Subject: Ryan’s Lover Part 6 Ryan’s Lover Pt 6 By Ryan Leeds This story is a work of fiction. This story may contain scenes of under age boy and adult males, which may not be legal in your area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your present area. By continuing, you are confirming that it is legal for you to view the material in this story. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site will not be held responsible for any consequences of you viewing or downloading the story. No boys were harmed in the writing of this story-however several sperm were wasted. Remember consent is important and consent is sexy. Please donate to Nifty so we can keep sharing our stories with you http://donate./donate.html ***************************************** The following Friday Afternoon Ryan and his friend Satoshi met outside the school and walked down the road. Ryan noticed that Satoshi had on his school uniform shorts that he liked, showed off the 10 year old’s nice round ass. Satoshi was just turned 10 years old, he had tan skin and nice black hair. He was shorter than most at 4’6″ and about 80 pounds or 5 1/2 stone. Ryan thought was cute and sexy, he knew others found him that way too. They stopped at Satoshi’s house first to pick up a few things he’ll need for the weekend, packed it in his knapsack and they headed to Ryan’s, which was a few blocks away. The two had plans. Now, Ryan’s plans were different than Satoshi’s plans for the sleep over. Satohsi’s mum wasn’t the nicest woman nor was his dad. Ryan didn’t stay at his house long. Earlier in the week Ryan had asked his dad about Satoshi having a sleep over. He told his dad that Tosh, as he called him, was feeling lonely and unloved and needed some love. “You know he’s like my brother, I love him a lot.” Ryan reminded his dad and boyfriend. “Well, I do miss seeing the cute little guy.” Dad replied. “Do you think he wants to join our family?” “Well, I stole his ipad the other day and found a link to gay porn. But I didn’t say anything to him,” With that Dad gave his approval. About 4 PM on Friday afternoon the two boys entered Ryan’s house, Dad was on the couch watching TV, wearing a tank top and basketball shorts with no underwear, legs spread. Ryan tingled as he saw his dad’s muscular arms, Dad turned to look at the new arrival, Satoshi had to be able to see Dad’s balls swinging around, “Satoshi, I hope you enjoy your weekend with us. I know your mum said a night, but you can stay more in you want.” He smiled at the boy, who seemed mesmerized by the sight before him, “We’ll see how it goes, buddy!” With that Ryan and Satoshi went out back to say “Hi” to Grandpa. Grandpa was outback doing gardening, without a shirt on. Ryan smiled as they stepped out on the patio and he could see Grandpa’s firm ass, with no underwear. He stopped what he was doing and stood up. The sun was shining off his hairy muscular chest, he shook Satoshi’s hand and and welcomed him to the house. Satoshi was staring at the man’s chest and his rather obvious bulge. Grandpa was moving plants around the new 8 person hot tub they installed. Making it more fun a new granite top bar was installed fully stocked. The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. The boys went into Ryan’s downstairs room. Right now Alex was staying in there- but for now it was “Ryan’s Room”. Well, he was in there the other night. Alex had him on the bed, tied up and gagged as he seeded him. He told Satoshi that they shared the room. The two boys did their homework, watched TV and played games. At 6:30 dad called them to tell them dinner was ready. Seated at dinner was Dad, Grandpa, David and Alex as the two boys joined them. It was the first time since Alex came home that they were fully dressed for dinner. Usually they ate naked. Last night Alex fucked Ryan on the table as the other ate. Alex wasn’t into boys as much as he was just into fucking his brothers and Dad. After dinner the two boys went into “Ryan’s Room” to change into bathing suits- as they were changing, Ryan looked at his friend, “Tosh, I need to ask you, when you saw my grandpa you stopped talking and just looked.” The boy blushed, “Yes, seeing him that way made me tingle and feel funny. I liked looking at it and your dad in his shorts, seeing