Sandra , Michael


Sandra awoke with a start, the feeling that she had forgotten something was nagging her into consciousness. She arose, putting on a dressing gown to cover her naked body and as she did she began searching the house for the source of her forgotten task. Then she heard it, the shower running. Her son had soccer training today and at the tender age of 18 he was 6’2, extremely athletic and well built, she suspected that he had all the girls after him with his piercing blue eyes and long black eyelashes. He had obviously awoken before her and was in the shower. As she walked towards the kitchen to make some much needed coffee she passed the laundry room and spotted a basket full of dirty clothes, She turned the washer on and realized she didn’t quite have a full load, she remembered her son Michael was in the shower and assumed he would have dirty clothes ‘I’ll just nip in and get them’ she thought to herself, ‘He’ll be too busy to notice me’.

She entered the bathroom, the steam surrounded her as looked around in vain for the clothes. Then she spotted it, not the clothes but the nicest looking cock she had ever seen, pointing straight up surrounded not by coarse dark pubes but soft light brown ones. She tried to look away thinking to herself ‘This is your son get a grip’ but she could not bring herself to take her eyes off the beautiful circumcised monster (something her ex had insisted on and she was now grateful for). It was about 10 ½” long and as thick as 2” at least, then she noticed…. A silver barbell through the shaft just under the head! As Sandra was thinking how much the size reminded her of his father she was interrupted by Michael saying ” Can I help you mum?’

In shock Sandra just froze there, her eyes still fixed on her son’s massive member. Michael saw how much his mother was interested in his cock and lowered his hand to idly scratch his nut sack.. Then as he removed his hand he allowed it to brush his cock , which made it begin to swell even more. He then grabbed his thick shaft with his left hand and began to slowly stroke it, moaning slightly as he did. Sandra still frozen in shock began to realize what was going on around her and allowed her gaze to move up to her horny and hard son’s beautiful eyes, his gaze bored into her as if he was looking straight into her could read her most inner desires. A little ashamed at this Sandra dropped her eyes to his now fully swollen cock which her son was now stroking with ever increasing speed and she licked her lips, as she did this Michael said to her ‘Are you just going to look at it or do something about it?’

Sandra, a little taken back by his comment, automatically and without thinking dropped her robe and opened her mouth, as her robe fell to the floor Michael could see her big swollen nipples, this sight making his cock ooze pre cum. Sandra climbed into the shower cubical and lowered to her knees, placed her already open mouth over her son’s swollen cock head and began to lolly pop it occasionally allowing her tongue to flick and tease the very tip making sure she lapped up every drop of his lovely pre cum. She could also feel that piercing slide over her lips, making her feel very naughty and wet indeed, Michael began to moan with delight ‘Come on mum, take it all’ Sandra obliged and soon had about 7” of his meat in her warm wet mouth, as his cock slid into his mothers mouth Michael grabbed the back of her head and moaned ‘ohhhhhhh yesssss’ Sandra then began to give her naughty son the best blow job she knew he was likely to ever have had up until this point, as she was quite skilled in the art.

She grabbed the base of his thick cock with her right hand and began to jerk it in time with her sucking, and with her left hand began to massage Michael’s full nut sack. Michael began to sway his hips in time with his hot mothers cock sucking and jerking, slowing pumping more of his hard cock into her mouth with every thrust. She began to suck the head as if she were tying to suck poison from a wound, this made Michael moan and grab her head tighter… She then began to increase the pace of her jerking and sucking and felt his nuts begin to seize up, she knew this meant he was close to shooting his load into the back of her throat. At that moment she felt him thrust another inch of his meat into her throat and moan ‘I’m going to cum’ and load of sweet salty cum wash her tonsils, she feverishly sucked and swallowed ankara escort until she was quite sure is entire load was now sitting in her stomach.

The realization of what had just happened was beginning to dawn on Sandra and the guilt set in. Her face went red, she stood up and went to reach for her robe but Michael cut her off, grabbed her head and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as if probing it for any remnants of his cum. It was a shock at first but then she felt at ease, as if it were the most natural thing to do and began to kiss him back, as she did she felt something on her stomach. His cock had sprang to life once more and was now as hard as a rock again. Sandra had forgot the stamina young men seemed to possess and instinctively reached for the hard member and began to tug lightly on it, as she did Michael released her from his kiss and whispered in her ear ‘Gee Mum you are a very good cock sucker, I had no idea’, Sandra began to blush again and felt a surge of wetness between her legs, her son’s naughty comment had turned her on in a way she had not been expecting.

She reached around him and turned off the water, grabbed a towel and his hand and lead him to her bedroom. She sat him on the edge of her bed and began to dry him off, just as she had once done when he was a child, she started with his hair and made her way down to his bulging pecks, then his rippling abs and finally his swollen cock. She once again grabbed it and began to idly jerk it this time she was the one who engaged him in a passionate kiss as she pushed him back onto her bed, she stared into his eyes as if to ask him if he had any objections as to what was undoubtedly about to happen, His lustful gaze gave her the answer she was hoping for and she climbed on top of him.

