Subject: Jockboy Adventures – Rocky Chapter 13 Shorter one this time, and back to Rocky. Send me an email, let me know what you think – open to suggestions, too. And if you had cool locker room experiences when you were in middle school/high school/ college (like I did), I wanna hear all about it. And remember – depends on donations, so if you like reading here, contribute if you can at fty/donate.html Jockboy Adventures – Rocky chapter 13 – jockstrap maintenance I took Dad at his word, and from then on, I stripped down to my jock basically the moment I got up to my room every day. And that’s how I’d be when Dad would get home and come through to take his after-work piss or dump. He’d usually be in his undershirt, briefs, and socks. But on days that he just wore a polo shirt to work, he’d strip that off too, and have just the briefs and socks. I’d throw on gym shorts and a t-shirt to come down for dinner. Then when I’d head back upstairs to do homework or whatever, I’d strip back down to my jock again. I’d usually have a nice jerk off session, blow a load all over myself, and mop it up with my jock before going to sleep. Dad must have talked to mom, because she basically stopped coming upstairs all together. I was kind of hoping Dad might come up and catch me beating off, and wondered what would happen if he did. It wasn’t a big deal to Dad or I for us to hang in our underwear. It was never for very long anyway, but usually one of us would find a reason to say something about my jock. I’d talk about how comfortable it was, hoping I’d get Dad to put his on and hang out. One day we were chatting while Dad was on the crapper, and I got up from my desk chair to go over to my dresser. said, “Damn Rock…that jock is getting pretty raunchy.” I looked down. This jock had absorbed a lot of my teen jizz, and had never been washed. “Oh, uh…yeah I guess it is,” I said with an awkward chuckle. “You guess? That thing looks like it could walk around by itself.” I laughed more. “Looks like it’s stiff as hell…can’t be very comfortable,” Dad went on. “Yeah, I guess it is pretty stiff…should I put it in the wash?” I asked. “Like that? Are you nuts? Do you really want your mom to have to handle that?” Dad retorted. “Oh god…no.” I answered. “Right. Plus some guys say it’s bad luck to wash jocks, and it looks like you’ve been hard at work putting your manjuice…well, boyjuice,” he taunted, “into it. So no, don’t put it in the laundry, just wear it in the shower and give it a bit of a rinse.” “Oh okay,” I answered, relieved. “Like, at the rink? Or…?” I came over and leaned on the bathroom door frame to keep talking to Dad. I thought for a moment about how far I’d come. Here I was, wearing only a jizz-crusted jockstrap, talking to my Dad who was on the john with only his briefs around his ankles, and I was starting to chub a little bit, and none of it embarrassed me in the least. I was proud of how well I was embracing this shameless masculinity. “Well, you could at the rink,” Dad answered. “I’m sure you’ve seen the other guys do that once in a while.” He was right, I had, but I hadn’t really thought much of it. “But honestly, if you wear that to the rink this week, I’ll be surprised if the entire team doesn’t notice how much you’ve spunked it up.” We both laughed, but I wasn’t sure I would mind that…all the grown men noticing that I was shooting a lot of jizz, becoming more like them? That wasn’t entirely a bad thing to me. “But you could just wear it in the shower here, too,” Dad continued, with a nod to the shower next to him. “Then hang it up to dry overnight and it’ll be ready to go. You can start spunking it up again tomorrow, haha.” “Yeah, I guess…” I trailed off. “I’m just not sure I’m ready to wash it all out yet.” “Well when was the last time you washed it?” Dad asked. “Um…never,” I answered sheepishly. “Never?!” “Yeah…I put my other jocks in the wash for Mom, but I’ve been keeping this one separate,” I started to explain. “Too many good memories in this one.” “Wait….is that the one from the store? When we got your jocks? The one you creamed right in the store?” Dad asked, rapid-fire. With my head lowered, I could see that his cock was no longer pointed down into the bowl, but resting on the ledge and growing. “Uh huh…” I nodded. “Ah I see, yeah, you’re right son. That jock definitely had a good start,” Dad said. We both thought back to that day, trying on jocks in the back of the store, where Dad had wrapped his arms around me, his hairy chest on my back, rubbed my dick about twice through my jock pouch, and I shot my load. My cock was now attempting to get fully hard within that same crusty pouch. “How many loads do you think are in there now?” “Well…a ton from me,” I said right away. It was my main jack off jock, after all. “And some from Zach, too.” “Oh really? Nice, good to have some additional testosterone and brotein rubbing up on your nads. izmit sınırsız escort bayan But it’s gotta be all crunchy by now, right? I