Sam & Cat: #Role-Play

Sam & Cat: #Role-PlaySAM & CAT: #ROLE-PLAY “Cat, I’m bored!” Sam groaned as she collapsed on the couch of their shared apartment.”Why are you bored?” Cat asked from the kitchen as she was checking on the roast beef in the oven.”There’s nothing to do,” Sam said as she laid there, bored out of her skull.Cat came in with the placemats and set them on the table along with the cutlery, moving Sam’s head so she could sit down, then putting her head in her lap once she was comfortable. “Come on, Sammie,” Cat said as her finger stroked the blonde locks. “There has to be something to do, something you want to do to pass the boredom.””Don’t you have some sort of crazy or made up game or whatever?” Sam asked her. Her eyes locked with Cat’s and Cat blushed as she recalled the fun and games she had with her friends from Hollywood Arts.’Well… I do have one…” Cat said tentatively. “But I haven’t played it in years, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to even play it.””What is it?” Sam asked, suddenly intrigued and sat up, wanting anything to get her out of the rut of boredom she was in.”I would do it with my old friends that used to live nearby before I moved here. We called it Cops and Robbers. I would dress up as a damsel in distress and they’d tie and gag me.” Cat explained, blushing ever so deeper. “I-I never really cared about the restraints; it was really fun. And Jade always liked tying me especially up more than the others. And Tori liked to rescue me. But, like I said, I haven’t played it in years.”Sam bounced up on her knees. “Come on Kitty Cat! Let’s play it! I bet it’ll be great!””R-Really,” Cat said, looking at her friend, unsure if she knew how she and her friends liked to play the game.”Totally!” Sam said. “Tough, let’s update it a bit. You have to wear and do exactly what I say when I say it. No matter what it is.””Kay-kay,” Cat agreed, an odd thrill building up in her. Not knowing whatever it was that this blonde was planning for her.Sam stood up and studied the short red haired girl. “You’re gonna need a starting costume. And I know just the place to get it.” She ran into her room and grabbed her helmet, “I’ll be right back.”Cat watched Sam back out of the backyard on her motorcycle. Something in her couldn’t wait. And something inside of her told her that Sam better hurry up as she beef would be done soon.Sam came back an hour and a half later, a few bags in her hand. And a spoilt meal no longer waiting for her as it was cooked and cooled down by then. Cat came out of the bedroom, her eyes widening at what Sam carried.”Where did you go?” she asked.”I went to a place,” Sam answered with a proud tone in her voice.”What kind of place?””Don’t worry about that place,” Sam waved her off with her hand. “I wanna go all weekend with this. Tomorrow’s Friday, right?””Yeah,” Cat said.”Okay, so we’ll start tomorrow night and into Monday morning. Sounds good to you?” Sam said.”Kay-kay,” Cat responded. She inched closer, trying to get a peek in the bags. “So, what did you get?””Nothing you need to know about until tomorrow,” Sam said, smiling broad smile.Cat cocked her head to the side, but didn’t bother with pressing Sam to reveal her secret. After all, she did love surprises. And Sam’s smiles.* * *”Sam, are you sure about this?” Cat asked the next night, peeking outside the bedroom door wondering what she was doing.”Trust me, kitten,” Sam waved her off nonchalantly. “This is gonna be so fun.””But what about-” Cat began.”I’ve already taken care of Dice, Goomer, and Nonna, plus I put a notice on the website that we weren’t taking any k*ds this weekend. Not until Monday,” Sam said, fixing up her hair in the bathroom mirror. She grinned at herself and walked out. “This should be easy for you, since you love acting,” Cat giggled from behind the door as she recalled all the times she had done this in the past with her friends, and Sam smiled, loving the way the little red-haired girl giggled. “Now wait until the front door closes to come out. And the keyword is cupcake if it becomes too much for you.””Kay-kay,” Cat nodded.”And action!” Sam joked before rushing to the front door and walking outside.