As Sandra began to mount her very hard and horny son, he grabbed her breasts and began to rub his fingers over her swollen and hard nipples this gave her another surge of wetness between her legs and she thought by now she must be dripping with pussy juice. He then took one of her nipples and half her breast into his mouth, and began to suck on it just as he had once done as a nursing infant. She aligned Michael’s hard cock with her oozing wet pussy lips and slowly lowered herself onto it, inch by glorious inch, she felt that very attractive and proving to be useful cock piercing slide against the walls of her pussy, giving her an almost orgasmic sensation which made her pussy spasm and tighten around her son’s cock, as it did they both let out moans of delight whilst Michael continued to suck feverishly on her breast. She then began to bounce up and down on his hard cock, he released her breast from his mouth, grabbed her hips and said ‘Fuck me, come on fuck me harder’. Sandra began her assault on him, forcing as much of his man meat into her pussy as could fit, she placed both her hands on his very well built chest and began to use it to leaver herself up and down on his cock. Michael began to lift his hips off the bed to meet her every downward thrust and bury his cock as deep as he could, Sandra felt the head hit her cervix and screamed with delight.

Without warning Michael withdrew his cock and with great skill and care turned his mother over so as she was on all fours. He lowered his mouth to her asshole and began to rim it, Sandra was a little taken aback by this and went move away when he grabbed his hard cock with his right hand and fingered her pussy with his left getting copious amounts of pussy juice on them then rubbing it onto his cock and into and around her asshole. Sandra had never had anal sex, her son’s father hadn’t really been very adventurous in the bedroom and the other men she had been with were mostly one night stands. She felt a surge of excitement as she knew something she had always wanted to do was about to happen. Michael began to finger her ass, slowly, gently and carefully he began to insert a finger and finger the inside of her asshole, Sandra could hardly believe how good this felt as her naughty, surprisingly sexually talented and experienced son placed another finger into her ass gently stretching it open. Michael fingered her ass for about 5 min occasionally removing them to retrieve more lubricant from her now gushing snatch, and once he was satisfied her asshole was well fingered and beginning to loosen up Michael asked his mother ‘ Mum, do you have a condom? escort ankara I don’t want my piercing to hurt you’ Sandra quickly grabbed the condom she kept in her pillowcase for convenience and gave it to her son. He ripped it open to find it was ribbed, smiled and slid it over his hard meat. He then slid his cock into her dripping pussy to get it nice and lubed up, removed it and placed the head of his huge swollen cock on her asshole and said to her ‘I’m going to slowly start to push it in OK mum, as I do I want you to relax your ass as if u were going to take a dump to allow my cock to enter and not hurt you OK’ Sandra moan ‘Uh huh’ and began to relax her waiting ass.

As he pushed his cock in Sandra felt a slight sting and began to think that this was a bad idea, a cock as big as his couldn’t possible fit in her ass, she began to panic, as she did Michael seemed to sense this and stopped attempting to slid his cock in, moved his hand around her stomach , finding to his surprise a completely bald mound which made his cock spasm a little, and began to finger her. This took Sandra’s mind off the slight pain in her ass and she began to relax again and in no time her son was slowly inching his cock into her ass once more, making her moan ‘Ooooohh, ahhhhhh’ with every thrust.

When Michael had about 7 inches of his monster in her he began to slowly fuck her ass, Sandra who was screaming with a combination of ecstasy and pleasurable pain once again found her son’s fingers massaging the buds of her nipples. She then began to rock backwards and forwards to meet his thrusts, and plunged her fingers into her wet pussy and massaging her swollen and sensitive clit.

Just as Sandra begun to go into that pre-orgasmic zone where everything goes quiet and all you can think about is the task at hand she heard a male voice coming from somewhere in the distance. This brought her sharply back to reality and she began to panic. Someone was about to walk in on her fucking her own son! She turned her head to look into Michael’s eyes and was about to move away from him when he grabbed her hips pushing his meat deep into her ass making sure his cock didn’t come out and whispered ‘shhh don’t worry it’s only Dan’. The fact that it was only her son’s very attractive blonde haired and blue eyed best friend didn’t help her feel more at ease at all.

Then Michael did the unthinkable, he looked his mother straight in the eye with a wicked gleam and called out ‘We’re in here dude come join us’. Sandra’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t believe what her son had just done. They were about to get caught doing something people are put in prison for and her son was encouraging a witness to join in. Though she had to admit the thought of two 18 yr. olds fucking her simultaneously strangely excited her …so much so that her pussy began to ooze again. Michael whispered, ‘Keep that wonderful cock sucking mouth of yours open Mom, you’re going to need to use it in a minute’

Dan walked into the room and was taken aback for a second, he then looked at his mate and proceeded to take his shirt, shoes, jeans and finally boxers off to reveal a semi erect and also rather large cock like her son’s, also with not one, but three piercings down the shaft, Sandra suspected they got their cocks pierced together. Sandra’s pussy once again spasmed and actually started to drip juices onto her bed. Dan climbed onto the bed and positioned himself in front of Sandra, as he did so Michael placed his arms under his mothers stomach holding her up off her hands and began to slowly fuck her ass again. Sandra ,now with her body weight being supported by Michael, had full use of both her hands and grabbed Dan’s half erect cock, placed it into her warm wet waiting mouth while massaging his nut sack and jerking in time with her sucking, Dan began to moan, he looked at Michael who knowingly smiled.

