Rodger, me and that Bikini.


Rodger, me and that Bikini.As a born Adventurer, I was wondering if my pink metallic bikini would have the same effect at home (re:One very small bikini One very big cock)So I waited till Rodger my neighbour was home, perfect weather not to hot, out came the make up and the extreme heeled sandals, strutting round my boudoir in my thong Bikini, I was feeling very naughty,should I tease the neighbour, poor man his wife had gone to Preston to her sick Mother, leaving him at my mercy… all alone!I waited till he was in the garden and stepped out,quite decent with a blue sarong wrapped around me and my white ciggy holder and sunglasses along with the heels they were my only accessories, bar the lashings of pink shimmer lipgloss, does that count, I digress.As Rodger appeared from behind the low fence, he was weeding in khaki shorts and vest”He..Hello Nikki he stammered, I smiled and replied “Hi Rodge how are you are you cooking for yourself? I asked. Silence güvenilir bahis siteleri he was struck dumb as I untied the sarong and reclined in my lounger. “Yes Tak…tak…tits Takeaways mainly! He has developed a speech impediment stammering poor man, I thought.”You sunbathing in that outfit” he asked. Aha it’s french do you like it Rodge?”Wow really shows off your curves” Well a compliment like that deserves a full twirl, I stood up ciggy holder in hand “do you have a light Rodge”I asked “er yeah in my pocket…”Rodger squeakily replied.Rodger fumbled and lit me, his cock stirring in his baggy shorts he watched me as I inhaled.”Rodger can I be perfectly honest with you, I know you have a smoking Fetish and spend a lot of time spying and wanking over me, if you want to wank as I sunbathe I don’t mind” My monologue over I awaited his reaction…Erm, but alright if you don’t mind,but what about J.T.? He asked.”He is away on business at canlı bahis siteleri the mo, although he has forbid me to go topless in the back garden” I told him.”You might as well be them tiny triangles just cover your nipples” Rodger replied.I had returned to the lounger, I began to pull and fiddle with the triangles,I heard his flies unzip zurpppppp- “Are you wanking Rodger behind the fence””Yes I am so hard””Make a glory hole in the fence with that weeding tool Rodge, and I may just go topless for you….Well I have never seen a man create a perfect round hole so fast, I kept to my side of the bargain and untied my bikini top.”Now push your cock through the hole” He obeyed his eight inch cock looked impressive,hanging through my fence, I needed another ciggy and light I stood up and walked over to the fence, tease time “What would your wife say if she could see you now Rodge” I laughed as I inhaled “She would kill me” he replied, as my thigh bahis firmaları brushed against his hard Penis, I actually did it a couple of times as I liked seeing it twitch”Are you wishing my shiny pink lips were sucking your big boner Rodge” I teased.”Would you like me to blow smoke over it Rodge?” Silence he was not gonna last the distance, I crouched down and blew my warm smoky breath over his throbbing cock, he looked down staring at my globes,think he was in shock… Still silence.A trickle of pre cum ran down the shaft”Give us a tit wank” He finally spoke.”I never have sex with neighbours Rodge, only simulated sex”Breaking point I felt his large hands grip my head and pull me towards his throbbing member, “Simulate sucking it you bitch” Ooh forcing it into my mouth, what a naughty man glop glop glop, oh fuck this simulation is so like the real thing and I am taking it all down, he groans he releases my head he spurts all over my boobs mmm, creamy spunk, I rub it in, as he tells me he is sorry for forcing me.”I tell him not to worry it was only simulated”He looks down at the fence and asks…”can we use this hole for more simulated sex later it’s a wonderful idea this simulated sex!Bye Rodge.

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