Roommate’s Mother Ch. 02

Amira Adara

I woke up in Amy’s bed and we were both naked. Mama had apparently decided the bed wasn’t large enough for three to sleep in although it had been adequate for our purposes last night. I heard her moving around between my room and the bathroom. I heard faint traces of hymns she was humming.

She peeked into the bedroom where I was snuggled up next to the sleeping Amy. Seeing I was awake, she came in. “You know it’s Sunday, are you girls going to church?”

“Oh, I don’t think so, Mama, we’re so tired, I think we’re going to skip it this one time,” I mumbled to her sleepily.

She was completely dressed from the waist down, stockings, shoes, skirt, but she had a dressing gown loosely wrapped around her upper body. She looked amazingly fresh and dignified.

“Well, I feel like I should go, even a strange church in a strange city. Do you know what happened to my bra? I seem to have misplaced it when I was getting ready for bed last night.”

Mama had this puzzled look on her face as though she had no recollection of any of the events of last night. Considering the fragile condition of her mind, I was hesitant about getting out of bed since I was completely naked. “Mama, you’re so firm I think you could go without one.”

“Brenda! I guess it’s this liberal college atmosphere that causes you to say such things about your own mother’s, uh, physical attributes but I can’t go to church without my bra. The preacher would think I was a fallen woman.” Mama said this but her outrage did not seem to be genuine; she appeared to take my comment about her breasts as a compliment, though she was too coy to admit it.

“Well, if you could give me a minute to get, umm, presentable, I’ll help you find it.”

“Okay, I’ve made some toast and orange juice. I’ll just go finish that. Would you like me to fix some for you and your little friend?”

I was so exasperated by her state of denial that felt the need to shock her into awareness. I slid the sheet off Amy, enough to expose her lovely buttocks. “Mama, you know her name is Amy and that we are much more than friends.”

“Brenda,” Mama blurted with a look of complete shock on her face, “you know we never discuss such things! Now I think you should get up and get dressed, it wouldn’t hurt either of you to go to church with me.”

She hurried out of the bedroom and I put on a dressing gown and went to the sofa and found her bra stuffed down behind a cushion. I took it to her in the kitchen. She had a sheepish look on her face and her eyes were drawn to my body through my sheer clothing. Just to tease her, I stood at the counter putting butter on my toast and with my hand hidden from her, gathered my gown taut across my hips. I knew that the sheer fabric would reveal the dark valley and the protruding hemispheres of my ass. “Mama,” I said innocently, “Mrs. Henderson said something about dropping by this afternoon and that would give you a chance to meet Amy’s mom.”

“That would be nice, dear, and I called your father this morning and told him I was going to stay a few days more so I’ll be here, that is, if you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, I think you’ll like Mrs. Henderson and if she stays the night, you might end up sleeping with her.”

“That’ll be nice, dear, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine,” Mama said as though she had no concept about what people did when in the same bed. And with that, she went back into my bedroom, finished dressing and left for church.

Amy and I were up watching a movie on a cable channel when Mrs. Henderson arrived while Mom was still at church. The woman came in all tense and aflutter like she had a series of serious, unmet needs. She sat down on the sofa on the other side of Amy and began to touch her daughter all over her neck and shoulders, urging her to lay down with her head in her lap.

Once she had her daughter in position, her hands began to flicker around her huge tits as though waiting for someone to suggest that she take them out. I was stuck with Amy’s legs stretched across my lap but made the best of it by pulling her dressing gown apart to expose her pretty thighs. Mrs. Henderson’s eyes darted back and forth between her daughter’s lovely legs and her pretty face.

I decided to resolve her difficulty. “Amy’s a little tense this morning. Why don’t you open your top and bursa escort let her suck a little titty to calm her down?”

“That’s a good idea. Are you sure you don’t mind if I, uh, expose myself like that in front of you?”

“Mrs. Henderson, I’ve seen your big titties before and they are very nice. I certainly don’t mind looking at them.” When she had taken them out and Amy was hungrily sucking, I slid out from under her legs and then bent over to adjust her gown to where her pussy was revealed to her mother’s lusty eyes. Then I walked around behind the sofa and behind Mrs. Henderson’s head.

She uttered a soft moan as I opened my own gown and pressed my bare cunt against the back of her head. She began to bob her head, pressing back and forth against my rapidly moistening pussy. I could see the glistening moisture on her hair when she moved forward. Her hand moved over to slide between her daughter’s thighs and she began to pump her quite vigorously.

My pussy was getting so hot I needed a lot more. I threw my leg up on the back of the sofa, grabbed Mrs. Henderson’s face and twisted her around to where her mouth could reach my rapidly swelling cunt. With a loud gasp, she plunged her face into me and started sucking my pussy voraciously. My passion was building so fast that I started convulsing against her sucking face; way too far gone to stop when I saw Mama come through the front door.

