Subject: Roomate Rescue This story is of course fiction and therefore nothing is real. Read, fantasize and enjoy. My phone was ringing off the hook. I ran to my desk and got it just in time. It was Natalie my roommate. She is a standard California beach blonde bikini model. Her boobs are 36D with large perpetually hard nipples that show through just about anything she wears. She has a completely shaved pussy. I know this because she rarely ever wears clothes at the house. Together we rent a large house out in the San Bernardino Mountains. It has great views of the mountains and a 24’x36′ swimming pool as well as an in ground ten person Jacuzzi. I can tell you that Natalie has hosted some parties there that were pretty fucking wild. I mean you might as well call them orgies. I always manage to get laid even when I don’t go to the party. Anyway, Natalie was on the phone telling me I needed to get home as soon as possible, it was an emergency. I dropped everything and rushed home. When I entered the apartment I instantly detected that the place reeked of sex. I called out Nat’s name but she didn’t answer. I looked around and finally found her outside in the Jacuzzi. “What is the big emergency? I demanded to know” “Well Megan, this will sound funny but here’s what happened. I just had some pretty amazing sex with Jason, Wade and Mark. (They are our landlords three sons.) In fact they each dumped two loads into my pussy. The problem is I just noticed that my Birth Control Patch is missing and I can’t find it anywhere. I don’t want to get pregnant and I don’t know what to do. I got into the Jacuzzi because I read somewhere that hot water would kill the sperm. I called you ’cause you always seem to know just what to do.” “Okay sweetie, do you have a douche?’ ” A douche? Oh yeah right, you mean one of those flushie thingies, bursa evi olan escort she said.” “Yes I responded, One of those…Flushie thingies. “No I don’t have one of those.” It suddenly hit me. I still don’t know why I thought of it but at the time it seemed the only logical solution. “Okay Nat I know what to do but you might think it is a little odd, so I want you to agree to do whatever I ask without question and don’t try to stop me. I am doing this for you and because you asked me too.” I quickly stripped down to my bra and thong then told Nat to sit on the edge of the hot tub. As she pulled herself up on the deck I slipped into the water and made my way over to her. I knelt in the water in front of her and lifted her legs pushing them apart. I never really noticed before but as I looked at her this closely I found myself thinking how pretty her shaved pussy looked. I don’t recall ever having such a thought about another woman before. Pushing these thoughts from my head I reached around and grabbed Nat by her ass and pulled my face right to her cum dripping pussy. I sucked and swallowed, then I sucked and swallowed again. Goddamn I think all three of those guys must have dumped a quart of cum into her each. But hey I love cum just as much as the next girl, hell maybe even more so I just kept sucking and swallowing. I pushed two fingers into her slippery hole trying to pull out more cum. I was aware that Nat had started moaning and was rubbing my head. I was doing this for her health not for her pleasure. Just as I was about to stand and chastise her for enjoying this her orgasm hit and I was amazed as I watched her body stiffen and shudder and shake. Then the thing that closed the deal, her pussy started squirting girl cum all over my face. A good dollop of it squirted altıparmak escort right into my mouth. That first taste of her sweet girl juice changed everything. Suddenly I knew I wanted more of it, needed more of it in fact. I shoved my fingers back into her pussy and sucked her clit hard. I reached up with my other hand and found her nipples. Her big bouncy breasts had some pretty big nipples and I loved the feel of them. I couldn’t believe what was happening. A half an hour ago I was sitting in my office boring my self to tears while giving myself a headache reading account files. Now I was home with my roommates hot, wet, dripping, large meaty pussy in my mouth and my fingers inside her. Nat had my head in her hands and was rocking her hips up and down fucking my mouth with her still dripping pussy. I was on my knees in the Jacuzzi and felt something hitting me in the side. I felt for what it was and realized it was one of Nat’s jelly dildo’s, how convenient. I immediately shoved the soft squishy shaft into her pussy and then brought my tongue to her sensitive ass. I stiffened my tongue and penetrated her ass while fucking her cunt with the dildo. Now that the dildo and Nat’s ass were nice and wet I switched positions and pushed the big rubber ass thriller inside her relaxed but still tight backdoor. I needed some attention too and quickly climbed out of the tub and straddled Nat’s head and planted my own drenched cunt onto her waiting mouth. I never let the dildo slip from her ass and wrapped my lips around her clit as I picked up the slow pace with which I had been fucking her ass. Natalie’s tongue and fingers were working their own magic over on my juicy cunt and I came and came hard within a couple minutes of her sucking on my clit. I redoubled my efforts on her ass and clit and was rewarded by her body stiffening under me and her girl cum squirting onto my face. Nat jumped up and looked me in the eye, “Five minutes, my room, bring wine don’t be late!” That was all she said then she left the pool area. I practically ran to the kitchen found two glasses, a bottle of white wine then hit the bathroom and still made her room with a minute to spare. As I filled the two glasses and climbed on the bed Nat came out of her bathroom. I gasped hanging from her waist was one of the biggest dildo’s I had ever seen. It was in a strap-on harness and this will sound funny to some folks out there but I thought that was just about the sexiest thing I’d seen in a long time. As we sipped our wine Nat stood in front of where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. I was absentmindedly fondling the cock stimulating her as if it were a real part of her. As my glass emptied without provocation I rolled over onto my hands and knees and presented her with my hot naked ass. I felt the slippery lube dribble onto my ass and pussy then the thick head of the cock pushed its way past my outer lips. I pushed back against her taking more of it, “Oh yeah baby, fuck me with you hard cock!” I managed to moan out. With that Nat grabbed my by my slim waist and in one hard stroke buried her cock to the deepest regions on my cunt. I came instantly in a huge storm of thunder and lightening, but Nat just kept on fucking. After my third or fourth orgasm and Nat’s fingers penetrating my ass I had to push her off of me. I awoke the next morning in Natalie’s bed. The room reeked of sex and my body and face were covered in a thin crusty film of dried pussy juice. The previous day and nights activities slowly came back to me. Nat was spooned against my back and her arm was draped over me with a hand on my breasts. I smiled when the thought struck me, “We just might be able to rent out my room and save some money.” I also thought that from now on if I have to share Nat with her boyfriends then I think she is going to have to share them with me!

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