Sam and Jake Pt. 03


Jake groaned at the sound of his alarm. He lay in bed, half awake, through 3 snoozes until he forced himself to get up. It was Monday, with only 2 more weeks before graduation. He wanted nothing more than to be done with school.

Moving to the bathroom and starting his morning routine was all he could handle. Why did they have to start classes so early? He prepared his shower and went through the normal routine. Brush teeth, drain his bladder, shave. Something was nagging his brain. A feeling like he was forgetting something. Once he ducked into the now warm shower, he woke up enough to remember last night. A grin plastered over his face.

His morning routine suddenly didn’t seem so dull. He whistled as he showered. He paid extra attention to cleaning his dick. He’d washed it after his Mom left but it always paid to be thorough. Also, the soap was slippery and fun on his dick.

Dressing in his normal outfit of shorts and a t-shirt he went and fairly jumped down the stairs, only hitting every third one. He hummed whatever was in his head as he looked around to see if his parents had left for work yet.

His mood took a hit when he could find no sign of them. Maybe he’d missed them both? Checking around, he soon confirmed that both cars were gone. Oh well, he’d see her later. He grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to school. He had some plans for when school was done.


Sam floated through her Monday morning work. She answered calls from clients, reviewed a couple contracts and chatted gaily to any coworker who would stop long enough. Everyone she interacted with came away with a lighter step or a smile. It was hard not to be infected with such cheer and energy, she supposed. It was all the same to her, no one could ruin her mood.

She’d danced around Bill this morning as well, when getting ready. He commented on it, asking why she was in such a good mood. She’d answered with a shrug and a peck on the cheek before dashing to her car. She knew why she was in a good mood and that was all that mattered. It was no one else’s business. Except Jake’s.

At lunch she ate while reading an article about the falling rates of teen pregnancy she came across on her phone. Teen pregnancy. Why did that ring a bell? Something she had forgotten? An icy streak ran down her spine as she remembered she needed to get a Plan B pill. The second Monday in a row she’d needed one. Feeling her cheeks flush, she dumped the rest of her lunch and hurried to the pharmacy.

While she was there, she also picked up a package of condoms, hoping she picked the right size. The right size for her new lover. Her son. She forced herself to think it, put the words out there in her mind at least. She intended to continue fucking Jake, her lover, her son.

She pondered whether one package was enough, but then stopped that train of thought. Yes, they were new lovers, but they were prevented from fully exploring their lust by her husband, his father. They wouldn’t have infinite opportunities to be together with him around. In fact, they might only be limited to when Bill left the house, which was a rarity.

He had left yesterday though. Maybe there would be time for more than discreet touches. Where had he gone? She’d never bothered to ask.

Sam looked at the Plan B pill for a minute before popping it in her mouth. For some reason this time it was harder to swallow. Her mind whirled in a fog of momentary confusion, overwhelmed by a rush of conflicting emotions.

Her old self, the married woman and mother, was at war with her new self. The elation and emotion of a new lover was overwhelming her old self, causing her to examine all decisions in a new light. Was she sure she didn’t want a baby? Examined practically, if she wasn’t married and had a new young lover, would she want to take that step with him? Possibly.

She realized she had left one factor out of the equation. Did Jake even want kids? He hadn’t seemed upset at the risk of a pregnancy. She gave her head a shake; this entire line of thought was silly. She put pregnancy out of her head.

Thinking back to her initial conundrum: Was the fact she was wavering on one decision mean she was going to be re-evaluating her whole life? One thing she was sure of: she would have to make a decision, and soon, on where she wanted to go from here. Was she a wife with a lover on the side, or was she her son’s mate who happened to be married to another man?

Heading back to work, Sam focused on her energy from the morning. It had all come from her late-night fuck with her son…when he’d taken her anal virginity. She felt goosebumps rise all over her body as she recalled the event and her step picked up noticeably. Her cheeks flushed as she smiled at people around her, afraid they could read her thoughts somehow.

When she got back to the office she sat at her desk and prepared to read an email when she heard her phone buzz. It was a text from Jake. She glanced around. Her desk was in an open concept office but her back was to a wall. pendik escort No other desk was close enough for anyone to read over her shoulder but she didn’t want to be careless.

