Roleplay Starter: Mountain Meadow


Roleplay Starter: Mountain MeadowRoleplay Scene Starter Script. 1 Female, 1 Male.”Mountain Meadow”Model: xtiiineeeExterior: Mountain meadow in the early fall. Not quite above the tree line. Small clusters of evergreens dot the area. They’d been hiking for several hours now and decide to stop and make camp for the night near a clump of pines. They take off their large packs and begin to make camp. They work well as a team and soon there’s a cozy fire, plenty of dry fuel and a small tent. Their canteens filled from a nearby stream, they select some dried food from their packs for a meal and even have the makings for some s’mores. He switches on a small FM radio for some background music and to check the weather reports. She’s sitting cross-legged by the fire, with a long stick çankaya escort toasting marshmallows. He sits close behind her, wraps his legs around her and puts his feet under her knees. His hands slide under her arms and he cups both her breasts, much like one would cover a c***d’s eyes, before asking “Guess who?””Oh my” she says, “I have no idea!” She good naturedly guesses several of his friends’ names, each of which he denies. “Bigfoot?” she guesses. “Ooooh, or how about Bigdick? Pleeeease be Bigdick!” He growls like a wild creature in response.”Here, let me give you a clue.” he offers as he brushes her hair from her shoulder. “I howl at the moon.” he says as he kisses a path from her shoulder to her neck.”I love doggy style.” he hints balgat escort as he licks and nips lightly on his way to to her ear.”And I eat pussy ravenously.” he whispers into her ear.”Eeeek! Wolfman!” she squeals. “Bad doggie” she giggles as she turns to feed him a marshmallow. “Oh, it’s YOU.” she says in mock disappointment. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to make the best of it.”She turns enough to be able to face him. “My, Mister Wolfman, what great big eyes you have.” she says in her best little-girl Red Riding Hood voice.”All the better to see you with.” he replies, wiggling his eyebrows.”And my, what a big tongue you have.” she prompts as she sticks out her own tongue and teasingly licks his bottom lip.”You’ll find out all about that elvankent escort very soon, Red.” he taunts.”And oh my, what large hands you have.” she says softly, her lips just brushing his.He cradles her head in his hands and kisses her passionately.They continue to tease each other’s mouth by the fire for what feels like hours. Their hands roam over each other’s body. Both are becoming more and more excited and each is looking forward to a night of lovemaking under the stars. The full moon and the stars come out and light the area. She eventually puts her hand over his mouth and announces “I have to pee.” takes some paper, and modestly goes in search of a bush for cover. He can’t take it any longer and moves into the tent. He strips nude, covers himself with a bandanna, and strikes a ‘come and get it’ pose. She enters the tent and ignites the lantern before she notices her surprise. Smiling broadly, she does a sexy strip tease for him and is soon lying beside him in her bra and panties. “I see we have another tent going up.” she notes, toying with the bandanna.

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