Sara Part III

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Sara Part IIIOver the next two years we had settled into a nice little routine. Daddy would come to me or I would go to his office. Sometimes he would even take me on business trips with him. When I turned 16 he bought me a car and taught me to drive. Usually we would end up in some secluded area where I would be bent over the hood while Daddy pounded my pussy or even my ass. I was his naughty little fuck toy and his darling little daughter and I was as happy as I could ever hope to be.Shortly after I turned 17 Daddy’s visits started to peter off, until I would barely see him once a week and sometimes he wouldn’t even want to fuck me. I started to worry that he was only interested in younger girls. I mean I was 17 but I still looked like I was 15.“Don’t you like me anymore Daddy?” I was sitting on his lap grinding against him. He hadn’t fucked me in a week so I made sure to wear his favorite Slutty School Girl outfit when he came over.“Sara, you know I love you. I just….we need to talk.”As it turned out Daddy had started feeling bad about cheating on his wife with me. I guess that they had been having a lot of problems over the years to the point where he thought it would end in divorce. Apparently the exact opposite happened. I was heartbroken but I tried to be understanding. I was also scared as to what would happen to me.“I’m not going to leave you high and dry Sara. You can stay here for the next year and I will help you out financially. I just think that if I’m going to give a wholehearted attempt at my marriage it wouldn’t be wise for us to see each other. I really hope you understand.” I looked up at him with tears in my eyes and it honestly looked like he was having an equally hard time with this. As he was leaving he stopped and I had thought maybe for a second he changed his mind and that he would take me into his arms, lead me into the bedroom and fuck me like he used to. Instead he handed me a check and walked out.The next month was a rough one. I reverted back into that deserted little girl I had been when Daddy, my real Daddy that is, had left. It took me a few weeks to get back to the resourcefulness I knew I was capable of when I was living in that shit hole motel, only difference was that I didn’t have to suck dick to stay. Not that I would have minded. The truth was that I had gotten used to getting sex on a regular basis and I had started going through some kind of withdrawal since Daddy stopped fucking me. I needed to get laid.One inherent perk to living on the beach is that you’re on the beach. The place if full of half-naked people and that alone lends itself to the thoughts of sex so I slipped into my skimpiest little bikini and headed out. It was the middle of the day but the beach near my building was overflowing already. I sunned myself as I watched hot guys, and girls too, reveling in the heat and sun. I smiled as it occurred to me that it would be winter back home and people would be huddled in their houses to keep warm.“Hey. How’s it going?” he was standing directly in front of the sun and I couldn’t really see him.“Good. You?” “Beautiful day. Mind if I join you?” he was already settling down on the sand next to me. It was then that I finally got a good look at him. He was cute, maybe in his late 20’s or early 30’s, kind of pale compared to everyone else running around but toned. “I’m Jake.”“Sara.” I tried to play it cool even though the need was already building between my thighs. I adjusted myself so to make sure that Jake got a really good look at me and my exceptionally tiny bikini. “You from around here Jake?”“Me? No. I’m just here on business. Had a couple days free so figured I’d check out the California lifestyle” he laughed a bit. “You lived here long?”“Born and raised.” I lied but not really sure why and I doubt he could really give a shit as his focus seemed to be on my body. He started making small talk, or at least trying to, while I was getting more and more frustrated. I wanted to get laid and this guy was going on and on about the weather and some other random nonsense that I really cared nothing about. “Jake!” another voice, a male voiced boomed from behind me.“Over here!” he raised a hand and announced to someone that I couldn’t yet see. That changed a few seconds later when another equally pale man plopped down next to Jake.“Fuck me is it ever hot out here.” “Oh hey Sara, this is my buddy Walt. Walt this is Sara.” we exchanged pleasantries and then they went on about some other mindless things that didn’t interest me either. I needed to get their attention back to the young almost nude girl sitting next to them.“So you guys enjoying the local girls or is it all work and no play?” Walt grinned at me while Jake seemed a little shy. He was going to take a little work.