Rod’s Sisters


I hadn’t seem him for six plus years but as soon as he entered the Kamikaze Topless Bar on Main St., Bowling Green, Ohio, on a beautiful early May evening I recognized him – Rod Munroe, aka ‘Surfer Rod’, aka ‘Blond Rod’. Our paths had crossed in 1988/89 at OSU when Rod and I had lived in the same dorm during our freshman year at the University. Although we had never become close friends, we were acquaintances and due to an odd quirk of fate got to know quite a bit about the other during that year.

Rod Scouries and Rod Munroe had both arrived on campus in Columbus in September 1988, both tall (6’2″), both slim yet strong (185 pounds), both fit, both assigned to rooms one floor apart in Tally Hall and both hungry for pussy. I didn’t get any work done that first month, away from home for the first time and with all those hot coeds to choose from, I was in heaven! He, likewise, was doing the same thing and soon ‘that guy Rod in Tally’ became quite famous among the freshettes, the success each of us was having enhancing the others prospects. I continually got phone calls meant for him and was often accused of having done something (or someone) that I hadn’t. Eventually, to differentiate us, people started calling me ‘Rocket Rod’ and he ‘Surfer’ or ‘Blond Rod’ in deference to his long, blond locks.

Seeing him now, sitting at the bar in 1995, still looking the same, watching the strippers reflected in the big mirror over the bar, smiling as they danced, I laughed to myself, surprised by how glad I was to see him. Walking over to him and tapping him on the shoulder, I said, “Well Rod, I see you’re still chasing pussy, you horny bastard.”

“What? Who are y…Rocket Rod??…Rod Scouries, what the fuck are you doing in Bowling Green?” he finally asked, as he jumped up and shook my hand.

“Well Surfer, I’m out in the cold, hard world now, trying to earn a few bucks and after a day at the grindstone I figured a beer and some titties would be just fine. Don’t you just love these strip bars in college towns? They just have the freshest little pussies in the world!”

“I live here, always have,” he answered, and then grinning added, “Bowling Green girls rule! What do you do, where do you live anyway? Did you finish at State? Didn’t you go back to California?”

“Yup, I’m back living on the coast. But what the fuck happened to you? Christ, sophomore year I got more calls from girls looking for you than I could handle. No one knew what had happened to you.” He quickly told me a bare bones story, clearly uncomfortable with the subject. Apparently two weeks after returning home his after his freshman year, his Mom and Dad had died in a car crash and he finally had decided to stay home and run his Dad’s business and help support his sisters. “So, are you married, have a steady girlfriend?” I asked, “Any little Surfers?”

“No Rocket, I’m at home, single, working hard and living with my three sisters.”

Something in his voice when he mentioned his sisters piqued my interest and I was suddenly alert. “I didn’t know you had sisters Rod. How old are they? What do they do?” He then told me about Clara, 31, a librarian at BGU; Chrissy, 30, a nurse; and Cathy, 26, a year older than Rod and working with him in the family business. In his voice as he talked I could hear the pride, the love he had for them, and I wondered if Rod was walking the same path as I. “Are they married?” I asked innocently.

“No, I think they’re going to end up old maids,” he joked, but I sensed his hesitation, and I could feel his desire to talk.

“So I guess you’re seducing all these sexy young BGU coeds? I never would have guessed a small place like this would have so much talent.”

“I’m getting old Scouries,” he protested, and changing the subject asked what I was doing in life.

“I started my own computer software consulting business. I finished at State with a degree in Math and Computer Programming and for my thesis designed some software for managing Library Systems. It actually fills a real need and after further refining it in California I’ve gone commercial, I’ve been able to sell 10 universities and some community colleges in the last four years.”

“What’re you doing here?”

“There’s a new IT guy at Bowling Green and I sold him a system at his last job. I’m hoping to sell them here.”

“That’s where Clara works. She’s the Assistant Library Director since February. I’ll talk to her tonight.”

“You’re kidding, that’d be good, thanks Surfer. What about you? What’s the family company do?”

“Dad had started to sell flower seeds through the mail 25 years ago. It’s actually taken off in the last few years; the internet’s been a godsend to us. We’re getting rich from our home office! Have you married Rocket or are you still as wild as before?”

“I’m like you Surfer; I’ve been working hard and living at home with Mom and Sis. Once in a while on the road I fool around some but… I don’t know… I’ve done just about everything. Oh, but bursa escort I have started writing.”

