Saffron and Sam Ch. 04


Thanks to Saffron, breakfast on Saturday morning was a rather interesting event.

“You should’ve heard Sam singing last night at that sorority party, Dad, he hit the notes so high that you would’ve thought somebody had him by the scrotum.”

Mom looked at saffron with a deadly luck and said, “Watch your mouth young lady.”

“It’s true mom, you should’ve heard him singing like Barry Gibb on the two Bee Gees’ songs they did, they had everybody dancing like crazy.”

“And that’s not all, guess who he’s taking to the movies tonight. You won’t believe it.”

Mom asked, “Okay son, who are you taking to the movies tonight?”

“Barbara Frankel, mom.”

“Don’t you think she’s a little old for you, Sam?”

My dad looked at me with wonder and said, “Jesus, I said that that sorority would be a target rich environment, son, but did you have to shoot for Mars on your first attempt?”

Saffron said, “Can you blame him mom, she has an ass to die for, how can he let that opportunity go by?”

“Young lady watch your language.”

“Oh come on mom, you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed it. Barb’s so beautiful that if she was walking in a group of 20 women her age, her ass is the one that everyone would be keying in on.”

“I still don’t think it’s polite to talk like that about your friend and in front of Sammy too.”

“Come on mom, it’s not like Sammy is a virgin or anything. He’s 18 years old.”

“Sammy is that true, are you sexually active.”

Dad came to my rescue, saying, ” Come on dear he’s 18 years old, he’s a teenager, did you really think he was gone stay celibate forever? I expected him to make a move on some woman before this, but never Barbara Frankel. She’s four years older than you, son. Just don’t get yourself hurt.”

“I’m just going to take her to the movies, I didn’t say I was going to marry her, geez.”

My mom said, “Just be careful son, she’s a woman, not some teenage bimbo. Just make sure you use protection.”

Saffron said, “Don’t worry mom, I’ll look out for him.”

“Why does that not make me feel at ease, ” Which got a nasty looks from Saffron.


When I went over to Gerald’s house for video games that afternoon, he was all over me as soon as I walked in the door. “Dude, Barbara Frankel, man talk about hitting a homerun. And Charlie too, tell me what happened you got bro? Wow. Man I give my left nut, for either one of those, babes.”

“I can’t explain it, Gerald, it just happened. Besides, how do you know about it? ”

“I have eyes don’t I and the way Charlie was looking at you all during our sets and then grabbed you and pulled you into that bedroom and come out with a rather she is eating grin on her face.”

“And when you were dancing with Barb, she was grinding you all over the place. I would’ve cum in my pants if she had done that to me. How’d you control yourself?”

“Mind over matter, buddy, mind over matter.”

“You are definitely the MAN.”

“Did you ever do any good last night Gerald?”

“No man, I’ve given up on women, they’re a bunch of snakes.”

“With that kind of an attitude, you’ll never get laid.”

“How do you know I already haven’t been laid?”

“I’d have noticed a difference, you’re my best friend.”

“Well maybe you’re not as observant as you think you are.”

“Well let me know if it happens, we’ll celebrate, buddy.”

“Yeah it’ll be a world event.”


As I got ready for my date, I was a very nervous boy. Saffron came in and asked me if I was ready for the big event. I just said, “I think it’s pretty bad, that I know how to fuck, but do not know how to date.”

“Just be yourself, Sammy, you’re a gentleman and have always treated people with respect. You just do that with Barb and you won’t have any problem at all. Are you picking her up at her apartment or meeting her someplace?”

“I’m picking her up, this is a formal date.”

“Just watch out for her roommate, Roxanne, she’s kind of a first-class bitch.”

That just added to my nervousness. I went out and got into my car to drive over to Barb’s apartment. As I pulled up I noticed the lavishness of the apartment complex and realized I was definitely stepping up in class. I got out my car, walked up the front door and knocked. A very attractive and well built blonde opened the door and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t want anything little boy.”

I replied rather nervously, “I … I’ m Sam Sanderson, I’m here to pick up Barb.”

She yelled rather loudly, “Barbara, I think your little brother’ s here to see you.”

I heard Barbara’s voice from upstairs saying, “Stop busting his balls Roxanne and let him in.”

“Boy, she’s really robbing the cradle this time.”

I had had enough of this and just said, “Why not, it looks like she already robbed the asylum for her roommate.”