“Not so far yet little girl but I’m always looking for some fun.” Walt stared openly at my small but perky tits and Jakes gaze finally locked onto them as well.“Well boys it’s getting a little hot out here. I’m going to head back to my place. You can join me if you want. I have some cold beers in the fridge.” They seemed dumbfounded at first and it was Walt who accepted first but Jake wasn’t too far behind him.“You sure your parents won’t mind?” Walt asked but even I knew it was just a way to ask if we would be alone.“Oh no, they’re out for the day. Won’t be home until tonight. We’ll have the place to ourselves.” I lied again but this time it was for a reason. I didn’t want them to think they could just stick around or even come back by later. Plus even though the question about my age wasn’t asked I knew that I looked younger than 17 and I was pretty sure that they were curious.I pulled a couple of the beers that Daddy left in the fridge and handed them out as the guys say on the couch. There was starting to be kind of an awkward silence and I realized that I would have to take the initiative so I sat down between them.“So how do you guys want to do this? One at a time or do you both wanna do me at once?”“What the fuck!” Jake spit out some beer.“Oh hell yes!” Walt was already rubbing his crotch.I wasn’t willing or able to wait for any definitive answer. I need to get laid and if these two wanted to take turns then fine and if they wanted to fuck me at the same time I was fine with that as well….in fact that was kind of what I really wanted. My hands went to their building bulges and they seemed content to let me move at my own pace. They both felt like they had bigger than average cocks. This was going to be fun.“Wait, wait, wait….Are you even….I mean you are 18?” Jake asked even as I was on my knees holding both cocks in my hands.“MMMM your cock doesn’t seem to care. Why should you?” I grinned and took him into my mouth. His resistance faded fast and when I felt his hands on my head I knew he was all in. Walt reached down and slid my bikini top off and started playing with my nipples.“Damn little girl, you do have some pretty little titties.” I smiled with his friends cock between my lips then switched over to his. I put on a good show, sucking and slurping up and down loudly, making sure to let as much wetness creep from my lips.“MMMM get back on this cock.” Jake, avcilar escort finally out of his shell, pulled me by my hair over to him and rooted his entire length into my mouth. His hands held my head still while he fucked my face. Now I’ve said this before and it bears repeating yet again, I LOVE sucking dick. I get into it and I really try to put on a show while making it feel really good as well so I began bobbing my head up and down Jakes length, completely lost in the act itself. I was so into it that I kind of forgot about Walt until I felt hands on my ass and my bikini bottoms being slid down.“Fuck! You have to see this ass. Fucking perfect!” his hand felt rough as he spread my ass open and then started to rim my hole with his tounge.“Ohhhhhhhhh! Yes! Get fucking nasty with me!” I screamed as Jake slapped his cock against my face and Walt ate my ass. My body shook when he roughly shoved two fingers into my drooling cunt.“Damn, she’s so fucking wet. Little slut must really love this.” He announced then went to work on my needy pussy with his mouth.“Ohhh fuck yessssss! Eat me! Eat my fucking pussy!” I was shaking and gripping onto Jakes thighs as his friend brought me to orgasm. I looked up at Jake and he grinned and pushed himself back into my mouth. Finally I had to push both of them away. “One of you….both of you….I don’t care….but someone has to fuck me NOW!”I fully expected, or maybe just wanted, these two men to pounce and use me. To shove their hard cocks into my petite body and pound me for their pleasure. My mind was already imagining it and it looked like they were going to, at least Walt was until Jake stopped him.“Hold on. What are we doing here?” Jake pulled Walt aside but I could clearly hear their conversation even though I wasn’t meant to.“Well I don’t know about you but I’m about go over there and fuck that little slut.” He was stroking his cock and staring at me as I spread my legs and rubbed my needy little cunt. “Fuck man, look at that pussy. Not a hair on it and I can tell from here she is fucking soaked.” He was right, my cunt was drooling in anticipation.“Come on Walt, she’s jailbait. How old does she look? 14? 15?” he looked at me as he spoke with his friend. To be fair, even though I was 17 I looked younger and my bald mound only accentuated that.