Running Away to Uncle Steve’s Place


This is a story that is based on the true life and events of one of my very sweet readers, who turned into a very good friend of mine. She contacted me through the site, and I figured I could write and dedicate this story to her. I hope you like it baby! This is dedicated to ELM. Enjoy!

“Uncle Steve, I need to come to your house. I can’t stand mom and dad, and they won’t give me my own space and they aren’t treating me like an adult. I know I’m only eighteen, but I should at least get my own room, and my own space. I mean, I had to buy my own car for crying out loud, and if my friend’s mom wouldn’t have been so generous on the price, I’d still be walking to and from work.” I said with tears streaming from my eyes.

“Calm down Anna. I will talk to Aunt Abby and see if she is willing to let you move in. You know that you’re going to have to get a job when you get here, and pitch in around the house.”

“Yes Unc… you know I’m good for at least that much.” I said still clearing up my sobs.

“Ok. I’ll talk to your Aunt, and I’ll get back to you in the next couple of days. I promise.”

And that’s where we left the whole thing. That is until I ran away from home…


Here’s the deal.

I’m Brianna.

I’m an eighteen year old who just graduated from high school with honors, but that’s not the normal for someone who’s been shuffled through “the system” all of my life. In and out of foster care, abused mentally (but never physically, Thank God) by people who are people who shouldn’t have ever become foster parents. And then I was finally adopted by a beautiful family, but my Adopted Mom and I started to go our different ways on my eighteenth birthday. She and I fought/fight daily because of the fact that she still thinks I’m not responsible enough to do the things of adulthood.

I don’t rather care, so I decided to go and live with my dad’s younger brother. Steve, as I called him all through my latter years of childhood (13-18) was my uncle. He was only 24, and because of our closeness in age, we spent a lot of time together as I was approaching my graduation day; or shall I say his wedding day to my now new Aunt Abigail. She had a very good job with a hotel chain, and they moved her to become the head of her department at another hotel, so Steve and Abby moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and I was still stuck in my hometown of Denver, Colorado… that is until I ran away. (Well sort of)

“Daddy, I have to go! I can’t stay here any longer.”

“What do you mean Anna? I don’t think things are going all that bad for you at the moment. You have a decent job, vehicle, and things are looking up for you, what are we not doing as parents to keep you here instead of you moving to your Uncle’s house?” Dad argued a little.

“It’s not that you aren’t doing anything or you are doing anything wrong, but you know that I am trying, and I am a good driver, and I’m working, and I do everything you all ask of me, but still I get slack from mom. I don’t have a boyfriend, I have never had sex, I don’t do drugs, never drank, but she STILL GIVES ME SHIT!”

“Don’t swear at me Brianna. You’re grown, but not grown enough to swear in a house that you’ve lived in for the last 5 years, that you know the rules of. You know that it’s been different for your mother and me. We started foster care with you when you were thirteen. And we never had any children before you. Its different raising a thirteen year old from the beginning than it is having a child from birth. So, she still equates that fact that you’re too young, even though you’re of age to do almost anything you want to do if you’re determined enough.” Dad tried to justify.

I do have to give Dad his street credit, because he tried his hardest to keep me there. He knew that I was pretty serious about my decision, and also that I was trying hard to get my life together, and that I was totally right about Mom. He also knew that I was probably going to go through with the move, but I did have enough respect to at least ask for his blessing, even if it was reluctant.

“Listen Dad, I will say this; if it doesn’t work out, I promise to move back as soon as possible. I won’t stay away for too long, and I make the promise that I won’t do anything to physically harm myself, or get into too much trouble. You have my word. I’m still going to have fun, but I won’t engage in any illicit drug usage, or anything of the sort.” I said walking over to him and sitting in his lap. “…Even though I know that you and mom have smoked weed.” I said under my breath.

“You don’t have to make any promises, other than the one that you won’t get into any trouble. If you want to try things, you can do what you think you’re old enough to do… my threats won’t stop things even if you’re here, but know that there are side effects and consequences for every move you make! …Including drinking, and smoking marijuana. You can still go to jail behind alcohol, and you can behind any drugs. Just be a kid while you still bursa escort can be, excuse me, a young adult, and live your life. You already know your mom isn’t going to like this, and isn’t going to give you her blessing, but here’s mine. Go ahead and pack and don’t leave this house until I say so. I’ll go get the car looked at in the morning, so I’m at ease with you making a trip solo, and we’ll finish the details properly when you get ready to leave for Uncle Steve’s. Are we clear Brianna Lynette?”