mean, if your loads are anything like yer old man’s.” Dad chuckled again. “Yeah Dad it is getting pretty uncomfortable,” I said, meaning both because it was jizz soaked and because of my growing hard on. I’m pretty sure Dad caught the double meaning. “Well why don’t you hop in the shower real quick. We’ll give it a careful rinse. No soap, so the manly essence will stay in it. Besides, your balls have had plenty of time to absorb it all. And I mean, with it like that, it can’t very well absorb any new man juice, can it?” “Hehe, I guess that’s true,” I said as I turned on the shower. Dad ripped off some toilet paper. “Go ahead and hop in, I’ll join you in a second.” It felt weird to step into the shower with my jock still on. But I was beyond excited that Dad was going to be joining me. I had barely gotten my hair wet before he stepped in, his manliness on full display. Dad wasn’t as hairy as Paul, but he was in slightly better shape. Dad was unashamedly hard, his big cock sticking straight out and hitting my thigh as soon as he stepped in. And he had those enormous balls swinging under it. It was a tub shower, so it was big enough for two, but just barely. As Dad stepped by me to get under the water, I felt his hard on slide across my jocked butt cheeks. I had to adjust my cock to point up and towards my right hip. “All right, lets see,” Dad said after giving himself a quick rinse. He took the shower head off its mount and brought it down towards my crotch. “Unnnnhhh,” I shuddered and groaned as soon as the water hit me. The warm water hitting my hard dick through my jock pouch felt amazing – somewhere between a tickle and an orgasm. “Haha, you like that? That feel good?” Dad asked mischievously. “Yeah…kinda….it tickles!” I squirmed out of the way. “Haha yup, there’s something about the warm water spray hitting your cock and balls through a jock pouch, isn’t there? Definitely one of the perks of rinsing it out,” Dad said as he moved the shower spray up and down my jock pouch. “I think that’s better. Here, take it off and let’s see.” I struggled to get out of the wet jock, and then handed it to Dad. He sprayed it out a bit more in his hand. “There ya go. All ready to start collecting more rounds of boy batter. And maybe some man batter, hehe.” “Thanks Dad. I’ll see how soon I can get it back to that point,” I said devilishly. “I bet it won’t take long,” Dad laughed. And with a wink added, “maybe we can get it started later on tonight?” All I could do was give a wide eyed nod. “In the meantime, we better make sure there’s no residual jizz on you from that jock,” Dad said as he sprayed the water at my crotch again. I moaned and shuddered again. “Relax, relax,” Dad said, trying to calm me down. Once I stopped squirming, the warm water did feel really relaxing as it hit my balls. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” “Yeah Dad.” My boner was sticking up at a 45 degree angle, and I was wondering why I had never used the detachable shower head for this before. “Makes you have to piss though, doesn’t it?” Dad asked with a laugh. “Yeah!” “Yep, something about the spray on your sack that makes a man have to piss. Go for it, let `er rip,” Dad said. With the spray on my nuts, as soon as I released the valve, piss was shooting out of my dick. It arced up strongly, hitting Dad in the shoulder before he dodged out of the way, and then hitting the shower curtain and running down. I let out a big sigh of relief; didn’t realize how badly I had to go. I thought back to that first time in the locker room when Paul had told me to give my nuts a little tickle if I was getting pee shy, so I guess it made sense that the tickle of the shower spray would make me piss like a racehorse. As my stream subsided, it hit Dad’s hairy leg. My cock was still hard. “Feel better?” Dad asked. “Haha yeah…” I answered, “…mostly.” I looked down at my throbbing teen dick. Dad was still hard too. “Ah, still a little problem, I guess,” Dad said. “Hey, it’s not that little,” I defended myself. “True, sorry bud. It’s a good size for your age,” Dad corrected himself. “And soon it’ll grow into a real man cock.” “Like yours Dad?” “Yeah. Or who knows, maybe bigger. Seems like you might be swinging a bigger meat than I was when I was your age,” Dad admitted. My cock throbbed at that thought…being bigger than Dad? That would be awesome. But looking down, it wasn’t going to happen anytime too soon. “You gonna take care of that?” Dad asked. I gave my boner a long stroke. “I wouldn’t mind. But I kinda wanna save my load to re-christen my jock once it dries.” “Ah, you can work up another load later on, can’t you? When I was your age I was shooting three or four loads every day,” Dad said with a smirk. “Yeah, you’re probably right…” I agreed. evinde görüşen escort “How about this? You go ahead and cum now, and then we’ll both add our loads to your jock after dinner? Give it a real rebirth,” Dad suggested. Fuck yeah! “Hell yeah!” I said, beginning