“Oh, a feisty one this time.”

“Look, I’m not willing to give up the two brain cells it would take to sit here and have a battle of wits with you. I want pendik escort to have a good night and I’m not going to let you ruin it for me. You know, I’ve heard about you.”

“Oh, am I famous, what did you hear about me?”

“Just that you’re a witch with a capital B.”

“I’m not so bad once you get to know me.”

“The question is, who’d want to get to know you?”

She then stood up and started coming towards me saying, “Look you little bas…”

She never got to finish because Barb came bounding down the stairs looking like the goddess she was.

“Are you ready to go Sammy?”

She looked breathtaking. She was dressed to the nines, with her beautiful Auburn hair tied back in a ponytail, wearing a peasant blouse and the tightest fitting jeans I’d ever seen on a female. Right then and there I would have kissed the inventor of women’s jeans right on the mouth, male or female. They were so formfitting on her beautiful ass, they looked sprayed on. What was I doing here, how did I’d gotten so lucky? She also had on her heels which made her about 5 inches taller than me. I felt very intimidated.

She came over and took my hand to help me rise from the couch. When she touched my hand something passed between us and I looked into her sparkling green eyes. There looked like a longing there that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Would you like to get something to eat first, Barb?”

“We have time to go to Rick’s first if you’d like to, I could do with a burger.”

As we went to close the door to leave I looked back at Roxanne sitting on the couch and said, “have a good evening Roxanne, and if we don’t see you, so what.” That got a scowl from her.

“Well Sammy, did you soon the savage beast?”

“Let’s say, I think we understood each other.”

All during the trip to Rick’s Diner she held my hand. I couldn’t help but feel a real spark there. I felt a real connection with this girl, although this was my first date ever. I still felt very uneasy and very intimidated being out with her.


When we got to Rick’s Diner I went over and opened the door for her to get out, just as I had at her apartment. She took my hand as we walked in to the diner. This was a known date hangout and there were teens and college kids all over the place. When we walked in we were affronted by a tall, slender guy about 24 years old, who said, “What’s up, Barb, long time no see? Who’s this, your little brother?”

Barb just looked irritated and said, “No this is my date, Sam Sanderson. Saffron’s brother.”

“OK, glad to meet you Sam.” He held out his hand to shake and I reciprocated.

Barb just turned and said, “Sorry about that Sammy. I’m also sorry about the way Roxanne probably treated you as well. She’s going through a bad relationship and taking it out on everyone around her..”

“No problem Barb, I’m used to getting bullied at school, this was nothing. They’re probably jealous that it’s me that’s where such a gorgeous creature. Barbara, you should’ve been a model. With your looks and figure you probably could’ve gone places.”

“Did some during the teenage years, but really didn’t care for it.”

“I feel so lucky to be here with you.”

“Did you ever think, that I might be the lucky one here?” She said this giving me the most dazzling smile I’d ever seen. She actually made me believe that I belonged with her.

When we finished our burgers and fries we walked across the street to the Cineplex hand-in-hand. We chose a new action adventure movie for our evening entertainment. Throughout the movie I have my left arm around her and she reached up and held my hand with her right hand. If this what dating was all about, sign me up. I was having the time of my life until we left the theater. As we were walking out of our theater, when we ran into CC and one of her friends coming out of a romantic comedy.

CC kind of snickered and commented, “Hello Barb, taking the little horn dog out for another walk tonight?”

“We’re out on a date CC, show some manners.”

“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t know the little stud dog was so sensitive.”

“Be nice. We’re actually having a great evening.”

As we walked away I was very hurt by CC’s comments and attitude. I couldn’t figure what I had done to her dad made her so angry and was such an attitude toward me. I was having enough trouble just being here without her condescending attitude toward me.

“Don’t worry about her attitude, lover, she’s just jealous that I’m with such a great man.”

“Why thank you ma’am.”

“Let’s get back to my apartment for the rest of the evening, I’ve got a little surprise for you.”


When we got back to her apartment I opened the door for her and we climbed the steps to her porch hand-in-hand. She unlocked the door and we were accosted by Roxanne.

“Did you and Skippy have a good time?”

“Roxanne, can you be civil once in your life? Don’t worry, we had a great time. And it’s about to get better. Skippy and I are going to run up to escort pendik my bedroom and ruffle the sheets a little. You just stay down here and keep brooding.”

