Rose’s Son Gary

Solo Male

Rosemary, or Rose as she was known, was in her home getting ready to go and meet her best friend Anna in town at 11.00, they had been friends forever.

They had first met when they were three years old, and now at 38 years, they were still the same.

Everyone who knew them including their husbands, all said they should have been twins.

As they had grown up and into their teens, they had experimented as lovers too, not that it led to anything more, they were both certainly heterosexual, and had no desires to be lesbian.

They had even swapped boyfriends on occasions!

They knew everything there was to know about each other, each others families, and each others secrets.

They were like two peas from the same pod.

They were both married now, and even got married within 4 months of each other.

Both had two children, Anna had 2 boys and Rosemary also had 2 boys, although Anna’s were just a little older than hers.

Both were housewives, their respective husbands had good jobs and they both lived life to the fullest.

Rose’s eldest boy Rob was nearly 20 and in college, the youngest Gary, was just turned 18, and waiting to go after summer.

Anna’s 2 boys were at college already.

Rose set off in her car to meet Anna in town; they were going to have a shop day!

Lunch, and then more shopping, they both loved it.

After they had met up, Rose guessed it was the wrong time of month for Anna, her face was dark, she could tell she was tired, and felt ill. Rose immediately cancelled their day and sent Anna home; the only thing that would ever alleviate her cramps was bed rest.

This was the only difference between them that made them different, Rose’s periods came and went, absolutely no problems at all.

Rose did a little shopping on her own, but wasn’t in the mood for it now, she returned to her car and went home.

Rose was 38 years old, 5ft 8″ish, good looking without being beautiful, very attractive really, had a good body, lovely face, nice hair, and all in all, she considered her self fortunate to look the way she did.

She was a sexual woman, the only fault she could really lay at her husband’s door, was his lack of sexual prowess. He was a good lover when he felt like it; the trouble was he didn’t feel like it anywhere near as often as Rose did!

Rose for her part had had 2 brief affairs at times when she was on a low about her lack of sexual attention from him.

Anna of course knew it all, and sympathised with her.

She was her best friend so Anna supported her all the way.

‘It really is a beautiful summer’s day today,’ Rose said to her alone. She was wearing a light white summer blouse, and a calf length pleated skirt, stockings as usual, and heels.

Her soft light to brown hair was up in a cooling pile on her head.

As she approached her house, she lamented on the fact that she and her husband hadn’t made love for over 6 or 7 weeks. She was always feeling horny these days, and it seemed like he was feeling less and less horny these days!

And on top of that, she was actively considering calling her previous lover Thom, she needed a good fuck, that all it was, but a good fuck was needed!

Never mind, I can always take my self in hand, she laughed as the lewd thoughts ran through her mind.

She parked the car in the drive, humped her bags from the back seat, and went in through the rear door.

The house was hers for the rest of the day, she contemplated dumping the bags, or going straight up stairs to relieve the tension, and the growing itch in her sweltering shaven pussy.

She opted for the latter, and walked down the hall and upstairs to her room.

Her bedroom was at the back of the house overlooking their expansive garden.

It was quite a large bedroom, it had a 3 seat sofa in it, a credenza, an en suite, and king size bed.

There were 2 smaller bedrooms off to one side at the top of the landing, and at the front off the house were 2 other rooms, one housed Rob, and the other Gary, in between them was a family bathroom that they both shared.

Rose walked into her room, and into the en suite, she looked for the bottle of baby oil she had there, not only for her skin, but it also it acted as her lubricant for the vibrator she used.

It wasn’t there, or for some reason, she couldn’t find it, so she walked up the hall to her son’s dual bathroom, to see if she had somehow put it in there.

As she approached it, she thought she saw a movement in the crack of the door to Gary’s room, which was, as normal left halfway open.

Taking a backward step she peered through it, and nearly had a heart attack, she stepped closer still to the door jamb, and looked in properly.

Gary was on his bed, stripped naked and, with cock in hand, was wanking himself slowly.

And on the side cabinet next to his bed, was her bottle of baby oil, Gary was also using it as a lubricant while he had a wank!

Stunned wasn’t the word for it, she was frozen to the spot she was stood on.

Her eyes didn’t bursa escort see Gary any more, all she saw was his cock, being worked slowly up and down, the shaft was hard and red, and the rounded dome like head, was aglow, blazing red in colour.