“Listen Jake, stay or go….I don’t give a fuck. Cindy hasn’t give me any in almost a year. My daughter’s friends running round my house all day dressed like fucking porn stars…..I need to get laid. Besides, our plane leaves in the morning and we’ll be gone. She doesn’t know anything about us. I’m doing this.” And with that he grinned at me and I moaned. His eyes glazed with lust as he pulled me with him to the couch and I straddled him. Jake just stood there and watched.“MMMMM yeah gimme that fucking dick! Ungh yes!” I was loud as I slid down his throbbing cock and filled me for the first time in weeks.“Shit! Fuck! Little fucking cunt is tight!” he gritted his teeth and roughly grabbed my tiny waist and slid me up and down his length. Jake started stroking his cock.“Ohhhhh yessssss! Fuck me! Come on Mister, fucking use me! Fuck my slutty little pussy!” Jake had finally started moving closer until he was sitting down next to where Walt was stroking his cock with my sloppy cunt. I bent down to suck his cock and he didn’t stop me. In fact he pushed my head down hard, shoving his dick down my throat.“Fucking suck it. Slutty little fucking bitch!” I was pleasantly surprised by his change in attitude.“That’s it man, fuck her mouth! Gag the little whore!” Walt almost screamed to his friend.I was like a ragdoll as these two grown men pumped into my pussy and mouth at the same time. Walt’s hands had latched onto my round ass and I felt Jake reaching down to roughly grab at my tits. “Let me get that fucking pussy! I wanna feel this slut’s tight fucking cunt!” Jake moaned and Walt almost laughed as he literally lifted me up and passed me off. I guided Jake’s spit covered dick to my slit and he pulled me down hard, filling me with his entire dick all at once and started fucking up into me. “Ohhh fuck! You’re just a filthy little slut, aren’t you?” I didn’t answer right away and he grabbed me hard by my hair and pulled my head back and slapped my tits hard. “Fucking answer me!”“Yes! Yes! Ohhh god yes! I’m a slutty little whore! Fuck! Use me! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I was on the verge of cumming and slapping my tits pushed me over the edge. I felt myself tighten and my juices escaping me but Jake never lost stride as he pumped his dick into me. I was lost in sexual frenzy so much that I didn’t notice that Walt had gotten up from the couch and was standing behind me. I became aware of his intentions when I felt him spread my ass and then felt the tip of his cock trying to penetrate my asshole.“Hold still a sec, let me get my cock up her ass.” My eyes went wide as he pushed hard and I felt the head pushed inside me. I didn’t resist because on some level this is exactly what I wanted. My only regret as that there wasn’t a third cock to fuck my mouth.“Ahhhhhhhhhh! Yesssssss! Fuck my ass you dirty old fuck! Fuck my ass and fuck my cunt! Make me your fucking cum slut!” I was losing all control as these two men, strangers I had just met, roughly fucked me in both holes.“I’m….i’m gonna fucking cum!” Jake started to swell up inside me and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. I also wasn’t sure if Walt would let up on my ass long enough for his friend to finish anywhere other than inside my pussy. Only two men had ever cum inside me, Dad’s friend when he popped my cherry and then Daddy on several occasions. This made me think about Daddy and for some reason I wondered if he was fucking his wife right now as these two men screwed me. “Cum on my face! I….ohhh fuck….I want both of you to get off on my face!” I felt both my holes gape as they pulled out and I dropped to my knees, eye level with them both as the jerked their respective cocks. Jake was the first to pop sending ropes of thick cream onto my skin. I think he was aiming for my lips but the force of his orgasm made him over shoot and the first spurt splashed against my forehead. He quickly corrected himself and deposited the rest onto my mouth. The feeling of fresh cum on my face is euphoric for me.“Here, take it! Take it Sara!” I turned just as Walt started to empty his balls onto my already cum splattered face. He wasn’t joking about not getting any lately and judging from the amount of jizz he pumped onto me he must not have masturbated in a while either. By the time he was done I felt their loads dripping from my face and onto my small tits.