Sammy”s Kitchen Chapter 10

“I”ll knock, but you”re talking.”

“No way!”

“Okay, let”s do it together.”

We knocked at the same time if a bit asynchronously. It sounded as if someone dropped snooker balls on the floor. Someone hearing knocking like that would likely think it”s some kind of a prank – unless he was expecting a visit from two goofy twin brothers.

“Sammy, Jakey, come on in!” Leo said when he opened the door.

He lived in a slightly shabby, one-story house on one of those streets you knew were there but never had any business going to.

We walked directly into a sort of a large living room with a couch in the middle facing a TV set on the wall. A stupid reality show I vaguely recognized was on. The room was dim and I noticed that all the curtains were drawn closed. In the corner, there was a desk with a laptop and small speakers. This really wasn”t how I expected an angel to live.

“Make yourselves at home, boys. Don”t take off your shoes. The floor might be a little sticky here and there.”

Leo was wearing an old pair of sneakers, grey sweatpants, and a red flannel shirt on top of a black t-shirt. Even though he wasn”t shaved, I thought he had to be younger than I originally thought, perhaps in his early 20s. He looked like a typical college dropout. Angels sure like to take all kinds of weird and unexpected forms.

“I know, boys, it”s not much but that”s what I can afford. Have a seat.”

I was a bit nervous when we sat on the couch and I grabbed Jake”s hand instinctively.

“You live alone?” I asked as I looked around the room.

“I have a roommate but he”s out with the dog. His room is there,” he pointed at the door to the left. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Tea,” I said.

“Water,” Jake said.

“These are two things that I have, lucky!. Feel free to change the channel, this is some bullshit,” he said and disappeared into the kitchen.

“Doesn”t it feel a little creepy to you?” I whispered.

“No, why? I could live with you like this, roommate.”

“Our house would be much cleaner, though,” I said, looking at the floor that must”ve seen many parties and all sorts of accidents.

On TV, a girl in a bikini pushed a guy into a swimming pool. We laughed a little and after a while, Leo emerged with two cups.

“Beverages coming right up! Do you know I used to work at five different restaurants?”

“Didn”t you say you don”t cook?” Jakey accused him.

“I don”t. I was a waiter but I also learned how to make pretty decent drinks. You don”t look like you”re old enough, so I”m not offering.”

“We don”t drink,” we said at the same time.

“Very good, I like that! Okay then, how about we get down to business, huh? Did you create a Contenthubb account as I asked you?”

I frowned. “No, we didn”t get to speak to Mom yet. And they have to unsuspend our account first, so she doesn”t ask questions.”

“It”s cool. Actually, it”s best if you guys create the account and just have her connect her credit card so that you can claim your earnings.”

Jake stirred in his seat. “How does it work exactly? Is it safe?”

“Yes, it”s absolutely safe. Many content creators are using Contenthubb, especially if they run accounts on many social media platforms. In your case, it will let you integrate with your YouTube account and for a very small fee, it will transfer your earnings every month to your mother”s credit card.”

“Wait, can”t we just use YouTube directly and not pay a small fee?”

“Oh, you can, but that”s not the point. I want to show you a very new platform that is going to be perfect for the type of content you”re looking to create. It”s called ForFanz… sounds istanbul travesti familiar?”

Jake raised his eyebrow. “Is it like OnlyF…”

“Yes, exactly. Pretty much the same things with two major differences. First, ForFanz is invitation-only. The only way to join is via an invitation from a long-time user.”

“Okay, so how do we get one?” I asked.

“You”re in luck because you”re speaking to a long-time user right now. The platform is very exclusive but it already has almost 100k active users. I”m sure you have all it takes to become stars there.”

“So what”s the other difference?”

“Well, it pretty much results from the first one. Because it”s so exclusive, you can get away with just about anything. I”m not talking about child abuse, murder, or bestiality, but two enterprising teen boys who like to explore their passion and have a little fun while they do would be very, very welcome there.”

Jake and I looked at each other. “Doesn”t that sound too good to be true?” Jake asked.

“It does. The platform has been operating for less than a year and I doubt it will last long. It handles the security very well so far and they don”t even market themselves. That”s why you probably never heard of it. And that”s why now it”s the best time to join and milk this cow before they make her into burgers.”

“So…” I paused to think. “We use your invitation to create a ForFanz account, then we integrate it with Contenthubb and all our earnings go to our mom”s credit card, right?”

