Sandy and Best Friend’s Hot Cousin

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Sandy checked herself out in the mirror as she got ready for the party for her best friend Ashleigh’s 25th birthday at an area hotel, finally satisfied with the way she looked once she had slipped on a basic black dress over stockings, and a lacy black bra and thong.

She wasn’t a party person to begin with, always feeling out of place among Ash’s wild, hot friends.

Sandy didn’t smoke or do drugs, and drank very little. She was sure the others at the party would find her totally boring.

Perhaps she was; if it had been someone else asking her to go, Sandy would have said no, but she and Ashleigh had been friends since fifth grade, and how many times did someone turn twenty five?

Besides, Sandy figured she’d stay for an hour or two, then head home before things got too wild and turned into a bash of the others–including Ashleigh–going up to their rooms to engage in marijuana, more drinking, and eventually random sex.

She would always warn her friend several times about the risks of fucking strange men, but Ashleigh would laugh it off, saying she kept condoms around for that purpose.

Ash had also told Sandy that she usually “finished guys off” with her mouth if they refused to wear a condom, and if the dude was hot, had a nice sized dick and knew what to do with it, she was doing him!

When Sandy finally arrived at the hotel where the party would be, she saw the usual crowd in the banquet and party room Ash had rented out. She knew a lot of people were from out of town and figured they had rooms upstairs in the same hotel.

But what she wasn’t counting on was seeing Ashleigh’s cousin–and Sandy’s old crush–Charles there.

Sandy remembered developing a crush on him when she was sixteen and he had been twenty one and a lifeguard at the community pool.

Even back then, he had been attractive with flat abs, perfect round ass, short cropped dark hair and clear, light blue eyes.

She also couldn’t help but see that he also had a great package between his legs, something his swim trunks had not concealed.

But Charles had dated mostly gorgeous, tall, blond bikini model types around his own age back then.

Even if she had been old enough and he was nice to her, she doubted he would have asked her out, despite being Ash’s best friend.

At 5’2, Sandy been about 175 pounds with dark hair and though she was pretty, wouldn’t be a threat to any of the girls he’d dated (and likely slept with). And of course, compared to other girls, she was “a bore”–and a virgin at the time.

Still, she fantasized about him for the next few summers while in bed at night, bringing herself to some of the most memorable orgasms while doing so.

When Sandy had gotten down to 140 pounds before going off to college, where she had begun dating and eventually marrying Paul, a department store manager three years older than she was. Sandy had met him when she was nineteen and looking for a gift for her father’s birthday.

Though he wasn’t Charles, Paul had been a great husband outside of the bedroom, and hadn’t failed to satisfy Sandy beyond her wildest dreams in it either once she had given him her virginity on their wedding night.

They had been very much in love with each other before Paul had become ill with cancer and passed away when Sandy was only twenty three.

She had buried escort ataşehir herself in both her college courses and work, trying to hide the pain of losing her husband, and though Ashleigh had tried to fix her up with other men and invite her to parties, Sandy wasn’t really interested in anyone else.

But now when she spotted Charles, he was more gorgeous than ever and her teenage memories had come back to her.

Even under the dress pants and shirt he wore, Sandy could tell he still had a great body.

Ashleigh had then caught up to her, giggling that she could see that Sandy had spotted him.

“He’s divorced now, you know,” Ash had told her. “Has been for the last few years.”

“Who on earth would leave a guy like that?” Sandy wondered. “He’s the whole enchilada of looks, smarts, and personality.”

“His ex-wife, that’s who,” Ashleigh snorted. “Apparently Charles wasn’t enough for her, especially when he caught Kimberly humping the guy from down the street. Who knows who else the slut fucked before that.”

“So is he seeing anyone now?”

“Nope. But he seemed real happy when I told him you were coming tonight.”

“Nice try, Ash.” Sandy rolled her eyes. “I was never his type.”