“MMMMMM thanks guys, that was awesome.” I moaned as I licked cum from my lips. “But you might want to leave, my parents will be home in like 10 minutes.” I lied. I had gotten what I wanted and now just wanted them gone. It was kind of funny to see them rush around grabbing clothes and getting dressed.Over the next few weeks I went on a sexual tear. I knew that I preferred older men and when I would meet one that I found attractive I would bring them back to my apartment and let them use my body. I really was turning şirinevler escort into a slut and not only did I know it, I loved it. Married men were my absolute favorite. The idea of these men pounding into my needy little cunt then going home to their wives was just a turn on for me. When they would tell me that I was better than their spouse I felt a kind of perverse pride.It was after one of these trysts when I met my new neighbor, Amber. Some 40-ish tourist that I met at the coffee shop had just finished firing off his 2nd load in as many hours onto my body and I walked him to the door. She was carrying a box up the steps and he kind of hid his face from her as he left. She flashed me, what I can only describe as a knowing smile before going into her apartment. Two days later when I was in the laundry room she walked in and we started talking. Just chit-chat really but I found that she was really easy to talk. Later that night she knocked on my door holding a bottle of tequila.We spent a lot of time together after that. She was the first real friend I had had since my Dad had abandoned me and I went to live at the motel. It was nice having someone to talk to, another girl anyway. I was still hooking up with random men during the day but I would spend almost every night hanging out with Amber. I didn’t want to tell her about how I ended up where I was out of fear that she wouldn’t want to be friends anymore. I would tell her enough to kind of fill in the blanks but sometimes I had to either avoid the subject or flat out lie. For this reason I never really asked her too much about her past either just to avoid the topic all together.“I have to tell you something.” She blurted out one night. “I just hope it doesn’t change your opinion of me.” She seemed anxious.“OK, although I don’t think there is anything you can say to make me think differently of you.”“Well it’s about what I do for a living….” Her eyes fell to look down at the floor.“You work at a bank.”“Well no, not exactly. Not at all really.”“Whatever it is you can tell me….”“Porn. I do porn.” I listened as she told me her story. About how she came to California at 18 with the dream of being an actress and about how after 2 years she hadn’t had as much as an audition so she started stripping which eventually led her to the porn industry. “So, do you like, hate me know?” I hugged her.“You’re like my best friend! You’re the only friend I’ve had in a long time. So what if you do porn. It’s kind of hot.” She smiled and hugged me back. Then I told her my story, my real story.After that Amber and I were tighter than before. We were open about just about everything and when I turned 18 and had to vacate the apartment I was living in she took me in. We were like sisters from that point forward.“Hey you wanna go to a party tonight?” were the first words out of her mouth one day when she came home.“Party? Yeah, sure. Where?” I hadn’t been invited to a party since Jenny Goldberg’s 12th birthday.“Some people from work are having a party. Thought you could use a night out.”“Work? So it’s like, a porn party?” “Well I’m pretty sure they’re not calling it that.” She giggled and I felt silly. “Just some people getting together for some food and drinks. You know, a regular old party….just with mainly porn people.” She teased me.“Remember, if anyone asks you’re my little sister.” Amber instructed as we pulled up to the large house. I had to almost laugh to myself at that because we looked nothing alike. Where I was 5’ she almost towered over me at 5’ 7”. My little solid B’s looked bigger on my small frame Amber’s D’s looked massive. Amber was tanned and blonde while despite my days trolling for cock on the beach I was still kind of pale and my chestnut hair seemed to accentuate my skin tone. The one thing I had on her was my ass, even though her’s was nice it was kind of small while mine was round and pronounced.I met so many people within the first 30 minutes and it was hard to remember everyone. Drinks were offered and accepted. Music was blaring, people dancing and laughing and just having a great time and I found myself getting caught up in the fun. Amber stayed by my side most of the night but at one point went to talk a guy she had told me about. I saw them slip inside the house and figured she was going to be gone for a while. “Sara, right?” I turned towards the voice behind me. I had met him when we first arrived but couldn’t really remember his name. “I’m Mark. We met earlier.” I guess he could tell that I couldn’t remember him.“Oh yeah! Hey!” I sort of remembered him. Amber said he was a producer, or director or something like that. I did remember that it was his party and his house.“You having a good time?” he stood close to me and smelled great.“I am! This is so much fun. You guys party like this all the time?” he laughed. I felt silly.“So you’re Amber’s sister?” he seemed suspicious.