Subject: Jockboy adventures – Rocky chapter 8 Hey guys – sorry it’s been so long since the last chapter. Hopefully it won’t be as long before the next one. Send me an email, let me know what you think – open to suggestions, too. And if you had life changing locker room experiences when you were in middle school/high school/ college (like I did), I wanna hear all about it. And remember – depends on donations, so if you like reading here, contribute if you can at fty/donate.html Jockboy adventures – Rocky chapter 8 – Preseason Lacrosse I couldn’t wait to tell Zach all about Shots on Goal and how my Dad and I had basically jerked off together (even if we had been in different rooms) Monday night. I saw him in the hall on Tuesday, but not to talk about that. He pulled me aside andasked if I was staying for the preseason lacrosse workout after school. I said I hadn’t known about it, but yeah I’d love to. Zach said he could give me a ride home, since I would be missing the bus. After school I met Zach near the main gym where he was talking with some other older lacrosse and hockey players. “Hey you guys know Rocky, right?” Zach introduced me as if I was popular enough to be known by these jocks. “Oh yeah / hey man / what’s up / how’s it going” they all coolly greeted me. I couldn’t tell if they actually knew me (no clue how or why they would), were just being nice, or were making fun of me. Or some combination. Since I was in 7th grade, my gym clothes were in my locker in the 7th grade locker room. We had to use a small gym for our gym classes, while the 8th and 9th graders used the big main gym and locker rooms. I was about to leave to get changed, but Zach said, “Hey Rock don’t worry, I have clothes in my locker you can borrow.” “Oh sweet. You sure man? Thanks,” I said. I was excited to get to use the big locker room with the older guys. We walked in and went to Zach’s locker. This locker room was way bigger than the one we used for 7th grade PE, and it smelled more like my Dad’s hockey locker room. You could tell older, manlier guys were stinking this place up. Zach and I started stripping down, and Zach pulled out fwo shirts and smelled them. “Here, I think this one is cleaner,” he said as he tossed it to me. I didn’t care either way – I didn’t mind smelling like my buddy. He tossed a pair of shorts to me too. Looking around I saw about an equal number of guys wearing boxers as tighty whities. “You wearing a jock?” I asked Zach. He shook his head and said, “Nah, nobody does. I think I’m gonna go commando though so my underwear doesn’t get all swampy.” I guess we didn’t need jocks for just a workout. “Do you mind if I freeball in your shorts?” I asked Zach. “Dude.” He just looked at me. I got his point – after everything else we’d done together, this was nothing. So we both quickly dropped trou and suited up. Our school had a little weight room area off the side of the gym, which was fine since there were only 8 or 9 of us there. I just followed Zach’s lead with everything. We started stretching a little, and eventually Coach Harper came in. He was the 9th grade lacrosse team Coach, and I didn’t know him yet. He posted a sheet of paper up on the wall with our workout on it, and sat down at the little desk with a sign-in clipboard. I was the last in line to sign in. “What’s your name?” Coach asked before I could even pick up the pen. “Rocky. Baker.” I said, intimidated. “Seventh grade? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before.” “Yessir.” “Well good. Good for you. More seventh graders should be doing these workouts. Who brought you?” “Zach.” “Ah, good for him too. You should thank him – this stuff will put you ahead of all the other 7th grade guys when the season starts.” I wasn’t sure how to respond, so I just nodded and walked over to Zach. We did some suicides in the gym, and some agility exercises, and some free weights. Our junior high didn’t have much for weight equipment, so we all had to take turns doing our sets. That was cool though, because I got to get to know more of the older guys. I did already know some of them, but I had to ask Zach who a couple of them were. Brian was the same age as Zach, but Jesse, Jake, Ray, and Brandon were all a year older. It was getting pretty hot in there, and Jesse was the first to take his shirt off. He had a pretty good build for an 8th grader – noticeable biceps, pecs, and abs. Jake stripped off his shirt too. He had a good build too, but I noticed he had a bit of a trail of hair leading from his belly button down into his shorts. And then Brandon took off his shirt, and he was covered with hair. He was definitely hairier than many of the older guys on my Dad’s team, and almost as hairy as Zach’s dad Paul. Everyone joked with him about it, but in a good natured way. Even Coach looked up from his paperwork to say, “damn B…you must sweat your balls off with that sweater on all the time,” and we all laughed. I don’t think