“Yes sir.”

“And for future reference, what your mother and I do is none of your damn business. Is that clear?”

Now you would think I would be a little upset to leave friends and family here in the town that I was in, but I actually wasn’t the most popular girl in high school, so I had my close circle, and the co-workers that I have, but over all, I can make friends anywhere I go, I am rather shy, but I’m friendly.

I just have to get from under my mom’s thumb. She’s been a wonderful mother and would do anything for me, as I’m an only child, but I can’t stand all of the rules. You’d think an only child would be able to do almost anything they wanted because there are no other siblings to compete with, but she can be a tyrant at times. And with the fact that she and dad raised Uncle Steve, (Dad’s parents died young) she was even that way towards Steve at times because we were raised as siblings almost. He got more privileges because he is my uncle, and Mom really didn’t scream at him, Dad did all of the correcting if there was any.

~But Anyways…~

For the next couple of days, I did everything I was used to doing. I went to work, (gave my boss my notice, and quit the right way, just incase I need to come back) did laundry around the house, and all of my regular chores, and acted like nothing was happening. All the while, I was packing up all of the clothes and just my essential things that I absolutely needed, and getting ready to leave for Abby and Steve’s.

Two and a half weeks after I had the initial conversation with dad, I was packing my Chevy Malibu getting ready to make this trip by myself. Mom was at Bingo with her friends, and Dad saw me off. “Don’t worry about mom, text message me through your trip when you stop for gas, and call me whenever you touch down. Text mom tomorrow morning while she’s getting ready for work, and tell her you made it safely, and when she goes off, I’ll tell her I knew you went. She’s going to blow her top all over the place, but I’ll handle her. Good Luck Angel,” Daddy said kissing my forehead.

“Is that a tear I see Gabe?” I asked my daddy.

“I’ve never been Gabe to you, don’t start… and yes it is. My baby’s leaving home for the first time.”

“Quit daddy, you’re going to make me cry.” I kissed both of his cheeks, and hugged him for dear life, and blew him a kiss when I got in my car, a few tears escaping my own eyes.

As I drove down the driveway, I shed a few tears as I waved. Mom’s a little strict, Dad has his moments, but for an adopted child, they were the best parents that I could have ever asked for.


The drive from Denver to Cheyenne was long, but I couldn’t have had better weather and conditions, so it didn’t seem as bad. And with all of the CD’s and my Ipod Touch, I found myself singing the entire way.

I did as Daddy asked and text messaged when I stopped for gas, and when I touched down at Steve and Abby’s. I was greeted in the drive way by my favorite person in the world. I parked my car, and ran to him, jumping in his arms, and hugging him.

“Hey Unc,” I screamed as I ran and jumped in his arms.

“Hey Brea!”

“Hey Aunt Abby,” I said as she came out of the sliding glass door onto the patio.

“Brianna. How are you?”

“Better now that I’m here and not at home.”

“Have you called my brother like he asked you?” Steve asked.

“Yes Steve,” I mocked back.

“Ok, just making sure,” he said putting my back on my feet.

We went to my car, grabbed my things and went inside for dinner that Aunt Abby had prepared for us. I took up residence in the spare bedroom after dinner and called it a night almost immediately. I was tired as hell.

I found work almost immediately, and I met two friends in Community College that Uncle Steve set up for me, and started hanging out with them. Angela and Shannon were hilarious, and became good friends. If I wasn’t at their house, they were driving Steve and Abby up a wall with me. We had cook outs all of the time with my uncle and aunt, played cards, or hung in the pool, (I told you Abby got a good job, – it was even heated for winter usage.) or we went out. More often than not, they were at my Uncle’s place with me.

So one day at one of Uncle Steve’s famous Cook Out’s, Uncle had made these ribs that he had to add bourbon to the barbecue sauce after he made the sauce. So essentially the bourbon didn’t dilute in cooking, it was just warm. They also had made an Electric Watermelon. bursa escort bayan (Vodka and Watermelon Pucker screwed into to the watermelon, and then sat for a night to cure.) It was an instant party in the making. Steve and Abigail invited a couple friends from their jobs, and I invited the girls.

