Sailing With Friends

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I have tried to ensure all sailing references are correct, I apoagise for any I may have got wrong, had I let my husband check it you would now be reading a 3000 word story on setting a spinnaker. I am always grateful for constructive comments to improve my writing.

We met James and Caroline in the check-in queue at Gatwick Airport. Like us they had arrived early hoping to avoid the throngs alas we had all been thwarted, the queue was long its tail growing longer as it snaked its way around the barriers with us getting no closer to its head. I dislike airports I hate the waiting, the queues, my humanity stripped now just a number not a person just one of ten thousand packages slowly being processed through the various cogs of the airport. I wanted to leave to get out.

I became cross with myself, I shouldn’t be thinking that way I knew there were many people who would swap with me right now, perhaps it was a slight of claustrophobia I didn’t like being closed in. I was lucky once through this melee, we would be starting our holiday the normal pressures of life would be forgotten if only for a short but enjoyable time.

John, my husband started the normal grumbling that seems to be obligatory in any airport wait. Caroline, standing in front of us turned explaining the delay being due to a fault on the baggage belt. I thanked her; soon we struck up a conversation, where are you going? Where are you staying? They had booked a last minute holiday, Caroline had lost her mother earlier in the year it had been a very distressing time and this holiday a chance to get away hopefully relax to rebuild her life. I could see the sorrow in her eyes, as we talked, my own mother had passed away no more than two years ago, I understood her pain with my own mothering instincts taking over I wanted to comfort her to wipe away the sadness deep within her turquoise eyes. We talked more steering the conversation to happier subjects; I explained we were off on a sailing holiday.

John was a competent sailor; his parents had had a boat for many years and he grew up around boats and sailing. We had our own yacht but being berthed in the UK meant we could get plenty of sailing but not the warm weather to go with it. John loved sailing in rougher seas for me though I had more enjoyment in a calmer warm blue sea with the hot sun on my back a gin they’ve probably got lost getting here, nothing to worry about.” He smiled, a smile I had seen a thousand times a smile I found comforting a smile that said, “No need to be worried, I’m here for you.”

We were on our third drink by the time they had arrived, we had started to wonder whether they were coming, I wanted to send Caroline another text John said not to worry. “I Told you they would be here.” John said smiling. I turned my head and could see James and Caroline walking towards us.

I called “Hi guys,” but got a muted answer, something wasn’t right with them. John went to look for extra chairs and James followed. “What’s the matter Caroline?” I asked patting the chair for her to sit down. It was easy to see she was upset her makeup disturbed from tears.

“Our hotel the tour operator has messed it up,” she was close to tears,” we got to our supposed hotel and they had never heard of us, said we didn’t have a reservation, we spoke to the holiday rep the hotel manager we even tried batıkent escort calling back to their offices at home none could help the hotel was fully booked we’ve been put in a flea ridden smelly two star hotel that should be demolished, it’s horrible Susie, I hate it.”

I immediately put my arm around her trying to offer her some comfort. “Can they not get you in your hotel tomorrow?” I asked.

“Maybe in three night’s time, is the best they can do.” Caroline was clearly upset, as any of us would be. “They can give us a different hotel tomorrow night followed by different one the night after that.”

“That’s not fair I fact it’s disgusting.” I was getting angry for them concerned for Caroline. She didn’t need this trouble; somehow we needed to help them. The guys returned and we sat there discussing the situation. James’s phone rang, it was the tour operator he got up and walked away to take the call as Caroline followed him I prayed for good news.

I turned to John. “This is so unfair on them, especially Caroline, they’ve come her to get over her mother’s death and the only thing they are doing is getting more stressed.”

“I’m not sure what we can do. Let them move onto our balcony?” He replied.

“No of course not. Stop being so flippant. We could invite them to join us on the boat? We’ve got an upgrade, it’s plenty big enough for four we’re all getting on well, we can share the work load, damn it John the poor woman is close to breaking down.”

“Susie we only met them twelve hours ago the only time we’ve spent with them is standing in a queue at the airport. We may not actually like each other and what if they’re mass murderers and this is a set up?”

I slapped him on his thigh, hard. “You can see the state she’s in, that’s not an act and if we find we don’t get on we can just sail back and drop them off.”

“That would mean making course changes and ruining our planned route.” He argued.

“Sod the planned route if you think I’m going to have a good holiday knowing they are stuck here in a flea pit of a hotel then you’re mistaken. Come on John it’ll be fine, please.”

“Okay I understand that Susie, but there is something you haven’t thought about. What about stripping off? We can hardly go around naked with them on board.”

That’s true, I thought. We loved sailing but also loved to strip off and sail nude. “If that’s the case we’ll keep our clothes on. Look at them, it’s not fair, the least we can do is offer, they’ll probably say no anyway. At least then I can go with a clear conscience. Please John?”

“It’ll cost you a blow job.” He said with a smile.

“If you don’t ask them then trust me legs and mouth will be closed all holiday.” I always find it’s better to argue with a man’s brain, not his head.

John was resigned “Alright you win. I do want to help them though I did need to mention the pitfalls.”

“Good, I’ll get my lips oiled for later.” I smiled at him.

Caroline was back from the toilet and was speaking to James, after a couple of minutes they re-joined us Caroline was close to tears. “Any luck?” John asked.

“Not Really.” James replied. “We’ve had a chat and have decided not to continue with this debacle, they’ve offered us a flight home tomorrow and we’re going to take it. Neither of us can take much more of this.” beşevler escort James held Caroline tightly I made her sit down before she fell down.

John turned to James and Caroline. “We’ve been chatting and we’ve come up with an idea. Why not join us on the boat, come sailing with us for a week? The boats plenty big enough and it seems we all get on well, so why not?”