Opening the message app, she saw it was just a few words.

Jake: Didn’t see you before school today. How is work?

Sam: Work is great! I am loving life today for some reason. 😉 How is school?

Jake: Blah. I can’t wait to b done. 2 weeks to go and teachers are still RIDING me. I wish they’d just get off my ASS. I’m glad you’re having a good day.

Sam felt her whole face go red. Had he sent that on purpose? Her phone buzzed again and saw he’d sent an emoji of a peach. Squirming in her chair, she fought off the memories of last night. She needed to concentrate, dammit.

She quickly sent back: I’ll see you at home, gotta run!

As she put the phone down on her desk it buzzed one more time. She hesitated before checking it and then slammed it down on her desk. He’d sent her a picture.


Jake finished zipping up his pants in the stall and stood for a while to try and let the swelling go down. He checked his phone a few times while waiting but his Mom had left him on ‘read’. No typing bubbles to show a response.

A tremble of fear hit him. What if someone else had seen the picture? What if she was mad that he sent it? Sending a dick pic was the normal next step in his circle of friends when you started dating a girl, everyone did it. Except everything was new territory with his Mom, and he didn’t know when or if he’d cross a line with her.

Like last night. He’d been very nervous but also very turned on and thought his heart would leap out of his chest when he suggested anal. He’d been worried that she might get angry and leave. Instead she had lay there patiently and occasionally seemed equally as nervous. He thought they had done it right, and his Mom seemed to enjoy it as much as he had. Jake wasn’t sure if he would ask for her ass again, but he supposed it depended on if vaginal sex was out of the question.

After a while of thinking of math class his dick was soft enough that he could walk around school without causing a scene. As he made his way to his last class of the day, he saw Susan ahead of him in the hallway. He pondered her butt again, comparing it to his mother’s. It didn’t seem as good anymore. Sure, it was shapely, but his Mom’s butt had substance. A pleasing firmness and roundness that cushioned his hips when they were – he snapped out of his daydream and looked around. No one seemed to have noticed him staring.

He hurried on to class.

As his math teacher droned on about prepping for college math courses, Jake let his mind take him back to last night. He didn’t focus on the sex part this time though. His thoughts were about how good it had felt to lay together as lovers afterwards. He hadn’t wanted her to leave and go back to his father’s bed. He’d wanted her to stay by his side and wake up the next morning with him.


Sam spent the afternoon avoiding her phone. Another first for her; no one had ever sent her a picture of their naked penis. She didn’t know quite how to handle it. Did she compliment it? Delete it? Send something back?

After a long meeting she found herself sitting in a bathroom stall, opening the message app again. She took a good, long look. It was the cock she was getting to know very well, hard as a rock, sticking up out of his fist. Was that a bathroom stall?

She smiled at the coincidence of them both choosing a stall for privacy. She was tempted to take a picture and send it back to him but he was in class most likely and that would not go over well. The thought of doing it did get her excited but she pushed it down. Any picture she sent would be out of her hands. Jake would never betray her privacy, but someone else might spot the picture on his phone.

She deleted the picture he had sent, after a few more seconds of staring. Best way to ensure no one ever saw it. She’d have a talk with him after work. It had been a sexy picture, for sure, and if she was a teenager, she’d most likely have joined the game. But they had too much at stake to be that cavalier.

The rest of the work day went by quickly and Sam hurried home to see Jake. Maybe they could play a bit in the pool before Bill got home.

Maybe not. She got home and Jake was nowhere to be found, and no note. Had he gone to Rusty’s after school? Shrugging off her coat and her disappointment, she changed into a bikini to have a swim on her own.


Jake thanked the checkout girl and grabbed his bag of purchases. He tried to maintain the mature nonchalance of someone who bought these types of products all the time. Of course, inside he was a churning mess of nervousness, sure that at any moment someone he knew would see him. At least the bag was plain.

He made his way home by bus. The bag kept pulling at him to look inside of it but he didn’t want anyone to see the contents. The trip seemed to take much longer than normal; escort pendik by the time he got home he was almost running to make sure he beat his Mom home. He didn’t. He could see her car in the driveway, but not his Dad’s. Well that was a small blessing.