I’d ever heard a teacher talk about anyone’s balls before. I would have been intimidated to go shirtless, but as we went through the workout I found out I was holding my own against the older guys. I wasn’t the strongest – Brandon was – but I wasn’t the weakest either. So when Zach took his shirt off, I did too. Coach had made these wooden sticks with a rope and a weight attached to them, and you were supposed to hold your arms out in front of you and then twist the stick so the rope wound up around it. The weight added extra resistance to build up our wrist muscles for lacrosse. There was a pair of them, so you raced against another guy. Jake and Jesse were up first, and Jesse won. A few of the guys made jokes about Jesse having such strong wrists because he was always jerking off, and he laughed right along saying “hey boys, stick handling is good practice for stick handling.” Coach just said, “hey who cares why? Attaboy, Jesse.” Eventually Zach and I were up, and I was feeling pretty good about myself, fitting in with these older dudes. Coach said “Go!”, we started, and the guys were cheering us on. Then out of nowhere Brandon and Jake pantsed us! Our arms were out in front of us and our shorts were izmit sınırsız escort bayan around our ankles, totally naked. Our asses were facing most of the guys with our front sides facing Coach. I looked over at Zach and he just kept twisting the stick as if nothing was wrong, so I did too. I could feel the motion of my arms making my cock bounce around, but I wasn;t about to give up if Zach wasn’t. We finished at exactly the same time, and then dropped the weights and pulled up our shorts. Everyone was laughing, cheering, and clapping for us. I was a little embarrassed, but also I had learned about initiations from my Dad’s team. So I knew I was one of the guys now. That was the end of our workout, so everybody started picking up their shirts and the weight room. As I walked past Coach, he put his hand on my shoulder and said “Welcome to preseason workouts Rocky! You did good today. Handled everything well. But when I was your age, if Coach had seen any of us with a pair like those, he would have told us it was time to start wearing a jockstrap.” He swatted me on the butt and sent me on my way. Everybody was in a good mood as we went back to the locker room, but seemed to be in a hurry to get home. Nobody showered and it didn’t take anybody long to get dressed. I went to take a quick piss, and saw that the bathroom was even more hardcore than at the arena. Here there were just two urinals, a sink, and a toilet, with no stalls or partitions anywhere. And the toilet was right in front of the doorway, so anyone taking a dump would be on view to guys in the locker room. When we walked out, Paul was waiting for us in his truck. He looked at us when we got in, noticed our dry hair, and said, “No showers?” “Nah, none of the guys do after these workouts. And I think Coach wants to get home quick too, so he doesn’t turn them on,” Zach said as we piled into the truck. It was just a single bench, and I hopped up first to be squeezed into the middle between Paul and Zach. “That’s a shame. It’s good to get clean after a workout, and good to bond with your teammates in the showers, too,” Paul said. “Coach Harper? Maybe I should talk to him.” “Well don’t worry about team bonding, Dad. Rocky got a little initiation from the guys today,” Zach said, and we went on to tell the story of how we got pantsed in front of everyone. “Haha! Nice!” Paul said enthusiastically. “And neither of you stopped to cover yourselves? You just finished the exercise bareass?” “Yup,” we both answered, giggling. “Attaboys, way to go. I’m proud of you men. Bet the guys were impressed with those big Baker balls, Rocky,” Paul said as he reached behind me to tousle first Zach’s hair, and then mine. He rested his arm on the seat behind me, and I could smell his pit through his work clothes a bit. I glanced over and saw a big wet spot where he had sweat through his shirt. My Dad’s shirts usually looked similar by the time he got home. The way we were squeezed in, it was about an inch away from my face…I started breathing deep through my nose. “Haha, I’m not sure. They didn’t say anything. But Coach did.” Zach turned toward me with surprise – he hadn’t heard Coach earlier. “He said with big nuts like I’ve got, his Coaches would have said to wear a jock all the time.” Paul and Zach both laughed. “He might be right,” Paul said, “or at least for gym class and work outs.” “But why? I don’t need a cup for PE – we never do anything hard,” I said. “Well it’s important to support your nads, and you got more nads than most, Rocky,” Paul said with a smile. “And you don’t have to wear a cup, just a jock.” “But they’re not comfortable without the jock. I tried it at home a couple times and my balls just fall out the sides of the pouch when I take the cup out,” I said. “Ohhhh, no no buddy. There