Ron’s Bedtime Story

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As she stood in the shower, with the water running down over her face and over her body, she stretched one leg up on the side of the bathtub while she started with her shaving. As she lathered up, there was a smell of grapefruit throughout the bathroom and she loved breathing the scent in. After she lathered between her legs, she took care in shaving her lips, one by one. Moving farther up on her pussy, leaving just a little bit of hair at the top (as she loved the feel of a tongue inside her and a nose rubbing against the little patch of hair. After rinsing off, she slowly traced her finger on the inside of her leg, moving up and down over her newly shaven pussy, tracing the insides of her lips to make sure that it was nice and smooth – and lickable.

After soaping her body one more time and rinsing, she got out of the shower to dry off. Being very careful with the new shaven areas, to not rub to hard. But the gentler she was, the wetter she became. While thoughts of him being on top of her and pushing into her, stretching her ran through her mind, her finger quickl found its way inside, doing large circles until reaching her clit. She grabbed her brush and slowly eased it up inside her and she continued with little circles around her clit until she could not longer stand the pleasure… and she forced herself to stop. illegal bahis With a warm washcloth, she once again cleaned and dried her pussy.

After dressing in her skirt and tee shirt, she drove over to his house. When she was only 10 minutes away, she pulled over and stopped the car. She took out a small jar of honey that she had brought with her and dipped her finger into the jar. She spread her legs and smoothed the honey all around inside her. She wanted his first taste of her to be sweet and smooth. As she moved the honey around, she pictured his big hands and fingers and had to stop before she got wet again.

As she pulled up, he was outside on the porch waiting for her. He started to come and meet at the car but she waved for him to wait there. As she walked towards him, she started lifting her skirt up a little at a time.. higher and higher, feeling the cool air between her legs. She stopped at the top of her silk stockings, just so that he could see the bottom of her shaven lips and then she reached up to put her arms around his neck to give him a kiss and hug hello.

His hands went immediately to her ass, pulling the skirt up, pulling her into him so that she could feel the affect she had caused. She smiled and reached down to feel his hardness and pulled him inside the house. As he started showing illegal bahis siteleri her around the house, she would nonchalantly start moving her skirt up and flashing him, and feeling herself over her top until he finally pushed her onto the armchair. He pushed her back and pulled her legs toward him so that her ass was resting on the edge of the chair and then he got down on his knees and pulled the skirt up so that he could see her nakedness. He loved the pink garters that she was wearing, the feel of the silk as he leaned forward to take his first lick. His tongue started at the very bottom and moved to the top as his fingers spread her wide before him. Up and down he went until he pushed his tongue into her. He moaned at the suprise test of honey and she wiggled under him, wanted more of him inside.. lifting her pussy up to him. He held her down and continued with the long slow licks until she was begging him to enter her. She wanted him now… and hard….. and fast….

but no, she had to wait.. she wanted to give him a treat, to spoil him for a change. After asking him to stop, he helped her to her feet as she led him to the bedroom. She had him lie down on his back on his bed (which thankfully had four posters) and asked him to watch. She slowly removed her top, leaving only her black bra on, and canlı bahis siteleri then undid the garters so that she could pull off her silk stockings. She then go up on the bed and asked him to reach his arms up above his head.. behind him. She straddled him and started to tie first one hand to the post and then the next. As she back up a bit, she took his hard cock and moved it between her legs – laid it down flat so that she could straddle him.

“It’s my turn to enjoy your body, I am going to lick and taste every inch of you, and then I am going to oil up your body for a massage and then I am going to straddle you and ride you till we cum,” and smiled as she leaned forward to kiss him. – no tongue.. just sweet little kisses for now. She propped a pillow underneath his neck so that he could watch what she was doing.

Then she thought.. just a small feel of what is to come.. she turned around so that he could watch her back her way up onto his chest… and then she suddenly started moving forward (her back to his chest) until he slid right up inside her. As she leaned forward, she knew that he could watch her moving forward and watch his cock moving in and out of her pussy.. she thrust her pelvis forward – pulling on the full length of him as he watch her – unable to move. He started thrusting upwards, wanting control.. wanting it faster but she just leaned forward and moved slowly until she could hear him getting close – could hear his breathing change. She squeezed from inside as he pulled up and off him.

Now it was time to start with her tongue…

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