Rommate’s Ex Boyfriend

Rommate’s Ex BoyfriendI recently broke up with my girlfriend and had to move out. So, at age 25 I had to find my own place and found someone who was renting out a bedroom in her house, she was 26 years old and single. before I get too far, I’ve always been a petite guy at 5″0 tall and barely 120lbs and I’m sure if I had a bigger dick my ex wouldn’t have dumped me. But I am also 4 inches hard.So, I moved in and everything seemed fine and she was a very nice girl, average height and weight, blonde. Pretty and mature. She didn’t mention any guys in her life. But on the third night, after falling asleep I woke up around midnight to banging and slamming at the door. It sounded like someone was breaking in. The doorbell was rang like 15 times too. It stopped and I texted her if everything was okay and she said it was. Then it happened bahis firmaları again but much much more worse and aggressive. I texted her again if we should call the cops. She said no. I heard her go downstairs and open the door and heard screaming, pushing and her crying and a man slamming stuff and yelling at her. I was terrified and hid in my room like a pussy. I locked my bedroom door. He eventually left after going through her bedroom. After I knew he was gone, waiting in my room like a little bitch for nearly twenty minutes before I went downstairs to check on my roommate. She said she was fine and that he wont be back again. So, that was my third night in my new place. I couldn’t imagine why she’d put up with a guy like that or not call the cops!She said he will never be here again. Two days later I was in the perabet kitchen making dinner when she came home with someone. It was him. Except this time I met him and she introduced him to me. He was a big guy, at least 6″4, 240lbs with a big bear belly towering over me. I was extremely imtimated, his hand covered mine when we shook hands. I said I it was nice to meet him and he replied, “ya sure lil guy.” Already, he seemed very rude. I didn’t like him. This was the guy that was breaking in and pushed her and was slamming stuff two nights ago.Later that night, when I was trying to sleep again. I began to hear it.It sounded like she was in pain, lots of pain and it didn’t sound good. I texted her. but no reply came after fifteen minutes and the sounds still came. They couldn’t have been having sex. She was gurdling perabet giriş and grunting like she was suffocating and trying to escape. So I went into the hallway and edged towards her room to make sure if I could hear if I should call the cops.”ooh, oooh fuck fuck fuck fuck oh stop that’s too much fuck please omg that’s too much!”I heard her say.”Shut up you stupid bitch.” I heard him reply.I texted her again.”your dumb roommate keeps on texting you. should I tell him to fuck off or text him a pic of my cock?” “put my phone down please. Fucking ruin me baby.”I heard him laugh then heard a massive skin slapping and then heard her howling in screams. How big was this guy?! I pulled out my tiny 4 inch cock and began stroking, except I didn’t get my cock out my boxers before I accidentally started to cum into my hands and made a massive mess. Ashamed, I walked back to my room and tried to sleep but didn’t. I continued to listen to them fuck for two more hours. I jacked off 5 more loads in that 2 hours. To be continued….? If you guys liked things so far

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