“Yeah. Well, half-sister.” Hopefully he would buy that even though I still wasn’t sure why she wanted me to tell people we were related. “So what do you think about what she does?” this was the first time anyone I had met had made any mention to porn.“I think it’s kind of hot.” And I meant that.“Really? Why is that?” I was unsure why he was asking but became aware that he was even closer than he was before. His hand was on the back of my thigh just below my skirt and I didn’t mind.“I dunno. I guess because she gets laid and she gets paid.” I wasn’t sure if it was the strong drinks or that I hadn’t been fucked in 2 days but I was feeling hyper horny as his hand slid even further up my thighs to my ass. He wasn’t rough, just kind of gently stroking my ample rear-end.“You ever thought about doing what she does?”“Me? Oh I don’t think people would want to see me getting fucked. I mean, I my tits are kind of small and my ass is kind of big.”“Are you serious? You have a great body and you’re very pretty. You have that young teen look about you and that implied jailbait thing is getting really starting to become all the rage. I bet you would be very popular in this business. I think you should give it a try.” Was he really giving me a sales pitch?“Really? You think people would like me?” I was playing the naive little teenager to a tee. I’d learned that with some guys you had to let them think it was them that seduced you.“Oh yeah. You’re box cover girl material for sure. Of course we’d have to see how you actually perform first.”“We?”“Well, me really.”“MMMM when? Can we do it now?” he smiled and took my hand and led me to his bedroom. As soon as his bedroom door shut I started rubbing against him, trying like hell to get his cock out but he pushed me away. I was beyond confused and he just sat down in a chair and looked at me.“We’ll get to the fucking part but first I have to make sure that you can take direction.” I wasn’t expecting this. I assumed he was just feeding me lines to get between my legs so that my first notion that he was serious about me doing porn. “How about you show me more of that body, start with the ass and go slow. Tease me, make me want it.”I turned my back to him and pushed my ass out. I looked taksim escort back over my shoulder at him as I slid my skirt down over my round ass and let it drop to the floor. I heard him moan in approval and I started to jiggle my ass at him.“MMMM you like that Mister? You like that round, firm 18 year old ass?” I slapped my own ass hard.“Oh I do, you like getting spanked?” his eyes followed my body as I turned around and I was already pulling my shirt off, followed by my bra.“Uh huh. I love being spanked….especially when I been a naughty little girl.” I felt up my tits and then spanked them as well then let my hand slid down my body to my tong covered pussy. “Wanna see my tiny little 18 year old pussy?” I didn’t wait for a reply, instead I slid the thin fabric aside. “See? Don’t I have a pretty little cunt Mister?” I had squatted down with my legs spread wide.“Prettiest one I’ve seen in a long time Sara.” He was gawking at my hairless slit and openly feeling on his cock through his pants.“MMMM I’m really tight….but you wanna know a secret?”“I’d love to.”“I love having really big, fat cocks shoved ball deep into my wet little gash.” I was rubbing my clit for him at that point.“Oh, you like big cocks? Like really big ones?” I nodded my head. “Well then I have a surprise for you little girl. Come take my cock out.”I crawled over to him and slid my hands up his legs, up his thighs and instead of grabbing him and pulling his cock free I teased him a bit more. I just gave glancing touches, pushed my lips to within an inch of where I assumed the head would be. Then I saw it move, getting bigger and knew I was way off. Finally I grabbed it through his pants. He wasn’t even fully hard yet and he felt huge. I looked up at him and he smiled.“Over 10 inches.” He answered the question floating through my mind but didn’t want to ask. I’d never seen a cock that big in person and it wasn’t just the length. He was getting thicker and thicker too. I had to see it in all its glory so I pulled his pants open and as I pulled them down his semi-stiff cock landed on my face with a thud.