Subject: Rugby Hunk 2 Rugby Hunk part 2. The following is a true account of sex with the housemate of a 21 year old guy who I met playing rugby when I was 15. Please read Rugby Hunk which is the prequel to this encounter Comments gratefully received at Usual blurb about don’t read if you are underage, etc. Also why not make a small donation to Nifty so they can keep up the good work. Once Mike had pumped my arse full of cum he rolled off me and fell into a deep drunken slumber that I had no chance of waking him from. He even started gently snoring. As he slept he had a blissful contented look on his stunningly sexy face. My gaze then scanned down his really pale, perfectly proportioned gym buff body which glistened with a sheen of rapidly evaporating sweat. We’d fucked on top of the duvet and I had a hell of a job shifting his muscled might to get him under it. He was totally out of it so I knew I wasn’t going to get any more sexual gratification that night. For a while I lay on my side with my right arm resting on his warm silky smooth muscular chest as I admired his classically sexy face and savoured the contented throb in my cum splattered arse. After a while I needed the toilet and a drink of water. As usual I was going commando so I had to rummage in Mike’s chest of draws to find something to cover my nakedness and I selected a pair of rugby shorts. As he was older and more muscular than I was I had to tie the drawstring to keep them up before heading to the bathroom. Once I’d relieved my bladder I left the bathroom and headed downstairs to the kitchen. After rummaging in a couple of cupboards I find one with glasses in and I took two pint glasses out. One of them I filled to the top and the other one halfway. The one that was half full I started drinking and as I was doing so I heard someone coming downstairs. Nervously I finished my water and filled the empty pint glass to the top. The reason I was nervous was in case the person coming downstairs was Mike’s housemate. We’d never met before and the noise Mike and I made left no doubt we’d been fucking. What if Mike had been so drunk or lost in fucking me he didn’t realise one of his housemate’s had come home. Did his housemates know Mike was bi or was me being found in their kitchen in nothing but a pair of shorts about to out him? The kitchen door opened and another vision of young manly beauty walked in. To have two such sexy guys in the same town would be rare but in the same house I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven. He had dark brown hair with his high fringe swept from left to right like a breaking wave. His oval face was perfectly proportioned in a classically sexy way that would turn heads regardless of gender. The lightly tanned skin suffered no blemishes. He had dark brown eyebrows above dreamy deep brown eyes. He had a sexy angular Romanesque nose above lush pinky red lips. His chin and jaw line had some brown stubble which gave it a slightly rugged look but that didn’t detract from its overall sexiness. It wasn’t just his face that was perfect as he had a hot body too. He was wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer briefs with dark blue leg and waistbands. Although he wasn’t as muscular as Mike he was still gym buff. His body was the perfect size, bigger than being lean and toned but not body builder oversized. Instead it was a very sexy, well sculpted body with bulges in all the right places. Despite the fact he could beat me to a pulp and looked stereotypically straight my eyes couldn’t help but scan his fit body. His shapely shoulders led to defined deltoid, big biceps and toned triceps. His toned forearms were dusted with brown hairs and he had big, long fingered hands. His subtly tanned chest had nice definition and a light dusting of brown hairs. It wasn’t as big and muscular as Mike’s but it was still great to grope on with bigger pointier nipples. His stomach was flat and firm with a subtle six pack showing all dusted with brown hairs above and below his navel. It looked like he had a decent sized lump in his boxers but my eyes didn’t linger long. My gaze then travelled down his sports toned legs with defined thighs and sculpted lower legs all covered in brown hairs. Despite the fact he was a stranger who was stronger than me and looked stereotypically straight the sight of his very sexy face and fuzzy gym fit body made my cock start to chub up. “Hi I’m Doug one of Mike’s housemates.” He said holding out his hand which I shook. “Hi I’m John.” Was my reply as how else could I? “It sounds like you two were having fun.” Doug said with a sly smile on his sexy