(Role-Play Begins)Cat walked out of the room, dressed in a casual black dress and stockings. She took a seat on the couch, turning on the TV and pretending to watch it. It was hard to even pretend, with her whole body tingling with anticipation of what the weekend would bring. Right on cue, etimesgut escort there was a loud thump from outside. Cat jumped, now fully enveloped in her character, and looked towards the sliding doors. THUMP. She slowly stood up from her spot on the couch, tiptoeing slowly to the doors. She slid them open carefully and leaned out.”Hello?” she called.As Cat did that Sam slowly opened the front door and quietly maneuvered herself across the floor up to where Cat stood. Just as the red-headed girl shut the door, she slid her hand across her waist and pulled her into her tightly. Before Cat could squeak in surprise Sam clamped a hand over her mouth and whispered, “Make one move and it’s light’s out.” Cat immediately stopped struggling and Sam moved her hand. “Where’s your husband?””H-he’s out…” Cat said hoarsely for dramatic affect. Sam would have applauded her for the rush it caused in her being.”Out where?” Sam growled.”On a business trip!” Cat swallowed. “He won’t be back until Sunday.”Sam chuckled and led Cat over to the chair in the corner and sat her down in it, grabbing the rope that was hitched to her belt and unravelling it. She wound it around Cat’s torso, then grabbed two smaller in length ropes and tied her hands and legs behind her. She then pulled a balled up piece of fabric from her pocket, appealing to be a pair of (Cat’s borrowed) pink leggings.”Open,” Sam ordered Cat.Cat opened her mouth and Sam placed the leggings in her mouth firmly.Satisfied, Sam began hunting around the house in search of “valuables.” She tore open the cabinet doors in the kitchen and the refrigerator, gritting her teeth in frustration. Stalking back into the living room she opened the closet in the corner and moved aside the coats and shoes, before moving on to their bedroom and searching under and behind everything she could get her hands on. Frustrated, she went back to Cat and removed the stockings from her mouth.”Where are they?” she asked.”W-what are you talking about?” Cat said, her bottom lip quivering.”Jewels, valuables, anything!” Sam exclaimed.Cat shook her head. “Me and my husband don’t own any valuables.”Sam rocked back on her heels, her face scrunching up in and mix of confusion and surprise. “Really” Cat nodded and Sam paced the floor. “Well, I can think of one valuable your husband at least has.” She eyed Cat with a sparkling and somewhat naughty glint in her eyes.”Me” Cat asked. It was a struggle to keep her voice straight with the longing of pleasure building in her system.Sam grinned and knelt down in front of Cat. “Your husband is gone until Sunday, correct?” Cat nodded again. “In that case, in debt of my troubles, you are to be mine until then.”Cat gulped, fighting back the urge to smile at their range of closeness. She could see Sam glance down to her lips, biting her own and standing up quickly before she had a chance to break character. Turning towards the closet, she bent down and pulled out a bag. The same bag she had bought the other day.”So as it may seem, during my search, I found this bag of… play-things.” Sam used the word in a tone the practically yelled, “WE’RE GONNA DO IT!” She smirked at Cat’s horrified expression. “You and your husband are the adventurous type, I suppose.”Cat shook her head, making her eyes water. A skill she was a master at. “Please just let me go.”Sam tsked, shaking her head. “I will not. Not until your debt is paid in full.” She put the bag down and began untying Cat’s restraints. “If you try to run, you won’t get very far. I can promise you that.” She lifted Cat from the chair and handed her the bag. “Go change. And remember: no running.”Cat nodded, tears falling down her cheeks. Sam’s eyes flickered in worry, hoping that she hadn’t scared her too much. But the look Cat gave her said that she was fine. She disappeared into the bathroom and Sam breathed a sigh of relief, preparing for the next act.