Sandy’s Seduction Ch. 10


It was only at 5pm the next day that Sandy began to panic. She was quite impressed with her own self control!

Unfortunately, that didn’t help her much now, so many questions. What if he came, what if he didn’t? What time would he get there, where would they go, what should she wear?

Logically, she reasoned, dinner wouldn’t be until at least 7pm right? Maybe even 9pm. Why oh why had she not stopped to think last night? Oh yes, it was that damn chemistry between them that made her go all needy and lustful inside.

Oh well. She couldn’t do much about whatever time he decided to turn up but at least she could find some clothes to wear, something casual and feminine, but more importantly, easy to remove.


By the time the doorbell rang at 8pm, she’d almost convinced herself he wasn’t coming. Nevertheless, she was ready, if a little nervous by the time he made it up the stairs to her apartment.

“Wow!” He mouthed at her as he stood back to take her all in. He indicated with his finger that she should turn and she piroutted with a satisfied smirk, his reaction was everything she’d hoped for when picking this dress.

At first glance, it was your average little black dress, modest neckline, short capped sleeves and a full knee length skirt. But when she twirled, the skirt lifted like a dancers and she grinned as he caught a glimpse of her stockings and no panties combo.

With a groan, he reached out and yanked her against him, cupping her butt with both hands to lift and press her against the rapidly growing bulge in his trousers.

Laughing, she wrapped her legs around his waist, wriggling slightly as his mouth descended to wreak havoc on üsküdar escort her carefully applied make up.

He took a few steps forward, desperate to get her naked and willing as soon as possible before his brain kicked in, reminding him why he was there. Dammit!

Reluctantly pulling away and lowering her until she stood shakily on the floor, he took deep calming breaths, trying to return his libido to a sense of normality. From the looks of her flushed cheeks and dilated pupils, she was suffering from the same predicament!

“So,” she grinned naughtily, “you like the dress?”

“Mhm,” he groaned, “but at this moment I’d like it better on the floor, with me buried inside you.”

She flushed even more, unused to that kind of talk.

“Am I embarrassing you?” He questioned softly. “I didn’t mean to.”

“No, it’s fine,” she stuttered, “I mean it’s more than fine, I like it when you do that. I’m just not very used to it.”

“You like it do you?” He growled. “So if I told you that all I can think about right now is bending you over that sofa and thrusting so deep into you that you scream my name…”

Squeezing her eyes shut, Sandy struggled against the images that his words were evoking.

“I see you do,” he laughed. “But if I follow through on that promise we’re going to be late for dinner.”

Opening her eyes again she sighed with regret, followed by a small tinge of happiness that he had actually planned on dinner.

“Where are we going?” She asked, smoothing her dress and quickly reapplying some lipstick.

“It’s a surprise,” he replied with a grin, “but I think you’ll like yenibosna escort it.”


The restaurant was dark and intimate, and the waiter led them to a table at the back.

A single candle sputtered in a jar in the centre of each table and the lamps around the walls were turned low.

The tables were small and Sandy felt Craig’s leg brush hers as he sat down, that instant spark of awareness making her eyes twinkle with mischief in the dim light.

Catching her gaze, Craig winked, letting one leg nudge forwards until it was resting between hers. So close that she could feel the heat emanating from beneath his trousers.

“So,” she said huskily as he rubbed his knee against her inner thigh, “this is, umm, cosy.”

“So it is,” he drawled, “I hadn’t noticed.”

Leaning forward she rested her elbows on the table, taking one of his hands between hers and tracing patterns on his palm with her fingers.

She felt him try subtly to release himself from her hold but she held firm, smirking slightly at his discomfort.

“Do you know what I’m doing?” She asked, wondering what it was about him that brought out this devilish playful side of her.

“Haven’t a clue,” he replied with a grin. “Care to tell me?”

“Well,” she began teasingly, watching from the corner of her eye as the waiter began to approach, “I’m writing down all the things I plan to do with you when I get you home.”

“No fair,” he growled, then groaned in frustration as the waiter appeared to take their order.

The look on his face was almost comical, thought Sandy, as he struggled to concentrate on zeytinburnu escort what she was writing whilst simultaneously giving their order to the waiter. She could almost sense Craig willing the poor waiter away as he started to reel off the list of specials, sides and various other accompaniments.

The order finally taken, the waiter ambled off to the kitchen as Craig shot her a murderous look.

“I’m holding you to that baby,” he murmured and she blushed beneath his gaze. Clearly he had better concentration skills than she’d thought.

Snatching her hands back and placing them in her lap where they couldn’t cause any more trouble, she wondered again how it was that she could be so wanton with this man and yet so reserved with others.

Stealing a glance up at him, she caught him watching her intently, a mischievous gleam in his eye.

“Perhaps it’s time I told you exactly what I plan to do with you,” he said in slow, measured tones. “After all, I already know how much you like it when I do…”

Sandy squirmed in her seat, feeling the wetness pool between her thighs as he spoke. His voice sent shivers down her spine as she waited. Her thighs pressing together instinctively, wanting to satisfy that aching tingling sensation that was building there. His knee between hers, thrust rhythmically back and forth against her stocking clad skin.

The sudden appearance of a glass in front of her, followed by a trickle of wine into the bowl, shocked her out of her lust filled haze and she glared back at Craig, recognising that he’d just pulled the same trick on her that she had tried earlier. Damn him!

Pretending to taste the wine and nodding her approval, she shot daggers at Craig over the table, noticing that his leg still moved against hers below.

Wine glasses full, she lifted hers for a toast.

Tilting his glass against hers, Craig winked before speaking softly so that only she could hear.

“To making it through the entire meal.”

“Agreed,” she whispered back, challenge set.


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