his legs made me feel funny.” Ryan smiled, as he undressed to put on his tight speedo. He sent a short text off to Dad and turned to see Satoshi in his swim shorts. Cute, not sexy but cute, his butt showed off though. He thought his friend needs a sexier one for his ass and package. As they walked out to the backyard Dad was in his speedo, drying off. Ryan noticed his dad wasn’t erect but after they came out he started to grow- it was off to the side. After seeing Satoshi in his suit, who wouldn’t get hard? Ryan was looking at Satoshi, he noticed his dad’s hard on. “Enjoy boys, the water is perfect. See you two later!” Dad said as he rubbed Satoshi’s black hair and smile. Ryan noticed that his friend was erect too. His 10 year old cock was pointed straight up. As dad passed Ryan ran his hand over the hairy torso and smiled His dad has been working out a lot and is looking more and more like a porn model. Beautiful well sculpted body, well defined muscles, just right amount of body hair. Dad said he wants to look his best for his son and lover. Ryan would love his dad no matter how he looked, but he wasn’t going to argue with the beautiful body he was developing. Being recently in the military already had a nice muscular body but now it was just better to look at. More defined pecs, abs and arms and firm legs. After the two got in, Ryan adjusted the light to shine blue and they put on some music. After they relaxed and played Ryan relaxed and said, “Shit did you see. my dad had a hard on from Hell. Wonder why?” His friend blushed and giggled, “I know, wow it looks big.” “I saw you had one too, Tosh, don’t lie.” His young friend smiled and blushed, “Well… seeing your dad’s chest got me hard. I don’t know why.” “Why? Because he’s hot and you like men’s bodies. No big deal, so do i” “Y-you do?” he asked sounding relieved. Tosh hadn’t realized but his best friend had moved closer to him and before he knew it, Ryan had his hand on the virgin’s thigh and was rubbing it. Satoshi relaxed and let his friend touch him. “May I touch your dick, Tosh?” Ryan asked. Dad made it clear that permission is important. “Y-yes, Ryan, you can.” the turned on boy replied. He, then, felt Ryans’ hand touch his dick and it reached inside his bathing suit to touch the small but hard cock. “Tell me, Tosh. Did you imagine touching my dad’s body? All those muscles and hair?” Ryan asked as he got closer to his friend. Satoshi wasn’t used to being able to talk about his desires for men, his parents told him it was wrong. There was a long pause before he admitted to it, “I did, I wanted to touch his chest and his dick. I wanted him to touch me. is that weird that I like your dad that way?” Ryan smiled, “Not at all, Tosh. He’s fucking hot and hung, his cock is 7 inches long. I’ve seen it.” he seductively told his friend, as he continued to rub the young dick. “Mmmmm… Feels nice,” he told him. “Stand up, let me see it.” Satoshi stood up in the hot tub and let his dick peek out of his shorts. Ryan stood up and let his out, Ryan’s was bigger because he was a bit taller and older. Ryan began to stroke his friend and he place Satoshi’s hand on his cock. They young boy began to rub darıca escort it and stroke it. “You like that?” The virgin boy nodded, with that Ryan looked at his friend in the eyes and kissed him. “Wow… that was nice… ” Satoshi acted like he was light headed and dizzy. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. The two kissed again, by this time Ryan had taken both of their swim suits off and was grabbing the young smooth round firm ass. Ryan taught his friend how to french kiss and the two smooth boys were kissing naked. “Wait, won’t your dad see us?” Tosh asked. “Don’t worry about that, maybe he’ll kiss you too!” Ryan replied with a snicker, Tosh giggled at that. Ryan told Satoshi to sit on the edge of the hot tub “Let me make you feel good!” He got on his knees and took the tan cock in his mouth and began to suck and lick it. Satoshi was feeling so much he was almost scared. But he closed his eyes and just felt his friend sucking on his dick and his balls, rubbing the, stroking his thighs. He put his hand on Ryan’s head as it went up and down between his smooth tan thighs. Satoshi ran his finger through Ryan’s hair. Then, the older boy