* * *Cat came out of the bathroom, now dressed in lingerie but still in the stockings and the leggings back between her lips. Pleased with the outcome, Sam ordered Cat into the bedroom while following behind her. Cat bows her head, doing as she is told.”On the bed,” Sam told her, pointing to her own bed and deciding it would be better than Cat’s. “I want you in spread eagle position.”Thanking God that Sam took the time to educate her on the basic and advanced sex alanya escort language Cat got onto the bed and laid on her back, stretching out her arms and legs. Sam continued to the right side of the bed with four pairs of pantyhose in hand, tying Cat’s wrist and ankle to the bed posts then doing the same to her left side. She purposely let her hand brush against Cat’s skin, feeling her shiver beneath her. Sam moved back to examine her work, then grabs the bag of items from the hall. She took out a garter belt and a pair of beige stockings. She personally enjoyed the garter belt, simply because they were great for sexy fun time. Stealing a glance at Cat, Sam started to remove her own clothing at a snail’s pace knowing that Cat was all in. She let her black jeans pool at her ankles before kicking them off. Sam slipped her arms out of her black turtle-neck sweater and pulled it up over her head, dropping it next to the pants. She now stood before Cat in a pair of white and black underwear (shocking Cat, seeing that Sam loved to wear boxers and hated “panties”), and a purple bra. Dampness pooled between Cat’s legs and she bit back a whimper. She watched as Sam put on the stockings, followed by the garter belt. Sam stood there, hands on her hips and a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth.”What do ya think?” she asked, chuckling.Cat nodded her head slowly and Sam laughed again. She makes her way to the side of the bed and climbs atop it. She knelt down beside her “hostage” and leaned over her. Her hand drifted up Cat’s flat stomach slowly, barely skimming the flesh, and Cat whined quietly. Sam pressed her lips against Cat’s neck, moving slow and deftly. Her fingers brushed down Cat’s arm. They reach the curve of her side and the tone changes from teasing to playful. Sam immediately started tickling her sides and Cat burst into a fit of laughter through the leggings. Sam stopped her ambush, realizing the leggings were too dangerous to her plan.”Not a word.” Sam commanded as she removed the leggings from the smaller girl’s mouth. “Lift up your head.” Cat did as she was told and Sam picked up an opaque stocking from the floor below them and placed it over her mouth and tied it behind her head.Sam stood from the bed. “Here’s where the real fun starts, my dear.” She let her hands wander close to Cat’s waistline, skimming the very edge of her lacy underwear. Cat’s hips twitched and the blonde smiled. “You want me to take these off?” She snapped the band against Cat’s skin. Cat squeaked and her eyes widened. “Answer me.” Sam said, pulling the stocking down from Cat’s mouth.”Y-yes, please.” Cat stuttered.”Please what?” Sam asked. “I want to hear you say it.””Please take my panties off.” Cat said. Sam could see the pleading light twinkling subtly in the depths of Cat’s eyes and butterflies erupted in her stomach.Sam simply shrugged and let her hand drift dangerously close to Cat’s nether area. “And if I don’t?”Cat swallowed, Sam’s eyes daring her to do something. “I-I don’t know…”Sam didn’t say a word. Instead, she placed the stocking back over Cat’s mouth and went back to the bag to pull out two items: a strap-on and a double-sided dildo. She held them up for Cat to see.”Take your pick, Kitten.”Cat’s eyes swept between the two items. It was indeed a hard decision, seeing that she’d never experienced either of them. Her pussy was hot and dripping, begging for any sort of attention. She nodded towards the strap-on.Sam grinned. “Good choice.”Sam dropped the second item back into the bag and strode over to Cat. She got on the bed, putting on the strap-on toy. Then she straddled Cat and smiled down at her. “Having fun yet? Of course, you are.” Her hand, very snake-like, eased its way down Cat’s stomach to the edge of her underwear and slipped inside. “Mmm, why so hot down there Kitten?””Mmmm…” was all she got in reply.Cat bucked her hips up, needing Sam to touch her where it mattered most. Sam let her fingers remain in the same spot for a few more seconds, just mere inches away from Cat’s pleasure center, then snapped her hand back. Cat whimpered, her brown eyes sending a pleading glance into Sam’s blue ones. Sam flipped her hair behind her head, like a rich I’m-all-that type of girl, and bent down next to Cat’s ear.”You are not to moan, cry out, scream, anything. Not until my say.” She breathed on the smaller girl’s kaş escort ear, ripping at it with her teeth. “Nod if you understand.”Cat swallowed, but nodded. Sam brought herself back up and started to undo Cat’s bra (she’d gotten the one that hooked in the front). It fell open and Sam gazed at the sight of Cat’s petite breasts and her awakened