Sara and me ( married guys please read)

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Group Sex

Sara and me ( married guys please read)This is a true story and my first writing one . I have more stories so if u like it comment or email me at . Married guys please read this before going through with any plans you my have . You can also email meThis story begins with me on the internet on yahoo chat in the user rooms ( god I miss them yahoo user rooms ) . I was on there seeing what trouble i could get myself into and checking on the girls that was online . And just chatting asking if there was any girls near my town when an im popped up and i started chatting with her . Her name was Sara . After about oh 30 minutes or so of chatting she wanted to meet and have sex . I said hell yeah and got dressed and drove to meet her at her house . When I got there she came out to meet me . She was gorgeouse ( she was 5’3″ about 110# light brown skin 34B titts small waist and blackish hair past her shoulders and smile that melt you ) . My mouth dropped as I look at her in the moonlight . It was cold out and her titts responded to it . She told me her k**s was in the house asleep and asked if would be ok if went into the garage . I said yes it was fine with me . I followed her into the garagewhile looking at her ass .When we got in there I stepped close to her and gave her a kiss which she responded to and your toungs started dancing together .As we broke the kiss I looked into her eyes and I knew then she bursa escort wanted me as bad as I wanted her . I ran my hands over her body while kissing her again and stopped one hand on one of her titts and rubbing it she let out a slit moan . So then I took my hand under her shirt and played with her nipple . She moaned more under my kiss . When I heard that I just had to suck on one . So I lefted her shirt and begain to suck and lick on them as my hand made its way to between her legs . I rubbed between her her legs a few times and she was gabbing the back of my head and pushing it harder onto her titt she let out an oh god . And with her other hand found it’s way to the bulg in my pants . She was rubbing it and that is when my hand found the botton on her pants . She broke the hold and said let me do that and took her pants off . she had on red lace panties wich didn’t stay long because I lefted her up ontop of the hood on a rider lawnmower . I slid her panties off and there was the cutest bold pussy I had ever seen . I started licking and sucking on it and she was moaning and gasping and saying oh yes . I made sure to get her off and she did twice and I licked it all up .( It was one sweet tasteing pussy ) she looked down at me and said come here and I did . We kissed and as we kissed she undone my pants and feel to the ground followed by my underwear . She broke the kiss to look down and said oh my god your big bursa escort bayan ( I am just averge ) . She said something then that floored me as she said you are bigger than my husband . She didn’t tell me defore hand she was married but at that point I wasn’t going to stop .She had me to put on a condom as she said she was not on the pill and her tubes was not tied . So I did and started to enter her wet shavied pussy it was so tight I had give a little and pull out and back in entell I got it all the way in . She was moaning and and saying oh my god yes over and over . She was having orgasm after orgasm and I was having one of the best pussy’s I had ever had . But with a condom I do not get off very quick . This went on for awhile before she asked me how close I was to cumming and I told her about how long I could go with a condom and she said we don’t have that much time take it off but don’t cum inside of me pull out and I will get you off in my mouth . So I took the condom off and put my cock back in her she went wild and start thashing about . I felt myself getting really close to cumming because she was so tight .I pulled out and she dropped to her knees and started sucking me . I got off in her mouth and she drank it all down . We kissed and got dressed and so did she because it was cold outthere . She walked me to the truck and she had my number and I had hers . She said she wanted to see me more if escort bursa that was ok since she was married . I said we could as long as she wanted to it was to late for me I had fallen for her bad . We kissed again and I watched her walk back into the houseshe looked around annd mouthed the words I love you . On my way home I was thinking and said to myself what the fuck am I doing but at the same time i could not stop myself from seeing her . We seen each other more and even in the publice in her town here her husband had friend and even at her friends pizza place . Over time we seem to drift apart . I know her husband knew all along what she was doing . I know it had to be turning him to know his wife was getting fucked but didn’t know she was falling inlove with me and me with her . She even told me once she wanted to leave him for me . That is when it hit me I was to blame if they did break up . I could not be apart of breacking up a family . One day years later i ran into her again and she told me the whole truth about him wanting her to do it and she had feel inlove with me but since I broke it off she meet someone else and left him .So to all the married men out there that want to see ther wife with another guy think long and hard before you let it happen . Because if you really love your wife and want to keep her then don’t let a so called friend or stanger fuck your wife because at some point she will leave you for someone else . And by now mean force her into that it can and will backfire on you and you will be standing there looking stupide . Over my years I have seen alot of divorces because guys wanting to see there wife with someone else .

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