There’s not much a daughter can say when caught so blatantly riding the face of another woman. I was busy trying to stifle the moans of pleasure as much as I could. Stunned disbelief in Mama’s face was quickly replaced by signs of growing arousal as she moved slowly towards us, fidgeting with her skirt and nervously drawing it up, allowing it to flutter about her thighs. She was well aware that her round thighs were her most compelling feature and seemed to be unconsciously displaying the enticing flesh above her sheer black stockings.

Knowing how she had acted last night yet able to wholeheartedly adopt her ‘church lady’ persona this morning, I was worried about the extent she was able to compartmentalize her emotions. Perhaps that was the first phase of a developing multiple personality disorder and part of me was feeling aching regret at my part in bringing that about. The other part of me was responding with red blooded enthusiasm at the sight of her gorgeous, sexy thighs.

Now while Mrs. Henderson had been busy sucking my pussy, Amy had abandoned her avid efforts at her mother’s huge tits and slid off the couch to work her face in between her mother’s legs. As Mama advanced, I noticed she was not looking at me; she was mesmerized by the size of Mrs. Henderson’s large breasts. Her eyes were riveted to the quivering globes and her mouth was almost slavering as she approached to stand beside me. Her hands moved sown nervously to grasp Mrs. Henderson’s huge mounds as she tried to avert her eyes and thereby divert my notice of what she was doing, feeling up a woman’s tits.

“Take your skirt off, Mother, and join us,” I said because I recognized, somewhat subconsciously, exactly what she wanted to do- trade upon the appeal of her pretty thighs as her ticket to the ball and her access to the other woman’s huge tits!

My comment caused Amy to realize that Mama had returned and she looked up from her cuntsucking to smile. Mama was embarrassed by the attention she received but that didn’t restrain her from unzipping her skirt to let it slide off her hips. There she stood in her provocative state of dishabille with her gorgeous thighs displayed while she fondled Mrs. Henderson’s colossal mounds. Mrs. Henderson was busy trying to slurp up the last drops of my cuntjuice and Amy just smiled at the lusts unleashed in two recently sedate and dignified women.

Amy was much better than I at appealing to a woman’s particular vanities and she said, “Mrs. Abbott, why don’t you bring your luscious thighs over and sit on the sofa so I can fondle them? You can squeeze Mom’s titties and share Brenda’s juicy cunt with her and maybe cause her to release a little more cream.”

Like a puppet, Mama complied. She was soon nuzzling her way between my thighs, causing Mrs. Henderson to relinquish part of her territory. She spread her legs and Amy was delighted that her girdle only extended down to the bursa escort bayan bottom of her hips and changed into straps to hold up her nylons. There was nothing covering her cunt and Amy draped one of Mama’s legs over her mother’s and began to alternate kissing first one pussy, then the other.

Both mothers had their tongues rubbing together, completely extended into my pussy in the efforts to devour every drop of cuntjuice. I was working on my third orgasm in the attempt to satiate two avid, hungry mouths. Amy was leisurely slurping the flowing juices of two hot cunts. I swung my leg over Mama and put my foot down between the two women. Mama’s tongue was extricated from my pussy but she seemed content to push it deep into my asshole. Both women moved at least one hand to fondle my ankle and calf. With both tongues working I soon moved to a level of delirious ecstasy. After my forth orgasm, I had to withdraw. The mothers did not miss a beat, merely transferred their attentions to each other and began to delve deeply into each other’s mouths in search of any stray juices.

I went around to collapse on the couch; idly fondling Mama’s other thigh which I pulled into my lap. Recovering after awhile, I noticed Amy was sprawled on the floor, apparently in a coma. With no one sucking her, Mama had moved around to assault Mrs. Henderson’s great tits. I moved up to mount Mama and tried to work her girdle enough out of the way that I could rub my suddenly aroused clit into her asshole. I was mostly frustrated but humping against her upturned ass was so exhilarating that I continued the fruitless endeavor.

Amy returned to consciousness and recognized the futility of my efforts. She went into the bedroom and brought out a strap on with a very slender dildo and made me stop humping my mother’s ass long enough to put it on me. Then, as I remounted Mama, Amy guided the slender dork between my mother’s spread cheeks and into her rosebud. Mama screamed in vehement rapture as I slowly slid the dildo deep inside her rectum. She was soon trying to engorge a tit as big as her head into her mouth while I humped her asshole in an escalating rhythm. Almost spitefully, I pushed the back of her head, pressing her face deep into Mrs. Henderson’s tit. Amy was just grinning mirthfully at the lewd antics of her friend and our mothers. She had four fingers embedded in her mother’s cunt and was seeking the fist the woman. Mrs. Henderson was groaning in her own delirium from Mama’s ravenous mouth and her daughter’s unrelenting effort to push her fist into her needy pussy.