as he reached up into the cupboard with the glasses exposing his right armpit with its big mat of sweat soaked brown hairs. My reply was to blush with embarrassment but due to the tanned skin of my face didn’t show as much as it burned. Doug chuckled when he noticed my embarrassment. “Don’t sweat it, hearing your housemates bonking away is just a fact of student life.” Doug said as he filled a glass with water, turned his back to the sink and perched his arse on the edge of it. “So you’re okay with him being bi?” “We’re all bi except Sean who is gay.” Doug replied after another chuckle. Mike hadn’t mentioned he lived in a bi/gay house but now I knew I didn’t have to worry about Mike and I having sex and the noise we made. “How did you two meet? There’s quite an age difference.” Doug said as his eyes scanned my body or was that just my wishful thinking. “We play for the same rugby club.” Was my reply as I battled to keep my cock under control. “How old are you?” “15.” I replied not sure where this was going. Was he coming onto me or just making friendly conversation. I put it down to the latter. “Wow not even legal for straight sex, he’s a dirty fucker.” Doug joked. “It was consensual it’s not as if he raped me.” I said sticking up for Mike. “Trust me we’d all fuck a boy as young and cute as you given the chance.” Doug said with a sly smile on his face. There it was a definite come on. Under any other circumstances I’d be all over him like a rash. However I didn’t know how Mike would react if I slept with one of his flat mates behind his back. Even if Doug was half as sexy as he was he would still be very tempting but somehow I resisted. “Well I’d better get these upstairs. Nice meeting you Doug.” I said picking up the two glasses of water. “You too.” Doug said as I left the kitchen. When I got back to Mike’s bedroom it was obvious he was still totally out of it as I put one of the glasses of water on his bedside table as I knew he’d need it in the morning. After putting the other glass on the table on my side I climbed into the bed. Even snuggling up against Mike and fondling his limp cock with my right hand elicited no response from his slumbering form. As I lay there admiring Mike’s sexy flawless face, fondling his limp cock and snuggling against his warm gym fit body I heard Doug come upstairs and go into his bedroom. My cock began to grow and I tried to convince myself it was because I was snuggling up against Mike but it was the image of Doug stood in just his boxers that was in my mind’s eye. Sure I had enjoyed being fucked by Mike and I had fantasised about it for long enough but he’d flaked out before I could cum so I was feeling so horny. This was intensified by the fact I was bit tipsy, far from being drunk but it had given me an even more confident edge. Doug had confessed he was bi-sexual, he certainly was fuckable and he seemed to have shown an interest in me. Could I cheat on Mike so soon? But would it be cheating? We’d only had a couple of sexual encounters on the same day which hardly made us a couple. Maybe I could sneak next door for some fun? Mike would never know as he’s totally out of it. No just go to sleep I can speak to Mike about it in the morning. Shit I need a piss now. For a while I went through the time old battle. Should I toss and turn and hope to fall asleep or get up and go for a pee. Eventually the scream of my bladder won out. Reluctantly I got up and kocaeli escort bayan went to the toilet. Doug must have heard me go to the toilet and had set up a lure. When I came out of the toilet Doug’s bedroom door was open and he was laid on top of his bed naked and stroking his hard cock. The sliver of resistance I had evaporated at the highly erotic sight. Doug’s incredibly sexy face had a confident grin knowing full well I wouldn’t be able to resist him and he was right. Well how could I there was his very sexy face, lightly tanned gym buff naked body and hard cock and boy what a cock. Doug was wanking his cock with his right hand. He was uncut with his foreskin peeling back and forth other a prominent ridged pinky purple bulbous knob. The shaft of his cock was thick and it had to be a good 9.5 inches long. Even though part of his cock was hidden by his big long fingered hand my arse couldn’t help but twitch with cock hunger. The sight was too tempting, I knew he was bi-sexual and it was obvious he was trying to seduce me so I had nothing to lose. After going into his bedroom I closed the door behind me and climbed onto his bed. Doug let go of his big hard cock as I knelt between his well toned legs that were covered with brown hairs. Knelt