Samantha’s Revenge Ch. 01


Before Samantha was born, her father left her and her mother. Her mother was devastated by this until she met Jordan Withers. Jordan was a tall very attractive man in his late 20’s and her mother adored him. However, when Samantha was 5, Jordan ran off with another woman. This put Samantha’s mother in a deep depression. At the age of 15 Samantha’s mother committed suicide and this destroyed Sam’s life. She vowed revenge on Jordan for what he did. She decided the best way to get back at him… was to seduce him and ruin him. After 5 years of searching, she finally found him. She changed her name from Samantha to Kristen in order to not be detected and entered his house as a live in babysitter. Unfortunately, that position was already occupied by Jordan’s father, Malcolm. But she knew how to get him out of the way.


Kristen was the Withers’ babysitter for 2 months until Malcolm moved in ruining her chances of ever becoming the live in babysitter. One day she got a call from Jordan asking her to babysit since Malcolm wasn’t doing too well so she knew this was the perfect opportunity. She showed up at the house at 6 like she said she would.

“Hello Mr. Withers.” Kristen said walking into the house.

“Hey there Kristen.” Jordan replied

“Where’s Johnny?” she asked

“We actually let him go to a friends house this evening, my dad pendik escort is not at his best so we were wondering if you could watch over him instead?”

“Of course, that’s no problem.” She said with an evil grin.

“Great, he won’t be much trouble, he cant move much.” He said

“That’s fine. Do you mind if I used the pool?” she asked

“Of course not, feel free to use it as much as you like.” He said

“Thank you so much.” She said

“Alright, I have to go meet my wife. We won’t be back for a while. Have a nice night.” He said as he left

“Time to make my move.” She thought to herself.

She headed outside passing the nice hallway in which the Withers lived. She walked to the backyard where Malcolm lived. Passing the nice pool they had. She knocked on the door and heard some rustling inside. While waiting she undid a couple buttons on her blouse and let her long brown hair flow down.

“Hello Malcolm” she said softly

“Hey Kristen, sorry but my son is paranoid, I’m fine. I don’t need a babysitter.” Malcolm said

“Don’t think of me as a babysitter. I’m just here to keep you company and make you feel better.” She said coming in

“Fine, fine. Do you want something to eat?” he asked

“I’ll make us something, don’t you worry.” She said having him sit.

She walked over to the stove and began making escort pendik some macaroni and cheese, Malcolm’s favorite dish. As she opened up the cheese, she purposefully dropped some on her breast but made it look like an accident. She used her finger to scoop it up and licked it sensually, making Malcolm’s heart race. When she was done, she walked it over to him. His eyes were glued to her amazing body as her long legs strutted towards him.

“Here ya go.” She said giving him the dish.

“Thank you.” He said

“You’re so tense.” Kristen said rubbing his shoulders. She slowly began rubbing along his neck and eventually his chest. “if you need me, I’ll be right outside.” She whispered seductively in his ear then kissed his cheek. Outside she could feel his eyes gazing at her ass as she walked to the house.

2 hours later its about 8:30. Malcolm is lying in bed when he hears a splash. He walks over to the window and sees Kristen swimming in the pool. He cant really see her so he opens up the door right as she comes out and everything turned into slow motion in his mind. She rose up, her body dripping from head to toe, her 36 D breasts dripping with water. Her red bikini completely soaked, she notices him, and decides to make her move. She slowly walks over to him and opens up his robe. Malcolm, now standing there in nothing but his boxers is in awe.

“How pendik escort bayan long has it been since you were touched by a woman?” she whispers in his ear

“A very long time.” He says hesitantly. She leads him into the bedroom and throws him on the bed. She pulls down his boxers and his hard dick falls out. She slowly begins to rub it and lick it. she fully covers it with her mouth and begins sucking on it. She goes up and down continuously until her mouth is full of cum. She spits it up Malcolms body and licks it up. She then removes her bikini and straddles him. They both begin thrusting as hard as they can. Malcolm sits up and takes her breast in her mouth sucking on the nipple back and forth. Due to Malcolm’s age, she knew he couldn’t handle much more so she got off and got dressed. She leans over him and gives him one long sensual kiss. But as she walks out, she takes his heart medication with him. She takes the medication and pours it down the drain when she gets inside. She then destroys the bottle to get rid of any evidence.

That night when the Wither’s got home, they heard screaming from the Pool house. They ran over but they were too late. Malcolm had died. Paramedics said it was a heart attack. 2 weeks later. Kristen decided to finally ask.

“Jordan, I know you’re still grieving… but I was thinking. Can I move into the pool house to be more help to you guys in this time of need?”

“I think that would be a great idea. Thank you for caring for us Kristen.” Jordan said

“Of course.” She said giving him a hug and a kiss on the head.

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