And it looked a fucking good size too, her mind and eyes told her, but she had trouble hearing it, although the message got locked into her brain.

She wanted him to speed up, seeing her son in this situation compelled her to witness it.

‘Go on, faster,’ she said to herself, although again, the words didn’t register, but the message again locked into her mind.

Then she wasn’t looking through the crack in the door, somehow she was standing in the doorway, in the room, staring at the most erotic sight she had ever been privileged to see.

Gary was one of those boys who was always shifting things around, and his bedroom was no different.

At this moment in time, his bed was in the centre of his room, half facing the far corner, half facing the window, so the door was partly behind, and to one side of him.

Rose then found she was almost at the side of his bed, but stood at the corner edge. She was mesmerised by the hypnotising sight of her son’s hand sliding up and down his prick.

Gary’s eyes were closed as he focused his attention on the woman in his mind, the one he was fucking into oblivion, the one who succumbed to his sexual domination.

She was his to fuck whenever he wanted, no resistance, no questions.

She was completely, and forever submissive, to his eternal power over her.

She wailed his name in his mind, as he pumped at his prick.

He was thinking of his mum’s best friend, Anna! He was fucking Anna right now, here on his bed. His mother had arranged it, talked her into making love to Gary. Because she was her best friend, and would do anything for Rose.

Anna had been uncertain, but as soon as she had seen his prick, she surrendered forever.

Rose had no idea, no inkling that Gary had the hots for Anna, as far as she believed; he was just a growing boy with sexual awareness around the corner, and sexual experience to be had.

Rose was suddenly aware, as he had started speeding up a little, to the heat in her own pussy, as it got hotter and hotter!

She tried to turn and leave, but she couldn’t, she was drawn to the spectacle in front of her, like a moth to a flame.

Her body was on auto pilot, she had now moved silently to his side, and saw her own hand reach outwards, and downwards. It grew nearer to his prick; it was as if it had detached itself from her body.

Then it was over his hand, pressing it down, so to make room for hers.

Gary jumped in shock and surprise, to awareness.

‘Mum,’ he hollered at the surprise, ‘what, what, what are you doing…, oh mum?’ he moaned, as her hand clenched to a firm grip on his spongy, yet rock hard cock.

‘Mum, please mum, what…, oh Christ, mum.’ His groan was low as his prick gave in to the soft but insistent hand, which now held it firmly in its grasp.

Rose quickly sat on the side of his bed, not letting go, sort of facing him. But her eyes were locked onto her hand and his beautiful throbbing prick; she could feel the pulse of it transmitting through to her hand.

‘Darling, let me, please? I want to,’ she whispered, still not looking at him.

She was staring at the gorgeous cock in her hand, she wasn’t thinking of what she was doing, it wasn’t her son there on the bed; it was a man, and a prick. She needed to feel a man’s prick, to hold a man’s prick, touch it, work it, and make it do what only a man’s prick can do? Shoot loads of cum!

Gary, like any other young man on this planet, gave in to the wonderful sensation of having a woman wanking him off.

He couldn’t resist that fabulous feeling of a soft hand sliding up and down it.

He flopped back onto his bed and his eyes closed momentarily.

But opened quickly again, when her grip changed, his mum had 2 hands on it now; he was in heaven in a flash.

Both hands in unison were sliding up and down his lightly baby oil covered cock, but the upper one was the one sliding painfully wonderfully over the thick ridged head of it.

He was going to cum in a few seconds; he knew the exact mille second he would burst forth.

‘Mum, I’m going to cum, oh mum, oh Jesus mum!’

Her hands sped up, she didn’t know it but they did.

Her eyes were glued to the tip, waiting, watching for the moment it erupted.

It did!

And she felt the surge, the pulse and throb as it raced up his prick, like a volcano going off; it shot out in a steaming hot, streaming salvo.

She was stunned by the power the intensity, and immensity of it, it shot way over his head and onto the floor, as it spat and ejected his cum, until finally, it dribbled to a stop.

She just sat there looking at it; her eyes were now slits, her focus still on his power pump.

It wasn’t until she felt hands on her shoulders that she began to come back to life, if not normality.

She bursa escort bayan shook her head to try and rearrange her brain, and to take in what she had just done, and witnessed.

‘Oh Gary,’ she moaned, ‘I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me, please forgive me baby, please don’t tell anyone, please?’ She begged.

