Rondi’s Seduction


The tall good looking young man confidently approached the 30-ish woman seated at the bar. Wearing a stylish one piece swimsuit and cover up, she had caught his eye when she came into the hotel bar some 30 minutes ago. Though she was conservatively dressed for a resort like Cancun Mexico, her beauty still radiated. She kept checking her watch and glancing at the door. She was definitely waiting on someone, probably a husband judging from the ring on her finger.

Still it was worth a try. In his two weeks at the Mexican resort, the 21 year old had approached 15 women at the beach and the bar. Five politely told him no, four said hell no. The other six, all married, chatted with him. He managed to get three to go to his room for an afternoon romp. He liked those odds. He also liked husbands who left their wives alone to play golf.

He stopped to order two Coronas on his way. She had been nursing one since she had arrived. He stepped in beside her, setting the beer in front of her.


“I’m sorry, what?” The woman, Rondi, was surprised by the young man’s sudden appearance. He was quite handsome, tall and in great shape. But still a boy. She wondered if he were even old enough to buy the beer he was holding. None of that mattered. She was not interested.

“Your husband. Is he playing golf instead of keeping his beautiful wife company?

Rondi blushed at the compliment. He was smooth. She decided to play along. Her husband was indeed golfing and would be coming along soon to rescue her. She would at least get a cold beer to replace the warm one she hadn’t finished.

“Not that it is any of your business, but yes. He will be here soon.”

“No doubt with a seven iron to bash my head in.”

“I would say you would take a bigger club, maybe a 3 wood.”

“I probably do have a bigger club than your husband!”

Rondi gave a nervous laugh. He certainly didn’t waste time. And she was not one to back down from a verbal sparring match.

“His ‘club’ does the job, thank you very much. “

“A putter can do its job, but it takes a long club to drive the green!”

She didn’t have a rebuttal for that. Her husband’s ‘club’ was the only one that she ever had. So she was now curious.

“How long of a club does it take to ‘drive the green?'”

“It takes at least a long iron. Whew, I am running out of golf euphemisms.”

Rondi was glad that was over. Cody, her husband was now 40 minutes late. She figured there was no harm in passing the time talking to this stranger. Cody may not like it, but his tardiness instigated it.

“I’m Rondi by the way. My husband is Cody. We are down her for a weeks vacation. Denver.

“I’m Jason from southern California. Came here for spring break and didn’t want to go back to school. I got a gig tending bar here at night. Doesn’t pay a lot but they give me a room.

It leaves my days free to talk to hot wives. Beautiful wives.”

“Then you better go find one.” Rondi once again blushed at the compliment. She was a looker. 5’6″ with a slender build. She had the face of a model, accented by flawless make-up. Her eyes were easily her best feature. Brilliant green with golden highlights. Her face was framed by shoulder length coal black hair.

“I think I have.”

The ice was broken. Jason hoped her husband didn’t show up. This one was a sure bet if he had the time to work on her. He noticed she had already finished the fresh beer he had bought. He flicked his finger to the daytime barkeeper. And another beer appeared in front of her.

After yet another beer, some stimulating conversation, and still no husband, she finally acquiesced to Jason’s repeated requests to join him on the dance floor. After a couple of fast song came a slow one. Wordlessly, Jason pulled her close for a slow dance.

Rondi’s husband, Cody, was late meeting his wife at the hotel bar. His golf game had taken longer than he had expected. He entered the dark room, letting his eyes adjust. He didn’t see her sitting anywhere and was about to leave when her floral print beach cover-up caught his eye. Oh she is dancing. He thought that it was good that she was not sitting at a table getting madder and madder at his tardiness. That is until he looked closer. Her breasts were smashed up into his chest, and his hands were inside her cover-up!

He went into immediate kick ass mode. As he started toward the dance floor, the bartender reached over and stopped him.


“Yes.” He tried to pull away, but the grip on his arm was surprisingly strong.

“It would be best for everyone involved if you don’t start a fight in here. You don’t want to go to a Mexican jail. Affluent tourists like you get bled dry in jail here. Jason over there works for this hotel. He will be out in minutes if they take him in at all. It would be best if you went back to your room and waited for her. Or stay here out of sight.”

