Round Two Kitten


It all starts right after we’ve already finished a round. You just finished pounding me so hard in my pussy and ass, leaving me unable to move. I lay down on my side out of breath, feeling complete happiness and satisfaction. I close my eyes and begin to drift as you lay down on your side facing me. You look at me sleeping peacefully for a moment, then take your hand and gently brush the hair off my face and rest your hand on my cheek, caressing it with your thumb.

I can’t help but smile at your touch. I slowly open my eyes to find your eyes eagerly waiting for my own. As you look at me with slight, crooked, devilish smile you ask, “How are you feeling?” I smile and reply with, “Spent”. I mimic you and rest my hand on your cheek and begin to caress it with my thumb. You move your body closer to mine, still warm, red, and covered in sweat from the session we just finished. I look at you and tell you how much I love feeling the warmth of your body against mine. You lean in and give me a soft, gentle kiss, full of care.

Your hand that was stroking my face makes its way down to my hard, pierced nipple. Your new favorite plaything. You begin to play with it, pull it, and twist it in between your thumb and fingers. I begin to squirm with excitement and let out a soft moan while our lips are locked. Your lips move away from mine, find their way to give me a soft peck on my cheek, before they find their way to their final destination, my neck. Your lips linger on my neck knowing that it’s my weak spot, that one spot that drives me most wild. I let out a full moan ataköy escort of approval. You give my neck a bite, which makes me so wet I can’t stand it. I gasp for air and my hand makes its way down your body until I find your hard, throbbing cock.

While your lips and teeth are still on my neck, I softly breathe, “I want it now”. Applying a little more pressure on my neck with your teeth, you let go, bring your head back up, look me intently in the eyes and say “You know the rules. Not yet, Baby girl.” You kiss me hard, full of passion and desire. Then in one swift move you maneuver me from my side to my back, pinning my arms down above my head. You go for the other side of my neck that hasn’t received any attention yet, and I let another moan. You bring your face up and give me another intense look, “Don’t move. Do you understand?” The prey looks her predator in the eyes with an innocent, pleading look and I reply, “Yes, Sir”.

You kiss me hard once more, you and your lips make their way down, lingering at my neck once again, because you know how much I love it, then you begin to make your way down again, gently kissing me all the way down. Your lips and tongue find my nipple, you bite and suck on one, then the other, making them both rock hard. I feel myself dripping at this point. So wet with anticipation. One hand is still holding my wrists together above my head, the other finds it way down, all the way down. You rub the outside a little, teasing me, driving me wild, my breathing is heavy, and my moans are begging you to keep going. ataköy escort bayan You spread open my pussy lips and slip a finger in, you smile freely when you feel how wet I am. You gently place two fingers inside me and thrust a few times, covering your fingers in my juices.

You take your fingers out rub my clit for awhile, I’m openly moaning from the pure ecstasy I’m feeling. You change speed and direction, teasing me and keeping me guessing. My breathing gets heavier and moaning gets louder, I want you so bad, I’m about to explode. You bring your hand up to my mouth so I can taste myself on your fingers. I taste so good, you want a taste too, so you kiss my full lips and suck the flavor off.

“Are you ready for what’s yours, Kitten?”

“Mmmm. Yes, please!” My predator looks at his prey with such intensity one more time as your hard cock makes its way towards my wet and eager pussy. You rub your throbbing cock against my clit, teasing me some more, I try to move my arms from above my head and you stop immediately, full control takes over, “Don’t be naughty.” All I can do is nod. You rub my clit again with your cock, getting me excited all over again. You move they head of your cock down towards my pussy, before you enter, you kiss me passionately on the lips, then you release my lips and softly kiss my neck again. Then you give a slow, soft growl and at the same time you bite my neck and thrust your hard cock inside deep inside me. I let out a scream of pure ecstasy and you begin to thrust. Slow at first, gaining momentum, escort ataköy all the foreplay and still feeling the aftereffects of the first round has my feeling so sensitive. It takes no time for me to cum the first time. You feel the muscles inside my pussy tighten around your cock and you feel my climax while you’re inside. You keep thrusting without mercy, sending me to a whole new level of nirvana.

You put your hand on my throat and begin to squeeze the sides more and more as you keep thrusting inside me. My eyes rolling in the back of my head as I continue to moan and scream with pleasure. You let out another growl as you keep going. You exit and re-enter me a few times, driving me crazy, knowing I’m about to cum again. You enter me and thrust, steady and fast, as I am getting closer to climax, I can see in your face that you’re about to explode too.

“Make me cum again, play with my clit!” You oblige, slowing down your thrusting a bit and rubbing my clit with your hands. My moans become louder and my back arches as I explode on your cock again. As my muscles tighten around your cock again, you start to moan, I know you’re close. I look up at you and say, “I want to taste it”. You thrust a few more times, and when you can’t take it anymore you quickly take yourself out and put your hard cock in my mouth. I suck on it freely and taste myself all over you. You moan in approval, loving the feeling of my tongue ring on your cock as I go up and down, sucking on every inch of you. You explode in my mouth, filling it up with warm, salty fluid. As a little bit of payback, I keep on sucking after you’ve climaxed. Hearing you moan and seeing you squirm makes me want to explode all over again. I swallow the gift you’ve given me and look up at you with innocent, satisfied eyes.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Anything for my good little Kitten.”

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