Sallie x Rocky – Sock Foreplay

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Sallie rubbed the sweat that beaded on her forehead, taking in several deep breaths before speaking.

“I believe your long legs always beat me in a race, Rocky,” Sallie giggled, her gaze falling onto her lover.

They had returned inside Rocky’s Bunker after a long sprint in the hot, evening sun. They needed time to break away from the strains, and so a simple jog (which slowly turned into a race) would have been the best idea.

Rocky grinned, strands of his golden-blond hair fell over his forehead, the sweat soaking them heavily. In-between pants, he replied:

“Oh, come on now, Sweetheart. You know it’s not the length of my legs that win. It’s the strength,”

Sallie frowned playfully, sitting onto the wooden ground of his bunker.

“You underestimate me,” Sallie said, cocking a brow as the male Soldier sat down before her, resting. “I have a lot of strength myself, you know,”

She narrowed her eyes light-heartedly at the male, but couldn’t help but eye him up and down.

Rocky was bigger than any other average Soldier. Thick, hard muscles underneath his firm skin, the landscape of his bulking body lathered with hot, salty sweat. Even from where she sat she could feel the intense heat emitting from his powerful body. He towered over her, standing, sitting, even on his knees his face reached to her collar-bone.

The idea of him kissing her neck…

She felt her cheeks burn like fire, a rush of redness painted her cheeks a beautiful rose colour.

Rocky saw it, and knew exactly what caused it. Pretending to play innocent, he leaned a little closer to her, and stared at her. But a seductive smirk tugged at the end of his mouth, his eyes half-closed, endearing her with his powerful, icy-blue eyes. His thick blond eyebrows lowered over his gaze, with one slightly cocking up, his jaw tightening.

When Sallie turned to saw his sexy expression, she instantly felt her bones melt, a small fire smouldering inside her lower stomach.

“Pfft! Don’t give me that look Rocky!”

“What look?”

“You know exactly what look!”

Rocky leaned closer, close enough for the tips of their noses to touch. The intimacy took Sallie overboard instantly. Rocky knew such a simple action could break her. She squealed playfully, seeing how Rocky’s expression did not change. She raised her foot up at him, aiming for the weakness between his legs, and cackled a laugh when he flinched and cupped his groin.

“Got you, didn’t I?”

“Get those Tanker-Boots off Missy and I’ll show you!” Rocky smirked, already snatching her feet and pulling the straps off the boots. Her feet were incredibly hot, yet soft. Socked in cute little black and yellow striped socks, he gave the sole of the foot a stroke before placing the boot down, and repeated the same process to the other.

Once both boots were removed, Rocky spread his legs open and with a challenging spark in his eye, he called for her:

“Come at me!” He challenged.

Sallie raised her foot and watched as Rocky squinted, bracing himself for the pain she was about to inflict on him-

But he was surprised he felt no pain at all. In fact, he felt a gentle push of her toes against the groin of his pants, and felt something intense shimmering inside of him.

He looked at her, cocking a brow, totally confused. But she beamed a smile, and laughed.

“You still flinched,”

“I didn’t!” He played along with her banter. The two Soldiers shared a laugh before it settled down into silence, both relaxing in their own peace away from the troops.

Sallie watched Rocky.

He sat there, back straight, his eyes closed firmly, and occasionally frowning at a thought that seemed to have bothered him. She took this chance to observe his body. His broad chest expanded softly under the black tank-top that plastered wetly against his hard chest as he took several deep breaths, his legs crossed over. And in the centre of his legs, shielded away from any other attempts to kick them was the obvious evidence of his cock, a bulging shape almost bursting out of the tight constricted prison of his shorts.

The temptation in touching it grew inside of her more rapidly than she anticipated, her thirst to feel it was mounting deep inside of her, her mind wandering aimlessly, predicting its sheer size when fully erected and how hard and hot it would feel inside of her. She knew his body very well, and knew for a fact he wasn’t small below the belt. In fact, with his looks, voice and body, she wasn’t surprised he was gifted with a large cock. And those huge, heavy balls…

She felt her spine tingle, her arousal creeping all around her lower body, hugging around her waist and shimmered hotly.