The cook out was amazing, and we all had a blast. I pushed Shannon in the pool early on in the party, before we were ready to get into the pool. The music was great, the food was good, and the company was great. Why didn’t I think to move here sooner?

A couple hours into the party, Steve’s Sauce was getting to everyone, and the conversation started to get livelier. I turned up the radio, took off my shirt and shorts to reveal a bikini, and jumped into the pool. Angela and Steve’s coworker Larry immediately followed suit, because they weren’t involved in the six person conversation that was going on around the patio.

We were splashing, and playing a very ghetto version of Marco Polo, since there were only three of us, when Uncle walked over with four cans of Miller Lite™. I looked at him like his head fell off of his shoulder, as Angela and Larry grabbed the cans from his hand willingly, accompanied by a couple ‘Thank You’s.’

“Steve, you know I don’t drink.” I said.

“Not because you don’t like the flavor or the feeling, but more that you don’t know what it tastes like.”

“Yeah, but that’s beside the point.” I argued. “Try it Anne, and if you don’t like it, I’m sure Angela or Larry won’t be upset in taking it off of your hands.”

I grabbed the cracked can, and brought it to my lips. The taste wasn’t something I was used to, but I kind of tasted the alcohol like I did when eating Steve’s BBQ sauce.
“It’s not bad, but…”

“But what,” Larry almost barked, “You’re a girl, girls don’t drink beer for the taste mostly. They drink it for the quick drunk.”

“Now you’re being sexist,” Angela quipped. “That’s not true Anna. I like the taste of beer, and I have something that I know you’ll like in Shannon and My cooler. I’ll give it to you when we get out of the pool.”

“Ok,” I said. We drank the beer, and about twenty minutes, decided to go back and join the conversation.

When we got back to the patio, Steve was no where to be seen. “Where’d Steve go?” Larry asked.

Everyone burst out laughing almost simultaneously. “He was wearing Bourbon Barbecue sauce as he sat down and took the table cloth with him, and the sauce pot of BBQ that he brought outside.” One of his coworkers answered.

“So he went upstairs to get a shower. He should be out now, and headed back down shortly.” Shannon said, “He’s been up there for a while.”

Angela gave me the malt beverage like she had promised. “Here, try this.” She said cracking the cap off and handing me a glass bottle. “It’s called ‘Blast,’ it’s made by Colt 45 and Snoop Dogg endorses it. It’s strong on the alcohol flavor but the drink itself is pretty fruity.” She said.

And I’ll be damned if she wasn’t right. AND it was strong as hell!

Three drinks later, I was buzzed quite decently. The conversation had turned sexual a couple of minutes prior when the alcohol started doing its job on everyone. Angela and Shannon were talking to Uncle Steve’s work friends about different positions, different partners, chalk marks on their “perspective chalkboards” and so on and so forth. I was kind of quiet, as I was still a virgin. I hadn’t had sex, nor was I overly interested, except for the times around my periods. I would get wet, and have dreams about strong men coming to take me; scenes from some of the romance novels that I would sometimes read, but over all, I didn’t have much to interject to the conversation, so I just sat there drinking my alcohol quietly. I enjoyed a laugh now and then, and interjected when and where I could, but for the most part, I was just sitting there getting wet listening to the experienced sex addicts talk about all of their escapades.

When I had decided I had enough of the conversation… “Where is Steve?” I questioned again.

“Good Question,” Aunt Abby agreed. “I’ll go look for him.”

“No Auntie, I got it, I gotta pee from all of this alcohol.” I said getting up from the lawn chair I was seated in.

As I got up, the world came back to me almost immediately. Shannon noticed, and chuckled. “Easy light weight, you don’t want your face to meet the ground.”

I flicked her off, and proceeded on wobbly legs to the house and up the back stairs to the second floor restroom.

The main bathroom was dormant, but I was worried about my Uncle, so I decided to check out the bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom.

I walked into my uncle’s bedroom and around the bed to the bathroom door. I didn’t hear the shower running, or any noise for that matter, so I decided to poke my head into the door to see what I could see. My eyes couldn’t believe the site that they caught.