stopped and kissed his way up his friends body, sucking on his nipples and eventually kissing him again. The two boys were passionately kissing and touching each, when they heard the sound of footsteps. They looked up to see Dad watching them, “Don’t stop boys, it was beautiful to see!” Satoshi was shocked at this. Dad was hard as a rock, it was bursting out of his speedo, put his arms around the boys, “Just next time, invite me.” He looked at Satoshi in the eyes, his hand brushing the boys face, “Such beautiful eyes, on a handsome boy.” His hands touching the boy’s body and rubbing him. Satoshi relaxed and let Dad touch him just as he desired. Dad knew where all the boy’s sensitive spots were. Ryan looked at his friend who was turned on, in disbelief and a little nervous,. “You wanted this, relax and enjoy it, baby” Satoshi was in a daze, his head tilted back staring up at Dad aka Liam, then before he knew it the handsome man’s lips were on his, his large tongue was in the virgin boys mouth exploring, tasting him. His hands were on the sides of the boy’s head, holding him. Satoshi dick was so hard it was almost painful. Ryan was feeling his dad’s body, running fingers through the chest hair. Dad broke off the kiss. Dad’s hands continued to be all over Satoshi’s body,. coming close but not quite touching his dick. Dad was teasing it a bit. Satoshi smiled, “Wow you kissed me… that was amazing… better than I thought… ” as he was finding words to describe his feelings Ryan and Dad began to kiss. “Whoa!” as he saw the taboo act before him. They passionately deeply kissed, like the lovers they were. Then Ryan grabbed his friend and they showed him how to threeway tongue kiss. Then, Dad kissed Satoshi and as his tongue entered the boy’s mouth, he held the boy’s head and his fingers rub and massage his ears. After finishing the kiss, dad kissed his neck, and licked his way to the boy’s ear and held him close. After a minute they man stood back and lifted the boys, one at time, out of the hot tub. Ryan began to remove his dad’s tight speedo. Dad’s man cock popped out and Ryan smiled, “Look at that Tosh, wanna taste it It’ll fit, I suck it all the time.” The horny boy smiled a bent over and took it in his mouth, “Oh yess.. that’s it… just as Ryan taught you… fuck yes… careful the teeth baby boy.. oh yes.. Tosh baby… ooooo” As Satoshi sucked and licked the man’s dick Ryan was feasting on his dad’s nipples. He paused for a moment, talking with the nipple right next his lips. “Tosh, look up as you suck, look up at him, let my dad seeing how much you enjoy it. He likes to see his big cock disappear inside your mouth.” With that the boy kissed and licked his way down his dad’s body and joined his friend and began to lick his dad’s balls. Dad was in heaven with two young boys mouths on his body. Grandpa looked out from the window and smiled at his son molesting another virgin boy. He knew that he’ll make Satoshi into a cum slut like him and his sons. By now Ryan had given Satoshi more instruction and the two boys were sharing dad’s cock, both licking it and taking turns sucking on it. Occasionally the boys would lick the man’s dick together and would wrap their tongues around each other. “Boys, stand up” Dad commanded. “Let’s go upstairs” With that he bend down and picked up both boys, one with each arm. As the muscular man carried the boys upstairs they kissed each other. Once in the master bedroom, Dad set his son down on the floor and then he gently laid little Satoshi on the bed. Dad looked at the beautiful Asian boy and the two males laid next to him. One on each side. Dad looked down at Tosh as he supported the boys’ head with his muscular arm. “Tosh,” dad started. “I want you to know we will stop at anytime. Do you want us to make love to you? We will only go as far as you want.” The young horny boy was in a daze, “You mean fuck? Yes I do. I want it badly, I want you badly, sir.” He was so horny he, almost cried. “And I want you too, baby boy” dad replied looking deeply into the boy’s eyes and caressing his face. “But you can’t tell anyone outside the family about it. If so we won’t be able to do this again.” Satoshi nodded without a thought. With that Dad and Satoshi kissed, deeply. Ryan proceeded to suck on his friends cock. Sucking and