are jocks that are designed to be worn without cups, and those pouches will be way more comfortable. We gotta get you one of those. You can try one when we get back to the house.” Sounded good to me. When we got back to their house, Paul was undoing his tie and unbuttoning his shirt the second he walked through the door, and hung them on the back of the kitchen chair. “So Rock – are you eating with us tonight?” Paul asked me as he unbuckled his pants and undid the button. Once he unzipped the zipper a little bit, the pants slid into a pile on the floor. The pouch of his white briefs looked packed to bursting with dad meat. Dark curly hair poured out the legs, and his furry arms and shoulders were on full display as he folded and draped his pants on the chair as well. I was wondering if he was leaking any more of that delicious precum when I realized he was waiting for me to answer. I snapped out of it and said, “I’m not sure…the after school workout was kind of last minute so I didn’t really make a plan with my parents.” “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty hungry,” Paul said, as he reached under his wifebeater to scratch his stomach, exposing the forest of pubes coming out of the waistband of his briefs. “So why don’t you just let your folks know you’re eating here, and we’ll order some pizza, and I’ll drop you off home later.” “Yessir, sounds good to me,” I said, and I did just that. My parents were fine with that, and I was excited to spend more time with Zach and Paul. By the time I was off the phone, Zach had stripped down to his tighty whities and was heading for his room, and Paul had taken his clothes towards his room as well. I followed Zach and started stripping down when I got to his room. I loved how we could hang in just our underwear at Paul’s house, since it was just us guys. We were both down to our briefs when Paul came back in. “Zach – do you have any regular jocks? Without cups? I thought Josh had some in his drawer, but I guess he must have brought them all to school with him,” Paul said. Zach came over next to me to open his dresser drawer. I looked over his shoulder and saw a bunch of briefs and a bunch of jocks. He pulled one out. “Yeah, here, try this one!” Zach exclaimed excitedly. I dropped my skivvies and took it from him. I felt blood starting to flow into evinde görüşen escort my dick. Even though I had been naked with Paul and Zach so many times, it was still a thrill – especially when I was the only one naked. As I pulled on Zach’s jock, I noticed the waistband was much narrower than all the cup jocks I had seen. I pulled it up and adjusted my equipment in the pouch. Or tried too…it didn’t really all fit. “How’s that feel?” Paul asked. I turned around and he saw the pouch. “Hm…those big nuts…” he said with a laugh as he walked out of the room. “Is this how it’s supposed to fit?” I asked Zach. “No! Well…it’s not how it fits me,” Zach said, “but then again I don’t have balls like yours.” He reach out and cupped my balls through the jock pouch. “Damn dude, they’re so big and heavy…” he said as he rubbed them a little. It felt amazing and I wanted him to keep going, but Paul came back in. I was a little embarrassed, but Zach wasn’t in any hurry to take his hand off my nuts. It didn’t seem to bother Paul either. “Quite the handful Rocky’s got there, eh son?” Paul said with a laugh. “Yeah Dad…I wish mine were this big,” Zach said. “You’ll get there someday, buddy. Course Zach’s will probably keep growing too. Oh well son – neither of us will probably ever have nuts as big as the Baker men,” Paul said with a smile and a shrug. “Anyway here – Rocky’s youth large is looking a little tight. You probably really need like a men’s medium, which is what Josh has. But here, give my men’s large a shot.” Paul tossed me another jock. With Zach playing with my balls my dick had gotten as hard as it could while still pointing down over my nuts in that tiny pouch. When I stripped the jock down, it sprung right up nearly straight out from my body. The jock Paul had given me had a white pouch and a grey waistband that was a medium thickness – not as thin as the one I’d just had on, but not as thick as normal either. I settled my nuts into the pouch, trying not to think about how Paul’s nuts had been in it so I’d still be able to get my dick in. With some effort I got my now much thicker cock to curve down over my balls in the pouch. I showed Zach and Paul. “Well damn, it seems like that actually fits you pretty well,” Paul said, and he seemed kind of impressed. “I thought for sure it would be too big.” “It probably would be if he didn’t have that boner!” Zach shouted, laughing at me. I punched him on the arm. “Shut up! It’s not all the way hard…” there wasn’t really much I could say to defend myself. They could both see for themselves. “How’s it feel on your nuts though?” Paul asked. Now he cupped my balls through the jock. “You don’t want it to be