Safe Sex Starts at Home Ch. 02


David was quiet at dinner. He barely made eye contact and left the table within five minutes after hardly touching his food. Carol was concerned she’d made a big mistake but sincerely believed the ends justified the admittedly extraordinary means. She did not want an air of tension to pervade the house so she decided to clear the air immediately.

Just before turning in Carol knocked softly on David’s door. She pushed the door open and saw him hide what was obviously a porn magazine under his pillow. She crossed the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

“David, we should talk about what happened this afternoon,” she said. “I think we were both surprised how things turned out but I don’t want to feel any strain between us, okay?”

David nodded, his face flush with embarrassment. He looked at his mom sitting there in her light blue nightgown. It wasn’t lingerie by any stretch, but it was rather low cut and he realized it really showed just how large her breasts were. And she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra under it.

“Did you enjoy what we did today?” she asked. David nodded and tried not to look at her breasts.

“If were going to make this work we have to get comfortable with expressing our thoughts to one another honey,” she said, leaning forward and brushing the hair from his forehead. “Tell me something, were you looking at a girly magazine before I came in? It’s fine if you were, I know you have them.”

David nodded, bringing a smile to Carol’s face. She leaned forward again and reached under the pillow and grabbed the magazine. This motion brought her breasts close to his face. He was mesmerized by their size. Her smell was also stimulating and David’s naked cock grew under the sheet.

Carol looked at the magazine and saw that it featured very curvy “MILF’s.” She leafed through a couple of pages, smiling.

“David most of these women are my age. Do you prefer older women?”

Again he nodded. She noticed that his eyes were straying down to her chest and realized that her nipples were hard and were poking through the thin fabric of her night gown. She glanced down and saw the bulge under his sheet and knew he was once again erect.

“Remember our deal honey, if you’re pendik escort horny I have to help you. It seems to me like you might be in need of a hand.” They both started laughing at the double meaning of her comment which immediately broke the tension. She reached for the sheet and pulled it down. “Here, let mommy help you.”

Carol’s eyes surveyed her son’s naked torso. He was tan and lean without a hair on his perfect frame. His tool was already fully erect and hovered over his abdomen reaching just past his naval. Carol rubbed his stomach and chest while studying his cock. Her hands strayed near it but moved away before making contact, teasing the boy. She noticed a bottle of lotion on his night stand and grabbed it. She squirted a generous helping into her palm and began massaging his chest and arms. David lay there staring up at his beautiful mother. Her lovely face seemed to contrast with her sexy body. She was both a caring mother and a curvy, sexual creature. He loved her tenderly and lusted for her deeply. This combination made her even sexier.

Carol smiled at him and pulled the sheet down his legs. She applied more lotion to her hands then began massaging his strong thighs. David was very self conscious of how naked he was in front of his mother and how obvious his arousal was. Her motions caused one shoulder strap to slide down, exposing the top of her large left breast. He gazed at it hungrily, looking up to see him smiling at him and making no movement to cover herself.

She picked up the lotion and lifted it above his groin. She squeezed the bottle and a line of lotion came down directly on his hard prick. He felt his cock twitch as the cool lotion covered his cock. Carol moved it down, expertly covering his smooth balls. She then set the bottle down and admired his impressive member now coated in yellow cream. David felt the lotion ooze down the side of his cock like cool icing.

“Hmmm, you really have grown into a very nice looking man, David. This is really an amazing cock you have here.” David was surprised to hear his mom using such lewd language. “You don’t mind if I say ‘cock’ do you darling? After all I’m staring straight at it. Besides, as I recall you sprayed your cum all over escort pendik my face not too long ago.”

David gulped and felt her hands running up his thighs. He could tell she was done teasing him. Her eyes were on his throbbing, lotion coated erection. Her hands continued up until the found his smooth balls and she began gently massaging them.

“Spread your legs for me baby,” she said, easing his thighs apart. He pulled his feet up and she forced his legs as wide as they could go. “That’s it David, let mommy make you feel good. That’s our deal right? I take care of you and you don’t fuck any of those girls, right?” Hearing his mother talk like this while she was rubbing his balls and staring at this cock was driving David crazy.

Finally she reached up and grabbed his pulsing manhood. Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft and slowly moved up until she had his crown in her hand. She twirled it around in her hand, watching his hips jerk in response. A seductive smile crossed her lips. She was clearly enjoying playing with her son’s enormous fuck stick.

Carol smiled down at him and got on her knees beside him. She reached down to rub his cock and her nightgown hung low revealing a deep valley of cleavage. She knew he was oogling her full melons and it turned her on. She thought about taking off her nightgown so he could see her naked breasts but felt this might be too much. She was worried about things getting out of hand. She realized it wasn’t her son she was worried about, but herself. She was so turned on that if her son made the slightest move on her she would be powerless to stop him. It was better if she didn’t push things or she’d end up fucking her own son.

Instead she began rubbing him in long strokes. She exagerated her movements knowing this caused her boobs to bounce seductively in front of her son’s steady gaze. She glance up at him and saw that he was consumed with watching her big tits shake in front of him. Her other strap slipped down and the gown hung low on her jiggly tits. She scooted over so she was sitting on her heel. It pressed against her pussy giving her some much needed friction. As she bounced up and down her clit mashed against her foot. She closed her eye and pendik escort bayan fell into a steady rhythm which they both were enjoying.

David was dying to reach out and touch his mom’s tits. He knew she was getting off while she jerked his cock. Her mouth was open and she was panting audibly. One hand rubbed his cock in long strokes while the other massaged his balls. She looked down through half closed eyes and smiled at him then brought her hand down between his ass cheeks. While one hand slowly stroked his long, hard cock she expertly teased his tight anus. David could not believe this sexy creature was his mother. What had gotten into her?

Carol began to move faster against her foot. It felt too good. She didn’t care if he could tell she was getting off, after all fair is fair, right? David was getting totally into his mother’s probing fingers and he lifted his knees up into the air, opening up his nether hole for her. Carol smiled and slid a finger gently into his ass. David groaned and threw his head back.

“Oh god mom, that feels incredible.”

“Good baby, let mommy make you feel good. Mommy’s going to rub your prostate honey. I know that’s going to feel good.” She ground harder against her heel. She could feel herself getting close. David watched the ecstasy on his mother’s face as she mashed faster against her foot. Her boobs were bouncing madly under the now tight nightgown that was nearly off her tits. Her hand was pumping up and down on his cock, her finger wiggling in his tight ass, searching for his prostate. Finally she made contact with it and David exploded. His cum shot out, landing on his chest. He groaned and twisted in exctasy. This brought Carol over the edge and they came together in long, writhing orgasms that shook the bed. She tensed, turning her head to the side, grimacing in lust as her orgasm racked her body. Sperm contnued to flow out of David’s cock creating a white pool on his tan stomach. They finally stopped and stared at each other, catching their breath. Carol let her finger slip from her son’s rectum and his legs relaxed against her.

Carol smiled down at her spent son. She leaned over him and wiped up his load with the hem of her nightgown, squeezing the final drops from his cock. Then she softly kissed his forehead, said goodnight, and padded out of the room. She crawled into bed and wondered how on earth she was going to be able to keep from fucking her beautiful baby boy.

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