Subject: Ryan’s Lover Ryan’s Lover By Ryan Leeds This story is a work of fiction. This story may contain scenes of under age boy and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present area. By continuing, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story. Please donate to Nifty so we can keep sharing our stories with you http://donate./donate.html ************************************************* Young Ryan laid in bed, he got a “ping” of a text message. He looked at his mobile and the message was from his dad that both David and his mum. “Working late, be home soon as I can, love you both” was the message. Ryan sent a thumbs up emoji. His mum replied with, “okay, I’m going to bed” Ryan turned on the light, got out of bed, dressed in his Superman pyjamas, walked to the window of his ground floor bedroom. He opened it and looked outside. He was average height for an 11 year old, blond hair, and blue eyes. After looking around outside he went to the door, locked it and then back to bed and turned off the lamp. He could hear his mum shuffling upstairs to the master bedroom on other end of the home. As he laid in bed, he looked at picture on his nightstand of his dad, last year when he was in the army. Written on the photo was his dad’s writing saying, “I love you, Ryan.” He smiled and imagined his dad hugging him. After a few minutes a man climbed in the window. Ryan turned to see him, he stood up and walked over to the towering figure. The man was 6’4, muscular, ginger hair and a light beard. Ryan smiled as he walked to the man, who held his finger to his mouth to remind the boy to “hush”. Ryan knows that in the light the man is tall lean a muscular He could smell the man’s cologne as he walked nearer to him, he took in a big whiff of musk man smell and cologne. He smiled and tingled inside with the smell. Mysterious man bent over and lifted the boy up and kissed him. Ryan retuned the kiss, they passionately kissed for several seconds. As the man carried the 11 year old to the bed, Ryan whispered in the man’s ear “I missed you. Been wanting you all day,” as he dove back into kissing the bearded man face. The man’s tongue slipped in and around the boy’s mouth. The green eyed man smiled and laid the young boy on the bed. The red headed man took his shirt off as Ryan removed his top. They looked at each other with lust and passion. Ryan was burning up inside for this man, he was dying to make love to him. After the two males were shirtless, Ryan moved across the bed and grabbed the large man sized erect penis and began to put his mouth on it, through the man’s dress trousers. Finally Ryan unzipped them and the 7 inch uncut cock popped out and went directly into Ryan’s waiting mouth. The thick cockhead slipped in quickly, past his lips and the experienced boy let it go all the way inside darıca escort his mouth. His tongue ran over the tip and the head, he tasted the sweet and salty fluid that seeped out. The man looked down as his cock disappeared inside the boy’s mouth, the boy looked up at him and the man smiled. He felt good. Good from the oral stimulation of his penis and good from the feelings he has for this boy. The mystery lover missed the boy’s touch and smell, too. It was mutual, too. Ryan loved him very much. The man unbuckled his belt and unfastened his trousers as they fell to the floor. The boy slipped down to the floor and got on his knees and continued to service his lover. Ryan started to rub his hard little dick from under his pyjamas. It was sticking out and, obviously he wasn’t wearing underpants, his hand reached down inside and he began to stroke his little preteen dick. He’d bring the man to the brink of orgasm, then stop and suck on the hair balls and lick the thick muscular thighs. Then return to the cock. He was taught it’s called “edging”. After a few minutes of this, the two finished undressing. The man laid on the bed and Ryan climbed on top of his hairy chest. He felt the hair crinkle as he moved his hands through it. The boy kissed his way up the man’s body to his neck. Their eyes met and they kissed passionately, again. Ryan looked at the green eyed man and whispered, “I want you so much,” as he dove into a kiss. His mouth opening to suck on the man’s big thick tongue. He could taste the cigarette he had smoked earlier. The man motioned for Ryan to turn around. He did, and the man’s cock was, once more, inside the sweet warm mouth. The man was looking at the pale white ass cheeks. His large hands spread them and began to lick. He licked between the cheeks and rimmed the hole, sticking his tongue inside and wiggling it around. Ryan, laying on top of his man lovers took the big cock back in his mouth and licked the shaft and kept bringing the man to the edge of orgasm, then he’d stop and lick the man’s balls or lick his thighs. Ryan loved every inch of this man’s body.his hands would lovingly massage the muscular hairy thighs. Ryan felt a finger enter his tight asshole. He paused from the cock in his mouth to enjoy the feeling of the finger… then two fingers… the big quietly hissed as he was opened up. The fingers repeatedly opening him, growing to three then… “oh yes” then four. The boy turned his head to look at the smile on the man’s face, he really enjoyed playing with his boyhole. Ryan was itching deep inside, he needed him. Ryan felt two swats on his left ass cheek, that meant get into position. He got on his knees by the edge of the bed, the man took some lube from under the bots mattress and lathed his 7 inch long, thick cook with it. He pointed it at the boy’s waiting asshole and slowly began to enter, bit by bit, little by little. The boy grabbed his pillow and buried his face in it as the man opened him up. Once the lad could feel the pubic hair touching his ass, he knew his lover was all the kocaeli eve gelen escort way in. The man’s hands grabbed the small boy’s bios and began to move in and out. Ryan’s