Sarah’s Journey Ch. 011

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011 Hmmmm, well that’s exciting yet expected.

As time went on New Years 2016 came and passed with a new routine reliably in place. Work, gym, Dr’s visits, occasional date when I had time and the guy wasn’t a creeper. The dates didn’t go past dinner usually, there were a few guys from the gym that I did go out with but I wasn’t nearly as brazen as I was with the tall, muscular guy that I gave a hand job to a few months back. Incidentally as I never saw him in the gym again, at least not while I was there in with the after work crowd, I eventually thought of it as a good thing as I didn’t want that type of reputation. I was still technically married to Brandon and separated. We texted infrequently, usually about taxes, which was why we’re still married. But rarely just to say hi and check on the other. I was still hung up on going too far with dating and the things it leads to because I was technically still married.

I asked Brandon about when he thought we could make things final. He responded the next day, saying that after the 2018 tax season was over. By then he would be in a position to be divorced without getting just raped by the IRS. Never having done my own taxes in my life I didn’t argue or question.

Besides he’d never given me a reason to not believe or mistrust him while we were separated. All the things happened as he said about the condo and the bank account. I guessed that his HVAC business was doing well, in 2015 he deposited $175,000, and in 2016 $203,000. I had no idea that he meant that much per year when he said he wanted me to live ‘comfortably’! Holy hell I thought after the first one, and texted him asking if that was right and if he meant to deposit that much. All I got back was a kissy smiley face and a thumbs emoticons. Talk about relieved about my money concerns living in Los Angeles on a single income.

By this time my Dr had reduced my appointments for my expander fills to once every month. Apparently as I was going to the gym regularly as my pectoral muscles got more toned and stronger, with a little size increase they didn’t stretch as easily. I wasn’t muscular and didn’t want to be, I also didn’t have the completely smooth body that the swimsuit models in the magazines had. I was still slender and toned with a, still feminine, amount of muscle definition. I definitely had 6 pack abs, but just well defined enough to look like I took my body very seriously, because I did and still do. The same was with the rest of my body, arms, legs, back. I’d even gotten compliments from the trainers at the gym, when I wore the occasional outfit that was more revealing than my usual ones, about my symmetry and definition. This was always followed up with a pitch for training, billed hourly of course, so I could put on more muscle mass and maybe go to competitions. But I had no interest in that for myself. Now the guys in there that were in to that, that’s another story. A few looked like the Incredible Hulk it was unreal. A few women would make comments about them being too big or too cut and vascular. But usually not me, for me watching them workout and especially practice their posing in the mirror was an instant turn on and almost always led to wet panties. Even a few times I had to go to the locker room and masturbate because I was so turned on it almost hurt.

After talking with my Dr I reduced the weight I used on my chest exercises by about half. Not enough to lose muscle tone but enough to keep them in shape. Besides I didn’t need well developed chest muscles my under the muscle expanders were looking great and the muscle tone ensured that they were well supported. I could easily go without a bra but still had a slight jiggle. After easing back on the weight my chest muscles definitely didn’t feel as hard as they were a couple of months ago. And they started to droop just a bit when I took my bra off. Which was perfect to stretch the muscles bostancı escort and make more room for the expander fills. After those couple of months I was back to my every 2 week schedule with my Dr. The appointments were still pretty small in fill increments, originally about 30 CCs in the beginning when I wasn’t even an A cup, now they were in the 50-80 CC range regularly.

While I was so excited about this at the same time I was still buying cheap bras as I’d need to replace them every 3-5 months. Additionally I stopped wearing a bra except for work and at the gym. And occasionally over a weekend when I felt like the muscles needed a couple of days to recover from the about 14 hours a day they weren’t in a bra. On the other hand some [most] weekends I just didn’t wear a bra at all. I was borderline obsessed now. Hell who am I trying to kid here, my breasts were on my mind constantly. I got to the point that even in the summer I would wear a light jacket or blazer to work and immediately go to the womens room to put my bra on, as well as taking it off about 30 minutes before I left work and just wearing the jacket til I left. Partly because I loved how they jiggled and felt while driving.

