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How many months have led up to this? I can’t count them… and it isn’t important. Schedules have matched up and the planets have aligned and there are precious moments waiting to be stolen.

I’ve barely gotten into the hotel room when I hear the “pingk” of the elevator down the hall. I’ve left the door ajar, held open by the fold-over lock attached to the left-hand door frame. I hear quick footsteps pad down the carpet, slowing… and then stopping right outside the door. Two quick, soft knocks and your voice queries “Hello?…” as you softly push the door open and step inside.

The kiss is immediate… hot… flaming… engulfing… pinning you against the wall as lips and tongue tangle and dance. Hands slide down from jaw to arms to ass… pulling your pelvis hard into mine. Then the hands move immediately upward, grabbing your shirt and bra as they go… exposing bare skin just waiting to be tasted again.

The kiss breaks. Knees bend. Lips and tongue slicker downward to smother your breasts and nipples, while hands grab at your shorts and pull them down in one smooth motion. My mouth and tongue slide down past your belly button and pause right at the mound where your silken panties already show the telltale glint of your arousal. My hands pull your ass into my face and I pause for a moment to breathe in the musky aroma and relish the prelude. Lips and teeth gnaw gently at the fabric, illegal bahis taunting the hot flesh beneath.

I stand and your hands go to work. My shirt goes first, then shorts and briefs in a single swish. You push me backwards to the sit on the end of the bed and you go to your knees. My still-stiffening dick is in your mouth in a heartbeat. Your wet, soft, slathering tongue is all over my cock, and the suddenness and the intensity of your passionate assault is all but heart-stopping. There aren’t the customary fondles and strokes and touches… there isn’t time. Your lips and tongue and mouth are all the magic necessary to bring me to the edge… and over it… and I grasp your hair in my clenched fingers as I shoot a load of hot jizz deep into your welcoming mouth.

As my pulses wane I slump backward onto the bed. You stand and slip out of your panties, then begin a kissing crawl up my body. A quick tongue-dance as your lips meet mine, and then you continue moving up the bed, straddling me with your knees, until the silky curls of your bush are right against my nose. I breathe the musk again… this time it’s a bit stronger… and put my hands against your hips as you lean your arms against the headboard. And my assault begins.

Pulling your hips firmly into my face, I lick you fully up your glistening slit. The tangy-sweet juice is a rich, familiar, cherished nectar… and your illegal bahis siteleri sharp inhale is counterbalanced with a determined push of your pelvis deeper into my face. You want more… and you want it now… hard and fast. My tongue begins to dance quickly and lightly over your swollen clit, interspersed with soft sucking kisses as I pull your pussy lips into my mouth and roll them under my wet tongue. Your climb up the hill to your climax takes a little longer… but I’m happy to indulge in your building passion. I feel your breathing deepen, your moans growing louder as you gyrate against my mouth. I sense you bearing down on my tongue and lips and I relinquish control of your hips and slide my hands up to fondle your breasts and roll your warm pink nipples softly between my fingers. Your moans quicken and increase, you begin to rock gently on your knees, and I feel the tremors starting in your thighs. Your ass muscles tighten and you push your pussy even deeper into my face and the spasms of your orgasm begin to engulf you. My hands move back to your hips to hold you steadily against my softening tongue and I lap at your luscious juicy pussy as your quakes continue to pulse deep inside you.

As your orgasm wanes you release your hold on the headboard and move lay on your stomach beside me on the bed. You swipe your hand against your still-dripping pussy and then wrap your fingers canlı bahis siteleri around my semi-erect cock, pistoning gently as your juices lubricate my cock. Your eyes twinkle as your fingers feel the effects of their manipulation.

I move to my knees and slip gently between your legs. You spread them at my approach and lift your ass to present your swollen treasure, now a deep moist pink. With my fingers I gently spread your pussy lips, then ripple the head of my cock against your glistening hole to spread some of those luscious juices. I push my dick against your sweet tunnel and slip deep inside. You respond with a welcoming sigh and push your ass back against my pelvis.

I angle downward so the head of my cock is rubbing against your nubbly mound deep inside you, and with each increasing piston in and out of you I feel your passion beginning to build. Thankfully, I am able to engage in this glorious activity for a little longer, post-recapitulation… and our traverse up the hill is more in tandem this time. The tempo of our dance increases, and you slide your hand down to the entrance to your tunnel to simultaneously push your pussy lips softly against my cock, and also apply slight pressure to your throbbing clit. It’s the right combination, and your orgasm begins to rock you again. As I feel and hear you reaching your peak, I too fall under the wave that’s building inside of me, and softly explode deep within your pulsing pussy.

We collapse into the softness and spoon quietly as the sun drops below the horizon beyond the curtains. Too soon our paths will separate again… and who knows when these moments will reprise?

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