between his muscular hairy legs I began to caress them enjoying the tickle of the hairs on the palms of my hands and the hardness of the muscles underneath. As I did so my eyes scanned his fiot body. His stunningly sexy face had a mischievous grin on it and his dreamy deep brown eyes burned with lust and sexual hunger as he looked down at a cute blond haired, blue eyed 15 year old boy about to suck him off. My eyes then took in the sight of his well toned muscular arms, sculpted chest and washboard all dusted with brown hairs. My eyes finally settled on his big hard cock. It was pretty thick and lightly veined. The shaft was pale but with a hint of colour and his foreskin just covered the ridge of his bulbous pinky purple knob. He had nice sized balls in a tight lightly pubed sack. With my left hand I lifted his big hard cock to the vertical and started wanking it. As I did so I savoured its heat, throbbing pulse, meaty girth and impressive length in my small smooth hand. My eyes flicked between watching my deeply tanned hand wanking his big hard cock with his foreskin peeling back and forth over his bulbous knob, up his fuzzy gym buff body to his gorgeous face. After giving him a cheeky grin I peeled back his foreskin and started swarming my tongue all over his bulbous knob. As I spit polished his bell end I gave him my best sultry look with my blue eyes. Doug’s face started off with a mischievous grin but it morphed into one of sexual pleasure and he started to purr contentedly. For a minute or so I swarmed my tongue all over his bulbous knob coaxing out lots of watery tasty pre-cum. The whole time our gazes were locked exchanging the lust we had for each other even though we had only just met. His big hard cock was throbbing in my hand and it felt so warm. Then I kissed the tip of his knob and pushed my mouth down. My lush red lips slid down his bulbous knob and over its prominent ridge to tightly snap shut around the thick shaft of his cock. Doug moaned with pleasure and a blissful expression spread across his sexy face as the hot wetness of my mouth soaked into his sensitive knob. Still holding his gaze I started to strongly suck and lick his bulbous knob making him moan with pleasure and leak lots of tasty pre-cum. As I did so I felt his long thick cock wildly throbbing in my hand from the stimulation its tip was receiving. “Fuck I can’t believe I’ve got a 15 year old boy sucking my cock.” Doug moaned the pleasure in his voice obvious. “Am I the youngest you’ve had?” I asked taking a brief break from sucking his knob. “The youngest boy as I didn’t start playing with them until I was 16. Been fucking girls since I was 14 though but most are over 16 now. I did bang a 15 year old girl a couple of months ago. She struggled with my cock though so it didn’t go anywhere.” He said in alternating pitch as I had resumed sucking his swollen sensitive knob. “I can handle it.” I said after stopping sucking his knob. To prove it I deep throated his big thick cock. My tightly clamped lush red lips slid down his hot hard thick throbbing cock shaft as my tongue flicked the underside. My hot wet mouth descended down until I had swallowed about 7 of his thick 9.5 inch cock. His bulbous knob plugged my throat and as his cock was so steely hard it wouldn’t bend to go further down my gullet. My lush lips ground around his thick throbbing cock shaft as I flicked the underside with my tongue. My throat muscles started flexing and squeezing his big bulbous knob. “Fucking hell.” Doug cried out in surprise and sexual pleasure. After briefly holding my mouth on his big hard cock I started to deep throat him. I was determined to show this hot sexy 21 year old lad that even though I was only 15 years old I was already a very accomplished cock sucker. My hot wet, strongly sucking mouth rapidly bobbed up and down his hot hard throbbing cock. My lush red lips wanked his thick cock shaft as good as any hand job as my tongue stimulated the underside. Whenever his bulbous knob plugged my throat I squeezed the muscles back there on it. His sweaty horny aroused aroma was strong and drove me wild with lust. As I sucked his cock my hands were busy caressing his fit furry thighs, fondling his big tight balls or stroking his fuzzy washboard abs. Doug looked down to watch a blond haired, blue eyed 15 year old schoolboy sucking his cock and I tried to keep our gazes locked as much as possible. He was so fucking fit and sexy I really wanted to impress him. From the way Doug was moaning with pleasure and the way his cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum it was obvious he was enjoying the blow