She lifted her foot…

Rocky’s eyes snapped open, his thoughts interrupted when he felt a sensation touching his already-aroused cock. He glanced down expecting to see her slim fingers drawing circles against his beating bulge, but was surprised to see her toes entering the territory emek escort itself. A dirty grin grew on his face rapidly, his eyes locking with his female companion as she gazed back at him lovingly, her eyes intense with lust.

Rocky leaned back, intrigued with this new foreplay.

Teasingly, Sallie slowly ran her toes over the pulsating hump within his shorts, eager to escape and greet her. But he resisted. He saw what she was trying to do. She was trying to win him over!

He was determined not to give into her little teases. But with that in mind, even he struggled to keep his cool. Sallie was obviously enjoying it, her toes curling around his bulge, sliding under the heavy globular shape and back to the top. She ran her toes flat against it now, sliding them painfully slowly down the front of his bulge, and she could feel it twitching hard and suddenly at every single touch.

She watched as Rocky bit his lower lip, his eyes squinting again. That cute little notion he does before he breaks-

“Fuck it!” He suddenly blurted out. He knew for sure they were alone and safe in his Bunker. No one ever dares interrupts him unless it’s an emergency.

His hand suddenly dived into the front of his pants, Sallie eyed him with glee as she watched his hands writhe beneath the cotton, and tugged out the large, throbbing erection that had been demanding to receive her sweetness since this morning. “Please, for the love of God, suck me off!”

Sallie smirked darkly.

“Nah,” She simply said, and before Rocky could demand for her explanation, she placed a foot against his chest and forced him to back away from his erection a little, her other foot already making its way towards the twitching, pulsating erection. The sweltering, black socked-toes touched his throbbing cock, the rigid thickness beating against her toes, and Rocky inhaled sharply when he felt both of the soles of her feet hugging around his erection.

It was strange.

He never felt like this about feet before. It didn’t even occur to him that feet could do something so wonderful to his demanding sex-drive. It drove him more insane how Sallie seemed to enjoy it herself, and how deeply arousing it was to see her giggle in such control, breaking him just by her cute, socked feet. But the heat from the sweating cotton was unbearable, almost replicating what he would feel inside of Sallie. She moved her feet up and down in sync for a time, very slowly, being gentle but teasing, and Rocky’s chest trembled in lust to feel the insanity of this strange, new foreplay.

She quickened the pace, trying to break Rocky more. His eyes snapped opened from his lust-filled daze, startled by the speed and gasped. His legs spread wider, thrusting his hips in the air so he can reach the orgasm already edging up towards, but Sallie stopped suddenly, and Rocky froze for a time, almost unsure what had happened, whether he came or not. Realising what she did, his entire body simply collapsed onto the ground, his erection raw and red from the sweaty feet rubbing against it, but still standing up, hard and throbbing, desperate for a release.

Rocky laid there, panting, his chest lifting up and down rapidly, his eyes staring at the ceiling.


Sallie pulled her feet away from his throbbing erection now, hugging her legs against her chest, eyeing Rocky with strange contentment.

“I hate to admit this, but you look rather adorable when you’re so vulnerable,” She gave him a taunting smirk, one that should have annoyed him, but instead it just pleased him more.

Rocky smirked at the comment, leaning close to her now, his face mere inches away from hers.

“You’re such a tease,” He purred, raising a hand and stroking the throngs of her hair away from her face. “It’s rather cute…but little do you know how vulnerable you can be also!” He added with a battle-cry, as he snatched Sallie into his arms and pulled her into a tight embrace, both of the Soldiers sharing a giggle together as he picked her up in his arms and rolled onto the bed with her. He traced kisses around her face, soft, loving butterfly kisses over her hot flesh, tasting the strong, bitterness of her salty-sweat that soaked her skin, but he didn’t care. He adored every aspect of her, and embraced each second he shared with her.

Sallie playfully pushed him onto his back, sitting on his stomach now, his erection hot and bothered, throbbing and twitching behind her ass. Silently, she began to remove the items of clothing from her pale body. She removed her combat pants first, dropping them at the side of the bed. There, she remained there, clothed in nothing but her black and yellow striped socks and her black leotard, the beautiful fabric barely able to stretch over her ample curves and bumps, embracing the large globes of her breasts and hugging tightly around her waist and the firmness of her hips, exposing her buttocks.