nipples. She reached out, flicking at one of her peaks and then caressing her mound. Cat bit her lip, biting back a moan. The feel of Sam’s hands touching her sent electric sparks through her nerves, which rebounded and were redirected to her core. Another whine bubbled inside of her, creeping up to her lips.Sam took ore of Cat’s tips between her teeth, gently tugging then suckling on it. Cat’s breath hitched and Sam chuckled. She gave each of Cat’s breasts a fair amount of attention before skimming down to dress the rest of her aching body in butterfly kisses. She let her tongue explore the exposed skin before she curled her fingers inside Cat’s panties and pulling them slowly down past her thighs and ankles. She placed the toy between Cat’s legs, pressing the tip of it softly against her crevice and sliding it upwards pressing harder upon the reach of Cat’s slit. Cat arched her back, her wrists pulling at the ties binding her to the bed. Her breath changed from slow to ragged. Sam laughed and pushed the tip of the strap-on into Cat. A knot tied below Cat’s waist, formed by the held in groans she was ordered not to release. In one swift move Sam f*rced the rest of the dildo into Cat’s center up to the hilt. Cat’s eyes went wide as her toes curled, her jaw dropping almost below the stocking in surprise. Still, she held in any sound. Sam was impressed at how well Cat was controlling herself.Sam moved her hips back, then forward. It was a slow motion, but Cat’s breathing said otherwise. Sam maneuvered her hand to Cat’s pussy, gearing her thumb to rub up against the bundle of sensitive nerves. She rocked her hips again, gaining a bit of speed. Cat’s eyes moved to the side and Sam’s free hand moved her head back.”I want you to watch me,” She demanded, a growl hidden somewhere in her voice.Sam leaned over Cat, kissing her flushed cheeks. She was waiting for Cat to break and let Sam know that the pleasure was too much to keep in. An intense tingling developed where Sam’s toy dick was hitting deep in Cat. Sam yanked down the stocking, smiling sweetly.”Go ahead, let it out,” she said.Cat didn’t hesitate. She cried out and moaned. She could feel the knot loosening as she let go of everything she had bottled up. Sam laughed and picked up her pace, practically ramming herself into her.”Unh, God!” Cat cried. “Harder!”Sam complied, shoving the rubber shaft faster and harder in Cat. Cat tried to f*rce her screams to be quieter, but it was no use. Not with Sam fucking her with something so big. Her insides twisted and she knew she was nearing the edge. Sam circled her slit with her thumb quicker, coaxing her into her release.”C’mon, Kitten,” she whispered. “Let yourself go for me.”Waves rolled over Cat when she gave in. Her cries bounced off the walls and Sam held her. She removed the shaft from Cat’s being and took it off, throwing it to the side. She untied her wrists and ankles before cuddling up with Cat.”S-Sam…” Cat murmured, a smile on her lightly sheenful face.”Yeah, Kitty Cat? Sam said, holding her closer.”That was…””Incredible?”Cat nodded, smiling wider, “Could we, maybe, do that again?”Sam shrugged, laughing. “I don’t know. It’s only Friday. And tomorrow’s another day. Besides,” -she leaned in closer- “your so-called husband won’t be back until Sunday.””Mmm, he could stay gone forever,” Cat replied, closing her eyes. “I’m happy with my Sammie.”Just as they were getting comfortable there was a noise coming from their living room as someone entered the apartment. They quickly looked at each other in shock and surprise, nobody was expecting to arrive at this time.”I’m back,” said the voice only moments before the door to the bedroom opened and an exact replica of Sam in every way looked on in total shock as her twin and her friend were making love on her bed.”Hi,” Cat quickly said, not covering herself up.”What’s going on here?””What do you mean? I thought you were gone until Monday.””Got cut short. And you know exactly what I mean Melanie. I leave for a few days, ask you to look in on Cat and make sure she’s not getting herself into trouble, I come back and see you two like this?! On my bed?!” Sam said as she stood before them not believing her eyes.Melanie then looked sheepishly at Cat and Sam, all knowing full well that she had been caught red-handed in pretending to be her own twin s*ster and seducing Cat Valentine into having sex with her.

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