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SAIGON LESBIANS – PART 6 (and last)SAIGON LESBIANS – PART 6 (and last)(This will be the last part of this series. At least I enjoyed writing it even though very few people seemed to have liked it. I will start another series later.)« So are you going to talk to me ? », asked Marlene who was in the same position as always on Sunday nights, naked and lying next to Louise.The sex had been good but rather mechanical. Louise wasn’t into it. “You are such a liar”, suddenly shouted Louise“Please lower your voice and explain why I’m a liar”, said Marlene quietly“You’re always pretending that you are above all this. You don’t really care about Yolanda or any of the Chinese women or even me for that matter but you’re ready to rub cunts in front of everyone to become the lesbian queen bee of Saigon and replace Anna the whore ?Then Louise burst into tears. Marlene tried to take her in her arms.“Don’t touch me !”, cried Louise “If you want to fuck all the lesbians in Saigon, then you don’t need me anymore”. Louise put her clothes on in a hurry and left, slamming the door.Marlene spoke out loud to herself: “That’s what happens when they fall in love”.She pulled the sheet over her and fell asleep.—————————————————————————————————————–The cunt fight between Marlene, age 30, and Anna, probably age 50, was the talk of the large lesbian community of Saigon. For some, it was an entertainment to look forward to but to others it was a source of teasing and annoyance.“Looks like you don’t quite satisfy your girlfriend”, giggled Marie when she walked by Louise’s desk. “Don’t start anything”, warned Agnes who was standing a few feet away“I’m just stating the obvious. Looks like Marlene is ready to sniff around…Do you want to put in a good word for me Louise ?, “ continued MarieLouise stood up so quickly her chair fell over. It was Agnes, as usual, who separated the two lesbians who were ready to have a go at it. “You’ll get us all fired”, cried AgnesMarie and Louise went back to their respective desk but not before challenges and warnings had been exchanged. “You must be excited that women are fighting over you”, stated the school director to Yolanda“They’re not fighting….They are figuring out a way to see who is the most talented woman to satisfy my lust”, cleverly answered the Italian beauty.Chau was not happy with Anna and let her know she was in the dog house until after the cunt fight. The fight was scheduled for Sunday evening at 8PM in the main orgy room of the brothel. Everyone would be there.——————————————————————————————————————-About 30 minutes before the fuck fight was to begin, every space on the large carpeted room was occupied. As was the custom in Asia, people sat on the ground. Tension was high as new women came in and tried to find a spot near someone they knew and away from someone they hated. When you put over 50 naked lesbians in the same room, there are bound to be tensions between old flames and new flames, between competing butches and jealous dolls. Old affairs and heart breaks could come to the surface again. Agnes made sure Louise and Marie were not sitting close together; Tushi illegal bahis and Chau were arch-enemies ever since Dao left Chau to go with Tushi; Diem hated everyone and was ready to pick a fight. Most of the women present were local, some weren’t even lesbians but came to have a look at European women fight for lesbian domination. Yolanda was sitting quietly amongst local women she didn’t know. It was understood that the winner of this fight would be the “queen dyke” of Saigon and could sleep with whatever woman she wanted (even non-lesbians if she got the husband’s permission). Discreetly Marlene and Anna appeared at the front of the room, on either side of the stage. Both were naked as was everyone in the room. Anna’s cunt was always shaved but Marlene had shaved hers for the occasion. She wanted her long clit to be free to penetrate Anna’s hole without the annoying presence of hair. Anna’s cunt lips were more visible since she was 20 years older and also since hundreds of women had sucked on them. Marlene’s cunt lips were pink and normal. Both women had pissed a few minutes before and had purposely left a few drops on their piss slit to excite her rival’s taste buds. A young woman was applying erotic oil all over the body of both contestants. It was the equivalent of a lesbian Viagra. The Madam read the rules and announced that the first woman to have an orgasm would be considered the loser. If both women had an orgasm at the same time, they would resume the fight after a 10-minute break. There would be no punching, hairpulling or biting. Even before the event, Anna and Marlene had begun the thrash talk. “I see your tits haven’t grown since I nearly pulled them off last time”, cried Marlene“They haven’t grown because you girlfriend keeps sucking on them and wearing them down”, replied Anna, making the audience laugh.“Don’t forget to lick my piss slit, something for you there”, laughed Marlene, opening her cunt lips with both hands.“I’ll be glad to drink to your retirement”, answered Anna“You’re an old lioness, you’re the one who will retire and leave the herd to me”, screamed Marlene who put her finger right on what this fuck fight was about.“I’m not ready to let go. I have a few more encores left”, said Anna her voice shaking with emotion. Even Marlene was speechless. The two lesbians stepped on the wide stage. Anna was a few inches taller, but Marlene was a bit heavier with a full rack and an oval pair of asscheeks which made every lesbian drool. Anna’s skin was a bit wrinkled in spots and she was bonier but overall both contestants seemed of equal strength. The two lesbians embraced on the stage and tongue kissed each other with some passion. Then there was mutual tit-sucking, both women taking the nipple gently between her teeth. When they both began to finger the other’s cunt, one could already notice droplets of cunt juice trickling down each contestant’s thighs. Neither woman liked the other, but there was a strong sexual attraction between them which was obvious. Fingers probed cunt holes, moving up and down in the middle of the cunt crack. Fingers were glistening with juice. Wet hands moved against faces, spreading smelly sticky juices. Any other lesbian worth her salt would have probably had an orgasm by then. These illegal bahis siteleri two were miles away from squirting and could hold it for ever. Marlene stepped back and invited Anna