As he entered, he called out to her, “Hey Mom, I’m home!” He kept his voice as neutral as possible in case she had guests.

It wasn’t until he got to the patio doors that he spotted her in the pool doing laps. He sprinted up to his room and stashed the bag before changing to his suit. The speedo. Then he raced back down and ran out, making a long dive at full speed. The water felt amazing. Cool water flushed his thoughts away and he swam a full lap out and back under the water to clear his head.

His head cresting the water as he reached the wall, he rubbed his eyes and looked around for his Mom. She…was gone? He looked around, still rubbing water away when he felt two hands grab at his swimsuit and yank them down. Shocked, he turned to see his beautiful mother behind him. Her eyes danced as she laughed and said, “Gotcha!” She stepped away from him before turning to swim out of his reach.

Jake roared and stepped out of his suit. He was going to get his revenge.

They laughed and giggled as he chased her around the pool, her always just keeping out of reach. After a few minutes Jake stopped and stared at her accusingly. “You are fast! If I can’t catch you now, I should never have been able to before now. You wanted to get caught all those other times.” He looked at her in sheer disbelief as the depth of her deception dawned on him.

“So, if you only get caught when you want to, why don’t you want to get caught now?” he asked.

His Mom pretended to think about it for a few seconds before lifting a finger. “One, your father could be home any time. Just because he’s normally much later than we are doesn’t mean it’ll be the same today. Caution first!” She lifted the second finger. “Two, when we get playing, we have a bad habit of letting nature take its course without protection. Safety second!”

She raised a third finger and shrugged. “Third, I liked you chasing me. It made me think of what you might do if you caught me.”

While she was listing off her reasons Jake was slowly moving towards her. He didn’t think she would miss it but maybe he could get a hand on her. “Oh yeah? What did you come up with?” he said.

As she gave him an impish smile, he lunged forward trying to catch an arm. She was ready and slipped away but not before he reached underwater and snagged her ankle. He pulled her to him easily. The feel of chasing a sexy woman while naked had revved up his motor; his dick was now rock hard and jutting up in front of him. As he pulled his Mom closer, he grabbed at her hips and shoved his dick against her butt, forcing it between her cheeks. She laughed and struggled to escape but he had her now. He yanked the bowties keeping her bikini bottom on and they promptly came loose. He pushed the portion of her suit that was between them down, leaving them skin to skin. Her ass cheeks held his cock in a vice grip. He was concentrating on the feeling of his dick buried in his mother’s luscious butt and so didn’t look up when she stopped moving. He heard her gasp.

“What’s going on, you two?” his father asked.

Jake spun around to see his Dad’s head poking out the patio door. He gulped and panicked; mouth open in a long ‘uhhhhhhh’. He was grateful to hear his Mom chime in.

“We were playing the monster chase game and he caught me.” Her voice was full of cheer and innocence.

Jake nodded and stammered out, “S-She can’t escape me!”

“Why don’t you come join us?” his mother called.

“I’m good. I’m just home to change, a few guys are going out for a beer,” Bill called back. “You two keep having fun.” And with that his head disappeared from the door.

Jake tried not to look too relieved as he pulled his dick from between the warm, soft embrace of his Mom’s ass and slowly swam to his suit. He kept his motions slow and pulled them back up, so it didn’t look like he was swimming naked with his Dad’s wife. His dick softened quickly from the close call.

He turned to her and gave a silent ‘whew’. She smiled back. “See my first point,” she said.

He quickly nodded before starting to swim some laps. He needed to calm down, and also give his Dad some time to leave.


Sam watched Jake swim as she put her bottoms on and retied them. Caution first, indeed. They hadn’t been cautious enough. She gave her suit a firm tug and felt the material rub against her engorged clit. Damn her husband coming home early.

When Jake had dove into the water with her, she had instantly become hyper aware of his presence. Being so close to him again at the end of a day full of thoughts of him ignited her body. The potential for pleasure sent her senses haywire, and the chase had added an element of primal fear. It sent her over the edge. If he hadn’t managed to catch her, she would have pendik escort bayan soon stopped and taken her own bottoms off.

