looking like that yourselves.”

“So no dick socks?” Neal asked with a grin.

“No.” Dylan said.

“I’m thinking I might need a designer to help me.” Payton said. “I want a new look. Something a bit pin-up, and a little athletic, so I can keep running around.”

“Sounds good.” Mark began to pace. “We have a bit of a nest egg for something. I thought it would be for promotion, but in a way that is what this is.”

“How much?” Farid asked.

“We have three thousand for… something. We could get you all an outfit for the shows, but a designer will be more.”

“Can I get an advance from my earnings out of that and just call it my own thing?” Payton asked.

“I’d rather it were a band expense, unless you are going to dress like… whatever this is… all the time.”

“Too much work. No it will be for shows only.”

“So let’s keep it in the band budget. I’ll look at the books and allocate a new heading for costumes. It will be no problem, just not a lot of cash right away. Sound good everyone?”

They all agreed.

Payton found a designer she liked online and began to commission outfits. On a two day break from gigs she flew out to the city where the designer was and the ladies created some great ideas for Payton.

The new album began to sell more and more on i-tunes and after the shows. They had to get another pressing canlı bahis siteleri of the CD done for sale at shows.

The costumes arrived and Payton showed them to the band. They loved them. The guys gushed at the sexual looks of the costumes, and each had a favorite style that she wore, enthusing that this was going to get them a lot more attention.

The first night with the new more stylish look Payton wore a top that was made to look like a dress shirt and vest, but the top was short, stopping halfway down her lean stomach, the open collar plunged down between her breasts, and the vest had garter clips that attached to her pants hinting at a lingerie look. The pants were skin tight and stretchy. They were open along the outside with laces crisscrossing over the side of the exposed legs showing her taut muscles. Her footwear was high leather boots with motorcycle heels and square toes. She did her hair in classy ringlets as if for New Year’s Eve, and her make-up was sultry and shadowy with a bedroom sexiness.

She looked gorgeous. The band loved it.

So did the audience.

The guys all found a look. Farid in suits, Dylan in leather and vests, mostly bare-chested and bare-armed. Jed went Hipster with hats and sweaters, and Neal decided on a seventies look with open shirts and tight jeans.

The next few weeks they sold out show after show. The tour stretched on and on, way past the original month long tour. First they were in bars, then bigger clubs and then in college ballrooms. They moved into bigger and bigger venues, starting in places that held a couple hundred guests, then moving up to five hundred seat venues. And the album sold very well. They had to do a third pressing, and radios were starting to play them everywhere they went.

Their Twitter account and facebook pages overflowed with compliments. Photos of Payton from live shows were shared everywhere.

Calls from labels started coming in. It felt as if Fame were rushing up to meet them.

A big part of the new excitement over them was the look of the band. Payton had three outfits that she rotated nightly. The vest look, a sequined flapper dress that was cut high enough to show her garters, and low enough to show her slight cleavage, and her favorite, a burlesque style outfit with stockings that ended just above the knee that had big bows on them. She wore a tiny skirt that couldn’t possibly cover her satin panties, and a corset that cut away below the breasts. She wore a gauzy bra over her slight breasts and part way through the show, in one particularly sexy number, she unveiled that it was a breakaway bra that easily pulled off to reveal nipple tassels over her otherwise bare breasts.

This outfit got the most reaction, from both men and women. The crowds grew bigger and louder and she grew more confident. Payton was more overtly sexual on stage now, allowing the raunch of the songs to push her to nastier actions; sliding her satin covered crotch along the metal of her mic-stand, simulating fellatio on Dylan during his guitar solos, and making out with men and women in the audience from the stage.

Their shows grew racier, more exciting, and larger.

They were becoming successful.

And through it all Dylan and Payton got together to write songs and fuck each other silly.

The two of them explored many different positions while recording themselves, and songs flowed from their lovemaking sessions.

One night in a small college town Payton and Dylan retired to her room so that Jed could spend an evening with a lovely college student. They crawled into bed, pressed record on her voice memo ap and after some hot foreplay Payton straddled Dylan wedging his erection between her slippery pussy lips. Without letting him penetrate her opening she slide his cock along the groove of her sex, her delicate folds spreading over him, kissing his erection. Sitting astride his pole Payton ground her clit down onto him and periodically ran her nether lips along his length, teasing them both.

Letting her hands roam over her own body, clutching her small breasts and playing with her hair, she put on a show for her lover, while bringing herself closer to orgasm.

Then the music began to cascade out of her, tapping into all the joy, passion and lust she was feeling at that sublime moment.

Singing her feelings Payton writhed atop the long hard cock between her slick lips and Dylan, overcome with the joy of seeing her like this began to massage her legs, then up her body to her breasts where he groped and massaged her, pulling on her nipples and pinching them in time with the gorgeous new song she was creating.

Payton undulated atop his cock, still not succumbing to the need to be filled by him, and her song spoke of the joy of waiting for that glorious moment of completion when two lovers are finally joined as one.

The song was an anthem of young lust, need and the joy of desiring someone. Dylan was taken out of the moment as he realized this new song was one of Payton’s best. He stared up at the gorgeous woman squirming on top of his hard on and he was awed by how well Payton was capturing the moment. She was isolating the feelings of a young lover on the brink of consummating an aching passion and it sounded primal and perfect.

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