The one thing that nearly broke him was the very sight of her, eryaman escort looking down at him with such desire in her eyes, how much he meant to her in her world. He could also feel the equally aroused beating of her vagina, a sleek wetness dampening the fabric between her legs, grinding wetly against his stomach, her swollen clitoris pressing hard against the wet leotard, nubby and aroused.

She wasn’t wearing any panties.

He watched her fiddle with her bra-strap behind her back, and without removing the straps of her leotard; she pulled the bra freely from her body, teasing him. He felt his heart drumming harder at the sight of her hard, erected nipples that poked from beneath the fabric, tauntingly staring at him, proud and tightened. What a tease.

Even with this small teaser, he could feel a sudden stiffness clutching within his groin, itching to get relief, feeling bunged up with arousal and sexual tension.

“I’m not joking now, Sallie, I need to be inside of you!” Rocky practically yelled desperately, his grabby hands reaching out for her, but narrowly missing her when she leaned back, shaking her index finger.

“No. After all these times you wouldn’t let me come, I will do the same,” She purred teasingly, sitting before him where he lay. He watched in growing anticipation as he watched her lean on her elbows, her feet raised, and then-

“Oh god, NO!” He cried out, his eyes widening before shutting tightly in a mixture of disbelief and torturous lust. His fingers dug into the bed-sheets, ripping them upwards from the mattress when he felt her hot, damp feet grasping his painfully-aroused erection, tormenting him more. She moved the soles of her feet up and down smoothly and slowly against his throbbing length, making the movements become so fast and hard. He could feel his hot, heavy balls twitching now, unable to withstand this torment she was playing on him. He was so close to scream-!

But she stopped again, and this time, he glared at her hotly.

“Why won’t you let me come?” He growled in frustration, clearly not amused to feel the orgasm building up dwindling slowly back within him. But Sallie giggled, and he forgave her.

“I want you inside of me,” She mewed softly, leaning down and cupping the heavy balls in her hands, gazing at the large, fullness of them, kissing them softly. The sensation of her soft lips pressing against his rock-hard balls made Rocky groan loudly, clenching his teeth.

Sallie leaned over, hugging her hands around the back of his neck and made him sit upwards, his erection pointing straight up now, sitting on the plush cushions of his large, hard balls. He tilted his head at her, his deep, powerful gaze watching her. She grabbed his hand, hugging it against her cheek for a time, kissing each tip of his fingers before saying: “See?” And as she questioned him, she placed his fingertips between her legs, and he felt the spongy wetness between her legs, her pussy lips practically sleek with hot, slimy arousal. She was clearly horny, if her erected nipples didn’t say enough.

He stood on his knees now, almost tearing his pants from his body, his underwear included, and exposed the full pride of his arousal. His hard, proud erection stood up and throbbing, thick and hot from base to tip, accompanied with a dark-blond bush above his infamously-sexy balls, which hung huge and heavy either side of his erection.

He snatched his black tank-top too, slapping the wet shirt onto the floor; his hefty, strong body glistened with sweat from the recent exercise and anticipation from before. He was about to remove his Tanker-Boots when Sallie stopped him.

“No, please,” She begged gently. “Keep them on…I’ll keep my socks on for you,” As she said that, she playfully wiggled her toes at his face, pressing the soft soles of her foot against his cheek, and he chuckled, grabbing her foot and tickling them teasingly for a time, before agreeing with her. Soon, with the exception of Rocky’s Tanker-Boots and Sallie’s black-and-yellow striped socks, they were naked.

Rocky pulled Sallie into a tight embrace before they began. He tugged her down onto the bed with him, making her lie on top of his body, her wet pussy grinding against his stomach. She positioned herself above him, standing on her hands and knees, and he grabbed his pounding erection for her, helping her take target in her yearning pussy. Once she felt the tip of the hot head prodding against her eager, wet lips, she shivered in delight, and she felt him tease her now, stroking the thick, wet head against her lips, up and down, slowly, and ran it over her swollen and sensitive plump lips. She flinched and slapped Rocky’s shoulder playfully, but he continued, even with that crafty grin of his, and soon she nearly melted onto his chest, her fingers grabbing his shoulder and digging in hard, desperation in her sweet, sweet moans.