Gary, ever quick witted, suddenly said, without thinking.

‘Mum, I won’t ever say a word to anyone, unless you refuse to do that again within the next 15 minutes.’

‘What? What do you mean Gary? I can’t honey, I’m sorry.’

‘Yes you can mum, that was the most erotic and the best thing I have ever experienced, you can’t refuse me now mum, not after that, please mum please?’

‘Gary, please don’t make me, I’m so sorry I did it, can we just forget it please honey?’ She pleaded.

He was, as she was speaking, gently pulling her down into a lying position.

He guided her hand back onto his prick, where it closed around it with a naturallity, that was as much a primal need and act for her, as it was her sons need for her.

He needed her to do it again, to relive the unexpected total surprise of his mother wanking him like that.

Rose felt his need seeping from him into her. Her hand on his prick made it move involuntarily, it twitched and pulsed, this in turn forced her hand to clasp it tighter.

She realised that she was now laid at his side; on her own side facing him, her head on his shoulder, his right arm around her, holding her firmly but lovingly.

His left hand was on her wrist, softly but insistently holding her hand in place.

She couldn’t resist again the pulse and throb of his prick, as it reengaged its need and desire for more womanly attention.

Her hand began to move up and down again, slowly rubbing it,

Gary laid back and tried to relax, as his mother began to fall into her own sexual seduction.

He, being so young wasn’t aware of the sexual nuances that existed between lovers, he knew what he wanted. He wanted to be jacked off again by his beautiful mother, end of. But he didn’t really know, or understand what she was in need of.

Rose’s body did though; it was in desperate need of sex, of being fucked, of being ravished, taken, and lovingly abused.

Gary was well in range of it, he didn’t know it yet, but he would, very soon!

Her hand began its journey and hers, into a love affair with her son, unknowingly and unwittingly, her descent into it was becoming irrevocable.

She did naturally, as a woman engaging in sex does, snuggled closer to him, his arm wrapped now, tight around her. His left hand stroking up and down her arm, as she increasingly caressed his near full grown prick.

His hand moved to a tit, cupping it, then finding and squeezing and rotating a fully hard and an, oh so very sensitive nipple.

This brought an illicit groan and moan from Rose’s lips.

She was locked in now; her body was taking her to its ultimate aim, and desperate need, to be fucked, hard, and long!

Her leg rose up, and placed itself over his naked one, she pulled it to her, where it raised its foot, and rubbed it up and down his, in an act of love and submission.

Gary took things in his own hands now; he had just shot a massive load of cum all over the bed and floor.

So he knew he wouldn’t blow another lot just yet, no matter what his mother did in between time.

He let go of her tit and nipple, and reached for the buttons on her blouse, he quickly got them undone, and pulled it out of her skirt, having accomplished this easily; he reached over her back and just as quickly, undid the clasp of her bra.

This gave him complete access to both nipples and tits now, he still wasn’t aware that given his mother’s sexual need and condition, that she had already submitted to him.

But given the fact that it was her primal need to be rutted and bred, the fact that she wanted to be loved and fucked, and fuck back too. It could have been any man here with her; her body was edging her toward having its desperate urgent need satisfied.

She moaned in pleasure when Gary squeezed each nipple in turn, then rotated them, followed by tweaking them in just the way she loved the most.

Her sigh of acceptance wasn’t lost on Gary.

He slid a hand down her back and carefully undid the hook on her skirt, then pulled down the zip.

He pushed it down as far as his hand could reach, which was just below her lovely rounded arse.

Then using his left foot, he hooked it into the loose waistband and pushed it all the way down, Rose assisted him unknowingly by raising her body and legs as it went, and finally using her own feet to push it right off.

All the while, Rose was humping her hand up and down his now totally erect, very hard big prick, her bodies desire now was to get it into her shaven pussy. Where only it, and it alone now, could quench her practically unquenchable thirst to be fucked.

Gary knew now he was going to fuck his mother, 15 minutes ago, he was wanking to thoughts of her best friend, escort bursa the woman he had spent his life calling Aunty Anna.

And now in a few minutes he would be buried to the hilt, in the yet to be discovered for him, her shiny, hairless, glass smooth pussy.

He tugged at her panties to get them down, Rose did it, she was so completely committed to being fucked now, wild horses, or even her husband walking through the door, could not have stopped.

