Same Time Next Year Ch. 03


Sipping her glass of white wine, she reminisced about the last time she spent with Dick. Then she got upset. They had fought, made lousy love and then quit seeing each other. So that was then, and now was now. So what, if they only had one more final romantic evening together again. If they had more, life would be grand and Sue would feel alive with him.

Summer does wet a man’s appetite, Sue thought. The warm beach breezes, everyone outdoors, why wouldn’t Dick want to spend a weekend at her beach house?

Sue and Dick were good at a few things. They both loved to entice each other without commitment, they loved seduction, experimentation and they loved romance. This will be a good evening, Sue expected. But, the time was moving slow in anticipation.

There was a knock at the door. As Sue opened the door, it wasn’t Dick it was Randy. “Oh, my, talk about timing,” Sue exclaimed.

Oh, my — she couldn’t tell Jane about Randy. NEVER!


“Randy, what ARE YOU doing here? How did you find me? I’m shocked!” asked Sue.

“Good to see you, Sue. Are you going to invite me in, at least,” asked Randy?

You left this on the plane, showing Sue her identification.

I’ve sancak escort been looking all over for that Randy. I had to get it replaced. Why didn’t you call me, write me — oh, I guess you couldn’t with just my work id. I wondered what happened to you when we got split up at the airport. I was so disappointed I wasn’t able to say goodbye to you at the airport.

Randy and Sue had met on the plane returning from vacations. Sue had been Barcelona and Randy had been in Greece, both romantic countries. When they landed in New York to get their connecting flights, they were going to have dinner together but they got split up at airport baggage. Kennedy is such a busy airport.


Next, there was a knock at the door. It was Rick.

“Oh, hello, Rick.”

Rick looked suspiciously at Randy.

“Oh, this is Randy, Rick. He just got in town and was leaving to go to his hotel.

“Nice to meet you, Rick. Yes, I was just leaving. I’ll call you later, Sue.”

Sue slipped Randy her business card with her cell number. “Here’s the name of that friend I told you about.”

“Thanks, Susie. I’ll have to look sarıyer escort her up,” and Randy walked out.

Sue did not want to explain why a man much younger than her was in her house. She didn’t want to think up an excuse when Rick was coming over when he did arrive.

“Why didn’t you invite him to stay for dinner, Sue?”

“…Because I’m so glad to see you Rick after all this time,” and gave him a big hug and kiss. “Let’s go get dinner!” Sue didn’t want to broach the subject any further so she tried to divert Rick’s attention to another subject.

“Okay, let’s go get Chinese,” said Rick.

Sue was completely caught off guard by Randy’s visit. She never expected to see him again. Why was he in Los Angeles all the way from Phoenix? What should she do about Rick?

Dinner was enjoyable but after dinner Sue pretended not to feel well and sent Rick on his way home. She had to figure things out and see what Randy really wanted. She was glad to see Rick but felt very confused at the moment.

“I thought we were going to f….. Sue. After all, that’s why I thought we were getting together tonight after all sefaköy escort this time” Rick was always so blunt and assumptive. She hated that about him.

Not tonight Rick. I’m so sorry but I’m not up to anything else tonight. Rick left and she didn’t hear from him the next day either.


“Hi, Susie Q.” It was Randy. Sue was so excited to hear his voice again. “Did I get you at a bad time last night?” he laughed.

“No worries. Let’s meet for dinner tonight.”

Sue put on a sexy pink spaghetti strap dress that she was saving for a special occasion like tonight. Her brunette hair, blue eyes and thin built complimented her outfit. So what if Randy was younger than she was. She didn’t know his age and he didn’t know hers although she suspected he was younger than she would like to believe.

When Randy came to the door, he looked great. He was wearing a white cotton shirt and khaki pants. He was tall, blonde, medium built and a good conversationalist, thoughtful, and considerate just like she remembered. He had a boyish yet sophisticated charm.

So what if Sue was 38. She wasn’t going to tell anyone especially Randy tonight.

Randy walked in and gave Sue a soft and lustful kiss and patted her on her ass. “You look beautiful Sue. Ready? Let’s go,” he summoned. I reserved a table at Vichy’s on the beach in Venice.

Sue didn’t know what to expect from the evening, from Randy, from his visit to Los Angeles but she was intrigued.

What was she going to do when Rick wanted to see her again?


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