to fist my meat. “Easy buddy, not too fast, enjoy it,” Dad said. He again directed the shower head to my nuts. “Unnnnhhhh,” I moaned, instantly close to orgasm. “Here, let’s try something – take your hands off your cock,” Dad commanded. “You seem to really like this showerhead…let’s see if we can get you off that way.” He began to slowly move the spray all around my balls, pubes, and cock. It felt amazing. He even got between my open legs and hit my balls and taint from the backside. He settled into a kind of up and down motion on my rock hard cock. I began to lean back against the wall of the shower to get a better angle. Then instinctively my hips began a little thrusting motion, making my teen boner fuck in and out of the water spray. The water would hit my sensitive cock helmet, travel all the way down my shaft, and then tickle my balls. It felt amazing. “Yeah buddy, that’s it. Nice,” Dad cheered me on. I was breathing heavy and trying not to moan too loud. I looked him in the eye and we exchanged shiteating grins, and then my eyes traveled down his body, taking in his solid build, muscles, and all his body hair. I was getting close to cumming. I saw his forrest of a bush, and his giant Dad cock sticking right out at me. As I watched, he leaned in and let the head of it hit my leg as I humped forward. That was enough to send me over the edge. “Awwhhh…I’m gonna cum,” I gasped. Then I shot two quick ropes of jizz on Dad’s torso, one more on his him, and a couple on his leg. “Yeah son, attaboy,” Dad said as he eased the showerhead off my now sensitive crotch. “Nice shooting. How did that feel?” “Good…real good…” I mumbled, still looking mostly at Dad’s boner. Dad scooped a gob of cum off his side. “Can’t let this go to waste – gotta recharge for that second load later on,” he said as he held it up to my mouth. I nodded as I opened my mouth and licked the side of his hand clean. “Oop, one more,” Dad said as I ate the second gob of my jizz. The other ropes looked pretty stuck in Dad’s body hair. “Bet you’ll look at that showerhead differently from now on, haha.” “Well we better get downstairs for dinner,” Dad said while turning off the water. We both stepped out and dried off. Watching Dad’s big hard on bounce all over, along with the promise of jerking off together later, was keeping me rock hard too. “Looks like we’re going to need to wear our jocks down to dinner, eh?” I guess Dad had noticed too. “Yeah,” I agreed with a laugh. I loved that we had this secret thing, just between us guys. We both strapped on jocks, tucking our boners up into the waistband before throwing on gym shorts and t-shirts. “Here, let’s ring out this bad boy so it’ll dry out quicker,” Dad said as he grabbed my wet jock off the towel hook and squeezed out the excess water. “Should we toss it in the dryer?” I asked, eager to get to the part where we jerked off together into it. “Nope, never put a jock in the dryer if you can help it, it fries the elastic and wears it out,” Dad explained. “If you have to wash a jock, this is the best way – wear it in the shower, rinse it out, and let it air dry.” Dinner was uneventful, and I got a little distracted by our normal conversation and my erection subsided. When I stood up to bring my dishes to the sink, I felt the head of my now-soft dick fall out of the waistband of my jock and back into the pouch. That put me right back in jock mode, and soon my dick was getting hard again. I said I was gonna go back up to my room to do my homework. I tried to make eye contact with Dad, but he wasn’t looking. I got upstairs and stripped back down to my jock. I went into the bathroom to check on my newly cleaned jock – still damp. There was no way I was going to be able to focus on my homework, so I flopped down on my bed and started idly stroking my dick through my jock pouch. Before long my thought had wandered back to how Dad had done that same exact thing, in front of Smitty while we were trying on jocks. I had to take my hands off my crotch for a couple minutes to cool down. I took my cock and balls out of my jock, tucking the waistband of it back under my sack. I resumed slowly stroking my meat. I was beginning to think Dad had maybe changed his mind, but then bam! there he was walking through my doorway as he stripped off his t-shirt. I had a fleeting instinct to hide or be embarrassed, but then realized and remembered that Dad was cool with all this, and he expected me to be jerking off three or four times a day. “Ready sport? Where is it?” he asked. “Still damp…” I said, disappointed. Dad dropped his gym shorts and walked into the bathroom, coming back with the kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan jock. “Ah, it’ll be fine. Or it’ll have to be. Not all of us just shot a load an hour ago – I can’t wait much longer!” Dad tossed the damp jock in the middle of my bed and got on his knees on one side of it. I did the same from the other side. Dad hauled out his cock (still