Gary rolled her over onto her back, and pulled her under him, Rose still had hold of his prick, she couldn’t seem to let go of it.

He lifted his young strong body over hers, he looked at his mother, and her eyes were closed.

He found the entrance to her golden honey pot, and pushed the head at it, it went in, but it stopped at her fist.

‘Let go mother,’ he told her, as he tried again to get it all in.

She didn’t, she didn’t even seem to hear him.

‘Let go mother.’ He said loudly at her.

Her eyes flew open and her hand came off his cock, and in it went all the way to the hilt!

Her mouth was in a perfect ‘O’ as she looked up into her sons wonderful eyes.

Gary went at her hammer and tongs, driving it in and out in seconds.

Rose’s knees spread as he did, then her feet lifted upwards, her knees went under his shoulders. Her arms went around his tight body and held on for grim death, as he pummelled her into the orgasm she so badly needed.

Her legs and feet were waving about like flags in a strong breeze.

Gary buried his face in her neck as he targeted his efforts on her.

He never gave his mother any respite, if that was what her body and mind had wanted, but didn’t.

But it was giving her exactly what she so needed. She was being absolutely wonderfully and beautifully hammered, by her 18 year old son and it was heaven.

‘Oh my God, Oh Oh Gary, Gary, Gary. Oh me, oh my, Hmmmm. Arghhhh, Ohhhh, ooooh.

I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming! I’m Cumming, Oh my God, Oh my God.

‘Me too mum, me too,’ he brayed at her.

Then his prick blasted him and her into orbit, his jism took off out of his prick and into her still fertile womb, at a rate of knots that would have lifted a rocket off its launch pad!

Rose felt faint as her stomach churned, her loins grabbed at her, her tits inflated. This always happened when a huge orgasm would hit her. And then her orgasm blew threw her in waves of love and lust, in waves of passion and desire, that she hadn’t felt for a long time, and certainly not with her husband.

Gary kissed his mother softly, and briefly on the lips. Rose put her shaky hand to the back of his head and pulled him down and into a proper lovers kiss, he loved it, to kiss his mother like this cemented what had just happened.

He didn’t get off her, he didn’t want to, and he wasn’t going to. He didn’t want the moment to pass, so he stayed hard on top, holding her while they shared more passionate kisses.

Eventually, he lifted his head and looked down at this sexy, passionate, beautiful woman that he had just insanely fucked and loved.

Rose smiled up at him weakly, she whispered.

‘Gary, I don’t know what to say, I had no idea this was going to happen, I don’t even know how it even did?’

‘I don’t know how, or why it happened either mum, but you will never know how glad I am that it has,’ he said quietly to her.

He was worried now that she would somehow blame him, and he would lose her.

She didn’t, she did say though that they would have to talk about it.

‘Yes mum, but not yet okay?’ he asked.

‘Okay darling, but we will have to, won’t we?

‘Yes mum, I know.’

Then he started humping slowly and softly, his prick slithered up and down the walls of her cum filled pussy.

‘Oh Gary, you can’t still be hard, can you?’ She whispered to him in his ear.

‘Not all the way hard mum, not after all that’s just happened.’ ‘But I will be soon, if you’ll be a bit patient with me? He beamed at her.

‘Oh Jesus Gary, I will be as patient as you want me to be, you just give me as much as you want to baby, as much as you can, I want all you’ve got there for me darling, all of it okay?’ She told him.

‘Love me baby; fuck me, fuck your mum as hard as you like, anyway you like Gary, anyway, anyway!’ She moaned.

Gary took no prisoners, just like boys of his age are, he wanted to fuck, his cock was hard now, it had a mind of its own. It controlled him, not the other way round.

His sole intent was fucking, it was his mother yes, but his prick didn’t know that, to his prick, it was a pussy, all it was bothered about was the fact that it was in a pussy, and it was fucking it.

And he did, he fucked her with such ferociousness, he even went blind with it, she withered in front of it.

And neither knew the other was there until they both orgasmed, her first, and second, then him, he ejaculated with such power again, it knocked his mind into never land.

Whilst they were both fully aware of each other, both were unaware of the culmination of their collective fucking and lovemaking.

He was laid on top of his prone mother; she was blissfully laid under him, his weight keeping her content, and within the passion of what had happened, not only to her, but to him too.

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