licking and taking his smooth balls in his mouth. Dad’s large hand moved over the boy’s body, rubbing his chest massaging his nipples. He started kiss down the boy’s body. Kissing and lick his way to the nipples and sucking on them, then down to his cock where he met with Ryan. The two french kissed as dad took over pleasing the boys dick. Ryan moved up and kissed the boy’s lips several times, not before telling him he was a sexy boy. Then Ryan got on his knees turned the new boy’s head and put his cock in Satoshi’s mouth and began to fuck his face. Dad made his way up the boys body and started to lick Ryan’s cock. Satoshi instinctively began to suck, Ryan loved seeing his cock head making a bulge on Tosh’s cheek, Ryan face fucked the boy several minutes. Ryan pulled his dick out and he stood on the floor, “Dad, sit on the bed, now.” Obediently, Dad got up and sat on the edge of the bed, “Tosh, come on, babe,” Ryan ordered. “let’s give Dad a little show. You know Tosh, I imagined kissing you many times for over a year. It’s better than I imagined.” The two boys met in front of dad and kissed, Ryan put his hands on the boy’s ass as they passionately, making out and touching each other all over- then Ryan dropped on his knees and began to suck his best friends cock. As this was happened Dad began to stroke his 7 inch cock. Satoshi kept looking toward Dad and his cock. He looked at it and licked his lips. Dad was looking at Satoshi’s ass, and thinking about what he feels like inside. He imagined the soft velvety smooth tight asshole the boy had. “Tosh, come here and suck on Daddy’s cock. I know you want it,” Dad replied. The boy was in a sexual trance and he wanted to do everything they suggested. Tosh looked at Ryan, “Go to Daddy, pleasure him.” With that the boy got on his knees and took the 7 inch cock in his mouth. Hours earlier he had never sucked a dick, here he was with a big man cock in his mouth. He had watched enough porn to know what to do with it. He let the blood filled organ kocaeli eve gelen escort slide into his mouth and he licked it and sucked. Ryan had grabbed a camera and was recording this for future use- and he was stroking his cock watching his friend orally please his dad. Satoshi was a quick learner and caught on quickly how to suck dick. After 15 minutes Dad began to pant, Ryan, placed the camera down on the night stand, pointed at his dad’s cock and Tosh’s mouth- who was sucking and sliding faster. Then he moved down next to his friend. “Toshi, you’ve heard of cum or sperm? Well Dad’s going to give you some. Swallow as much as you can, babe… it’s a gift from him to you.” Then he stood and kissed his father, “Dad, you want to fill his mouth up? He wants it, give him your juice.” “Yes, baby boy! Tosh, take it baby! I want you to have it. From me to you!” Dad moaned as he kissed his perverted son, then he started to buck and threw his head back as he erupted inside the, formerly virgin’s mouth. Satoshi looked up at Dad to let him see the passion in his eyes from receiving his sperm. After shooting several strings of cum inside the boy’s mouth and some leaked out on his face. Ryan looked at his friend, innocent looking with a man’s cum on his face. He licked his face clean and kissed him. When he tongue entered Satoshi’s mouth he pushed the cum he licked inside, Ryan looked at Satoshi, “Tosh, get on the bed on your knees. I’m going to lick your asshole.” The boy had seen that in movies . So, he did as he was told. He climbed up on the bed on his knees. Ryan spread the boys’ ass cheeks and began to lick. Dad laid next to the boy and they kissed. “When he’s done licking your asshole, I’ll do it. Then when it’s wet and relaxed I will fuck your asshole. Do you want that?” “Y-y-yes… sound hot…” the horny boy replied. He had experienced so many new things tonight that felt good he wanted to experience more. He loved knowing he made Liam or dad feel good too. His body had never felt so many new sensations at once. “I want you to fuck me, Liam sir. “Good because daddy wants it too.” Dad replied. “However, call me Dad or Daddy, you’re part of our family now.” “Gah… yes daddy!” the boy quickly learned. Ryan lapped at his hole, licking the hole, sticking his tongue inside, running around the edge and up the boy’s ass