Another aspect was making sure they didn’t capsulorrhaphy or harden due to the expanders. The same is true with basic implants even small ones. I knew a woman at my condo complex that had implants bringing here to about a C cup, and we chatted about them and my expanders. When we did the “Het can I feel?” thing her right one felt like it was made out of cardboard and was very gristley. I was NOT having that shit happen to me. Anyway massaging them will prevent that from happening, needless to say that wasn’t a problem for me. As much time as I spent in traffic every damn day they definitely got a lot of massaging. Problem was when I got to where I was going I was turned on. Mostly because they were a very full handful for my hands by now at a fairly large C cup. I was just teetering on that line of buying a new bra or waiting for my next fill. If I wore a moderately thin shirt to work you could see the top of the bra cups slightly creating a line across my breasts just a bit above my nipples. It kind of looked a little like I had 4 boobs ever so slightly.

A bit of time went by and it was nearing summer time. I was excited to go out to the pool or beach and show off not only the time I was putting in at the gym but also my ever changing breasts. I went in for my Drs appointment in late April. I asked about the fill volume versus my discomfort. My Dr said that going slowly was paramount, but since I was religious about my skin cream to maintain elasticity, and my noteworthy progress in letting the weight of the expanders slowly stretch the muscles and skin he was willing to try a little higher volume. And see how that went. This visit I was able to have him add about 150CCs before any real discomfort set in. He said they were tighter than they had been in months. He cautioned me to wear a bra all the time the next 3-5 days to let the tissue adapt before I started going braless again. I listened to him religiously and obeyed. And I could see the results, my breasts were never too saggy, maybe at most 1″ of fall or sag would set in over a months time. Then I’d get that extra space filled up by the expanders. Rinse and repeat.

I started only going monthly when it wasn’t necessarily beach or pool weather in LA. Yes it happens. Besides the Pacific ocean is fucking freezing! This would keep a good constant stretch and fill cadence. But in the summer I went every 2 weeks so they wouldn’t have time to sag as much and I could keep more of a high&tight look. For wearing swimsuits with no support, and going braless while going out or on the rare date.

This plan worked great, I love it when a plan comes together. After my last 150CC fill in late April I resumed the ümraniye escort bayan every 2 weeks cadence. After I left the office it wasn’t long til my bra was really uncomfortable. I had it on the last set of hooks. Yes I was super excited when I finally needed a bra with more than 1 hook in the back! By the time I got down the stairs, can’t let the ass get soft, and to my car it was pretty painful and was digging into my sides and the under wires were digging in to me as well. I got in my can and immediately took it off. Whew what a relief I thought as I sighed in relief.

As I sat there with my top off and my breasts sitting up and begging for attention, as I described it, I noticed a guy standing a couple of parking spaces away looking at me. He wasn’t too old maybe in his 30’s and looked in good shape. When I noticed him I turned my head and looked right at him. His hansom face had a look of worry, as he probably expected me to get mad. I paused and noticed that him just looking at me was turning me on a little. For Gods sake, what in the hell didn’t turn me on I thought. A greasy taco, that didn’t turn me on. Snapping back to my situation after that brief thought, he was now smiling as I obviously wasn’t upset. I smiled and winked at him as I started my car and pulled out of the parking spot. Him never taking his eyes off me as I drove right by him. As I passed him I steered toward him ever so slightly just enough to miss him. He looked a bit surprised yet anticipatory. With him less than a foot away from me I slowed to a crawl, looked at him through my window that I had rolled down. I tilted my head up and blew him a small kiss trying to do a sexy face, even though I had no idea how. I took my right hand off the gear shift and grabbed my left breast that was noticeably more than a handful for me now, gave it a bit of a squeeze and rolled my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. As I slowly rolled by, glancing down to check out his package. It was a bit of a bulge but not obscene. As I passed by and sped up heading for the turn in the parking garage I glanced in my side view mirror, with him still looking at me I heard him with an elevated tone but not a yell say “Thank you.” as I rounded the corner.

WOW I thought as I drove out of the garage, that was hot as hell. Ok, greasy tacos think about greasy tacos. I pulled up to the gate arm and fed the machine 2, $1 bills. I waited there in my little 2 seater sports car for the arm to raise. After a few seconds still nothing. About the time I was starting to react to the time it was taking a voice came over the speaker. “Did the machine take both of your dollars?” a voice asked that was definitely male and sounded younger like 20’s maybe. About that time I noticed the video camera right above the speaker. There I was topless with both breasts still completely exposed and obviously very visible to the camera. “Yes it did.” I answered. A few seconds went by and he spoke again, “Ok I see it now. You’re good to go. And please, please feel free to come back any time.” With that the arm raised and I drove away with a bit of a giggle.