She grabbed my hand and drug me up the stairs to what I assumed was her bedroom. When we got in the door she began removing my clothes as quickly as she could. When I was completely naked, she began peeling off her own till she was as naked as I was. She kissed me passionately while I began caressing her gorgeous and smooth skin. I couldn’t help but reach down taking both cheeks of her taut but soft bottom in both of my hands. As I caressed them, she slowly pushed me back against the door and was saying with a breathy voice in my ear, “I’m all yours lover, take me.” With that she laid back onto the bed and spread her legs giving me a perfect unobstructed view of her enticing young pussy.

As I looked down upon her on the bed I felt behind me for the light and switched it off. She reached over and turned on the bed stand light that cast an amber glow over her entire body. I reached down and grabbed her by the left foot and held it up to my face. She wiggled her toes in my face and asked if I had a foot fetish. I shook my head no and began kissing her toes. I had seen this in a movie once and saw all the effect it was supposed to have had on the actress, and had thought to try it one time. I took Barb’s big toe into my mouth and began sucking on it and licking it at the same time. She began cooing and squirming on the bed. I began moving down the line of her toes repeating what I had done to the big toe on the way. When I was done with her left foot, I start on her right the same way, she began gyrating herself off the bed in rhythm to my ministrations.

“Jesus Sammy, you’re going to make me cum. No one has ever done what you just did to me. It was so sexy”

“I’m glad you like it, I was just experimenting.”

“Feel free to experiment all you like sweetie. I’m so wet, I’m soaking my bed. Get down here, now.”

I slowly lowered her foot and crawled with my face between her legs as I kissed from inside her knees, up to her inner thighs I could smell her passion. Her smell was intoxicating and had my mouth watering. I still wasn’t done teasing her, however, so I just blew my hot breath on her outer lips and over her clit. By this time she was hunching her pelvis so hard that she make me bite my lower lip. I continued my assault by lightly kissing her outer lips and circle around her clit.

“My God, Sammy, you’re killing me, eat me, NOW.”

I began by sliding the tip of my tongue from the bottom of her soaked slit to the top, while tasting her copious flow. I slid my tongue back down and entered her sopping pussy with my tongue extending it as far as I could.

“Sammy, you bastard, I’m going to come. Swallow my cunt, drink my cum. My God you’re so good at that. I need your cock in me now. Come up here and kiss me.” She then began squirting all over my face, while was doing my best swallow her salty sweet flavor. She finally finished her orgasm and came down relaxing just a bit.

I slid up her body, positioning my mouth over her medium-sized, but ample tits. They weren’t large, but they complemented her shape perfectly. I began blowing soft breaths over her nipples alternating back and forth and watching them harden. “Chew my nipples, Sammy, I need you to.”

I began tonguing and sucking lightly on her nipples, while I lightly nibbled. She then pulled me up for another passionate kiss. I knew she could taste her own juices while she licked my lips and face. As our tongues wrestled I slowly slid my 7 1/2 inches into her waiting love tunnel. I felt her walls sucking me in as I began rhythmically sawing in and out of her. She was meeting me meeting me thrust by thrust, while I slowly and lovingly fucked her. Suddenly her body stiffened again, she cried out, and I could feel my throbbing erection covered in her juices. I continued fucking her, knowing it wasn’t going to be long for me to reciprocate. I thrust deeply into her and filled her up with my baby batter. I Thrusting until I began to soften and rolled over onto my back beside her trying to catch my breath.

“Sammy, that was so freaking fantastic. I’ve been fucked before, but I’ve never been made love to. I don’t deserve you.”

“Says one the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Rollover on your stomach, I’ve wanted to try something.”

She complied and I began moving down her body until my head was level with her magnificent ass. I began massaging the back of her thighs and her buttocks with my hands, while laying light kisses on both cheeks of her ass. I took my thumbs and spread her cheeks apart, while kissing and tonguing her little rosebud. She began lightly sighing, while pushing her ass into my mouth. “Oh God Sammy, that’s magnificent.”

“I’m glad you like it, more experimentation.”

“You should open your own laboratory.”

“I’d enjoy that if you would be my permanent test subject.”

“Has anyone ever told you that you have the greatest ass in the world.”

“People tell pendik escort bayan me I have a good ass all the time, but nobody has ever worshiped it like you do.”

“I think someone needs to wake me up, this has to be a dream.”