“Exactly. That”s why you have to make your mother think that Contenthubb is just for Youtube, okay? Is she technical?”

“… not really.”

“Great. Then there”s a very low chance for her to notice that there”s an extra service attached to it. The billings will only mention CH. There will be nothing about YouTube or FF there.”

Jake crossed his arms. “You seem to know an awful lot about it.”

Leo chuckled. “I do! I”m only using ForFanz to look at boys… there, I said it, but see, my roommate is also a content creator there. I helped him get through the same process a few months ago. He already has 20 subscribers; remember that it”s only possible to view the videos if you”re a subscriber. Each sub is $4,99 a month.”

“With 20 subs that”s $100 a month,” I calculated quickly.

“Yep, and he”s only just starting. You can set the subscription price as high or low as you want. You guys have the potential to be much, much bigger. The chemistry the two of you have… I haven”t seen anything quite like it.”

“Wow,” I said. “So what does he do? I mean, your roommate?”

“Hehe, he really got a great idea for his videos. Come on, let me show you. I don”t think he”ll mind us looking around his room.”

All curious, we stood up and followed Leo to the other room. The first thing I noticed about the room was that it was tiny. It was barely big enough to store a small desk, a bed, and a small closet. There were also open shelves packed with different kinds of sex toys.

Jake looked at them suspiciously. “Wait a minute, are these…”

“That”s right, Jakey. These are tools of pleasure.”

“Don”t call me Jakey, Leo. Only Sammy can call me that.”

“Uh, okay, I”m sorry, Jake. So as I said, he had a pretty good idea and it”s already working for him. He left his laptop open, so let me just show you one of my favorites.”

We looked over Leo”s shoulder as he opened ForFanz in a new tab, scrolled down a bit, and played a clip. There was a naked boy sitting on the very chair we were standing next to. His chubby, erected penis was pointing at his chin and his ballsack was very tight. He was slightly older than us and had a pretty nice body.

“Hey kadıköy travesti guys,” we heard from the speakers, “today I”ll be testing a new fleshlight that I just got via express delivery. Look at this beauty, it”s see-through and very, very flexible. And wobbly! Let”s give it a go, shall we?”

Jake and I blinked as we watched the screen. We looked at each other, then back at the video, unable to utter a word.

“Uh… oh… fuck, this baby is insane!” the boy moaned as he slowly masturbated himself with a rubbery toy. “Oh shit, this is going to be a strong nine out of ten, guys, ugh, feels so good!”

My heart was racing and Leo didn”t seem to notice our reactions. I was just about to say something when the house door opened and a cute Jack Russell Terrier trotted through the room to greet us. Then we heard a familiar voice.

“Leo, how many times I have to tell you not to go to my room when I”m… oh, hi,” he said when he saw us.

“Hi, Billy,” Jake said with a tight throat. Only Billy”s moans and grunts coming from the video and the dog”s sniffing were heard in the silence that fell upon the room.


We were told to wait in the living room while Leo and Billy argued in Billy”s room. We couldn”t hear what they were talking about but Billy wasn”t happy and Leo was trying to calm him down from what I could tell. The dog was sitting next to us on the couch and licking his paw.

“What the hell, Jakey?” I whispered after a while.

“I have no idea what”s going on, Sammy.”

“Maybe we should leave.”

“No, let”s wait,” Jake said. “I need to make sure that Billy knows that we don”t mind him… because we don”t, right, Sammy?”

“Of course, we don”t. Do you know how to handle it?” I asked. I knew Jake was very straightforward but not necessarily best at diplomacy.

Jake didn”t answer because the door to Billy”s room opened and they both approached us. Billy”s face was red and Leo looked ashamed.

“Uhm, guys,” Leo said, “I shouldn”t have shown you the video. I had no idea you guys knew each other. That”s so crazy, right? I”m sorry. You won”t tell anybody, will you?”

“We won”t,” we said eagerly.

“Oookaayyy,” Leo scratched his messy hair. “I”ll go to the convenience store across the street and grab some snacks. In the meantime, you can… talk or whatever. I”ll be right back.”

He didn”t spend a lot of time dressing up and less than a minute later, we were left alone with Billy. Finally, I had a moment to take a closer look at him in person. Billy was pretty good-looking. Despite being older, he was probably a little bit shorter than us but his chest was broader and his arms and legs had more volume. He had short, wavy blond hair and a cute nose with its tip slightly bent upwards.