Truth was he was not much of a fighter and it would not be good to go to jail here. He opted to mecidiyeköy escort watch for now.

The stranger and Rondi went back to her table, holding hands as they walked. He watched their animated conversation. Every so often, Jason would lean in and whisper in her ear. This was usually followed by a kiss. Sometimes the kiss was initiated by his wife. His wife, His wife of 15 years and two children kissing a stranger passionately.

Once more, they went to the dance floor when the music piped into the bar slowed down. They again were mashed together, barely moving. His hands were now down on her butt cheeks, squeezing them rhythmically. He continued the whispering into her ear. They kissed as they danced.

Cody had enough. If he stayed, he didn’t know if he could control his anger. He went back to their room to wait.

Rondi began to question her decision to dance with the good looking stranger. She had given up on her husband. When Jason asked her to dance to a fast song, she accepted. When a slow song came on she let him draw her close to him. Too close she thought. But she continued dancing. After the dance, back at her table, Jason started whispering in her ear .

“You are so beautiful.”

“I want to kiss you.”

“Let’s dance”

Jason punctuated each whisper with a kiss, first on her sensitive neck, then on her lips. He kept up his onslaught on the dance floor.

“It looks like your husband isn’t going to show up.” Kiss. “I’m bigger where it counts.” Kiss. “I have a room in the hotel.” Kiss. Grope.

His hands we now cupping Rondi’s butt cheeks, squeezing them firmly. It felt good so she let him continue. She didn’t care who saw. She was buzzed from the beer and more than a little mad at her husband for not showing up and causing this situation.

Back at the table, Jason moved his hand farther up her smooth thigh until his finger barely touched the fabric of her swimsuit. He had this one ready to go. He decided to close the sale. He slid two fingers under the crotch of her suit and into her very wet pussy. She tensed up momentarily, the relaxed as he caressed her sex.

“Let’s go to my room and fuck.”

That request seemed to have waken her from an alcohol induced trance. She pulled his hand away from her pussy. She stood to leave. Jason though she wanted to go to his room but she quickly set him straight.

“I love my husband and no matter how big your thing is, I cannot do that. You are making it hard for me leave. But, I have to. Bye.”

Jason stood there looking confused. The day bartender laughed at his friend’s misfortune.

Her buzzed mind was once again working clearly as she left the bar. No more beer for her! But then she did something that would change her life and marriage forever. She did — nothing. She merely waited to return to the room until she calmed down. Sure, with her good looks, she had been hit on thousands of times, but she had never let things go this far. It had to be the alcohol.

Calming down was not easy for Cody. He had went back to their room after watching a stranger kissing and rubbing all over his wife. Why hadn’t he run out there and stopped it. It wasn’t the thought of spending time in a Mexican jail. He had been watching porn lately and his favorite were of wives screwing other guys, either cheating or with their husbands consent. Ironically one he really liked showed a couple going separately into a bar. The wife would then flirt with guys before picking one out to take home.

Cody realized the similarity to what he had just witnessed. As much as that turned him on they had not set this up. In fact, he had never discussed anything of that nature with her. He had thought of asking her if she wanted to bed another guy. He never dreamed that she would do it on her own! He considered going back downstairs to watch her but what if she had already left with the tall stranger.

He made the decision to wait in the room. He would not bring the incident to her unless she brought it up. That was not easy to do when she was not back for almost an hour. His mind pictured different scenes, all of which ended with Rondi naked on her back with her feet in the air as the stranger thrust himself into her over and over..

The reality was, she was fully clothed and sitting by the pool — alone. She finally felt composed enough to go face her husband,

He did not ask, nor did she volunteer any information. They had dinner in near silence. On returning to the room they had the best sex since their honeymoon. Both were thinking back to that afternoon. Cody pictured her again naked on a bed in a seedy room fucking. Rondi thought back to Jason and his efforts to bed her. She hadn’t felt that desirable in years.

Both were still glowing the next morning. Rondi stopped at the swim shop on her way to the beach. She bought a new bikini. She picked out a black one that accented her cleavage. The bottoms were as brief merter escort as she could find that wouldn’t force here to go back to the room and do some shaving. It showed a lot of white skin. She had not worn a bikini in years.

