Sasha’s Obsession Pt. 03


Beach Trip

There was a very strange feeling down there. Sasha fought against waking up, but the insistent pressure kept nagging at her. First, there was the feel of something cool, squishy. Then, she snapped awake as she felt her asshole opening up. She gasped and opened her eyes, trying to turn her head around to see, but it was still dark. Very dark. There was something over her eyes. She couldn’t move her arms or legs, and she could feel something akin to the cuffs from the previous night, holding her wrists and ankles. She was laying on her tummy, breasts pressed into the bed.

“Mark!” She cried.

“Good morning.” She heard him say.

She shrieked in surprise as something long and rubbery popped past her sphincter, and slid into her ass.

“Ahhh! What the fuck!”

She felt the wide base of something, likely another of the toys, press against her asshole. Whatever it was, it was lodged firmly in her squirming butt. She felt her cunt getting wet as she pictured what she must look like, spread and tied to her brother’s bed with a sex toy in her anus. She felt Mark smearing something wet on her pussy, and immediately it began to get very warm and tingly. She humped the bed.

“Oh my God! What is that? It’s…oh fuck…” She sputtered.

Mark chuckled. She felt him shift on the bed, then his weight rested to either side of her spread legs. He molested her ass, palming her cheeks, wriggling the toy and making her scream. She felt the warm head of his cock rest against her pussy. He rubbed it through her slit, smearing the warm, tingling oil through her gash.

“You have the sweetest little pussy, Sasha,” he said, “It looks so wonderful on camera.”

Sasha tensed. Was he really filming this? She groaned in excitement at the thought of Mark making a collection of her descent into total submissive debauchery.

“Can you imagine how cute it would look with your brother’s fat cock inside it?”

She gasped into her pillow as she felt the head of his cock push just inside. She hated the way he kept teasing her that way, letting her have just an inch and nothing more. It was infuriating, but the denial was incredibly arousing at the same time.

“Fuck. It feels so tight,” Mark said, “and so wet. It would be so easy to fuck you right now,” he pulled it back out, sank the tip back in. Sasha shook her ass, feeling so full from the toy in her bottom. “I’ll bet you would cum so good if you had your big brother’s penis spreading this perfect pussy open. It would go so deep inside you, Sasha.”

“Fuck!” She cursed.

He took the toy in her asshole and pulled it out slowly, making her suck in breath as his cockhead pulsed inside her slut hole. He pushed the toy back in, and she felt her ass open up to accept it. Her bottom squirmed and she groaned.

“And then, after I fill your pussy up with a big load, I could use your own cunt cream to take your ass. You can be your big brother’s buttslut. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Uh huh…” she agreed.

She felt his cock withdraw, and then she cried out in pleasure as her pussy was suddenly filled completely. She orgasmed, but then the realization that it wasn’t her brother’s cock hit her. It felt fake, rubbery. He’d shoved a dildo up her snatch. The fullness of having something in her ass and pussy at the same time was almost too much. Then, the fake penis began to squirm inside of her, massaging her fuck tunnel, and she screamed as she humped the bed.

She felt Mark get off of the bed. The world went silent as he placed a pair of big noise-cancelling headphones over her ears. The sudden deprivation of her other senses left her entire world focused only on the pleasure radiating from her ass and cunt. Then, the sounds began, filling her brain with filth.

“I love your cock…” a woman’s seductive, brainless voice said, “please fuck my pussy…my pussy is a warm hole for your cum…I love creamy cock juice in my pussy…my pussy is a sex toy…” The woman moaned sexily and orgasmed, and then, her excited voice began again, “I want cock in my ass…my ass and pussy were made for taking cocks…please cum in my asshole…I love being an anal slut…”

Sasha listened for what seemed like hours, the squirming toy in her fuck hole sporadically sending her into the throes of another orgasm, which made her asshole clench around the toy in her anus. All the while, the slutty voice in her ears went on, telling her she wanted to be raped. She loved thick, tasty cocks in her mouth. She needed horny pricks to plumb her asshole. That her cunt was a willing receptacle for warm sperm. She was a life support system for three warm fuck holes and a pair of tits. She was only useful for raping. After a while, she found herself repeating the phrases aloud, while the sex toy hummed on inside of her.

When, at last, she felt the headphones being removed, she was a drooling mess. Pools of spittle soaked the pillow under her cheek. Mark’s bed was soaked from the amount of slut slime that she’d expelled onto his canlı bahis sheets. The quietness of the empty house was jarring, and she found that she missed the soothing voice. Mark slid the toy from her quivering cunt, the other from her ass, and she felt very empty.

“Need more cocks in my cunt…love to swallow cum…” she mumbled, while Mark removed the restraints on her arms and legs. She felt him gently massaging some life back into her ankles, and then her arms. Lastly, the blindfold came off and Sasha was dazzled by the sudden reintroduction to light. She felt very confused, disoriented. She had no idea how long she’d been restrained, her spasming cunt and the soft voice her only focus. Mark stroked her hair, then helped her to stand.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes!” She answered, “That was…I don’t even know.”