to lick her cunt. Anna made a motion with her hands which meant she preferred a 69. Marlene lay down on her back and raised her arms to position Anna who let herself settle on her lesbian rival so that mouths were connecting with cunts. Many of the women in the audience seemed surprised at the slow pace. Those who knew the contestants were not. Both were confident and had been in 69 five hundred times (at least for Anna). There was no preventing the other woman from having access. Both had their legs wide open and tongues were active, going to where they could be the most efficient. Clits were barely touched at first, then when both women began to openly suck on the other’s love button, Marlene suddenly toppled Anna and took the lead. It was the first time since the beginning of the fight that one woman was taking advantage. Anna wiggled underneath the heavier woman but could do nothing but suck harder on Marlene’s long thin girl cock. Both knew no orgasm was to be reached in 69 if neither wanted it. It was designed to get juices flowing and break the ice in a way. When Marlene felt that Anna was extending her neck to reach her ass with her tongue, she put an end to the 69 and waited for her opponent kneeling down. Both lesbians were breathing faster now and faced each other kneeling. Marlene said something to Anna who nodded. The younger lesbian stood and bent her knees and turned so that her ass faced Anna. She assumed the position inmates take when they are getting ready for a search. Anna knelt behind her and opened her lovely asscheeks with her hands. She pushed her face as far as it would go and reached between Marlene’s legs to massage her cunt with her hand. Neither woman had taken a shower before the fight and this was the real thing. Asslicking at its finest. Marlene closed her eyes as she felt Anna’s long tongue twirl in her asshole. Anna’s hand was wet but Marlene did not cum. Anna could only hold her breath for so long and she eventually sat back. Both women glared at each other. The sex was getting dirty and the sexual excitement had been raised a notch. Marlene pushed her head between Anna’s bony asscheeks and pumped her tongue as deeply as she could. Anna knew she would lose the battle of strength in a missionary trib so she invited Marlene to scissor by sitting on the stage with her legs open. Marlene took her position facing her opponent with legs open. Both lesbians approached the other by moving on their ass until the two pairs of thighs, then the two shaved cunts touched. Anna’s puffy cunt lips covered Marlene’s who quickly moved so that her crack was making a cross with Anna’s. The trick was to move your hips so that clits touched, hoping that yours would win the swordfight. Anna reached for Marlene’s tits who pushed her hands away and tried to grab Anna’s smaller rack. Anna slapped her hands away. Hands fought for a few minutes before each woman managed to get a good firm grip on the other’s tits. Marlene had seen Anna in a few scissors and knew she liked to get close and kiss. She kept her away by stretching her body canlı bahis siteleri full length and putting pressure on Anna’s cunt. One had to remember that these two had been having sex for a good 45 minutes before this round and that their thighs were covered in sticky cunt juices, their tits hard and nipples out, and their lust at its highest. Just one clit touching the other could send one or the other woman in a thundering orgasm. Anna was obviously getting physically tired, her age showing for the first time. Marlene was jabbing at her cunt with hers and squeezing her tits. Anna was biting her lower lip. For the first time, Marlene felt she had a small edge. The audience of naked women stood to watch what they knew would be the final round. The two lesbians began to bang cunts, their ass leaving the floor of the stage for a second and landing again with a thump. One could certainly say the two butches were fucking each other. Anna regretted having started the cunt-banging since she was getting the worst of it. Marlene was flattening Anna’s clit with her longer instrument. Smelling victory, Marlene increased the rhythm and Anna’s eyes looked glassy. Marlene took advantage of Anna’s first moan to jump her and slide between her open legs, attacking her in the missionary position. The next 30 seconds went quickly and any woman in the audience who looked the other way may have missed it. Marlene’s buttocks moved up and down as she mounted Anna and fucked her cunt with hers. The younger butch kissed Anna who soon cried out “FUCK” as her orgasm raked her body. There were a few minutes of silence as Marlene rolled off her rival. Yolanda ran to the door and kept it open as both Marlene and Anna got up, held hands and followed the Italian lesbian running down the hallway.Shouts of “fake, fake” came from the stunned crowd of onlookers. Furious with the obvious pre-arranged fight, some women began to look for a rival, an old enemy or just someone who was ready to join them in a fight. It didn’t take long for Louise and Marie to find each other and fall to the ground in a pile of female flesh. They were scratching and biting and locks of hair were already on the floor. Agnes tried to pull them apart but Diem, remembering the cabin ****, grabbed her by the hair and got into a swinging fist fight with the older secretary. Dao stood smiling as she watched Tushi and Dao locked in a tit-biting duel while kneeing each other in the cunt. Even women who had never seen each other squared off , pulling hair or scratching faces. It took one hour for the police to restore order in the brothel.—————————————————————————————————————————-Marlene slid her slim strap-on between Yolanda’s fabulous buttocks. She had previously tasted the Italian lesbian’s puckered hole and had begun her fuck by using her hardened tongue. Anna was at the other end, her head comfortably resting on a soft pillow while Yolanda sucked on her erect clit and a few fingers were entering her cunt hole. Life continued as before in the small town. Anna, Marlene and Yolanda controlled the lesbian community. Just before the war in Indochina, a woman journalist passing through Saigon wrote in a report, which was to remain secret until the 1960s, that an old woman in a posh villa had told her about the intense lesbian activity in the city in the 1920s. She refused to tell her name but only that she owned a shop in the city in those days.THE END

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