top half collapsed onto the bed, leaving his little ass up in the air, as the pleasure washed over him. He loved feeling the seven inch cock rubbing his little prostate, the man was so gentle and caring. Ryan knew he was loved. After he recovered from the initial rush of pleasure Ryan, propped himself up again and the man pulled him up, so the young back was touching his hairy torso, he kissed the boy’s neck and Ryan turned his head to kiss the large lips. He loved feeling the beard rub against his face. After he felt the lips brush his face and the saliva linger he went back to enjoying the moment. The man loved watching his cock disappear inside the boy, his gentle whimpers and his upper body writhing in ecstasy. When they’ve made love alone, the boy is louder and vulgar. But he’s containing himself. As the man thrusted, Ryan reached a hand around to touch the hairy chest. He mouthed the words, “I love you!” That made the man smile, he mouthed, “I love you, too baby!” As he pulsed and felt the silky smooth insides of his boy lover. The man knew about fucking someone to get off and making love. This was love making. Ryan knew he was loved by this man. His missed the smell, the touch of his lover, his boyfriend. Eventually Ryan was laid on his back and put his legs up in the air, he felt the seven inch cock re-enter him, then he saw the handsome bearded face looking down at him and smiling. Ryan looked into his deep green eyes and smiled himself. Then, the man leaned forward and kissed the sexed up lad passionately. As he did Ryan wrapped his legs around them and firm ass. Ryan felt the hard cock sliding in and out, his sphincter was relaxed and had been desiring this all day. The two continued to kiss as he fucked the boy. At one point the man moved his mouth to Ryan’s ear and whispered, “ugh, fuck baby, I love you!” He loved him so much he was almost in tears. Ryan whispered back, “I love… ugh you too babe, I want you…” The man kept thrusting and pistoning until he could feel a build up in his cock, it got harder and thicker. Ryan could feel it enlarging in his hole and he looked at the beautiful man and said, “Give it to me, I want your cum in me.” He seductively whispered, almost begging for it. Within a few seconds Ryan began to shiver as his body erupted with a splash of boy cum on his tummy, and it trickled down his penis. His body was covered in the boy semen. The two males smiled. It was Ryan’s first wet orgasm. His lover kept pulsating and thrusting until he began to buck and his motion became erratic, then he lets lose with several built up strings of semen in the boy. Ryan loved knowing he was being filled up with it. The man kept pumping until his cock went limp. The man licked Ryan’s newly released cum off his body. Then Ryan slid down the bed to take the flaccid, cum and lube covered cock in his mouth and began gebze escort bayan to clean it off. The two laid there, side by side, the boys head on the muscular hairy chest. Ryan taking in the smell of his cologne and his man musk. In fact he buried his nose between the man’s pecs to get a good whiff of man musk. His tongue licked the nearest nipple. “I can’t believe you just had your first wet ejaculation, and I did it to you,” he said as he smiled and kissed his boy. They laid there for about 10 minutes cuddling, quietly and smiling at each other. Ryan kissed his man on the lips and pushed his tongue into the larger mouth. He loved feeling the hairy beard on his smooth face. Ryan tasted his own cum in the man’s mouth. “You better go,” Ryan said. The naked man nodded. As he stood up he reached under the side of the mattress and took out a buttplug and handed it to the boy. Ryan inserted it into himself, He liked to keep the man’s DNA inside him. The man stood up, Ryan looked at his beautiful firm and delicious looking ass. The boy resisted the urge to begin to lick it. The man dressed himself and left through the window. Ryan closed it behind him and then the naked boy put his pyjamas back on. Unlocked his door and walked towards his bed. On the bed he found a note on red paper- he opened it. It was in his secret lover’s handwriting: “My dearest Ryan, I love you more than I can say. Your soul and heart are as beautiful as your body. I can’t wait until I can be with you again. One day we will be together as real lovers. I’m sure we just had great sex but I love you for more than that. I love your soul too. Until we can love each other again” After he read it, Ryan got on his knees and reached up under the boxspring and took out a small box- it had hearts and “love” written on it. He sat on the floor and open the box and placed the note inside. He looked at the other items inside, there were several handmade cards, love letters from him, some hearts cut out of various types of paper, including a napkin from their first date. A naked picture of his lover man, laying on Ryan’s bed, with a naughty message on the back. Another picture of him in a leather harness and leather pants. and a ring, a promise to love him forever. One day Ryan was going to wear that ring and be with his man. After a few minutes of looking over the items and feeling a warm tinging inside, Ryan put the box back and climbed back into bed. As he laid in bed, he could hear the front door quietly open and his dad came home. Ryan closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. His dad opened his door and looked in and smiled at the boy sleeping. As he shut the door Ryan could hear his mum ask, “How’s Ryan?” Dad quietly said, “He’s a sleep. Little tyke must be exhausted.” and they walked off. Dad told his mum he was too tired for anything tonight. “You never want sex any more, ever since you came home from Afghanistan. I don’t think you love me anymore!” She said as she stormed off. Thanks for reading. I have a new email ail I had another one but I had to deactivate it. 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