Sasha’s Neighbor Throws a Party


Sasha’s Neighbor Throws a PartyI had been retired for six months. The only excitement in my life is my neighbor Sasha, a tall, curvy, brunette, with an over active sex drive. She visits me two or three times a week and when she leaves, my nuts are drained. Her husband doesn’t seem to take care of her needs, and I get to enjoy his attractive, well built wife at his expense. Once he walked in on Sasha, her friend Milan, and I in an oral 3-way. He was upset, and in the end he was bound and eating my cum from his wife. Another time I received an email, requesting I come over there and ravage her whether he was there or not. Again he ended up restrained and watching his wife getting fucked and cleaning me up afterwards.I figured she’d enjoy a party with some of my more sexually adventurous friends. The invitations went out. PARTY at Ernie’s, Starts Friday at 7:30 PM, Ends when the last person leaves. A Pig Roast, salads, and party snacks will be provided. Bring your own beverage, sweet snacks welcome. Dress: enter in Underwear, pajamas, or lingerie. Fully nude also welcome. This will be an adult activity party. any willing action OK, nothing will be forced on anyone. A stage will be present for those that enjoy performing and those that enjoy watching. RSVP in the form of an erotic self or couple picture, that will be posted at the door.In a few days, I had 26 replies all with photos. Single male and female, mixed gender couples, same gender couples, It was going to be an interesting party. And as of yet Sasha had not replied.Then I got a package in the mail. It contained a long letter, and kızılay escort a col-age photo of Sasha and Milan. Bikini’s arm and arm, Topless in a passionate kiss, Single picture of each in evening gown and full make-up, and them kissing with fingers buried in each others pussy. A hand written note requesting the stage at 9PM Friday. Yeah, it was starting to get interesting.The week of the party, no visits from Sasha. Not even one peek at her sunbathing. 37 people planned to attend. At 11 am I started the fire, and at 12:30 the pig was turning over a bed of hardwood coals. At 5 PM six friends showed up saying the wanted to help get things ready. I thanked them, but things were pretty well set up. So they started fixing drinks and chatting. At 6:45 I went to shower and get ready. I bought a male g-string for the occasion,Royal Blue satin, just wearing that slippery soft material had me half hard. I walked into my party room and the six of them had already started. Two girls were licking one guys body in a double ’round the world. Two guys were sharing the other girl, one in her pussy, the other sucking her tits. I placed the large easel with the RSVP pictures at the door, Sasha & Milan dead center. At 7:15 the par-tiers started showing. Old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, all just barely dressed. A few ladies caressed my royal blue patch, smiling as the material stretched to accommodate the enlarging occupant. Kisses, hugs, snuggles and gropes were beginning to warm up the atmosphere. The pig was sliced and more drinks poured. Bare tits were being mamak escort sucked, cocks gripped and stroked, fingers disappearing from view. Yes, this was going to be a night to remember. The door bell rang and I went to answer it. There stood Sasha and Milan, Both had high colored t-shirts cut so the bottoms of their boobs hung below the hem. One g-string, the other a thong, both rubbing the royal blue patch and smiling. Yeah, full blown erection with the tip peeking out the top. Sasha noticed that detail and bent down and ran her tongue over the tip, pre-cum oozed out, Thanks, now there’ll be a wet spot, She smiled and cupped my scrotum, not for long.Couple, Threes, and fours were making out everywhere. The girls grabbed some food and drink, found a place to sit and I toured the house to make sure things were going well. At 8:50 I announced that the stage had been requested for a 9 0’clock presentation. Soon the throng had circled the stage. Some music came on, then Milan walked on the stage and ground her hips to the music and removed her top and thong, took a seat spread legged. Sasha then sashayed on stage, pulled her top up exposing her left tit, She lifted it extended her tongue and licked her nipple, then followed her action with the right one. Milan was enjoying Sasha’s strip so much two fingers were feverishly working her pussy. Sasha’s shirt was thrown into my lap and then her g-string was slowly dragged over Milan’s face, with her trembling in orgasm at the smell of Sasha’s sweet pussy. Milan stopped trembling and extended her glistening yenimahalle escort fingers toward Sasha, Her tongue swirling around those fingers, then sucking them into her mouth. Milan’s other hand was busy fingering Sasha’s snatch, she brought those fingers to her own mouth and seductively cleaned them. Their eyes locked, Milan stood, their embraced flattened tit to tit, the kiss was slow, deep and passionate. Their hands glided over each other’s body in synchronized movements. Eroticism and art combined in perfect sexuality. Knowing them both had me fully aroused, I pulled the g-string down and started stoking my engorged cock slowly as I did not want to erupt soon, I wanted to prolong this pleasure. They lowered themselves to the stage, and each tongue found the others pussy and began to tease and pleasure each other. Sighs, and moans could be heard throughout the room as spectators seeked their own sexual release. Soon the stage show struck euphoria as both climaxed simultaneously, Milan choked and pulled her head back as Sasha’s release forced a steam into the space between her pussy and Milan’s face. Milan opened her mouth and caught the jet of lady lotion. Then the stood and kissed to applause. Sasha held one finger in the air, Walked to me, took my hand, and said, the man who is the host, should be thanked properly. She had me sit, took my g-string completely off. She and Milan kneeled and both stroked, kissed, licked, lapped and sucked my cock & balls, their attention, and my excitement meant I wouldn’t last long, and when the kissed, with both their tongues flicking over the tip of my dick, I felt my nuts tighten as I sent shot after shot of sperm in the air, on their faces, on their tits, and in their mouths. They licked every drop off me and each other. And I was properly thanked.This party could continue in many ways. I will follow where the comments take it.

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