Running out of Tea


I double-checked that everything was ready… the clothespins were on the bed, next to my favorite vibrator. The bottle of lube was close by, just in case, with the phone and his phone number next to it. Yup… it looked complete… almost.

Now for the new addition… I carefully reached for the empty mug on the nightstand next to me, and reclined on the bed, ready to begin. Tucking the phone next to my ear, I picked up the mug and took a sip… of nothing. I swirled the nothing around my mouth and savored the flavor, before swallowing. As I imagined the warmth moving down my throat, I set the mug back down, and let my mind imagine the phone ringing in my ear.

I touched myself gently… running my hands over my stomach and around my nipples. In the silence from the telephone, I could almost hear his voice urgently order, “Pinch them.” So I did, rolling the nipples between my fingers before grasping them tightly and giving a firm tug. I heard my breath jump when I pinched, and forced myself to pull harder, knowing that is what he would have escort bayan said next. I couldn’t let myself off any easier than he would have.

So I continued to pinch, pulling the nipples until I gasped with the pain, knowing he would have wanted to hear me gasp. I reached down to feel the warm wetness forming, then clipped clothespins onto the nipples to replace the fingers. The first one was too easy… I didn’t even make a sound as it pinched. So for the second, I pulled the nipple out, away from my body, and clipped the clothespin behind the nipple. I squealed as I watched a small pink circle appear on the white skin of my breast. In a few seconds, the sharp pain settled down to a burning ache, and I reached down again. My pussy throbbed, wanting attention, and I imagined his voice in my ear. “Fuck it,” the voice instructed. “Fast. Get two fingers in and fuck it. NOW.”

I heard my moan of relief as I shoved both fingers in hard, feeling my body pushing against the invasion even as it begged for it. “Don’t you dare come,” escort I could hear him say, as I continued to fuck myself with the two fingers. My breathing quickened as I got closer, and I slapped my palm frantically against my pussy as I fucked myself. “Stop!” my mind yelled, and I jerked my hand away, my body shuddering at having gotten so close before being deprived of the attention.

“Get your vibe in. Now!” I could almost hear him order. I reached for it, and shoved it all in with one stroke, then waited for the next instruction. “Fuck it in fast, then pull it out slowly. Keep going till you cum. And when you come, I want you to pull the clothespins off.” I slowly pulled the vibe out, until just the tip was still inside me, then slammed it back in again. My cunt fought the intrusion, even as my body responded to it. “What are you,” I imagined him asking?

As I continued to fuck myself, I could hear myself answering the imaginary voice. “I’m your bitch. I’m your bitch. I’m your bitch. I’m your bitch.” I fucked myself bayan escort harder, slamming the vibe into me, as I struggled to continue to say the words aloud. I could hear his voice in my mind, calling me his bitch; his good little slut; his whore; his cunt. No one else could ever have called me that… I never would have accepted it. But as I heard it from him, I could only long for it to continue.

I could imagine his voice wavering as he moaned, “Fuck, I’m coming!” And as always, as I heard his gasps, my body responded immediately. I cried out in relief… and almost in pain… as I fucked myself harder, not wanting the intense pleasure to end. As my body shook, I pulled off the clothespins and screamed aloud, throwing them aside, so I could get back to fucking myself for him. I could almost hear the gasps of his ‘aftershocks’ while my entire body continued to shudder with my own.

Then I pushed the silent phone aside, and just lay there, as my breathing and pulse slowly returned to normal. I again looked over at the empty mug sitting on my nightstand. I picked it up, took another sip of nothing, and considered the past 20 minutes. “Well, the phone bills will be lower now,” I thought sadly, as my eyes watered, “but I wonder how long it will take until I can forget how good the tea tasted?”

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