crack. Eventually he stuck a finger inside the boy. After he hit his G spot Satoshi hissed and convulsed a bit. “Fuck! What was that?” he moaned half pleasured, half scared. Then he returned to moaning as Ryan stuck two fingers in, them three. By this time Dad had stopped kissing and massaging his body and moved to the boy’s ass. He took over licking it, his larger tongue felt different on the small tight ass. Dad slipped one finger in, “Gah… shit” Dad looked at the boy, “That was your prostate, your G spot. When Daddy fucks you, his cock will rub against it, causing that feeling over and over again.” Ryan had moved to the boy’s face, kissed him and told him, “Soon you and I will be brothers. Dad will bond with you and you’ll be part of our family. Do you want that?” Satoshi was panting and nodded- he was so horny he didn’t know what to do or how to feel. Ryan whispered in his ear. Dad couldn’t make it out. Dad gently turned Satoshi on his back and Ryan pulled the boys tan legs up and held them as Dad continued to lick and finger the boy. Eventually dad was up to four fingers. “He’s ready’ Dad said. He bent over and kissed Satoshi “Tosh, are you ready to make love to me?” The boy looked at dad in the eyes, “I want you to fuck me, daddy!” Dad knew he wanted it. His eyes were saying it. “Shit, I loved hearing you say that, baby!” Since he was given the go ahead, Dad was handed the bottle of lube by Ryan and he lubed up his rock hard cock. He put a lot on it, it was a good sized cock going into a tight virgin hole. Ryan held the boy’s legs upend dad placed a pillow under his hips. Dad added lube to the hole and ran his fingers watching the boy squirm with pleasure as he hit the right spot. He pointed his cock at waiting asshole. “Ready baby boy”? “Uh-huh” was the reply. Ryan looked down at his friend, “Relax babe and push out, but relax… you’ll love this. It may hurt a bit but that will pass, understood?” The boy nodded as he felt the man’s cock head starting to penetrate him. He did as he was told, he kept breathing, pushed out and he felt more and more of the cock entering him, bit by bit, dad pushed in it further and further, his young smooth body tingled as he felt himself open up and felt the cock fill him up. Satoshi moaned and hissed as dad finally was hilt deep. He could feel the man’s pubic hair again his ass cheeks. Slowly dad began to pump in and out, short pump, the faster and faster and longer. All 7 inches of his cock slid in and out. Satoshi was able to hold his legs up by himself so Ryan let go and got the camera and took video of his dad deflowering the his friend. Then he did a close up on the cock going in and of the boys ass with his eyes half closed, and rolled up inside his head. Dad bent over to kiss the him as the continued to move his hips. Ryan watched his dad’s firm round ass move up and down. He reminded himself to use that ass to teach Satoshi how to eat a man’s ass. Dad varied his speed and Satoshi was enjoying every inch of it, finally he burst out with “Fuck me, dad.. shit! Fuck me you god damned mother fucker! Breed me, daddy!” Dad and Ryan had never head the boy say such things but it was sexy to hear it in his prepubescent voice. Dad figured out the his boyfriend was teaching Tosh what to say, to turn him on. Ryan looked at his friend and kissed him , then he positioned himself over the boy’s face and let his balls hang in his mouth. Satoshi licked and sucked on his friend balls for a few minutes as Ryan and dad kissed. Ryan looked at dad, “I told you he was hot!” “God, I fucking love you, Ryan!” Their tongues intertwined as dad continued to fuck his boy. He looked down at his bottom boy and newest lover, “Shit I love you too, Tosh and your hot firm tight body and your tight asshole!” Satoshi wrapped his legs around dad and put a hand on the man’s chest and grabbed some hair. “fuck yes… gah.. shit, never knew it was so good, dad! Uh!” After that Dad grabbed the boys’ torso and held him and stood up and fucked him while standing. Tosh put his arms around dad’s neck and held on, he kiss the man’s chest a few times until dad kissed his face. The boy threw his head back as Dad was hitting him right on the prostate and he was feeling it, good. Dad’s hands cupped the boy’s firm, round ass cheeks and lifted