Sarah and Josh Ch. 03


The phone on Sarah’s desk rang, and she picked it up, glancing at the display and seeing their home number. “Hi, darling.”

“Hello, my love,” she heard Josh’s voice from the other end of the line. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m back. How’s your week been?”

“OK. But I’m ready for the weekend, especially now you’re home.”

She heard the smile in Josh’s voice. “Me too. I was thinking up a story for us on the drive home.”

Sarah felt a frisson of excitement run through her body. “Tell me?”

“Well,” began Josh, “I enjoyed you being a concubine so much, I thought I’d send to the master of the harem and ask for you again.”

Sarah smiled. “I like the sound of that. I’ll probably still be a couple of hours here, though.”

“I’ll be waiting,” promised Josh.

Sarah put the phone down and concentrated again on the figures in front of her, double-checking her calculations. Finally she emailed the file, then closed her laptop and pushed back her chair with a sigh, stretching.

She thought for a moment, then closed the blinds of her office windows and undid her blouse just far enough to allow her to slip off her bra. She quickly pulled off her jeans, and removed her panties, then dressed again. The feel of the cotton against her bare breasts heightened her sense of anticipation, and she quickly made her way down to the car park, nodding to the security guard as she left.

When she reached the house, she pulled into the drive next to Josh’s car. As she’d expected, he was waiting for her in the hall, and as the front door closed behind her, she caught his eye with a smile and a wink, then sank to her knees with her head bowed. “My lord has sent for me?” she murmured.

Josh took her hand, lifting her to her feet once more. “I did…”

He hesitated. “Forgive me – I did not ask the name of she who so skillfully introduced me to the ways of women.”

Sarah smiled. “I am known as Keziah, but my lord can name me as he wishes.”

“Keziah,” Josh said thoughtfully. “Well, Keziah, I have had everything made ready for us.”

He looked at her, and she could see the unconcealed desire in his eyes. “Would my lord wish to look on me?” tuzla escort she asked.

The expression on his face was answer enough, and she started to unbutton her blouse. As her bare breasts were revealed, her eyes met his, and he smiled. Sarah shrugged her blouse to the floor, then slipped her jeans down and stepped out of them. “Do I please my lord?”

He nodded, watching as she adopted different poses. She straightened again, looking at him. “Will my lord unclothe now?”

In answer Josh started to undress, and as he removed his y-fronts Sarah smiled. “I see my lord is ready.”

She moved closer to him. “Does my lord wish to take me now?”

He bent to kiss her. “It is a tempting thought, but my desire is to heighten the anticipation for both of us.”

He took her hand again. “Come.”

She followed him through the house and into the kitchen, where the back door stood open. As he led her out into the garden, she smiled nervously. “We cannot be overlooked,” he reassured her, “and my guards are posted with strict instructions to keep out any who would seek to intrude.”

He led her to a secluded corner of the garden, and she flashed him a grin as she recognised one of the garden loungers carefully spread with a quilt from their bedroom. “A princely couch indeed, my lord,” she whispered.

She sat on the edge of the lounger, then at a gesture from him she swung her legs up and lay back. Josh lifted a cloth from a table to one side, picking up a bowl. “Do you like fruit, Keziah?”

She nodded, and he took a piece of pineapple from the bowl, holding it to her lips. She took it from his fingers, chewing, then licking the juice from his fingertips with her tongue. “Mmm.”

He continued feeding her with more pieces of pineapple, then grapes and thin slices of banana. With each piece, she tongued the tips of his fingers, occasionally sucking them gently, a knowing smile playing on her face.

He took another piece of pineapple, and she watched as he squeezed it between his fingers, letting the juice drip onto each breast in turn, then caressed her nipples with the pulp of the fruit. ucuz escort He bent towards her slowly, and she lifted towards him as he began to use his tongue to catch the juice trickling down the sides of her breasts. As he surrounded her nipple with his lips, she gave a quiet moan, reaching to stroke his hair as he began to suckle her. “Ohh…”

Josh reached for the fruit bowl again, and the expression on Sarah’s face mixed puzzlement and anticipation as he took a banana and began to peel it. He held the fruit out to her, and whispered, “Suck it – don’t bite.”

Obediently she took it into her mouth, tonguing and tasting, resisting the temptation to close her teeth and chew. After a few moments, he withdrew the fruit, using the tip to caress each breast in turn and circle her areolae, then touch each hard nipple. He bent again briefly to suckle her, and whispered, “I like them banana-flavoured.”

He moved down, and slid his hand between her thighs, indicating with gentle pressure that she should part her legs. He tilted the banana at a slight angle, using the shaft instead of the tip against her clitoris, and was rewarded with another low moan from her. After a few moments he placed the tip of the fruit against her entrance, then carefully eased it in a little way. “It feels like you,” she whispered as he started to ease it gently in and out of her.

She made a quiet sound of disappointment as he took the fruit away. “Don’t worry,” he reassured, “there will be satisfaction for you in a while.”

He touched the banana to her lips again, and without needing to be prompted, she began to tongue it and suck again. She caught his eye with a mischievous grin, and suddenly closed her teeth, biting off the tip, chewing, closing her eyes as she swallowed.

Josh’s face registered his shock, then he smiled, raising his eyebrows at her improvisation.

He indicated that she should turn over, and she settled herself comfortably on her front, glancing back over her shoulder with a smile. He took a small bottle from the table, pouring the liquid into his palms, and began to spread it over her shoulders and back. ümraniye escort He started to massage her, his fingers pressing gently into her muscles. “That really feels good,” she murmured. He continued for long minutes, working his way down he spine.

He paused, picking up the bottle again, and this time he tipped it, letting the liquid pour onto the small of her back, then into the cleft of her bottom and down between her thighs. “Brr,” she said, a smile in her voice.

He began to caress her bottom, then to run his fingers up and down her cleft. Without being prompted, she shifted, moving her legs apart to give him access, and his fingers ventured further down, brushing across her pink star, slippery from the massage oil. He felt her muscles tighten briefly, then relax, and he traced one finger across the opening again, then pressed the tip gently in. “Mmm,” she said, her voice somehow throaty. “Don’t stop.”

His finger slid in further, her muscles relaxing as she got used to the feeling. “Use your other hand too,” she murmured. His fingers began to explore lower down, her entrance slippery with the oil and her own arousal, and slid a finger inside her.

She breathed in. “Oh, that feels good, being touched in both places.”

He smiled, and began to move his fingers, sometimes in unison, sometimes alternating. He curled one fingertip, finding the sensitive spot inside her, and felt her begin to tense. “Oh…. I’m going to….” then her words became incoherent as her body shook, her muscles tightening deliciously against his fingers.

She subsided, panting, and he carefully withdrew, lowering his body onto hers and wrapping his arms around her, kissing the back of her neck.

When she’d recovered her breath, she turned her head to glance at him. “My lord is very creative… What is his pleasure now?”

“Stay as you are, and you’ll know,” he smiled. He shifted, positioning himself behind her, and she felt his hardness against her entrance, then sliding deep within. “I was wrong,” she whispered, “it’s much more satisfying when it’s really you.”

He began to move in her, his hands on her shoulders, and she smiled. “Oh, my love, don’t hold back, I’m all yours.” Suddenly she felt him harden even more inside her, and he groaned, thrusting once, twice, again, as he filled her with warmth.

He lowered himself again, panting, and she smiled. “I’m glad we waited.”

Josh chuckled. “Maybe next time I’ll surprise you, though, and take you there and then in the hallway…”

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