Billy sat on the chair next to us and opened his mouth to say something but just closed it and looked at the TV that was still running. I picked my nails nervously and counted on Jake to say something. And he didn”t disappoint.

“You have a nice cock, Billy,” Jake said and suddenly I wanted to die.

Billy finally raised his head. “If you tell anyone, I”m as good as dead.”

“Why would we?” I protested. “We”re not telling anyone, right Jakey?”

“Absolutely not, Billy, don”t worry about us. We won”t say a word.”

Billy sighed. “Leo told me about some guys who wanted to get in the business but I had no idea it would be you… is this for real?”

“It”s funny, ain”t it?” Jake said. “I take it that you haven”t seen Sammy”s channel?”

“Leo mentioned it but said that it”s temporarily banned so I hadn”t seen it. I didn”t even know you had a twin brother until I saw you two…”

“Yea, we”re very close,” Jake said bakırköy travesti and grabbed my hand. “Like, very close. Anyway, what the hell are you doing living with this guy? Isn”t your dad…”

“… the school principal, yeah, he is. And a single father. He threw me out of his house almost a month ago. Third time this year.”

“What? Why?”

“It”s a long story. It became our unwritten deal that he throws me out of the house every now and then and we both enjoy the hell out of it. And Leo has always been helpful.”

“Are you two…” I spoke and connected my index fingers, not knowing what to say.

“We used to fuck, yes, but not anymore. We both wanted different things.”

“Shit,” I said.

“This is all just too weird, man,” Jake added.

“Now who”s talking?” Billy asked, “When I saw you yesterday holding hands I thought that”s what twin brothers do but you”re actually… damn!”

Jake was about to stand up but I squeezed his hand. “It”s nice to know we understand each other, right Billy?”

Billy opened his eyes wide. “Uh, yes, absolutely. You guys seem okay. Jake, you”ve been the only person to stand up against Sasha when he wanted to gut me.”

Jake smiled proudly. “Don”t mention it, Billy. Sasha is alright but he needs someone to control him and I”m the best at it.”

Just then, Leo returned. “Snacks and beverages coming right up! Billy, did you tell them about the restaurants I used to work at?”

Billy smiled meekly. “Uh, no, we were just about to get to that part.”

Leo disappeared into the kitchen. I turned to Billy and my voice sank to a confidential whisper. “Billy… be honest with us. Is this whole thing legit?”

Billy shrugged. “It is as far as I can tell. I”ve been on FF for three months and at first, no one was interested. But with time, things started bulging a little.”

“And the money,” Jake whispered. “Is it real?”

“Very real. For now, Leo takes it all because he loaned me some money to buy… uhm, the equipment. But starting next month, I should start coming out ahead.”

I had so, so many questions but they were only slowly forming in my head. It was a little scary but I felt so curious and excited.


“Holy fuck, right Jakey?” I asked as we were walking back home an hour later.

“That”s right, little bro, holy fucking fuck.”

“So what should we do?”

“What do you mean what should we do? We should come up with our channel name.”

“I”m not going to lie to you, Jakey, I”m shitting my pants. But with you, I think I can do this.”

“We”ll be fine, Sammy, and I won”t leave you alone, ever! So, about the channel name… I was thinking of Twin Boyfriends. What do you think?”

“Uhm, Jakey, I love Twin Boyfriends but I had this other idea… Sweet & Spicy.”

“Oh my god, Sammy, it”s awesome. When did you come up with it?”

“I didn”t, Jakey. You did.”

“Me? When?”

“When we were making the ice cream video. You said that of all flavor combinations you liked Sammy and Jake the most. You said it was so sweet and spicy. I”ve been thinking about it all the time ever since.”

“Whoa. I totally forgot I said that, Sammy. Pretty clever of me, huh?”

“You”re the smartest twin boyfriend and manager in the world, Jakey. I just can”t figure out which one of us is sweet and which one is spicy…”

“Are you kidding, Sammy? Come here for a second,” he said and grabbed my hands. I didn”t protest when he kissed me in the middle of the street. When he pushed his tongue in my mouth I knew he wasn”t joking. I moved our hands to his hips and pulled him closer. Our groins met and I moaned into Jake”s mouth.

After a minute or so, we broke apart.

“See, Sammy?” Jake smiled at me. “Isn”t it obvious?”

How could I have been so blind? It was!


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