He could feel her tremble violently, and flinching every time he ran the hot head ankara escort over her clitoris, but he was waiting. Waiting for a moment, just for…


His groan of pleasure was drowned with her scream of shock and fiery-lust as she felt him plunging his erection deep into her pussy, the hardened wet walls within clutch onto him, accepting his erection gladly, reuniting the couple into one once more. He wanted to catch her off-guard, and he had succeeded. He grabbed her head wantonly and pressed his lips demandingly onto hers, a kiss craving for the sweetness of love, but also forgiveness for his cruel trick, and her kisses told him he was forgiven. Wrapping her hands around his neck, her lips and tongue meshing against his, she felt his hips rise between her thighs, his erection slowly growing inside of her, overwhelming her as more and more of his hungry erection drove deeper inside of her, and she had to resist crying in pain as he forced the final stretch of his erection inside, pushing all of him inside balls-deep, his heavy balls pressing against her anus.

She hugged him tighter, and he stopped for a time, hushing her lovingly as he stroke her hair, knowing for a fact she was in a little bit of agony. He never dared go all the way in. He knew how well endowed he was once it comes to size, and wanted anything but to hurt his sweet with it. He wanted her to love it, not to fear it.

“Are you alright? I went a little overboard,” Rocky whispered, kissing her earlobe.

He heard her panting hard and heavy against his neck, and when he heard her answer, he grinned sinisterly.

“I need you. All of you. Give it all to me, Bad Boy!” She demanded. “I wanna feel those balls slapping me hard, and I wanna feel your dick pounding the insides of me,”

“As you wish,” Rocky replied huskily, his hands gripping onto her hips now, his fingers digging into the firmness of her ass-cheeks, spreading them apart and opening his own legs, forcing Sallie to open her legs more for him.

Wetly and quickly, he pulled out of her, only keeping the head of his erection inside of her, paused, and then thrust it back inside of her hard. He heard her scream, a scream of delight, and he repeated the process, each thrust squeezing her hot, moisture out of her already-stuffed pussy, spitting droplets of her arousal wetness onto their thighs, trickling slimy ribbons, making their flesh touch and slide, making them more horny. Feeling her aching pussy tightly hugging around him, pulsating in sync with his throbbing cock made it unbelievably amazing!

He continued to thrust into her, slowly at first to ease any of the tension and pain, until he knew they were both desperate to come hard and fast. He slid his dick into her harder and faster now, his heavy, hard balls banging against her thighs and ass, the rasp of his public hair tickling the smoothness of her recently clean-shaven pussy. She could feel the balls hitting her ass-cheeks hard, making them ripple violently, and it turned her on so much more, her orgasm was virtually seconds away. The wet clapping of his balls thrashing against her pussy and ass also made Rocky drown in hot, lustful passion. It was also another asset that turned him on the most, how his balls seemed to have sent ripples of extra arousal into him like thunder, and thrust his orgasm closer and closer each thrust.

His fingers began to nearly break her flesh of her hips now, gripping tighter.

Sallie had to hold onto the headboard of the bed to stop herself from collapsing on her hands, her round, large breasts rolling, jiggling and bouncing up and down hard above Rocky’s head. He spread his legs as wide as possible, forcing her legs apart, stretching her pussy in the process, exposing her clitoris now. Sallie had never felt so full up, so overwhelmed, so well and truly fucked, in her whole life.

It took Rocky, perhaps, ten thrusts before Sallie was the first one to orgasm. When she came hard and fiercely, her pussy squeezed very hard around his dick, her ass tightening and pulsating due to his hard balls pounding against her, feeling a searing heat flood her pussy and rise to her cheeks and chest. She gasped in constant exhaustion, falling onto Rocky’s chest and crying out his name between breaths, clawing at his chest, becoming completely vulnerable.

And despite Rocky being so close himself, he had the time to release her worn hips and hug onto her tightly, kissing her neck and collarbone, his hips still thrusting against her limp body, feeling his entire length sleek with her wetness of her orgasm.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Rocky aggressively flipped Sallie over onto her back; the sweet face of the breathless female watched her lover as he pulled out of her and felt sweet relief as he continued to rub himself off, to orgasm over her stomach. His hand pounded against his tender shaft and balls, and she watched as hot, whiteness spurted onto her stomach, letting the cum spill out and roll down her body.

Rocky let out one final groan of defeat before collapsing beside her, looking at her lovingly with weary lust in his eyes, kissing her on the lips softly, and he whispered how much he loves her. She echoed his words too, touching his nose with a trembling finger.

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