“How do you know? Because he dated bimbos before he married the human mattress? Look, at least go say hi. You haven’t even as much as had coffee with a man since you lost Paul. Come on; it’s been a forever since you and Charles saw each other, and you aren’t sixteen anymore.”

She dragged Sandy by the hand, taking her over to where Charles stood.

“Hey, cousin,” Ashleigh tapped his shoulder. “Guess who this is?”

He had looked down at Sandy with those eyes. “My God. Sandy Pierce? What happened?”

She managed a chuckle. “I got older and changed a little. And it’s Sandy Dillman now.”

“I say you did,” he said, smiling appreciatively as he looked her over.

“I’ll leave you two alone to catch up,” Ashleigh said. “Beth wants my attention for something anyway.”

“So you’re married now?” Charles asked once Ash had gone. He sounded disappointed.

“Well, I was. Paul died almost two years ago. He had cancer.”

“Sandy, I’m terribly sorry. I suppose Ashleigh told you about my divorce.”

“Yes, and it’s a shame. But with the kind of man you are, I’m sure you will find a great girl who will really appreciate the incredible man you are.”

“I only wish. All the luck I’ve had lately have either been one night stands or gold diggers.”

Sandy shook her head, feeling a little sympathy for him. Here was a man with a successful career and thirty years old, yet had no one to share all those things with him.

“So what about you? I bet a beautiful lady like you has a list of boyfriends.”

“Not quite. Paul was the only man I’d gone out with before we got married. I haven’t seen anyone since he died. Frankly, I’m kind of a boring person for most men.”

“I never thought you were boring, just a girl with good values,” he said. “Would you like to go outside for a bit? It’s a nice night.”

“Sure, all right,” she agreed. It was just Charles, after all.

They walked for a bit behind the hotel, talking some more before they came to a small park that was secluded and, with the exception of a dim light, was practically dark.

“Let’s stop here for a few,” he kadıköy escort bayan said.

“Are you sure it’s safe? It isn’t a very well lit place.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Sandy giggled a little, feeling totally comfortable all of the sudden.

“You know, Sandy, I always thought you were a pretty girl,” Charles confessed. “Thing was, you were too young back then, jail bait as they call it. I see you took some weight off since then, but at the same time, I’m glad you didn’t get rid of all of it.”

“Are you messing with me?” she asked, laughing again.

“Not in the least. I find curves very sexy. I only went out with those other chicks because that is what the other guys found as ‘the norm,’ plus I was waiting for you to come of age, to say the least. But by the time you did, Ash told me you went off to college.”

“Yeah,” Sandy nodded. “I did.”



“Would you find me crude if I asked if I could kiss you?”

Her heart was in her throat. “No…no…of course not.”

As he looked deeply into her eyes, Charles raised his hands to her face, gently cupping it.

Lowering his mouth to hers, he softly touched Sandy’s lips with his, sliding his tongue into her mouth to explore hers as she tasted wine and sex on him.

“Charles…..” Sandy began, not really knowing what to say once he had pulled back, smiling down at her.

“Jesus, Sandy, now look what you’ve done to me,” he said, taking her hand and holding it to the erection in his pants before his kissed her deeply again. “I want you so much, baby. “

She leaned against him and closed her eyes, lips slightly parted while feeling warm between her legs, his tongue teasing hers while his hands roamed her body, before sliding up under her dress and into the thong Sandy wore underneath, his fingers finding her love box.

“Mmmmm, nice wet little pussy,” Charles growled in her ear before pulling her over to a bench. “Someone is as horny as I am. Let’s have a little fun.”

“Here?” Sandy wondered, concerned about being caught, especially if Ashleigh came looking for them.

What would she think about her cousin fucking Sandy, and in a small park behind the hotel at that?

“Nobody can see us, baby,” he reassured her, staring down with those eyes that always got her going. “Come on, live a little. I don’t think you’re that boring.”

Kicking off his shoes, unzipping his pants and removing them–along with his underwear–in one sweep, Sandy could see his erection even in the low light.