“Writing? You?”

“Yes,” I started, a wide grin on my face, “I’m writing erotic stories, tales of sex and love.”

“Bullshit! Have you published any?”

“I put them on the net, anonymous. There’s a site – where you can post your stories free. It’s sort of a little sideline for me, I have fun with it.”

“Can I read them? What do I do?”

“Sure you can read them,” I told him, “But I got to warn you, they’re pretty risqué, they deal with subjects you might not like, like Rape, Exhibitionism, even Incest.”

I could see his interest rise on the last word and was pretty sure my guess about him was right. Not wanting to press the issue I told him, “Listen Rod, you could try some, they’re fairly short, – you might like ‘My Sister’s Milk’ or ‘The Flaherty Family’ or ‘Brinnie and the Alien’.” Looking at my watch I told him, “Listen I’m sorry, I’ve really gotta go, I’m meeting my University contact for a late dinner. But Christ man, it’s good to see you. What are you doing tomorrow night; I’d like to take you to dinner, talk some more.”

“It’s my town Rocket, I’ll take you out. Are you staying next door?” Seeing my nod, he went on, “I’ll pick you up at seven in the lobby, there’s a good restaurant just down the street.” As I watched him walk away, I wondered what he’d think of my stories and if he’d have a story for me the next night.

He was smiling and clearly excited when I met him in the Holiday Inn lobby the next night and knew immediately that my erotic tales had been well received. Soon we were down the street, sitting down to 16 ounce T-bone steaks, accompanied by lots of fries and beer. We both soon found out we liked each other, our conversation coming effortlessly and covering a broad array of subjects, from sports to politics to business to art. As we sat back after finally finishing our steaks, Rod changed the subject, at last bracing the topic I knew he wanted to discuss.

“I read some of your stories last night Scouries,” he began tentatively, “They’re good, I liked them, I was surprised you could write like that, fuck, I got hard reading them. Clara read some too.”


“Clara, you know, my sister, the librarian. I was telling her about your company, the software you’re trying to sell. I mentioned your writing to her. She loves reading. She told me this morning she liked them too… Um, can I ask you something, Rocket?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“Did you write the stories about people you know or are they all made up? Like ‘The Flaherty Family’ for example. Is it based on a real family?”

“Listen Rod, I can talk to you in confidence right?” I asked, and seeing his eager nod continued, “I have a friend; he’s not called Flaherty or live in Pennsylvania, but most of what I wrote is based on his family…”

“And you visited them? You’ve joined them… I mean slept with…you know what I mean…”

“Yeah Rod, sorta like I wrote it.”

“But you talk in the story about going with your sister!… What about ‘My Sister’s Milk’? You’ve never done anything like that, have you?”

“Rod, I’ll tell you a little story. Annie, my sister, she’s four years older than me Rod. She ran away from home when I was thirteen, but she came home the fall of my senior year in high school, an eleven month baby girl in her arms. I’m sitting around, a horny eighteen year old, and this beautiful girl, and Annie is really beautiful Rod, is walking around half dressed most of the time. The first night she’s home, we’re all sitting down eating dinner and she pops her tit out and starts feeding the kid. I’m watching this perfect tit and I’m as hard as a rock, not knowing where to look. I’m a virgin and I’m in love. She knew I loved looking at her and she loved showing me, loved exciting her little brother. Weeks later she finally let me suck her tits, oh God, I came in my pants the first time I sucked her.”

“Jesus, this was when you were in high school? Your sister let you drink her milk?” he gasped.

“Yeah, and for Christmas she took my cherry… And God, after that we fucked every day until I left for OSU. I couldn’t stop. She taught me everything. And when I got to school I wanted to fuck every coed I could find. I was sorta embarrassed about what I had done with Annie, about having sex with my sister. I wanted to prove I was normal… That’s maybe why I was so wild first year. But…”

“But what Rocket?”

“After first year I went home and within an hour of walking through the front door I was in Sis’s bed again, and you know Rod, I knew then she was the one for me. I went back to State each fall, but I knew I’d return to her. We live together now Rod; have since I left school three years ago.”

“What about your Mom?” he asked but seeing my look mumbled, “You’re Mom… too… Oh Jesus.”