Cody made a show of heading to play golf. He actually went to a gift shop to buy a flowered

Hawaiian shirt, a ball cap, and sunshades, He headed to the beach to spy on his wife. He didn’t even recognize himself.

When he saw her exit the hotel, He was shocked to see her in such a small bikini. He didn’t think she had any sexy clothes. He had not seen her show that much skin in public. He could get used to this new wife. First, he wanted to see if her new bikini was for her new friend. He had a feeling it was.

Rondi found a spot on the beach to her liking, and spread a beach towel. She lay down to get some sun on the newly exposed white skin. Cody watched her from a distance.

Back at the hotel, Jason woke a little before noon. His shift at the bar ended at 2 am. He had almost forgotten the flaky tourist chick that left him high and dry. By mid afternoon he was on the beach scouting the new talent. Oh, hell, there she was and she was waving him over.

“I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I really enjoyed it, but I’m married and don’t take that lightly. If I were single I would have…have fucked you in a minute.”

That was little consolation to him. He went to his old standby line.

“This is Mexico. We don’t have a marriage recognition treaty with the US. You are legally single while you are here.”

“Even if that bullshit line were true, I couldn’t be anything but married, treaty or not.”

“Let me get enough Coronas and tequila in you and you will be riding my cock cowgirl style. Married or not.”

“You came close to making me forget lots of things.yesterday.”

“I get a discount on booze here “

“So, you are telling me that I’m a cheap date.”

“Not at all. But we need to get you out of the sun. You are getting red. I have some aloe in my room.”

“Your room? I don’t think so.”

“It’s clean, cool, and close to the bar…you really do need to get out of the sun.”

“I shouldn’t, but I’ll take you up on your offer for the aloe. I am getting burned. Don’t get any ideas, mister.”

“Apparently I don’t have any idea whatsoever.”

Rondi’s husband, Cody was getting an idea of what his previously innocent wife was up to. He saw the same stranger from last night approach his wife as she tanned on the beach. He saw her wave to him. He joined her, touching her body as they talked. Soon, they got up and headed to the hotel. Aha, so she was having a fling with this guy.

He watched as his rival escorted his wife to a room that opened to the alley behind the bar. They entered, shutting the door. Seconds later, the guy came out and went in the service entrance to the bar. He came out shortly carrying two buckets of iced down Coronas. He slipped back into the room.

Was his wife naked by now? She only had a very small bikini to remove. Her boy toy had on only a pair of shorts, so he would soon join her naked body on the bed. He was mad, but strangely excited. Was this what he really wanted? He had always wanted her to dress sexier. Was this a natural result of her new found sexiness? Getting fucked in a room behind a bar? He left. He still had time for some golf.

Rondi and Jason entered the small but tidy room. There was a bed and a loveseat and no other furniture. It was a relic of the past where prostitutes worked the bar and paid for the privilege of taking customers to the room.

She sat on the love seat. Almost as soon as they entered the room, Jason was back out, getting some beer from the bar.

When he returned, Rondi has taken off her cover up in just her new bikini. He had seen her that way at the beach but here, with her just inches from his bed was a whole other level of sexy.

“Oh no, I learned my lesson on Mexican beer last night.”

“Laying out on the hot beach had to make you thirsty.”

“Yes, but just give me one!”

After her fifth beer, she was in a full make out session with the tall bartender. She writhed on the love seat as he rubbed her pussy over the top of her bikini bottoms. The bra was long gone, tossed into the corner. Her C-cup natural breasts jiggled as she reacted to his fingers. There was a sheen of Jason’s saliva covering her long, pink nipples.

Jason lifted her to her feet and eased her onto the double bed. He laid down alongside the married mother of two. He managed to fondle her bare tits with his left hand while pulling his own shorts down to his ankles with his right hand. When his thick 8-inch cock was free he took her hand and placed it on his hard on.

“Wass ish that? Oh. Ish fugging yuge.’

“Yes it is. I’ve been trying to tell you about it for two days. And no more Coronas for you.”

Jason was now pulling her bikini bottoms off. They mutlukent escort were thrown to the same corner as the bra. She spread her legs wide as if to invite him in. He moved up. He placed the thick head to her opening as her was about to push it in, he heard a light snore. She fell asleep! He woke her only to have her doze off again. He wanted this one too badly to screw her while unconscious. He wanted her to be aware of every inch of his dick. Her stayed with her a couple hours till his shift began to make sure she would be ok. He left her nude with a blanket over her. He left a note telling her what had happened and more importantly what had NOT happened. It also had his cell phone number.