“Sammy, you are just the sweetest thing in the world. But don’t put me on a pedestal, I have my flaws.”

“If you have flaws I’m sure not seeing them from this angle.”

“Come on, lover, let’s go take a shower.”

She took my hand and we walked nakedly into the bathroom at the end of the hall. On the way a door opened up and Roxanne walked out into the hall. The first thing she saw all and continued to stare at was my softening dick.

“I knew there had to be a reason you needed to make all that noise in your bedroom. But do you have to lead him around the hallway, as well?”

“Be nice Roxy and I might let you take him for a little spin. It might be the best thing that ever happened to you.”

“Oh no Barb, you wouldn’t do that to me would you. I thought you liked me.”

Roxanne just looked at me and stuck out her tongue and gave me a nasty look. “Sonny, you would know what to do with me.”

“Pay you at the end, like the rest your conquests do?”

“Barbara, you had better get him away from me I’m going to kick his ass.” This she struggled out between clenched teeth.

“Come on Sammy let’s take a shower.”

When we got in the shower she began by soaping me all over my body, while I would steal kisses on both her mouth and her nipples. I began working shampoo into her scalp and slowly wash her hair. “Sammy you have any idea how good that feels?”

“I hope it feels good, that’s my intention.”

“No guy has ever done that for me before.”

That comment got me to wondering. No guy, I thought. Humh?

When we got done, we went back to her room and she lay down on the bed and spread her legs. “Fuck me again, Sammy, I’ve really want it. I began to harden and began kissing her which got me to full mast. I slid into her, fucking her fast and hard, until we both came

“Sleep with me tonight, Sammy. I want to wake up with you in the morning.”

“I’d love to sweetie, but I have to get home.”

I got dressed, and kissed Barb goodbye, and left. As I walked past her living room, I spied Roxanne sitting on the couch looking rather morose.

“Good night Roxanne I hope your evening was as fantastic as mine nice meeting you. ”

“Good night Sonny boy, I’m glad you got to see me.”

“Me too, it saved me a trip to the zoo.” I scooted quickly out the door with that one, not wanting to incur her wrath.

Between her roommate, her friend at the diner, and the way CC acted, my intimidation level had increased. I just thought that she was too uncomfortable with our relationship, to make it work, no matter how fantastic the lovemaking session was. Everything was moving so fast I could hardly get over my confusion.


When I got home and went down to my room in the basement, Saffron was watching TV sitting on the sofa. She patted the sofa next to her and I sat down.

“How did your date go, are you two a l thang now?” She said that with a twang in her voice and spoke through her nose.

“I don’t think so. I don’t think she can handle the age difference, and I know it was intimidating for me, she’s out of my league.”

“Sammy, she’d be lucky to have you. If you have real feelings for her, go for it. Just make sure it’s not only the sex.”

“Saffron, I need to ask you a serious question.”

“Anything, honey, you know that.”

“Why is CC so hateful toward me all the sudden?” I told her what had happened when Barbara and I saw all CC at the movie theaters.

“I don’t know what’s got her chilled, Sammy, she’s even been cold with me since the night of your birthday. I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”

“Maybe I’ll just ask her the next time I see her.”

“You do that, honey.”

She began tonguing my neck and whispering in my ear, that she hoped Barb had left some for her She slid open her robe, displaying her completely naked body. All the sudden she kissed me passionately, while we jousted with our tongues. I felt myself stiffening and she reached down and began stroking me. I leaned down taking her left nipple into my mouth and began my trademark tonguing while nipping. She began stroking me harder, suddenly stopping and grabbing my hand, pulling me into my bedroom.

“Don’t want take a chance on the parents coming downstairs, now do we?”

Once in the bedroom, she lowered to her knees, undid my belt buckle, and drop my pants and underwear to the floor, taking my cock in her mouth. She stopped long enough to say, “Ummm, I taste Barb’s pussy on you,”

“Well , we showered after the first one, but she wanted it again, right before I left.”

“You fucked her twice tonight, you’re such a little devil.”

She pushed me down on the bed, and continued sucking me till I was hard. As she started climb up, I stopped her, while turning her on her back. I knelt between her legs and grabbed a hold of her buttocks while sliding myself into her juicy pussy. I began slamming into her hard and fast while saying, “you want a devil, I’ll give you one. Let me know at you like this.”

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