She knew that while she’d been able to stop him fucking her pussy last night, it was a coin toss if she’d be able to avoid it every other time. She wanted it as bad as he did.

What had Bill been up to? He never came home early, and it had been at least a couple years since he went out for ‘beers with the guys’. Him almost catching them was a splash of cold water on their play, so she climbed out of the pool and went to change. She continued to mull her husband’s behaviour as she looked for something to cook.


Once Jake had completed his laps he floated for a while. He was nervous about the gifts in the bag in his room. Nervous because they represented another line, he might cross that she didn’t like. It was just so new to him. He’d never bought anything like it for any other girlfriend, never been with one long enough to do it. He smiled at that thought and tried out the phrase: ‘His Mom was his girlfriend’. He mentally paused. Wait, was she his girlfriend? He had been so caught up in the sheer thrill of this new situation with his Mom that he hadn’t thought about what it meant.

Where did they go from here? What did she think? How long did she expect this to go on? She seemed pretty adamant that she stay married to his Dad, which meant they basically had no future. Did she want a future for them, or was this a summer fling? For that matter, what did he want?

Jake slowly climbed out of the pool, the cold hammer of reality smashing his bubble apart. He didn’t want to give her the gifts in the bag anymore. He felt very uncertain and confused. He knew he liked being around her, knew that she turned him on more than anything else. He even knew that she returned the passion.

He entered the house and found her in the kitchen digging through the freezer.

“Hey Mom?” he said. “Do you have a minute?”

She turned to him and closed the freezer. “Of course, honey. What’s up?” Her eyes darted to the hallway to the front door, as if to check that they were alone.

He examined her face for a moment, trying to find the words. When did she get so gorgeous? “Where do you…think…like, do you think we have a future? I mean, where are we going with this?” He stopped before continuing in a rush, “I don’t want to stop this, but I also don’t know how to act with you. Like, are you my girlfriend? Do we go on dates now? Is this just a fling? I sent you that picture today because all the kids at school do it, but then I got really nervous that maybe I shouldn’t do that. Then I went and did something dumb and bought you some stuff after school but now I figure maybe that was going too far, and I’m just overall confused about what to do.” That last bit sounded pretty lame, and he cursed himself.

His Mom’s smile looked a weird mixture of pride and surprise. “Come on, sit down in the living room, we can talk.”

They sat on the same loveseat as last night, half facing each other. She started, “Honey, I am honestly almost as confused as you are. I keep having these conflicting feelings as I waver between my life with your Dad and a life with you. On one hand I don’t want to give up my current life. It’s a good one and I’m happy. On the other hand, I feel so excited and thrilled by my new connection with you that I just want to throw everything I have into exploring that.”

She stopped and then said, “I’m not sure about being your girlfriend. I don’t think that’s the proper term for what I am. I’d say more that I’m your lover. As for how long we are lovers, I couldn’t say. That’s the part where I’m as confused as you are.” She stopped, and Jake just looked at her, while she looked back. He didn’t know what to say next.

“Did you want to go on a date with me?” she asked timidly.

He decided to backtrack. “Well. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I just used it as an example of what boyfriend/girlfriends do. I’m fine being your lover. Unless you wanted to?” he said, feeling his face go red.

She looked him in the eye, searching for something? “Um, if you mean go out somewhere as a couple for the world to see, I’m not sure it’d be a good idea. I’d like to go out with you!” she continued hurriedly. “I just can’t think of where we can go where it would be safe. Let’s think about that later, but first there are some things we should figure out. Like, how do we handle ourselves to avoid exposing what we’re doing.” She cocked an eyebrow before saying, “First I think we cut out the pictures of your penis.”

“They’re called ‘dick pics’,” he said, with a smirk.

“Right,” she laughed. “No more dick pics. They’re too easy to be found, and are dangerous. Also, we should make sure to only communicate in code. Your message about your teachers riding you and being on your ass was pretty clever.” He smiled with pride. It had taken him a good 15 minutes to come up with it.

She continued, “We have to make sure not to touch or look at each other as anything except mother and son. I think we’ve shown that we can get into trouble near each other pretty easily. I know I’ve said it before, but, and especially around your father, we have to be normal!’

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