We were silent for minutes; I was willing to wait him out, knowing he wanted to talk to me. bursa escort bayan Finally almost stuttering he started to talk, “Listen Rocket, I’d like to say… I’ve got a story… My sisters and…Are you willing to hear my story?… Fuck, I’ve don’t know how to…shit Scouries, do you have any beer in your room?… Can I talk to you?” he finished. Fifteen minutes later we were in my suite, comfortably seated, beers in hand and Surfer Rod Munroe started to talk.

Rod’s Tale

We were a happy family, and I being the youngest was spoiled from the start, my sisters always looking out for me. But they somehow didn’t have it as easy. Although we were well off, Dad and Mom were pretty religious, born again Christians who didn’t believe in movies or dancing or modern clothes. Clara and Christine were older than Cathy and I and those two had it much harder than I. They were good looking, athletic and relatively popular when young but when their friends started dating they were left behind, Dad’s unwillingness to let them date etc. put a real damper on their social lives.

I got home from OSU that spring full of myself, the university had opened up a whole new world to me – a world where I was happy and popular and a million possibilities stretched out before me. That spring I was looking forward to helping Dad on the farm and with the business, and also, in my spare time, getting as many sweet Bowling Greeners as I could between the sheets. But it was weird too, since I finally realized my two older sisters didn’t seem to have any kind of sex life, any kind of social life period.

In the first two weeks back from school I started to watch them and figure out what was going on. They both had graduated from school and were working but never seemed to go out. I hadn’t really noticed how strange their lives were when I was younger, but now, after a year at OSU and the things I had seen and done, I knew something wasn’t right.

They were both good looking, and had great bodies but they didn’t use any makeup and they dressed old style, it was like they were trying to be unattractive. Were they Lesbians? Did they have secret lives that no one knew about? Shit, I even sat down with Cathy one night and asked her what was going on with our sisters. “You know Rod,” she told me, “There’s definitely something wrong there but I haven’t been able to get either one to talk. I’ve tried, but they always clam up when the subject of sex or boys comes up.”

I was also starting to get horny those first two weeks back. The last while at school I’d been so far behind I’d had to drop girls and cram like hell just so I could catch up and try to pass my courses. Then when I got home, what with helping Dad and all the family things going on I hadn’t gone out at all.

I think that’s why I started looking at my sisters so closely and quickly realized two things, one, these girls weren’t getting any loving, and two, all three of them were hot. I found myself checking them out at breakfast, as they moved around the house, at dinner, watching TV, everywhere. Fuck, I was even trying to figure out ways to spy on them, you know, see them naked, and I’d sit close to them on the couch or accidentally, inadvertently touch them. My own sisters and I’m masturbating to them every night! It was weird.

And then the accident! It just kicked the shit out of all of us, fucked us up completely. Dad and Mom had been strict, yes and maybe a little strange, but they loved us and always tried to do what they thought best for us. It’s only when you lose someone that you realize how important they were to you. The week that followed we were all like zombies, going through the motions when in public, but huddling together crying and hugging when at home alone.

I don’t think what I did later, shit, what we all did would have happened if we hadn’t gone through that week from hell together, if we hadn’t realized how much we all loved each other. I tell you, it was the catalyst that drove me into the arms of my sisters.

Clara and I were named trustees of Dad’s estate with the four of us equal beneficiaries under the terms of his will. In the week after their funeral I had started to do some work on Dad’s business just to keep it going until we decided what we were going to do with it and had found I liked it and had some ideas for the future. I think it was then that I decided I wasn’t going back to OSU, that I wanted to stay home and build the business.

On Wednesday, about ten days after Dad’s death, his lawyer came to see Clara and I, and we spent the afternoon going over the estates assets etc. We found we were relatively rich – the house and farm were both paid off, there was $250,000 in life insurance, and other investments and assets worth another $100,000. And finally the business had earned about $90,000 last year and was growing.

That evening, after the lawyer left, Clara and I talked. I was afraid she, or the other girls, might want to sell everything and split the escort bursa cash. “What do you want to do Clara?” I asked, “Are you going to stay in Bowling Green or do you want to move.”

“I’m staying here Rod, in this house. If you others want your money, that’s okay but I’m staying, it’s our home…you’re smiling, you don’t want to sell either?”

“No, I’ve decided to stay home and run the business. I want to be with you guys.”

“But you’ve got to go back to school Rod, you’ve got to get your degree.”