loose on your sack; the whole point of wearing a jock is to support your nads.” With him rubbing and bouncing my balls around I was getting fully hard. “Yeah…I guess maybe it’s a little too big…” I stammered out. “So you do probably need medium then. Sorry we don’t have one for you to try on,” Paul said as he dropped his hand away from my pouch and stepped back. I was suddenly feeling a little on display with my ass out and a boner straining against the jock pouch. “You like the feel of it though? Way better than a cup jock, with or without the cup, right?” “Oh definitely. Yeah, I like it…feels good. Real good,” I said. “Does they always have these skinny waistbands?” “Uh not necessarily. There are regular jocks with wide waistbands too. Zach’s is called a swimjock, but it’s good for running too. That one you’ve got on is kind of the classic or standard. I think most guys find it to be the most comfortable and supportive. So good, glad you like it.. You can leave it on if you want. Looks like you might have some business to take care of there so I’ll leave you guys to it,” Paul said, looking down at my stiffy. “Pizza’ll be here pretty soon though guys.” “Dude, you should do the pizza dare in that jock!” Zach said to me. I felt a rush of excitement immediately. Answering the door for the pizza guy in just my tighty whities one of the very first times I had been at Zach’s house was definitely a thrill. And I loved this jock I was wearing – I never wanted to take it off! And the idea of a stranger – like some random pizza guy – seeing me in it was definitely a turn on. But I didn’t want to be alone. “I will if you will,” I replied with a smirk. “All right bro, I’m down,” Zach said without hesitation. He peeled down his briefs and put on the jock that I had just had on a few minutes before. It looked like he was chubbing up some too. We both were kind of pawing at our pouches. “You wear these jocks a lot?” I asked him. I’d hung out with him quite a bit but never seen him wear one. “Yeah, sometimes. Not usually to school, but around the house sometimes. Josh wears them all the time – he doesn’t really wear briefs any more. So when he’s home I usually wear mine too. And Dad says they’re good for running and working out. Sometimes in the pool too.” “Oh yeah, he said it was a swimjock.” “Yeah…Dad said they’re meant to be worn like under a bathing suit to keep your junk from flopping all over. But lots of times Josh and me and Dad wear just our jocks haha,” Zach laughed. “Nice…that sounds pretty awesome,” I said, still rubbing my pouch. “Damn it feels good having my dick and balls in your Dad’s jock.” “Yeah man. I’ve tried it on a couple times, but you fill it out way better than me. I know what you mean – almost all these jocks were Josh’s before he outgrew them. I bone up sometimes when I put them on,” Zach said as he continued to feel himself up. “So we gonna beat off?” “Hell yeah man I’m rock hard,” I said as we both whipped out our boners. We stood facing each other, with our jocks pulled down under our nuts, stroking our cocks. “Damn dude…those big balls,” Zach said. He was staring at my balls, watching them bounce and swing while I beat my meat. He reached over with his free hand and cupped them. “Unnh,” I groaned – his hand felt amazing on my nuts, tickling the hair on them and setting off a ton of nerve endings. “That feels awesome man. You’ve got the better dick, though, kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan dude.” And I reached across, Zach took his hand off his dick, and I replaced it with mine. Now it was his turn to groan. His warm, hard but fleshy dick felt great in my hand, and I stroked both of ours in the same rhythm. I was loving handling Zach’s bigger cock. “Dude I’m not gonna last long if you keep doing that,” Zach moaned. “Good, I’m close too,” I grunted back. “Yeah? Should we cum?” Zach asked. “Yeah man,” I gasped. Zach took control of his own cock again, and started stroking even faster. I felt my orgasm building too. Zach took his hand off my balls and started playing with his own. “Fuck. I’m gonna blow,” Zach said, and then breathed deep and shot a huge rope of cum onto my stomach. That pushed me over the edge, and I started jizzing all over Zach’s stomach. We shot huge loads all over each other’s stomachs, pubes, dicks, balls, and legs. As we came down from our orgasms, we started giggling some. “Whew…that was awesome man,” Zach said. “Yeah man definitely. You’ve got such a nice dick man…wish mine was like that,” I said. “Well you can play with mine whenever you want, buddy,” Zach said. “And I mean, you’re the one with the fat nuts.” “Haha, well you can play with them whenever you want too,” I said, wondering how serious Zach really was. But then he scooped up a glob of my jizz from his stomach and popped it in his mouth. “Gotta get that brotein, right?” Zach said as he scooped up some more. I followed his lead and we both cleaned ourselves