I pulled in at the bra shop I liked to go to and put my top back on, reluctantly I might add. As driving all the way there topless was my first real exposure to how complete strangers would react as I passed by with them catching just a glimpse. From what I could tell while driving almost none seemed to upset about it. Maybe a couple of women, but I’m ok with that.

I entered and was greeted by the owner that I’d seen a few times before on my “journey” as I now refer to it. She knew the story and situation, so she looked me up in her computer.

“So it was a 34C last time, right?”

“Yes ma’am it was.” I replied.

“Ok and it is probably a bit snug on you. So maybe a 36C this time?”

“You’re the expert that’s why I come here.” I said with a chuckle and a kartal escort grin.

She smiled back and walked around the counter and over to the style that I usually bought. The $30 bras as I had to get new ones every couple of months.

“Ok 36C, lets get this on you.”

I went into a dressing room and she followed. I took off my top and with one look she raised an eyebrow and paused.

“All ok?” I asked, curiously?

“Yes but you’re circumference seems to be wider than it normally than my usual expectation.”

“I can now get a little more aggressive in my fills as things change, and I follow my surgeons instructions.” I said with a smile trying to contain my excitement. Which was pointless as she was the same person that I saw when I got my first B cup bra. And I wasn’t exactly reserved about how excited I was. It was then that I explained to her my situation and the changes that are expected over a couple of years. So she definitely knew that I was excited when she said that.

“Well we can try a 36C, but I don’t think it’s going to work.”

I took the bra from here as she stood there watching me put it on. It fastened easily on the tightest set of hooks. But still felt loose around my rib cage, like it’s not supposed to.

Authors Note: The band is supposed to hold most of the weight if you have heavy breasts and not the shoulder straps. If you’re having pain from the straps digging in to your shoulders you need a different person doing your fittings, or you need to find someone. I have learned now [by 2021], that the best way to find the best shop is to go to a popular strip club on a Friday and buy a lap dance from the girl there with the biggest breasts and ask her. Trust me $40 [yes LA prices] for that piece of information is SOOOO WORTH IT!

Adjusting the shoulder straps and looking intently at my shoulders and ribcage under my breasts. She shook her head. “Ya this isn’t going to work, you’re just not that big around in your torso.”

Looking in the mirror and seeing how far the straps were digging into my shoulders I immediately agreed and started to notice the pressure that would very soon become discomfort.

“Ok off with it.” she said as she walked away through the curtains.

Taking that bra off and hanging it on the hook, she returned and held another one up to my breasts to look for proper fit on the breasts them selves. “Mhmmh, try this one.” she said.

I put my arms through it and fastened it on the tightest hooks in the back, noticing it was a bit tighter than usual. I started to get excited but stayed composed.

“Ok turn around.” she politely ordered as she loosened the hooks in the back to the middle set.

“Ok hows that feel?”

“Good!” I said, turning to look in the mirror. The straps were fine on my shoulders and the band felt perfect as it always does.

“Yep I thought so.” she said with a smile and a wink. “So 3 as usual? And I’m going to recommend a new sports bra as well.”

“You’re the boss, you have yet to steer me wrong.”

I checked out with my 3 new bras and 1 sports bra. At $140 it seemed a bit steep but then again it wasn’t $250.

I got home and took in my laptop bag, and new bras. I put them in the drawer and put the old ones in the bag for drop off at Goodwill. I then went back to my usual routine, checked email, looked at the snail mail, fixed a salad, and turned on the TV. As I sat there I took my bra off out of habit, and tossed it next to me on the couch. I went to the bathroom and came back before I remembered the surgeon saying I should spend more time in a bra for the next few days.

I took my top off and grabbed my new bra. I held it up to my breasts to put it on and hadn’t even thought to see what size I was. I looked at the tag, 34DD! I screamed in joy! WOW I went up 2 cup sizes in a single fill! I was so excited I just stared there at the tag forever it seemed so happy that I was crying. I had finally hit a D cup, and even better a DD cup! To this day I still can’t explain my elation.

I went to bed that night and was still so electrically excited that even after masturbating I’m still not sure if I even slept.

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