Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter VII


Romance Comic Cover Stories – Chapter VIIChapter VII – Their Armchair (based on Love Diary No. 41 cover, Orbit-Wanted, circa 1949)I guess everyone has fantasies and fetishes, but how do you say about someone who wants to have sex in the armchair you just bought for your best friends because you felt envy of their ‘adventures’Me and Charlotte just found this beautiful and stylish armchair as a gift for Keith and Donna, which were to move to a new house. The armchair was so awesome and fittable that we resisted till the last urge to buy it for ourselves and arrange other gift for them, but they are our friends and you can’t do such stuff with them.But I must confess we never stop on thinking about it. That armchair… how they were happy with it, how they were proabably comfortable with it. But what caught our, as I can speak, ‘rage’ bahis siteleri was one moment where Donna said that they had sex on the armchair! Can you believe it? Sex on our armchair! How could they?At first it enraged us, but Charlotte realized that it could be a nice fantasy. You know, having sex outside the traditional place those things happen. But here is the deal: we wanted to have sex there, on that armchair. We always thought how good was for them doing there, how was confortable for Keith to sit while Donna went up and down on him… Goodness, better stop here.But, one day, the unavoidable happened. They went on vacation for a month at Europe and we went to their home to do all these stuff people do when their neighbours are out. And then, it was there… the armchair! The armchair of our dreams, right here in our front. canlı bahis And nobody would stop us to have her!“I always ask myself why I didn’ty bought this damn chair!”“Oh, come on, Arthur! You know that was better with then than with us…”Suddenly, desire struck us good…“Looking at this armchair lets me completely turned on. How about you, Char?”“I cannot speak different, Arthur! And I got a great idea!”“What kind of idea you mean?”“Well…”, she just pushed me to sit on that chair, while she without any trouble, took my cock out of my pants and started to stroke it. All with that wicked face she has”“S-Sweetheart… w-what are y-you doing?”“Those assholes had their time with this armchair! Now it’s our turn to screw here!”I knew where that would lead us when she bent over to suck my cock. What a blowjob! And it was all of a sudden! güvenilir bahis I couldn’t resist and moaned when Charlotte used her mouth to take a blow off me…But better thing was when she sat on my cock and started to hump me. I think that armchair had special powers, because I think I never had better sex before that day. My wife movements going up and down my weiner were amazing and the armchair marking my butt… Dear Lord!“Fuck me babe! Fuck me like Donna and Keith do!”Of course we didn’t knew how they did, but it was so fun ‘roleplay’ them having sex, adding that ‘special spice’… But once we were reaching to the end, a doubt arrived: where to cum? I couldn’t do it on the chair risking being found by them or ruin them with the stain…But Charlotte came to an rescue…“Cum on me, honey! I past my fertile, so go on babe!”And so I did…Anyway, while they were at vacation, we came back so many times at their house only to fuck on that armchair, that we felt kinda sad when they came back… But I gotta tell you that, when they let a breach…

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