up some, eating as much as we could. We were pretty much done when the doorbell rang. “We’ll get the door Dad!” Zach hollered. We quickly popped our packages back in our pouches and headed for the front door. Zach opened it, and the pizza guy was there. He looked like he was in college, and like he was surprised to see two young guys answering the door in just jockstraps. “Uh, here’s your pizza. It came to $24,” the guy said. Zach took the pizzas and said, “Thanks man. Hey, Rocky – go get the money from Dad.” I followed his directions, and was suddenly very aware of my bare ass facing the door as I turned to go find Paul. “You guys answered the door in just your jocks?!” Paul, still in his briefs, said when he saw me. “Actually, I don’t know why I’m surprised. How much is it?” I told him, and he gave me the money and told me how much to tip. I was again aware of my bare ass in the jock as I walked away from Paul. When I got back to the door, Zach had set the pizzas down on the table and was leaning against the doorframe chatting with the pizza guy. “I was just telling him how we like to pretend the house is one big locker room,” Zach said. “Yeah, sounds pretty sweet to me. Reminds me of my football days,” the pizza guy said. “Saw a lot of jocked asses around the locker room. Yours is right up there with the best of them,” he said to me as I handed him the money. I blushed, and was so shocked by what he said I forgot to ask for the change. “Thanks guys – I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this address in the future,” he said as he walked out the door. As we sat down to eat, Zach and I in our jocks and Paul in his briefs, Paul asked where the change was. I realized what I’d done, and Zach started laughing. “Rocky was a little distracted because the pizza guy said he had a nice ass!” I tried to explain, but couldn’t really find the words. “It’s all right Rock, no big deal,” Paul said as we all started chowing down. “And I mean, he’s right, you do have a great little jockboy butt on you. And it’s definitely highlighted in that jock. I mean…I don’t know what you boys thought was gonna happen when you answered the door in those jocks.” “It was Zach’s idea!” I said. “Yeah, I mean we do the pizza dare all the time, what’s the big deal?” Zach asked. “Well there isn’t one, as long as you guys realize you might get some weird or interesting reactions,” Paul laughed. “Oh that’s part of the fun,” Zach said and we both laughed. “Speaking of fun, did you blow a good load in my jock?” Paul asked with a smile. “Actually if there’s any jizz on it, it’s probably mine,” Zach volunteered. I loved how openly they talked about these things, but it still caught me off guard at first. “But we did our best to clean up.” “Yeah? Didn’t let any of that brotein go to waste, I hope,” Paul said. “Right on Dad,” Zach said. “Although I might have leaked a little after- we had to put them back on pretty quick when the doorbell rang,” I said, ready to join this conversation about jizz. “Sorry Paul.” “No worries buddy. I like to have a little extra seasoning in my jocks,” Paul said with a wink. “So I guess you know you like this kind of jock. We’ll have to tell your Dad to get you some, probably mediums.” “Yeah, I can’t wait to have some of my own,” I said. “Thanks for showing me. So this is what I should wear for weightlifting and stuff? Do I have to wear one for gym?” “Well, back in the day we used to wear them for any kind of athletic activity, and then a cup just when we needed one. Sounds like Coach thinks you should wear one for lacrosse workouts…the rest is up to you. If you like them, go for it. Whatever makes you and your nuts happy. Anybody makes fun of you, just tell them they don’t understand cause they still have little boy balls.” We all laughed. I wasn’t sure if I would have the confidence to change into a jock if no one else was wearing one…but I did want to. “And you can wear it whenever else you want. Sometimes I’ll wear one of those swimjocks like Zach’s just as regular underwear, especially if it’s real hot out. And I mean it’s called a swimjock, but it’s good for running and everything too. And I mean, we do wear them in the pool sometimes,” Paul continued. “I can’t believe your Dad never told you about them. He doesn’t ever wear them around the house?” “I don’t think so,” I said. “I’ll ask him if he has any.” “Yeah, with his sack, I’m surprised he’s not wearing a jock all the time,” Paul said. As we finished eating, it was getting close to the time I was getting picked up. So I went and got dressed back into my own clothes, I was sad to take off Paul’s jock. He must have seen my face as I handed it back to him. “Don’t worry buddy, you’ll have your own soon. Or else you can wear mine when you’re here,” Paul said with a smile and a wink. “Thanks Paul…for everything,” I said as I headed out the window and to my mom’s car.

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