“Fuck! You are fucking huge!” I squealed as I tried to fit my hand around his girth and marveled at it. “Go ahead Sara, suck it. Suck my fucking cock.” He didn’t have to ask twice and I eagerly wrapped my lips around the head and teased it with my tongue. I felt him getting harder and harder as my tongue swirled around the tip, my hand working up and down his shaft. “Oh fuck that is good. Let’s see how much you can take. Don’t worry if you can’t take it all.” Was that a challenge? Did I mention that I love sucking cock? I was bound and determined to show this man just how much I love the feel of a nice thick dick in my mouth. He was throbbing as I took inch after inch, feeling myself wanting to gag a bit but not wanting to let him think he was too big for me. I felt the head pushing deeper and deeper, then down into my throat. My eyes were closed as my full attention was on taking more and more while my hand played with his balls. “Look up at me. Show me those pretty eyes Sara.” I did and I saw that there was still a couple inches of cock meat left before I could say that I deep throated this huge cock. I took his hand and placed it on the back of my head and let him push….force the rest down my throat. He held me there, or maybe I held myself there. I’m still kind of unsure all I remember was the feeling of his thick cock down my throat, his balls on my lips and spit slowly creeping from the corners of my mouth. “Ohhh fuck you are a little cocksucker huh Sara?” all I could do was look up and nod my head.As soon as I regained my composure of taking every inch of this man I set out to give hi the best fucking blow-job he’d ever had, both physically and visually. I pulled my lips up his ridged shaft and slapped the head against my face, smearing it with his pre-cum just before taking back into my mouth.“Oh fuck. Do that again baby.” He instructed and this time he grabbed my face. “Open your mouth. Wide” again I did as he instructed and he spit directly into my mouth then shoved his cock back in…..and I almost came. My body was just starting to shake and shudder in orgasm and Mark just kept on fucking my mouth until I think he felt in danger of cumming before he got to fuck my pussy. He had to literally push me off of his massive cock.“MMMM you gonna fuck me now Mister? You gonna stick your huge cock into my tiny little eighteen year old cunt?” I moaned as I sat on his bed, my legs opened wide and my panties pulled aside to show him my hairless mound. “Make me into one of your little porn whores.” I performing for myself as much as for him and it seemed to have the desired effect. His cock looked even bigger when he began to rub the head against me.“Don’t worry. I’ll go slow at first.” He moaned while pulling my panties down my thighs and then off completely. I grabbed his huge dick and began to spank it up against my bare, shaved mound.“MMMMMMM NO! I want it hard! Please! Give it to me! Fucking ram your entire fucking cock into my fucking cunt and pound me!” I watch the tip of his swollen head just starting to press against my slit, I could feel the heat and the throbbing.“MMMM you sure?”“Yes! Ohhh fuck I need…! I’m such a little slut! Punish my fucking pussy with your fat fucking cock!” I was almost screaming. Then I did scream as he did exactly what I asked and filled my young little fuckhole with his 10 inch cock in one hard, deep thrust. I had never been so full in my entire life and my body was starting to shake.“Ohhh fuck are you cumming? Damn you are so fucking tight!” he growled as he pumped his massive meat into my little pussy.“Fuck me! Fuck me Mister! Use me like a slutty little fucking toy!” I felt his hand grab the hair on the back of my head as he began to power stroke into my tight little slit. I saw the look of sheer effort as this man fed his entire rod into a girl half his age and I’d beg for more.For the next hour my body was like a ragdoll as this man switched me from one position to the next, each time re-entering my tiny little gash and opening me more and more. Occasionally I would look down to see his fat cock speared into my petite body and wonder how in the world he could fit inside me. I lost track of how many times I had came but I was starting to get a little light headed. Thankfully he had had enough and was about to pop.“MMMMM cum on my face! Paint my face like a cheap little fucking whore cunt!” I was frantic as I got on my knees, in position as he stood over me jerking his cock dripping in my girl cream. Faster and faster he pumped. His hand furiously gliding up and down his length until I saw the first stream of many explode from the head of his cock and I felt it splatter against my forehead. It was already starting to trickle down when the next spurt hit. Then another and another until my face felt completely covered and he just had a few pearls of jizz dripping form the head of his deflating cock. I leant towards him and lapped up the few drops that were clinging onto his head then leaned back and let him admire his handiwork. I had cum on my face, in my hair, down onto my neck and my tits and I felt some drip from my chin and land onto my used little pussy.“Fuck. I was wrong about you Sara.” That confused me. “You’re not going to do well in this line of work….you’re going to be a fucking superstar.” He exclaimed and dropped down onto his bed.

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