hard) and balls (still massive), tucking the waistband of the jock behind his nuts like mine was. He kept one hand on his sack while his other hand began to stroke his meat. It was a very hot sight, watching Dad jack his big fat cock, surrounded by pubes, and his giant nutsack bouncing. Before I knew it, I was close again. “Glad we can do guy stuff like this now, sport,” Dad grunted between inhales. “Awesome to watch you become a real man, cool with all this locker room, teammate, male bonding stuff. You’re definitely a chip off the old block. “Whoa Dad…thanks…and thanks for including me…awesome being around so many…manly…men…” I was trying desperately to hold back my second orgasm of the night. “You getting close son?” I nodded. “Yeah? You gonna fill up that jock pouch with another load of jizz? Like a real man?” Dad put his hand on my shoulder, and that was it. I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Unnnhhhfffsssahhhh,” I moaned as I tried to lean over and aim down to hit my target. My first spurt over shot, but the next few were on target. I was leaning so far over, my shoulder was resting on Dad’s furry chest. He moved his free hand from my shoulder around my back, pulling me into him and holding me up. My face went into his armpit and I breathed deep. It smelled amazing, and sent another shockwave through my body and another spurt of jizz out of my dick. “Yeahhhhh buddy,” Dad said, rubbing my back and shoulders as I came down. “NICE load…and so quick after the last one. Glad you inherited my overactive nads. I’m getting close now too.” I pulled back a little bit, but was still staring down at his big Dad dong and bouncing bull balls. I knew how good a hand felt on my nuts, and we seemed to be pretty much the same in that department. With his arm still around my shoulders, his ballsack was just swinging freely, not enjoying the tickle or pressure of a hand. So I reached over and cupped my hand around as much of his big balls as I could. “OH damn sport that tickles so good! Big balls like ours need to be played with don’t they?” “Hell yeah Dad. Yeah they do. Your balls are so huge, Dad. They feel so heavy and full,” I said in awe. “They are, sport,” Dad was breathing heavy now. “And if you keep that up they’re about to empty themselves.” “I can’t wait to see it, Dad,” I said as I pulled away slightly to get a better view. Dad grunted, and jizz started flying EVERYWHERE. His first massive rope landed on my chest, stretching from right near my nipple all the way down to my belly button. His second spurt landed partly on my semihard cock, and partly on the jock. Then he leaned over more, pushing me back a bit, and fired four or five solid jets directly into my jock pouch. He straightened back up as he milked out the last few dribbles, bringing his hand to his mouth to suck a couple drops off his finger. “Can’t let any brotein go to waste, right son?” I must have looked disappointed, because then he said, “Oh sorry sport, did you want some? Here you go,” as he milked out one last drop, offered his finger, and I sucked it dry. As I was enjoying the taste of my Dad’s testosterone- and sperm-rich semen, he leaned back over and bent his long softening cock to wipe it off on the jock. “Damn son, I really got you, didn’t I?” Dad said, looking at the thick jizz clinging to my smooth chest. “Well here, let’s rub that in, it’ll help put some hair on that chest of yours.” Dad started smearing his rope of jizz all around my chest as if it was suntan lotion. I could feel it, sticky and already starting to dry, making the skin of my chest feel tight. I hoped it was seeping into my pores and stimulating my hair follicles. “I hope it works Dad,” I said, “I wanna be hairy like you.” “You will be sport – we just put a ton of high octane alpha jizz in that jock. Your boy balls are gonna be swimming in it, absorbing so much testosterone and making you into a man. It won’t be long at all now. Keep working that cock, keep your balls drained, and keep getting as much brotein and musk and testosterone as you can get, and you’ll be a grown man before you know it.” “This was awesome Dad…You gonna keep helping me like this?” I asked, hopeful but afraid this was a one time thing. “Of course, sport! Now that we don’t have to hide our jackoff habits from each other, we can do this a lot more often. We’re bate buddies now.” I grinned. “You like that?” “Hell yeah, Dad.” “Good. Now you better actually do your homework,” he said as he tussled my hair, climbed off the bed and snapped his cock and balls back into his jock. “Or at least work on it for an hour, until you can beat off again,” he said as he made the jack off gesture, smirked, and headed back downstairs. Send me an email, let me know what you think – open to suggestions, too. And if you had cool locker room experiences when you were in middle school/high school/ college (like I did), I wanna hear all about it.

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