Sales Conference with the boss

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Sales Conference with the bossI got hired right out of school with a new tech company and I hit the ground running. I’ve greatly exceeded my sales goals every year and people are starting to rumor I’m in line for a management job. This year I got invited to go with the top performers to the annual sales conference in Miami. Cindi, my wife, gave me a quick blow job as I left for 4 days away from her. I was just as sad a she since we still have a great sex life and she stays fit as can be.I checked in and wandered over to the conference roos for a day of motivational speeches and sales tips.That evening the five of us in the same company dined together in a great restaurant. To my pleasant surprise, money was no object, the company paid for the entire night. I had a beer and two scotches and everyone else did likewise.As we headed back to our rooms, Sandy, the sales manager, asked if I could join her.“I’d like to go over some of your figures for the last quarter” she remarked.I followed her to a suite on the top floor. They definitely treat the mangers right. Her room was massive with a separate living room and a huge master bath with a whirlpool.“Pour yourself a drink while I change and get my paperwork” she quipped.I poured a small drink and sat on a couch in the living roomSandy emerged from the bedroom wearing canlı bahis a robe, loosely fastened.Sandy is about 40, 5’7” 120 lbs, short brown hair and still attractive, if you’re in to women her age.She pulled out a file and we discussed my sales for the last few months. As we went over the data, her robe slipped more and more. I could easily tell she was naked underneath.Sandy wrapped up her comments and I thought we were done.She leaned over and started undoing my fly and slid her hand inside. I was stunned!! This is my boss!! I froze as she felt my length and balls.“mmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned”She leaned further and took me in her mouth. I couldn’t resist, she had me in a spellI must admit she can really suck. I was soon nearing a climax as she stroked me and sucked me. I shot a load so hard I thought I would blow her head offShe kept sucking and stroking and I had to pull her awayI leaned back and pantedSandy came up and smiled“How was that stud?“Yeah, that was awesome”Sandy undressed me completely and she pulled me to the bedroom. She slid off her robe and I admired her.Sandy must spend time in a spa; her butt is firm; her titties are still full. She has a flat stomach and she is completely bald around her kitty and it still looks fine.She sat on the edge of the bed and spread“Your turn” she smiledI got bahis siteleri on my knees and kissed her fine pussy. Then I licked, nibbled, sucked and blew until she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in as she shuddered.This time it was her turn to collapse and pantShe motioned for me to move on up and she spread her legsI slid in her moist pussy. She is still tight and she felt greatI tried to give her a long fuck but the thought of doing my boss was too much. At least she was bucking and coming as I wasWe lay on the bed and tried to recoverMy phone rang. I knew it was Cindi and I told Sandy I had to answer“go ahead”I lay on the bed and chatted with my lovely wife. Sandy lay me on my side and reached around and began stroking me. She blew on my neck from behind and nibbled on me. She soon had me hard and I tried to conceal my orgasm as Cindi filled me in on her dayAfter Cindi hung up my phone made a chirp“What’s that?” Sandy asked“After we talk on the phone Cindi always sends me a snap” I replied“let me see”I showed her. Cindi always sends me a shot of her boob or her butt to keep my interest“Oh she is hot” Sandy remarked. “Maybe she’d like to join us”I definitely wasn’t going to tell Cindi about Sandy so I kind of muttered a response“Yeah she looks like a great tasting little fox” Sandy statedSandy bahis şirketleri grabbed me and pulled me to the shower. We scrubbed each otherWe went back to the bed and Sandy wanted another licking. Soon she came again I got a little bold. It was now around 3 in the morning. I grabbed Sandy and took her out on the balcony“You are a bold one” she remarkedI turned her around and bent her over. I placed her hands on the balcony railI got behind her and entered her“Oh you are definitely on the edge” she remarkedI reached around and grabbed her globes. Her tits are big compared to Cindi. I milked her as I did her from behind. Sandy was bent over, getting it form behind where the whole world could seeI long stroked her, I wanted this to last“Derek” she remarked. “someone might see us”“yeah”“Oh you are nasty”I stroked her for at least 10 minutes. I would slow down if I was getting close, Finally I shot another load in her tight cunt.She collapsed on the balcony.We did this again for the rest of the conference.Sandy kept pressing me to have Cindi join us“I’ll get my husband if you guys want” she addedThe last thing I wanted was my boss and her husband fucking Cindi. I avoided any future commitments.The final morning the group boarded the plane to go home. Sandy had upgraded seats and dd not sit with the rest of us“Wow, the boss looks pretty ragged” Tom remarked“Yeah, I hear she’s up most nights still doing work” Sam chimed inAlicia, a sales girl with about 7 years on the job looked at me and gave me a curious smileStay tuned for Part II

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