job I was giving him. It wasn’t just him who was enjoying it. For me there was the sight of his sexy face and gym fit body with its light smattering of fuzz. His sweaty horny aroused aroma acted like an aphrodisiac and I loved feeling his hot hard cock throbbing in my mouth as I rapidly bobbed it up and down. Cupid was really out doing himself today as I couldn’t believe my luck at scoring two such sexy young men on the same day. For a blissful age I deep throated Doug’s big sexy cock. Doug’s moans of pleasure intensified and I felt the sexual tension building in his buff body. This spurred me on to suck his cock faster and harder. My hot wet sucking mouth and wildly flicking tongue went into overdrive. Doug started squirming about as the pressure of orgasm built in him and his breathing became more laboured. “I’m getting close.” Doug moaned a couple of minutes later. “Cum in my mouth.” I muffled around his cock as I pulled my mouth up until just his swollen sensitive knob was inside. My left hand tightly gripped the thick base of his big cock and started to wank it. At the same time I strongly sucked his bulbous knob as I flicked the sensitive underside where his foreskin joined with my tongue. As I did so I looked up into his incredibly sexy face and saw the battle against impending orgasm. Then his buff body locked solid and his face scrunched up. My hand felt the thick base of his cock swell a nanosecond before I felt his bulbous knob bulge. A long jet of really thick, deliciously salty cum exploded out of his cock head and coated my tongue making my taste buds tingle with pleasure. “Fuck!” Doug loudly cried out in intense sexual ecstasy and release as he began powerfully spunking up in my mouth. Doug cried out “fuck” with each of the remaining 9 jets of cum that he squirted into my willing young mouth. Doug was a big spunker and soon my cheeks were puffed out with my mouth full of his thick tasty cum. As he orgasmed his gym fit body shuddered and shook until finally resting still except for his heaving chest and throbbing cock that carried on trying to pump cum that was no longer there. When Doug’s intense and copious orgasm ended I pulled my mouth off his big izmit sınırsız escort spent cock. Looking into his orgasm flushed face I made a show of swilling his delicious cum around my mouth where I savoured its thick creamy texture and salty taste. When it became too watered down with my saliva I swallowed it. “Fuck you suck cock just as good as Sean and he’s 24.” Doug breathlessly panted the orgasmic bliss obvious in his voice. “Who’s Sean?” I asked as I climbed up the bed to lie on my right hand side next to him. “We’re all bi except for Sean who is gay. He’s the house bitch.” Doug said as I started lovingly caressing his lightly furred chest with my left hand. “Do you all fuck him?” “Yeah he’s a right cock loving fag.” Doug replied but not in an offensive way. “So am I.” I said giving him an angelic look. “From the way you just sucked my cock I believe you.” Doug replied after a chuckle. For several minutes I lay to the left hand side of Doug caressing his fuzzy chest as he savoured his orgasmic high and recovered from the intensity of it. “Time to return the favour.” Doug said once he’d recovered from his orgasm. “You don’t have to.” Was my reply in case he was one of those bi guys who didn’t mind fucking a guy or being sucked off by one but were reluctant to return the favour. “I prefer munching muff but I don’t mind sucking cock from time to time.” Doug said as he climbed between my tanned sports toned legs that were dusted with blond hairs. “It looks like I’m not the only one who is the envy of the changing room.” Doug said impressed with the size my boyhood as he eyed it up. My deeply tanned aerosol can thick 7.5 inch cock was throbbing with eager anticipation on my flat firm stomach. Doug gripped my big fat cock in his right hand and lifted it to the vertical and started wanking it. His hand tightly gripped my throbbing cock and started sliding up and down making the muscles in his arms flex. My eyes feasted themselves on his really sexy face with its expression of impressed admiration and the way the muscles in his buff arms flexed. My gaze also took in the sight of my tanned foreskin peeling back and forth over my bulbous knob and the colour contrast of his lightly tanned hand on my deeply tanned cock. His warm, big soft long fingered hand felt so good tightly wrapped around my throbbing boyhood as he wanked it. Doug wanked and admired my big cock for a minute or so before he peeled my foreskin all the way back to expose my prominent ridged bulbous knob. He