Rosita sexes 9 Young Studs


Rosita sexes 9 Young StudsRosita had been married for 20 years but she hadn’t lost her figure or her apitite for sex. Her husband Del Boy on the other hand wasn’t able to get it up.Rosita & Del Boy lived in a bungalow outside a small town in a secluded location. Rosita had often thought that she would like to entertain a sexy young guy who had an apitite for sex no mater the age of the woman becuse Rosita was 70 years old.Just to give you a picture of Rosita: 5′ 8″ tall 36 D cups 24″ waist 37″ hips Grey hair cut short in one of those modern cuts Pussy hair was salt and pepper naturally but she had it removed so she was smooth when she was “entertaining”. Most inportantly Rosita didn’t look her age – she looked 20 – 30 years younger depending upon the light.Rosita like to go into the big city about 10 miles from home. In the city she could adopt a different persona from the devoted church goer and church choir member. She would flirt with younger guys.On one of those sorties she met Brian. Brian was a rugby player who also liked sex and booze probably int hat order. He had a group of like minded friends – in total they were 9 young men aged between 21 & 27. Each one was well built, well spoken and a “babe magnet” as the saying goes. Brian and Rosita swapped mobile numbers and agreed to keep in touch. However, before they parted Brian took Rosita out into the entry behind that bar they were in.Brian pulled Rosita close to him and french kissed her exploring her mouth with his tongue. Rosita reciprocated with interest. In the course of this she put her hand down the front of Brian’s trousers. “Oh my what a big boy you are” she said. Brian took this as an invitation to run his hand up Rosita’s inner thigh. At the top he discovered her treasure was open to the atmosphere. On other words she had no knickers on.Not only did she have no knickers on she was as wet as the river nile and the flow down her leg was just about as much. “Oh my we are really hot tonight aren’t we Rosita” Brian said.”You bet i am and I want to be fucked right now. Are you man enough for that?”Brian never could resist a dare so he obliged right away. Pinning Rosiat up against the wall he lifted her legs simultaneously spreading them wide. Prevoiusly Rosita had dropped his trousers and boxers so they were round his ankles. With his weapon free and hard as a rock and level with the opening to Rosita’s treasure cave all that was required was a thrust of is hips and he was full depth inside Rosita’s hot sweet pussy. Rosita let out a “Oooooooh” followed by “More don’t stop” Brian continued to thrust hard and with draw so that Rosita would get the full effect of his cock hitting her cervix. Each time Rosita gave an exclaimation. Brian took this to be of extasy. After about 10 minutes Rosita came with an extremely loud exclaimation and a flood of sex juices. “Oh my God that was great. Thank you Brian”Brian responded “what about me I need to come too.”How about I suck you off” Rosita responded. So Rosita got on her knees and took Brians cock into her mouth. Although she had never sucked before she had seen a video and she bobbed her head. With Brian’s foreskin back Rosita used her teeth oh the head of his cock. That was an exceptional feeling which Brian couldn’t explain but he loved it. It was a mixture of Pain and extasy. Soon Brian came and gallons kağıthane escort of semen flooded into Rosita’s mouth. “Swallow it Rosita. Don’t waste a drop.” Brian commanded.Rosita did as she was told. Then she said “We must do that again. Del Boy will be going away for a weekend on business soon. We would be able to have all night. Are you up for that?” “You bet I am just let me know when.”Rosita and Brian talked and sexted for a few weeks before it was agreed that Brian would come and stay over night.So it was friday night when Brian turned up, in 12 seater minibus, at Rosita’s home. Brian was not alone his gang was with him. Brian went to Rosita’s door and rang the bell.When the door opened Rosita was wearing a silk dressing gown and by the look of it nothing else. Brian could see that her nipples were hard. Her clevage was on show and the dressing gown was cut at the front so that most of he inner thighs were on show. Her pussy was covered but clearly when Brian were inside it would be on full view.”Rosita you look amazing. I cannot wait to fuck you but I cannot stay all nigh like we had planned.” “Why is that Brian” “My buddies are in the van. They had planned a weekend away but the