When she woke and read the note, was mortified at how close she had come to betraying her wedding vows. She had been playing with fire. And the alcohol had fueled that fire. But she still punched his number onto her cell phone contacts.

Fore the next three days, Rondi and Cody did activities together. They played on the beach and in the the warm surf. She even joined on Cody on a golf outing.

Even though her her husband was enjoying the time with her, he couldn’t get the images of her with the tanned guy from the bar taking her to his room. And the images that were in his mind of her naked with a big-dicked stranger making love to her. No, savagely fucking his wife. The thought both enraged and aroused him. He could have stopped her either time, but he did not. What was wrong with him?

They only had one night left on their trip. They had planned to have a big dress up night on the town when they conceived the trip. They saw no reason to forgo those plans.

Cody kept it simple, wearing a white dress shirt and black jeans held up by a tooled leather belt and a huge silver-plated buckle. He had not packed boots, so he wore navy blue canvas deck shoes.

Rondi was stunning. She wore a black lace cocktail dress that was a size small. It was too tight and revealing to wear at home. She had packed it to be able to wear it where nobody knew her. It showed a modest amount of skin. Hidden underneath was only a pair of very sheer black panties she purchased at a nearby gift shop. She also wore stylish black pumps.

“Blue canvas shoes? Really?”

“Sorry dear, but I didn’t have room to bring my boots.”

“And yet you managed to get 40 pounds of golf equipment and clothes here.”

“Priorities, babe, priorities!”

“Where are we going tonight?”

“How about that place you saw on-line. You were excited to try it.”

“Yes, but we have spent a lot on this trip. That place sounded expensive.”

“Only the best for my hot, sexy MILF.”

He regretted it almost as soon as he said it.

‘MILF, what is a MILF!”

He lowered his eyes knowing he would catch hell.

”It, it’s a Mother I would Like to…’F.'”

“FUCK, Cody, I think the word you are looking for is FUCK!”

“Well, I, umm.” He never heard her say that word that emphatically.

“So I’m just something to fuck?” The week’s events had her on a razor’s edge.

“No, I mean…”

“”Like you assumed I let Jason fuck me after you watched us in the bar? Or like you assumed I went to his room to fuck him?”

“But, how…”

“How did I know? The bartender, Alex, told Jason. He said you seemed to like watching me get groped. And, come on, that ball cap and sunglasses wouldn’t fool anyone.”

“So you did, er, fuck him?”

“Actually, no. I am still your pure little wife. Yet when I came back that first night, knowing what you had seen, and you still wanted to have sex with me, then I knew. I knew then that you like the idea of me sleeping with other men.”

‘NO. Yes. I don’t know. This is all so sudden.”

“Well, I know. When I said I had not slept with Jason, I was watching your expression. It wasn’t relief it was closer to disappointment.”

Cody started to deny, but he decided to shut up.

On their way out to dinner Rondi went into the bar and dropped something off with the bartender.

At dinner, Cody stayed quiet until they had eaten and were finishing their very expensive wine. Rondi told him the details, or at least what she could remember. He nodded along, not sure if he believed her or not. He finally decided he would believe. Even though he still had the other images in his head.

Rondi came back from the ladies room. She placed something in his hand. It was her black panties.

“Rondi, I…”

“Shut up.” She pulled out her cell phone. She pulled out her cell phone and simply said, “OK,” to the person who answered.


Jason arrived at his job, late as usual. The day bartender. Alex, did not seem angry as he normally did.

“Dude,” said Alex. “That snobby bitch you were dry humping Monday came in. She gave me a room key asked if I would cover your shift tonight. I said yes. She said she would call your cell phone to let you know when to head up to her room. She said not to worry about her husband. You lucky prick. She looked fine tonight!”

He neglected to mention the $100 bill she tipped him.

Jason had a million questions but knew that was all he would get from Alex.

An hour later his phone rang. It was indeed her just saying ‘OK. He took the key card and went to her room, hoping she was right about not having to worry about her husband.

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