him up and down on the long hard cock. Several minutes later dad pushed the boy against the wall and fucked him more. Tosh began to kiss the mans’ chest again. Meanwhile Ryan was recording all this with video. Recording dad’s latest conquest and initiation into the family. As he recorded he was stroking his cock. After fucking him so hard they knocked a picture off the wall, dad laid the boy down on the floor and had him get on his knees. Then dad re-entered him and grabbed onto his hips and continued to slide in and out. “Fuck, yes, breed me daddy! I want it!” Satoshi moaned. The room was filled with dad’s fucking sound, flesh hitting flesh and Satoshi’s moaning, screams and pleasure whimpering. He was still processing the new feelings. The boys mind was racing with all the new sensations and experiences. Ryan continued gebze escort bayan to record the moment. He was on the bed, camera in one hand and a lubed up large black vibrating dildo in the other. It was slowly entering him, massaging his asshole and insides. As he got it all the way in, his whole body was tingling, he saw his dad had laid Satoshi on the bed again, on his back. He knew what was happening. Ryan was able to move the camera to capture the face of his friend as he laid on his back and turning to his dad’s face to see both when it happened. The moment. The moment when Satoshi got seeded for the first time, and him and dad are bonded for ever. Ryan told Satoshi, “Stroke your cock little brother! Play with it, that’s it” Ryan had the dildo all the way in, and was holding it as it vibrated on his prostate. He was dying for his dad’s cock but Satoshi was getting it instead. Dad only let Tosh join them if he deflowered him. That way Tosh would be his boy. As Dad fucked Satoshi his muscular arms were leaning on the bed, Satoshi was running a hand on the arms and on the chest his legs up in the air. Dad looking intensely at him. His other hadn’t rubbing his little dick. “Ugh, fuck! Shit… gah… Tosh, open your eyes baby!” Dad said, “Look into mine. I want to see your eyes as we bond”. Satoshi was mesmerized by the man’s gaze, “I love you, too daddy! Breed me!” Satoshi did as he was told and he opened his eyes. The two eyes met and dad was looking intensely at the boy as he bucked and moaned and shot his cum inside the boy. As he shot the first string he told the boy, “I love you Satoshi!” After he was done, filling the lad up, dad slipped his fingers into the freshly seeded as and began to finger massage the boy’s prostate. Dad heard his own cum making a slurping sound and he massaged it into the boys’ rectum. Tosh was absorbing his DNA, become at one with him. Ryan zoomed in on the boy’s face and he started to panic. “W-w-what’s going on? Ryan? What’s…” he said in ecstasy and fear. Dad looked at him, and calmly said, “Baby, you’re going to be fine, you’re having your first orgasm. You won’t shoot sperm yet, but you’re still having it. Feels amazing, doesn’t it?” He continued to finger the boy and moved to kiss him. Ryan recorded every second of the boy’s first dry orgasm. Tosh’s head was rolling back and forth. When it was done, Ryan leaned in and kissed him. Dad collapsed next to him. Ryan laid on the bed and continued to move the dildo in and out Dad got up and went to his lover and he began to move the dildo. Satoshi, snapped out of his sex daze to witness Ryan cumming. No hands it just shot out of his cock, all over his body. As if instructed Tosh licked the cum off his friends… sorry, of his new brother’s body. Then they kissed. After several minutes of cool down kissing the three males laid in the bed. The two boys cuddle and kissed. As they watched TV from the bed, they’d randomly decide to kiss, finger fuck or suck one another off etc.. all night Satoshi got lessons in sexual pleasure. At one point Ryan mounted the boy and rode his friend’s small cock. Hours later, after a couple rounds with Dad, the three lay in bed. Dad in the middle holding on to both of the boys that carry his seed in them. Satoshi had fallen asleep with his head on Liam’s pec and was sound asleep. His hand was gripping the chest hair and his mouth was near dad’s nipple. Ryan looked over and he knew the boy was getting the best sleep of his life, he will dream of men and cock for years to