driver got sick and they couldn’t return the minibus to the hire company with out loosing the hire charge. So I told them I would drive them.””I am really disappointed with that Brian. Still I hope you will fuck me good like we had agreed.” “Oh I will but not all night.” “Ah well that will be better than no fuck.” “Ok. Is it ok if the guys come in to wait?””Ah I guess so as long as they don’t mind my screems as you fuck me good.” “Oh no they won’t mind”So Brian signalled for the eight guys to come in and he preceded them. Guys this is Rosita and she is giveing up a weekend of fucking with me so I can drive you. I hope you will show Rosita how much you appreciate her sacrifice. “We will” they said as one. “Go on she Rosita how much your value her sacrifice.”The oldest stepped forward took Rosita in his arms kissed her and simultaneously squeezed both of her buns while pressing his hard cock against her pussy. “Oh that was nice” Rosita responed when she was released from his embrace.The second stepped forward and when taking her in his arms he “accidentally” relleased the belt tied round her waist. So he was able to wrap his arms round her naked body inside the robe. He kissed Rosiat and massaged her back with one hand as he unzipped his fly. His hard cock sprang out of his jeand and he pressed it against Rosita’s naked belly as he was much taller than her. After a few minutes the other guys started to mutter thats enough our turn. Rosita’s sex juices were flowing down her leg by this time.When number three stepped forward he slipped the robe off and spun Rosita around. As he did so he dropped his pants and he was going commando. His cock was rock solid and he pressed it against Rosita’s but crack as he stroked her tit and nipple with his left hand while his right played her pussy. Rosita made no complaint indeed she was making noises of appreciation. Once again the guy was reluctant to stop and Rosita made no effort to have him stop but the other guys wanted their turn so he relinquised her whe he was tapped on the shoulder.Number four was of such a height that his erect cock bakırköy escort was exactly the right height to enter Rosita’s vagina if she allowed it. Indeed as he stepped forward Rosita spread her legs and all present could see her sex juices flowing down her leg. IAll present could only guess Rosita was up for some sex. No. 4 certainly was. He had his jeans off in a flash likewise his boxers. Cock erect he stepped forward to Rosita pulled her close and immediately rammed his cock in to her cunt as far as he could push it. Rosita exclaimed “Oh God that’s big. Don’t stop fuck me hard.” So he did until he was tapped on the shoulder.At this point Rosita said “It would be more comfortable if I could lie down. Why don’t we move to the bedroom.” So all moved into the bedroom. Rosita lay down on her back arms and legs wide open. Number 5 took his place between Rosita’s legs. He couldn’t wait to ram his cock as far in as he could get it. He went hard and fast for maybe 5 minutes before he came.When it was number 6’s turn he ordered Rosita to get up on her knees legs spread. He was naked, grasped her by the hips kneeling behind her he pointed his cock at the entrance to her nile. Unlike the others he eased his cock in slowly, savoring the moment when her hot wet pussy enveloped his cock. Rosita said “Oh that was a surprise. Oh what a big one you have I feel like you are so big you are splitting my pussy but I like it. Now I want you to give it to me hard and fast.” After he came he continued until Rosita also came screeming “Oh that was sooo good you are the best so far.”For his turn number 7 told Rosita he wanted her to do him cowgirl style followed by reverse cowgirl. He also wanted he to give him a blowjob. Rosita started cowgirl and as she bounced on him he was groping her tits and pulling her nipples. Then he switched to stroking her clit. Rosita’s face and exclamations indicated that she was enjoying the experience. As asked, Rosita turned round to do 7 reverse cowgirl. 