“I’ll go to Bowling Green part time and work here and at the farm on the business. I’m not leaving now sis, I love you all too much, I’m never leaving you, never,” I insisted.

Smiling, she pulled me into her arms, hugging me tightly, while saying, “Oh I’m so happy Rod, I didn’t want us to break up. Do you think Cathy and Chrissie will agree, will stay with us?”

“Of course they will, we’re all in this together,” I told her. As we sat hugging on the couch I asked, “Can I ask you something Clara? Something personal?” Seeing her nod, I started tentatively, not sure exactly how to ask without hurting her. “Do you like…, Are you planning on…Oh shit, I don’t know how…”


“Clara, do you like men, I mean, are you attracted to men, or do you prefer…Listen sis, I love you but I can’t figure out your sex life. Do you want to get married or have children? I mean, whatever you like is your business, but I’m worried about you, about Chrissie…I’ve slept with some women this past year, geez I love it, I hope you are..?

Pulling back away from me, she said, “I’m not a Lesbian Rod, if that’s what you’re asking,” as tears starting to fall from her eyes.

“Clara, I don’t care what you are, as long as you’re happy. You were always such a nice big sister to me, always looking out for little Rod. God, I love you,” I finished as I cradled her head against my chest.

Finally, after minutes of quiet sobs, she started to talk, almost whispering and not looking at me as she spoke, “I’m afraid Rod. You’re big, strong, independent, smart sister falls apart whenever a man talks to her. I want to go out with men, date but… I know it should be easy, I read enough books… I’m smart enough to know I can do it, but…I don’t wear the right clothes, I don’t know how to talk, flirt… I’m not pretty… I’m too tall…my hairs a mess… My breasts are…Why are you laughing Rod, it’s not funny.”

Hugging her, I said, “I’m relieved Sis; you sound like every girl I know. And don’t worry, you’ve got a man now – me, and I’m never going to let you go.”

“What do you mean?”

Standing, I pulled her up from the couch and led her to the large wall mirror in our parent’s room. “Look at yourself Clara,” I told her, standing behind her and holding her shoulders. “You are so fucking beautiful sis, tall and slim, Christ, your blue eyes, your blond hair so soft,” I said as my hands moved caressingly through her hair, “your wide shoulders, God, your breasts so high, so firm, so perfect.”

“Roddddddd, what are you doing?” Clara squealed, as my palms cupped and then squeezed her tits.

“And your flat stomach, your beautiful hips, your mound, your legs,” I added as I moved my hands confidently over my beautiful sister.

“Ohhh Rod, no, stop, stop please,” she gasped.

“You’re so beautiful Clara, I want you so bad,” I whispered, my hardness now pushing against her, as I lowered the zipper on her dress and let it fall to the floor. As her plain white bra was unsnapped and opened, a groan of desire escaped my lips. Her pink aureoles, as wide as silver dollars, seemed engorged and full, and the fat, erect nipples bursting out from them drew my fingers like magnets.

“What are you doing, we can’t, oooooohhh Goddd Rod, we can’t, ooohhhhhhh my…”

“Are you a virgin Clara? Have you ever felt a man’s lips on your breasts before? Oh shit Clara, you taste good, oh, I’m going to fuck you Clara,” I said, and then quickly pulled her white panties down, exposing a full bush of curly blond hair, her pinkness beneath easily seen. As I led her toward the bed I lifted my t-shirt over my head and then stumbled momentarily as I pushed my shorts and briefs off.

Lying next to her on the bed, I gently touched her, and then slowly moved my fingers over her milky white skin. I quieted her protest of ‘But Rod, no, we can’t’ by kissing her, content to slowly awaken her to her bodies needs. When our tongues finally met, I felt a shiver of excitement rush across her skin, and slowly her tongue met mine in hunger. Tentatively her hands started to move, touching first my hair and cheek, before moving to lightly flick over my chest.

I lay back on the pillow and left my hands at my sides, panting lightly as she explored. As her lips tickled my nipple, I felt the first timid brush of her fingers through my pubic hair, the light nervous groping for my shaft. “Touch it Clara, please touch my big cock,” I grunted, as she moved to tighten her palm around my now engorged shaft. As she bent over me, her head just a foot from the hardness she stroked, as if fearful of losing sight of him, I slipped a hand between her thighs and moved towards her center.

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