“We couldn’t do that.” Simon answered. “We don’t want to ruin your holiday.”

I broke in. “You won’t be we asked you because we wanted to, it will be fun and less work for me, we can all chip in. And if I’m honest I’m not going to enjoy it if you’re not with us.” I looked at both of them hoping to get their approval and ensuring them we were serious.

John added to my statement. “If we don’t get on after a day or so or if you guys aren’t enjoying it we can bring you back and then you’ll be able to stay in your original hotel. Come on why not?”

Caroline looked at James; they had one of those conversations where no words are said. Caroline spoke “We’d love to join you, thank you, you guys are so kind. Only if you’re sure?”

“Good that’s sorted.” I said triumphantly. “John a bottle of Champagne please or whatever they have here.”

“You’re certainly not paying for that, we are.” James said. “If you can order it I’ll phone the tour operator and tell them.”

James made the call and John ordered the champagne, Caroline’s tears dried up her eyes lit up and I got a kiss from everyone. We spent the rest of the evening excited, talking and laughing, eating and drinking sorting out the logistics making plans. I gave Caroline a quick lesson in nautical terms; I knew many of them just weren’t sure what they meant. I knew in my heart it’s was going to be a good week.

We eventually said our goodnights and agreed a meeting time for tomorrow and more staggered than walking back to our hotel. Back to our room I kicked off my shoes and I fell onto the bed. “John I know it’s going to be a lovely holiday, they’re a lovely couple. A good idea?”

“Yes Susie it was.” John continued. “Wasn’t there something you agreed to back in the bar?”

I knew what he meant but thought I would tease him “No I didn’t agree to anything.” I said with a laugh. Before he had a chance to look disappointed I pulled my dress up to my waist and opened my legs and mouth. “Your choice Admiral.” John didn’t need to ask twice he was naked in seconds his cock already hard, my mouth starting to salivate.

Kneeling in front of me on the bed he leaned forward to kiss me his cock already trying to probe my pussy only my knickers preventing it doing so. Our lips touched our tongues entwined his hand on my breast playing with my nipple through my dress and bra. I put my hand out and found his hard cock I ran my fingers up and down his shaft feeling it get harder as I did. My hand grasped his balls and I gently squeezed, his back slightly arching a small moan of desire left his mouth. His hand trying to get to my breasts but my dress not allowing him full access, we stopped I lifted my shoulders and back allowing him to pull the top of my dress down exposing my breasts now covered only by my bra. With one hand he unclipped my bra, sliding the straps off my shoulders, my breasts now naked for him. His mouth went for my hardened nipples, he kissed ankara escort it, sucked it then a tender bite. I let out a moan my fingernails dug into his arse, again he arched his back my nipple receiving a firmer bite. I screamed both with pain and delight.

My hand sought my own pussy with two fingers I caressed it through my now damp knickers. John’s mouth found my other nipple giving it the same attention as the first, his hand and fingers taking over from where his mouth had been. One nipple being squeezed the other receiving gentle then firmer bites. I moaned, he knew what I liked what I wanted. Every bite I received I responded to on his arse, the pain and pleasure creating ecstasy for us both.

My pussy was aching I slid my hand inside my knickers with two fingers I slowly stroked my lips a third penetrated my pussy finding the exact spot. My fingers were soaked with my juices I removed them and rubbed the juice around my breasts before returning them to my pussy. John leaving my nipples lapped my breast dry then returned his attention back to my nipples. I wanted him inside me, I didn’t care my mouth, my pussy my arse my body was his to use.

I pleaded to him through my moans “Fuck me, fuck me anyway you want, take me, use me make me yours.”

His mouth left my nipple “Turn over, I want your cunt from behind.” I did as I was told, on all fours, he pulled my knickers down leaving them tangling on one leg. He positioned my arse I felt the tip of his cock on my pussy, with one push his cock slid deep within my pussy I felt his balls as they slammed into me. With his two hands holding me he started to fuck me hard each time harder than the last his cock hitting the top of my pussy My head buried in the pillow I was screaming begging him to fuck me harder, faster, tears falling from my eyes, my tits being bounced under me my body sweating with craving with lust. I wanted him to cum, to fill me, I wanted to feel his hot cum inside me, I felt his cock grow I could hear him moan he was getting close, I knew it, harder he fucked me, he let out a large moan, he screamed my name and I felt his cock explode inside me, I could feel his hot cum filling my pussy.

His pounding of my pussy slowed, now he was gentle the last of his orgasm retreating, I felt his cock start to soften, gently he pulled it from my pussy I felt a cocktail of hot sperm and my own juices running from my pussy down my thigh. I turned over and lay on my back with exhaustion. John wasn’t finished yet, he pushed open my legs his tongue replacing where his cock had been.

I felt his tongue on my pussy, he was cleaning me, and he knew how much I loved it. He lapped away his tongue on my pussy, on my clit, I rubbed my nipples softer than his bites had been, and they were now so sensitive, as he licked my pussy I could feel I was on the edge, I wanted John to push me over that edge with his tongue. I felt it rising within me, I screamed my pussy now so sensitive every brush of his tongue sending me to a higher plain. “Yes John now, I’m cumming.” My orgasm ran through me touching every part of my body, I trembled enjoying every last moment of rapture. I cried my body softened, John left my pussy moving up the bed to lay next to me, we looked into each other’s eyes, he kissed me softly I could taste him, I could taste me, I could taste us both.

John put his arm around me, I snuggled into him enjoying the security and love his body gave me, I wanted to be joined with him I wanted us both to be one, he held me tighter I could feel his warm breath on my back. His chest on my back. I closed my eyes and smiled knowing we were one.

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