7 took his large finger and, after wetting it well with Rosita’s juices on her leg, slipped his finger slowly and inch by inch into her anus until it was completely in as far as he could put it. The finger simultaneously with 7’s cock meant Rosita was filled more completely than ever before. She couldn’t believe how good it felt and she was sorry when he was forced to relinquish his possession of her.And so it was 8s turn. “Rosita would you like to have all three of your holes filled at the same time?” “I do not know. I have never had that experience before.” “Well that’s what I want and if you want Brian to stay overnight it would be very thoughtful of you to agree our request. Will you do that?” “I’m not sure I could do that.” “Oh well no worry you have time to think about it while we have tea and coffee. Why don’t you make some now.”The guys followed Rosita as she made her way to the kitchen. Still naked everyone of them, Rosita put the coffee perculator on and boiled a kettle. While she did that one of the guys while rooting through the cupbords came across an aerosol can of cream. Oh just perfect with the coffee. As Rosita poured his coffee he squirted her tits with the cream and asked “May i suck and lick the cream off your nipples.” “Oh that would be nice.” So as he sucked her tits şişli escort he pushed his finger up her cunt. The others thought it a good idea and so it went round the room.Rosita wasn’t aware of it but Brian was making a video of the events on his mobile phone. He was doing it as insurance – 2 fold insurance: if Rosita said she didn’t want both holes filled same time; if Rosita complained to the police later he would be able to show that she was complicit.When everyone had had their coffee and cream 8 asked “Rosita have you decided to have all your holes filled at the same time?” “I have never had a cock in my anus and you guys are all so big it would hurt me.” “But Rosita if we started with the smallest and gently pushed it in only as far as you could bear. Would you agree to that? Most women love anal after they have tried it. (He didn’t know if this was true but some women seem to like it.).” “Will you promise to stop the anal if I don’t want it.” “Of course we will. We will think of something else to replace it that you agree to.” “Ok in that case I agree. Where and how will we do it?” “Your kitchen table is the right height and length so that would be the best place.”So the first man whose cock was to be in Rosita lay down on his back on the table. Rosita knelt over him and lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. Then she lay down on him so her head and face were beside his head so that one of the cocks could be sucked by her while she was being deep throated. Before she was fully down a guy one each side of her placed a hand palm upwards so he could squeeze her tits. So each of her tits were being squeezed as she had a cock in two of her holes. Two other guys took Rosita’s arms and spread them out sideways. Then they closed her fingers round heir hard cocks and they started to fuck her hand one on each side.Finally Brian took lots of Rosita’s face lotion and spread it on over her but crack and anus making plenty was force into her anus. The objective was to have her well lubricated. Then he lubricated his cock.Holding her but cheeks as widly apart as he could he first of all slipped one finger in then two fingers. Rosita had her mouth full of cock so she made no complaint. When he was ready Brian placed the head of his cock at the sphincter. Gently he pressed it but it refused to enter. So he got one of the guys who was watching to whisper in her ear. “You need to relax your ass. If you don’t it will be sore when your ass splits open. Relax it and you will get to be like everyother woman you will love it more that a pussy fuck.” That seemed to do the trick because Brian was able to ease his cock in. At first just about 1/2″. Then the full head. Once the full head was all the way in it was easy to ease hes cock in to its full length.At this point it had been agreed amongst the guys that the last to would rub their cocks against Rosita’s feet like they were fucking them. After a few minutes they both came.At that point all changed positions on Rosita and the fun continued. When everyone had tried all positions they told Rosita “Wow you are the sexiest woman ever. Your man doesn’t know what he is missing. Do you have any friends who are missing out on sex? She could join us next time.”With that they all dressed but left their cocks hanging out. Rosita, still naked, knelt by the front door so she cold give each of the guys one last blowjob. When the BJ was finished she presented each one with a pair of her knickers on which she had written her mobile number together with the message text me first. Now Rosita, though both of her holes were sore, knew she would be able to get a fuck anytime she (or more accurately when anyone of them) wanted it.

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