Now try to picture escort bursa this… In the master bath, there was a Glass incased shower in the corner of the room, followed by a toilet, and a sink that was all on one side of the room. The bathroom itself extended to the full length of the bedroom, so there was another side of the room, and on that side, was a huge Jacuzzi bath tub with jets with a bench beside it, and a huge walk in linen closet with fluffy white towels. BUT AWAY FROM ALL OF THAT, My eyes saw something they were never meant to see!

Just as naked as the day as he was born, Uncle Steve was stepping out of the bath tub with soap bubbles sliding down his legs, off of his torso, and water dripping from every area of his body.

My virgin pussy started lubricating itself again, (it didn’t have to do much after the conversation outside, my panties were already soaked) as I looked at the small thick flaccid member that hung from between my uncle’s legs.

Immediately, our eyes met, and Steve’s mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out. Then as if some one was caressing it, his cock started growing into a full on hard pole.

Uncle looked down to the part of his body that had taken on life of it’s own, and back up to my bikini clad body, and up to my full lips, and lastly up to my sparkling eyes. I know they were as big as saucers, and sparkling and innocent looking, as I was totally in awe of the scene unfolding between us.

As if my feet completely left the ground and I was levitating towards a magnet, I started moving stealthily towards my uncle. By this time, his cock had grown to a full hard 5 inches. It was as thick as a piece of kielbasa and it was throbbing slightly up and down.

I walked right up to him, our eyes never leaving each other’s and in my slightly intoxicated state, I reached out to touch his torso, and suddenly the trance was broken. “No Anna, ……….we can’t!” he stuttered with a dry mouth.

“It’s my first,” I said looking at him with my saddest and most innocent eyes. I knew it was wrong to touch my uncle, but at that moment, euphoria had taken over, and the alcohol I had consumed, was blurring all sane judgment.

Steve grabbed my face with both of his hands and squared our eyes as he stepped out of the tub. I looked down against his hands, at his member that was poking me between my legs, against the fabric of my bathing suit; in which he promptly brought my eyes back to meet his. “Brianna, we can’t.”

“Steve, I just want you to show me. You know I’m innocent. I don’t mean anything by it, I just want you to show me!”

“You can see my body wants you! But you know it’s wrong. You’re my niece. No matter how close in age that we are, I’m still your father’s brother. You understand right? No hard feelings?” he asked.

He kissed my forehead as I bowed my head in shame. I felt like someone’s dog, being scolded for chewing on my master’s slippers. He kissed my forehead, and I turned to go; tucking my proverbial tail betwixt my legs, and walking out of the master bathroom.


I walked into the second floor bath, did my business, and upon walking out, I was met dead on by my uncle; almost like he was waiting on me. He was dressed in a pair of trunks, and had a towel draped over his shoulder. I looked at him, and then my eyes diverted his, looking at the picture of lilies hanging on the wall behind him.

“Anna, Look at me.”

“What Uncle Steven?” I kind of snapped, “Are you going to scold me again?”

“Really? You’re mad at me? Really? …No, I didn’t come to scold you again. I came to apologize to you, and let you know that I’m sorry. We’ve been best friends for as long as we’ve known each other. You’re my friend first and my niece second. I Love you with all of my heart, but I’m in love with Abby. Further more, I was coming to let you know that I will make this up to you, no matter what! I promise!”


“I don’t know how, but I know that you didn’t mean any harm, and you’re just inquisitive… I’ll find some way to get you taken care of, even if it’s the last thing I do. And in the mean time, I’ll let Abigail know that you are in need of some female attention, that I can’t give you.”

I was still a little upset, but I smiled at him, just to appease him, and he kissed me just to the side of my lips. “Come on, the party is waiting.”


I didn’t stay outside long, and the little bit of a buzz that I did have was long gone by that time due to the events that had just transpired. I went outside, and immediately Angela knew something was wrong. My phone was laying next to me on the ground of the patio and it lit up with a text message from her.

From Angela: What’s wrong girl?

Me: Nothing.

Angela: Do you need to talk?

Me: Nah, I think I’ll be ok.

Angela: Are you sure? We can go inside the house.

Me: I’m good. I think I’m going to my room though. I’m still feeling kind of buzzed up.

What? A girl can lie sometimes…

Angela: Aww, I forgot you didn’t drink. I didn’t think about that. Want me to help you to your room?

Me: No, but I’m sorry I have to go. Tell Shan why I’m going inside, and I’ll get with you two in class.

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