then leaned forward and extended his tongue which he started swirling all over my swollen sensitive causing me to start purring with pleasure. I couldn’t believe such a dam sexy young man six years my senior was spit polishing my knob. Waves of pleasure coursed down my cock like electricity as he tongue danced all over the tip. Doug then kiss my knob before pushing his mouth onto it. I watched his lush pinky red lips part and slid down the increasing flare of my bulbous bell end. I couldn’t help but gasp with pleasure when his lips slipped over the ridge of my knob to tightly snap shut around my thick throbbing cock shaft. The hot wetness of his mouth soaked into my cock head and its pleasure was intensified when Doug started strongly sucking as he swiped his tongue all over. “Mmm that feels so good.” I moaned encouragement as I looked down to watch such a sexy young man suck my schoolboy cock. Doug replied by giving me a cock sucker’s smile and his dreamy brown eyes twinkled with lust. After sucking and licking my knob for a bit Doug started bobbing his hot wet sucking mouth up and down my cock. Due to the jaw stretching meaty girth of my cock he could only work the top couple of inches. Also it was obvious he was more straight than bi as although he was putting a lot of enthusiasm into the blow job he was giving me it wasn’t that skilful. As I would find out Doug was mainly into girls but loved fucking arse as it was tighter than pussy. But not many girls were into anal so he fucked guys and he knew from experience gay guys sucked cock better than girls. Although it wasn’t the best blow job he still made my cock buzz with pleasure. Besides what he lacked in skill was more than made up for by his stunning good looks, well buff body and the fact he was a 21 year old guy sucking my 15 year old cock. “Oh wow you are so fucking sexy I can’t believe you are sucking my cock.” I moaned as I looked down into his dreamy brown eyes as he bobbed his very sexy face up and down the top couple of inches of my deeply tanned cock. It usually takes me ages to cum but I was so horny from being fucked by Mike and then from sucking off Doug that within 10 minutes I was ready to blow. On top of that there was the pleasure coursing down my cock as Doug sucked it and the sight of his sexy face and well fit body. My breathing became more laboured and my body started stiffening as the knot in my stomach intensified and my balls tightened. “I’m getting close.” I warned. Doug pulled his mouth off my cock and moved his head back. He started wanking my cock faster and harder as he blew his warmth breath on my knob. “Faster, tighter.” I begged as I felt the sexual tension rising in my lithe teen body. A few more strokes later and I was ready to let go. “Cumming.” I warned as I felt my big balls tighten. My big thick cock swelled in Doug’s rapidly wanking right hand as the first bolt of cum raced down my cock. “Fuck!” I cried in intense sexual ecstasy and release as the first jet of cum exploded out of my cock like a V2 rocket arched through the air and scored a direct hit in my open mouth. The slug of thick tasty teen cum slid down my tongue making my taste buds tingle. As I savoured it a second jet hit my chin. My Tom Daley-esque body violently shook and shuddered from the intensity of my orgasm and I felt my sloppy arse spasming uncontrollably. With decreasing range 7 more jets hit my tanned upper body with the final three dribbling down my cock. “Fuck boy do you cum. It’s a good job I don’t like the taste otherwise you’d have drowned me with that load.” Doug said in an impressed voice as the speed of his hand job started to decrease. I was too lost in an orgasmic high to do anything but savour it, my body still spasming. Even though I was still lost in an orgasmic fog and my cock and balls had been slatted the cock hunger in my arse burned like a furnace and there was only one cure. “Rub your big cock in my cum and then fuck me up the arse.” I lustfully begged, the slutty words sounding strange in my squeaky schoolboy voice. An eager grin spread across Doug’s stunningly sexy face. “It seems Sean’s got competition about being the house bitch.” Doug said as he knelt up. “If the rest of the house are half as sexy as you and Mike you can all gang bang me until my arse falls off.” I honestly said which made Doug chuckle. Doug smeared his big cock in the puddles of cum on my stomach. My arse was greased up from sex with Mike so my cum on Doug’s cock was lube enough. He got into the push up position above me supporting his weight with his left hand as he used his right hand to guide his big cock to