Charles turned Sandy around and bent her over the bench in front of them until her ass was in the air.

He lifted the skirt of her dress and spread her legs, pushing her thong aside, and licking her pussy all over until Sandy shuddered in orgasm, gripping the back of the bench hard while trying not to cry out.

“Mmmmm, Sandy,” he said huskily. “I bet you fuck as good as you taste, baby. Time to find out.”

He then stood up, positioning himself behind her. Sandy gasped softly as she felt his nine-inch length enter her gradually.

Charles grabbed her hips as he pumped in and out of her slowly at first, and then began thrusting faster.

Sandy enjoyed the sensations of him moving in and out of her, his cock filling her so full, practically forgetting that she was escort bostancı having sex outdoors with her best friend’s cousin.

Charles pumped in and out of her, not missing a stroke as his balls slapped against her ass, grunting how hot Sandy was and how good it felt fucking her.

She had cum again before Charles had pulled out, leaving Sandy feeling empty for a few moments.

He then sat down on the bench, pulling her onto his lap, his hands moving down her sides and resting on her hips.

“You ever fuck on top, baby?” Charles asked.

Moaning, she nodded and ran her hands through his hair, kissing him.

Sandy felt his hands on her hips as Charles lifted her up and gently lowered her onto his hardness, his entire manhood filling her once again.

Charles used his strength to move her up and down, easily putting her in total bliss as she bounced up and down on his tool, moaning in pleasure with each stroke of his cock in and out of her cunt.

“Damn, baby,” he panted, enjoying what was happening, “you’re as hot as I always imagined.”

“Is that right?” Sandy asked sexily. “You like getting this pussy? You love being inside me, don’t you? Is that why you brought me back here, you dirty, horny boy? Fuck me, Charles. Fuck me good with that big hard cock.”

“I’ll give this hot little pussy something you won’t forget,” he growled back at her, “I’ve wanted to fuck the hell out of you since you were sixteen. You’ve always wanted this cock too, didn’t you, baby? Oh, damn, Sandy, ride me harder!”

Sandy bit her lip to keep from screaming out in orgasm as she picked up the pace while Charles bucked his hips up to bury himself deeper

They continued satisfying their long-buried sexual urges right there on the park bench for what seemed to be a long time, the thoughts of anyone catching them totally abandoned.

“Oh shit, baby,” he moaned. “You’re a better fuck than my ex was….your husband was a lucky bastard to have you, Lord rest his soul. God, Sandy, fuck my are so fucking hot!”

Soon, she could feel Charles tensing up, his motions becoming more pronounced, his breathing heavier and faster as his orgasm approached.

“Sandy, Sandy…oh God, baby,” he said almost breathlessly. “I’m going to cum!”

His hands embedded on her hips, Charles bucked her up and down onto his body in short quick movements, his breath catching in his throat.

He let go a loud groan as streams of hot cum flooded Sandy’s cunt before his climax descended, his hands still around her ass for a few minutes before she gathered the strength to climb off of his body.

“Goddamn, baby,” Charles said, breathing heavily as he watched her adjust her thong, pull her dress down and put her shoes on. “That was fucking amazing.”

Sandy grinned at him, handing him his pants and shoes. “Well, it was good for me too. You’re the first guy I’ve had since my husband died.”

“You went without sex for TWO YEARS?!”

“I did. Thank goodness for the vibrator when I did get horny, though. Told you I was boring.”

Mmmm….well, if you think you’re boring, I’d like to see what exciting is! Something tells me that we need to go up to my room and finish what we started.”

She giggled. “Perhaps we should, but we better make an appearance back at the party before Ashleigh sends out the search team. Wouldn’t want her to think we were having TOO good of a time, wouldn’t we?”

He winked and took her hand once he’d gotten dressed. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Five minutes, then we go upstairs. We’ve got a lot more catching up to do, baby.”

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