As soon as Dan’s cock was fully hard and oozing pre cum almost constantly he slid under Sandra and lined his cock up with her oozing pussy, sliding it in slowly inch by glorious inch. Though not as long as Michael’s it was a lot thicker and filled the girth of her pussy easily and then some. Sandra could feel those 3 piercings hitting all her ‘spots’ and began to moan. The boys soon found a rhythm and began to fuck her with precision timing. Sandra had never had 2 cocks at once and felt as though she might die from the pleasure. ankara escort bayan It was becoming difficult to distinguish which cock in which hole felt better. Just as she though her pussy was about to explode with an orgasmic river her ass would feel as though it was going to spasm so tightly around her son’s cock that he wouldn’t be able to move it. She was in heaven. All she could hear was the slopping of juices and smacking of skin against skin accompanied by moans of delight from the two boys. She could feel her orgasm nearing it’s peak and dug her nails into Dan’s shoulders, something he didn’t seem to mind but in fact relished letting out a painful, yet pleasurable, cry. She could feel the warm tingly sensation begin to fill her stomach and move throughout her body. She opened up her mouth and let a string of very loud and pleasure filled moans and screams, with each vocal display the boys seemed to fuck her faster, harder and without end. She wasn’t sure this orgasm was ever going to end and she didn’t want it to. By this point she was being muffled by Michael’s hand over her mouth, for fear her screams might attract the unwanted attention of the neighbours.

Once Sandra had finished cumming she saw Michael reach over to the bedside, open the bottom draw and grabbed a condom and tube of lube, Sandra began to blush at the fact the her son knew where she kept her sex aids, and he passed them to Dan raising his eyebrows as he did. Dan withdrew his cock from Sandra’s well satisfied pussy, slid out from underneath her, opened and rolled the condom over his still hard cock, climbed off the bed and walked around behind Michael. Sandra craned her neck to see what was going on. Michael then lent over his mother to expose his ass to Dan who promptly opened up the lube and began applying it to Michael’s asshole working it in with his fingers and all over his cock, exactly as Michael had done to her earlier.

Dan then proceeded to place the head of his cock onto the rim of Michael’s ass and push it in gently, as he did Michael moaned and began to fuck his mothers ass again in time with Dan’s cock sliding into his ass. Sandra while excited realized that her son was being fucked by another guy and this inevitably meant he was at the very least bisexual, Sandra felt her pussy begin to drip down her legs and once again plunged her fingers into her pussy.

Once Dan had his cock completely inside Michael’s tight ass the 3 of them began to fuck in time with each other. Michael in his mother ass and Dan in Michael’s. Sandra once again felt that pre orgasmic feeling rising inside her and in no time was rocking back and forth onto her son’s cock so hard that she was sure the whole 10 ½ glorious inches were fully inside her. As she began to moan louder ‘oh fuck, ohhhhh god, fuck me, fuck me’ the boys also started moaning ‘ahh yessssss, fuck yeah’ . Sandra then heard Dan beginning to cum, moaning and thrusting his cock deeper an harder into Michael’s ass who also began to moan louder. Dan removed his cock from Michael’s ass and pulled the condom off, climbed back onto the bed and positioned himself standing with his cock in front of Michael who began to suck on it then with one loud grunt Dan pumped his cock deep into Michael’s throat and emptied his cum into Michael’s throat, who swallowed it all with much enthusiasm. At the sight of this Sandra began rock back and forth on her son’s cock faster and massaged her clit harder and faster and felt she was about to cum again . she took Dan’s now red and sensitive cock into her mouth and began to suck on it gently, Dan occasionally flinching, Sensing that she was about to cum again Michael grabbed her hips and plunged his cock in to meet her backwards thrusts and in no time Sandra was screaming in ecstasy, a river of pussy juice erupted from her cunt streaming down her legs and spraying all over her bed and Michael’s nuts.. At this Michael moaned and let out an exasperated ‘ HA I’M CUMMING’ and emptied his load also, making sure he pumped her ass a few more times ensuring she was well and truly spent.

Michael then slowly removed his cock from his mothers ass, removed the condom and lay in front of his mother, who released Dan’s cock from her mouth and replaced it with Michael’s making sure to lap up all the remnants of his cum off the head of his cock.

She continued to suck on both of their cocks lightly until they were both soft again. Sandra then climbed between the boys and cuddled up to her son whilst Dan spooned her from behind. She then said ‘So boys, what are we doing tomorrow?’ And as she closed her eyes she imagined her next adventure with her son and his mate.

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