my hungry young arse. The sight of him above me was so fucking hot. There was the sight of his incredibly sexy face that was in the transition between twink cuteness and young man sexiness made to look slightly rugged due to his light facial stubble. On top of that there was the sight of his very sexy, well proportioned gym buff body. He was so fit just the sight of his body was enough to make you cum. His shapely shoulders, defined deltoids, big biceps and toned triceps all bulged as they supported his muscled might. My hands couldn’t resist reaching up and start groping his tensed toned, lightly downed chest as my eyes feasted themselves on his sexy face and fit body. “Fuck me hard with your big cock.” I lustfully begged eager to be raped by this dam sexy well hung 21 years old guy. We both loudly gasped with pleasure when Doug brutally rammed his big thick cock ball deep into my sloppy young izmit anal yapan escort arse. I felt his prominent ridged knob punch open my sex swollen sphincter making it tingle with breached pleasure. His bulbous knob then forced open the receptive walls of my arse as his long thick hot hard cock shaft stretched and stimulated my sphincter as he sank his 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my hungry arse. My cock twitched and dribbled pre-cum when his swollen knob boxed my prostate. Mike’s cum bubbled around Doug’s cock head as he bottomed out in my arse. “Nice big cock.” I contentedly purred as I savoured having his big thick hot hard 9.5 inch cock buried ball deep in my arse. “Nice hot tight arse.” Doug groaned as the hot wet sloppy tightness of my schoolboy cunt soaked into his big cock. An expression of pure pleasure spread across his stunningly sexy face when I tightly squeezed my arse muscles on his cock. Doug briefly held his big cock ball deep in my arse where he savoured its hot wet cum splattered tight confines as I savoured the well stuffed feeling of his hot hard cock throbbing inside me. He then launched into a rough hard fuck that really set my arse on fire with pleasure. When Doug pulled his big cock backward the prominent ridge of his knob scrapped down the cum splattered walls of my throbbing arse before punching them open on the inward thrust. As he pile drove his big hot hard cock in and out of my arse he really bubbled up Mike’s cum already up there. His nice and thick 9.5 inch cock shaft stretched and stimulated my sphincter as it sawed in and out. My pert buttocks began to tingle from the repeated slaps of his groin against them. On top of the intense hard fucked pleasure radiating out from my arse there was the highly erotic sight of his stunningly sexy face with its expression of pure sexual pleasure from fucking the arse of a 15 year old schoolboy. My eyes also gorged themselves on his well fit buff body as my hands groped his tensed toned downy haired chest or stoked his big bulging biceps. We were both loudly moaning and groaning with sexual pleasure not caring if Mike heard which was highly unlikely considering how out of it he was. Doug was fucking me so vigorously his bed was squeaking like mad with the headboard banging against the wall. I felt the happiest and luckiest boy on the planet at being fucked by two such sexy well buff young men. It was the stuff of wet dreams but I was living it in reality. It was just before the internet but if it was around Doug and Mike certainly could have been models on it. They were both so perfect in every way. Stunning flawless faces, big gym buff perfectly proportioned bodies and hot hard cocks. There were also passionate rough hard fuckers that made my slutty young arse burn with hard fucked pleasure. Doug fucked me long and hard sending me to sexual cloud 9. My sex swollen sphincter burned with pleasurable friction and the walls of my arse throbbed with hard fucked pleasure. Even though I’d already cum the pounding my prostate was taking had brewed up another load. The intensely pleasurable feelings radiating out of my hard fucked boy cunt couple with the pounding my prostate was taking on top of the highly erotic sight of such a dam sexy gym buff 21 year old guy above me became too much. “Fuck me harder you’re going to make me cum.” I moaned as I felt my stomach start to knot up, my balls tighten and the pre-orgasm warning tingle hit my big hard throbbing cock. “You dirty bitch.” Doug moaned as he increased the vigour and power of the fuck he was giving me. He used all his muscled might to really pound his big thick 9.5 inch cock in and out of my throbbing young arse. The prominent ridge of his bulbous knob was really stimulating the walls of my arse