Tantamount to our consuming orgasms, our passions gradually subsided and we four drifted in and out of a long period of rest. For a considerable time, three of us labored to work Mama out of her girdle and strip her as naked as the rest of us. When she was finally extricated, Mama grew quite amorous and began to fondle the dildo I still had attached. She grew so excited that she even moved down and started to suck the thing like it was undeniably desirable. It felt strange to me to be fucking the mouth of my mother but the sensations were assiduous and I couldn’t help myself.

Soon she moved down to the carpet and knelt with her face against the floor. Recognizing what she wanted, I moved to my knees behind her and easily guided the dildo back into her asshole. Mrs. Henderson became aroused and moved to sit in front of Mama with her legs spread wide. Mama seized her thighs and pulled her pussy to her face and began sucking with undisguised greed. Not to be left out, Amy stood astraddle Mama’s head and pushed her cunt into her mother’s face. Mrs. Henderson never missed an opportunity to delve as deep as she could into her daughter’s delicious cunt.

Mama stayed almost a week with us and our schoolwork began to suffer as we seldom did anything but ravage her into the wee hours of the night. I never ceased to be amazed at how she managed every morning to be completely oblivious to the previous night’s transgressions. Either Amy or I had to gradually work her up to a point of participation but it was never difficult to do. But no matter how extensive her participation with me or how degrading the things that Amy made her do, she never seemed to suffer a twinge of conscience the following morning. She would begin each morning just as haughty and escort bursa uptight as if a pussy had never sullied her pristine lips. It was almost ludicrous to listen to her lectures every morning on the evils of sin and be drawn into mutual cuntsucking and assfucking with her every night. I was really beginning to worry about her mental stability.

Mrs. Henderson managed to visit once during that week and Mama was much more easily provoked into promiscuity by her large breasts. She could barely keep her hands off of them while we went through the motions of more socially acceptable behavior prior to out inevitable lapse into insatiable lesbian lust. Mama even managed to strap on the dildo and cornhole Mrs. Henderson until the woman had to beg her to stop because her poor asshole was becoming enflamed by the constant friction. Mama assuaged her desire by straddling Mrs. Henderson’s waist and fucking her titties with the dildo. Amy exacted some retribution for Mama’s unappeasable acts by spanking me over her lap quite soundly with a hairbrush during all this time. I don’t believe Mrs. Henderson was altogether diffident to Mama’s efforts because I saw her several times greedily sucking on Mama’s dildo as it plunged between her tits towards her face.

All good things must come to an end and eventually Mama was no longer able to withstand Daddy’s demands that she return home. He was perplexed by her refusals and growing extremely tired of providing for his own needs. Even though she was ensconced in her good wife persona the morning she left, she knelt down and separated my wrapper and avidly kissed my pussy the morning she took her leave. I wondered about our relationship when I returned home during the times between semesters.

Amy, along with frequent visits from her mother, managed to keep my sexual needs sated until the Christmas break between semesters and I was quite anxious to get home and see how Mama was faring. They both were there to pick me up at the airport and Mama was truly her old self again.

“Brenda, I do not approve of you wearing such clothing,” she said, obviously referring to my short shorts and tank top.

I was a little surprised at her complete lapse into her old persona. “But everyone dresses casual for plane rides.” I looked at Dad for some support and got only a look of sympathy and the rolled eyes as if to say- you know how your mother is.

“I’m sure that people can dress casually and quite comfortably without displaying themselves like a tart walking the streets. In the future I’d appreciate it if you’d at least show some common decency when you’re at home.”

After that little castigation, the ride the rest of the way was strained and mostly silent. “Your father has decided that a visit from his only child is not important enough to pass up a game of golf so he’s going to be gone until late tonight.”

“Now Brenda, this foursome involves the president of the company and several big clients. I could hardly refuse and you’ll be home for several weeks…”

“It’s perfectly all right, Dad, I understand,” then I added, “don’t worry about the spin Mama puts on things.”

A look of relief appeared on his face but Mama glared at me like I’d wiped my feet on the flag. After helping with my luggage, Dad excused himself and left for the golf course. Mama saw him off and then rushed back to me in the kitchen where I was fixing myself a sandwich.

“Take ’em off and let me see it!” she exclaimed, breathlessly.

“My shorts?” I was slightly stunned by the instant change in her, trying to balance a sandwich on a saucer in one hand, a glass of milk in the other. She didn’t wait for me to set anything down, just rushed over and dropped to her knees and started unbuttoning my shorts. Quickly she slid them down along with my panties.

“Spread your legs, honey, let me suck it!”

Of course I let her suck my pussy. Gradually I backed up to the table with her able to maintain constant contact. She was making frantic, slurping laps from my asshole to my clit. I was getting thoroughly enflamed but managed to set my stuff down and kick the shorts off one leg to spread myself wider. I was soon racked with orgasmic spasms, letting down loads of girljuice which she was swallowing with avid relish.

After a short period of cooling off, Mama said, “I bought a strap on, from the internet. I need to bend over for you and let you do my asshole. I need it so bad.”

“Mama, we’ve got to find you a ladyfriend. You’re not going to be able to make it from one semester break to the next.”

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