come. Dad looked at Ryan and whispered, “The little cutie is tuckered out, he got a good workout. Thank you Ryan for bringing him over.” The two kissed. “I love you, baby.” Earlier they had talked to Satoshi about what they did and he loved it and wanted to do it more. He seemed very attached to Dad. He was asked to join their family and he said yes. He knew it had to be secret and he loved having a secret. They explained how their form of polyamory works and he was excited. Ryan slipped out of bed, “Be back in a bit”. With that he went down the hallway and went into Grandpa and David’s room. The two were in bed, naked, the smell of fucking permeated the room. David woke up as Ryan entered the room. “Hey babe, sounded like you had fun! I missed you tonight.” his brother said as his teen cock got harder. “I missed you too,” the doting preteen replied as he climbed in bed with his older brother. The two kissed, “I want you, too!” David grabbed lube from the night stand. Ryan coated his brother’s cock in it and climbed on top of him. His ass was still stretched open a bit so David’s cock slid inside quickly. The two brother/ lovers began to make love. Grandpa looked over and smiled as his grandsons continued to consummate their relationship. Next month Grandpa had plans to finalize their relationship. David was thrusting upwards as he looked at his Grandfather, “Baby, want to share my hus-brother’s ass with me?” With that the 57 year old moved behind and Ryan leaned forward as his grandfather slowly entered his grandson’s asshole. Ryan bit his lip as his ass open to accommodate both the cocks in him. Two hours later Ryan returned to the master bedroom with his dad and Tosh. Tosh’s head was between Dad’s legs. “Ah, yes baby… Ry-baby, your new brother is real good cock sucker, he loves it.” In the morning the family rose and had breakfast, dad announced that Satoshi was joining the family. The other members smiled as they saw the new boy to play with. Later Dad talked to Tosh’s mother on the phone, she agreed to a weekend stay. When he came to give the good news, Satoshi was on his knees with Alex, David, Ryan and Grandpa cumming on his young face. He had sucked them all. The boy loved sucking dick. When they were done dad took Satoshi aside and gave him a bath. Slowly washing all of his body and caressing him. Dad told Tosh that his mum, as worried that he was becoming a “sissy boy” and that he had promised to get him ready for military when he grow up. “Baby, if you can take my cock, you aren’t a sissy boy. You’re big boy.” As they did this Ryan had been picked up by Alex and being fucked hard on the kitchen counter. His hands around his baby brother’s throat, ramming him hard and fast. Two hours later, when Alex was done using his brother, they looked outside- Dad and Tosh were sitting on the grass, naked on a blanket in the sun, sharing some wine. Dad was holding his boy and kissing him. Ryan was happy to see dad had a new boyfriend to play with. He could see dad telling Tosh, “I love you, baby.” Alex said, “I’m just an incestous pervert but dad is an incestious gay pervert paedophile. Perfect combination.” Over the next few weeks Tosh came by every morning to walk with Ryan to school, made a stop at Dad’s cock, got a load in his belly and went to school. Again he’d stop by on the way home for an hour or two to get fucked by Dad and or Grandpa or David. Tosh had never felt this kind of love before from his family, now he did. ********************************************************** Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think and what you want to see happen in the future I have a new email ail I had another one but I had to deactivate it. Here are my other stories For more incest Steve and Lyle https://www.//gay/incest/steve-and-lyle/ My Introduction to Porn: http://www.//gay/adult-youth/my-introduction-to-porn Confessions of a Boy Prostitute http://www.//gay/adult-youth/confessions-of-a-boy-prostitute Daddy’s Boy http://www.//gay/adult-youth/daddys-boy/ Pediatric Specialist https://www.//gay/adult-youth/pediatric-specialist Pokemon Boy http://www.//gay/adult-youth/pokemon-boy/ Life and Times of a Stripper fty//gay/adult-youth/the-life-and-times-of-a-stripper-boy/

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