as it thrust in and out. His long thick hot hard throbbing cock shaft was making my sphincter tingle with pleasure. Doug was so sexy and such a good fucker he was definitely going on my regular fuck buddy list. “Yes yes yes.” I cried out as the pressure in my balls reached boiling point. Then his prominent ridged bulbous knob punched my prostate which was the final straw. My big hard cock started throbbing and twitching as it began powerfully spewing schoolboy spunk all over the place. My cum splattered mine and Doug’s stomachs as I loudly cried out in intense sexual ecstasy and release. Doug moaned with pleasure as he felt my arse spasm around his pounding cock as my orgasm hit. Intense waves of sexual ecstasy coursed through my sports toned body that shook and shuddered as my balls emptied themselves all over the both of us. As usual I had an intense and copious orgasm spraying 10 big long ropes of creamy boy cum all over us. My orgasm was so intense it felt like I was about to pass out. Even when I cum from using my own hand it is intense but Doug was so stunningly sexy, gym buff and such a hot fucker he made my orgasm even more enjoyable. As my orgasm hit my hands clapped onto his tensed muscular chest for dear life. My arse wildly throbbed with hard fucked pleasure as it spasmed uncontrollably around Doug’s big brutally pounding cock. On the tail end of my orgasm Doug’s orgasm hit. As my cock weakly dribbled the last of my load I felt Doug slam his thick hot hard 9.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse where I felt it swell, throb and pulse. His gorgeous face scrunched up in sexual ecstasy and release as he started orgasming in my tight young arse. He fucked me with short deep hard thrusts as his throbbing cock started hosing my insides with warm cum. I felt each of the 8 big long powerful jets of cum squirt deep into me to mingle with the load Mike had already fired up there. Doug loudly cried out in sexual ecstasy as he spunked up in a schoolboy’s arse. Even though I was lost in an orgasmic daze my slutty young arse flexed and squeezed around Doug’s spunking cock out of instinct to fuel and prolong his orgasm and milk him dry. When Doug’s orgasm ended he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty heap. As I savoured my orgasmic high I relished feeling his gym buff, sweaty body pressed against mine. Doug’s face was nuzzled into the left side of my neck, his facial stubble tickling my smooth skin as he purred with pleasure as I flexed and squeezed my arse on his big spent cock. “Thanks that was a hot fuck. I hope it won’t be the last.” I contentedly said as I savoured the hard fucked pleasure radiating out from my throbbing arse. “I’m game if you are.” Doug said after lifting up his stunningly sexy, orgasm flushed face so I could admire it. “Are your other housemates as hot as you and Mike?” I asked as I continued to grope his muscular fuzzy chest and flex and squeeze my arse on his cock. “Hard to say as I’m more into women and if I’m with guys I only top.” Doug replied looking down at me. “I’m sure they’d all be up for fucking you though. It not often we find a boy as young and slutty as you.” He added. “Thanks for the compliment.” I honestly said as I took his slut comment and a compliment. When Doug recovered from his orgasm he pulled his still hard cock from my throbbing cum splattered arse. I felt my arse sucking and closing after his big retreating cock. A shiver of pleasure ran through me and my sphincter tingled when his prominent ridged bulbous knob popped outside. Doug rolled over onto his back to my right so I rolled onto my right hand side and admired his very sexy muscular body. I could have quite easily slept with him all night but I thought it best to go back to Mike’s bed. “I’d better go back to Mike. Maybe we could have a threesome tomorrow?” I hopefully asked. “Boy you are such a slut, if only I could meet a girl like you.” “Sorry.” I said feeling as if I’d disappointed him by being a boy. “No don’t get me wrong I loved fucking you and I’m up for ploughing your arse tomorrow.” Doug replied with an eager grin on his stunningly sexy face. With that I gave his fit fuzzy chest one last loving stroke before returning to Mike’s bed. I admired his truly sexy face and pale muscular exposed upper body before snuggling up against him and fell into a deep contented sleep. I hope this one got you off and you’re sat there splattered in cum. The second part will follow shortly. If you did please let me know at as although I enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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