He grinned and ushered her into the bathroom, where he left her to shower. She spent the time washing and thinking about the last two days. She couldn’t have imagined, two days ago, just how much she would really be getting off being a sextoy for her brother. That dark, perverted desire was always with her, but now that it was out, it was even more consuming than before. It was almost all she thought about. How could she go back to a normal life after this? Was it even possible? She was afraid of the answer, so she ignored it, closed it off.

Sasha left the shower and returned to Mark’s room, but he was gone. The bed had been stripped. She heard him down the hall in the laundry room and made her way there. He was shirtless, putting the sheets into the washer. She leaned in the doorway, admiring his toned back muscles.

“So, what are we doing today?” She asked, drawing his attention.

“I have an idea,” he said, closing the washing machine and turning it on.

He studied her body, hidden beneath her towel, wolfishly.

“Breakfast. And then your bikini.”

“Beach day?” She said, facing lighting up.

“Looks like a perfect day for it. We can drive out to Short’s Cove.”

Sasha ran away to get dressed, while Mark prepared breakfast. Bellies full, they started for the door. Sasha wore a bright blue bikini top and bottoms, low cut around the waist. The back hugged her ass cheeks. She carried a small beach bag on one arm. Mark stopped her at the door, and then she noticed what was in his hands.

“Do you trust me?” He asked.


“You know that I wouldn’t let anyone hurt you, right?”


“Good. Today is about trust,” he said, and he placed a pair of wraparound sunglasses on her face. She went blind. The glasses blacked out the world.

“What…” She started, but then she felt the headphones go on over her ears, and she was also deaf. She felt Mark take her hand, and lead her out the door. She stumbled through the entrance in her sandals, disoriented and afraid. Mark guided her slowly to the car, and he placed her hand on the open door, where she was able to orient herself into the seat. The loss of all sight and sound was terrifying. The feeling of giving up all control to Mark was also frightening, but exciting. She felt the car start, the sense of motion as he backed out.

Sasha jumped in her seat as the slutty voice filled her ears again. She felt Mark’s hand between her legs.

“I love the taste of wet cunt…Sucking clit is so yummy…Even horny lesbos need to suck cock sometimes…” The woman orgasmed and Sasha felt herself getting wet. Lacking any other sensory input, the voice and the hand rubbing her cunt became her only focus.

“Please stuff me full of prick juice…My body is a sex toy…Hurt my slutty tits…Open my ass up…” Briefly, she wondered how much filth one person could spew without repeating themselves, but the heat in her pussy was more fun than thinking. Mark finger-fucked her hole while they drove, and Sasha completely lost all sense of time, cut off as she was from sight and sound.

“My slutty tits are fuck handles…My tongue exists for accepting cum…Dumb little sluts deserve fucking…”

Mark smeared her slut juice on her bikini bottoms, making sure there was a nice big wet spot between her legs. She felt the car stop, and shake as Mark closed his door, a moment later, she felt the door on her side open, and Mark helped her out. She had no idea if they were actually at the beach. For all she knew, he just drove them around and went back home. Then, she felt the hot sand between her toes.

Sasha looped her arm through Mark’s and held onto him tightly. To everyone else (if there was anyone else) they likely just looked like a cute couple. Though, she’d probably get some odd looks for the big headphones, when earbuds were the style these days. She knew that most of the looks would be directed at her bikini-clad body. They’d likely see the wet spot between her legs and know she was a horny slut.

“My face should be fucked daily…Bend back my legs and use me for your pleasure…”

Mark pressed a bottle of water into her hand, which she drank gratefully. bahis siteleri The sun beat down on her as they walked. She stumbled occasionally, and was glad to have Mark’s arm to keep her steady. After a time, he stopped them, and extracted her arm from his. She felt terror as he left her standing there, but a moment later he took her hand and she calmed, somewhat. Mark helped her to sit on a towel, and she felt shade above her. Maybe an umbrella? A tree? She had no idea. It felt nice, though. He laid her back on the beach towel.

She felt him rubbing lotion on her skin, starting at her shoulders and working down, his hands sliding beneath her bikini top to rub lotion into her breasts. She shivered, both at the feeling and what it portended. Soon, her body was covered in sun lotion, and she was panting. He placed a little pillow under her head, and lay next to her, holding her hand so that she knew he was still there.

“Clamp my fuck melons and fill me with jizz…My anus is an all-access rape tunnel…”

She felt Mark move, and then felt him sliding her bikini bottoms to the side. A moment later, his tongue began playing with her slit, licking it gently, teasing.

“My hair is a handhold for you to control me when I’m being fucked…I never say no to cock meat…I am a compliant bitch…”

Either he was even more daring than she’d imagined, or they were somewhere secluded. She tried to remember the geography of Short’s Cove from her previous visits. There was an area quite a ways down the beach, where towering rocks created a secluded little bay area. If that was where they were, she knew it was unlikely anyone would stumble upon them easily. She tried to relax and let Mark’s teasing tongue work on her sopping cunt.

“Tell me I’m just a hole for dicks when you pound your cock into me…It’s ok to slap my face if my mouth isn’t open and ready for cock…Crying is not a reason to stop fucking my asshole…”

Mark stopped licking. She felt his hand on her knee, so she knew he was still there, but she couldn’t tell what he was doing. A moment later, he took her hand and pulled her to her knees. Her mouth opened of its own accord.

“I am a good fuckpet…” the voice told her.

He patted her head like a puppy that had done its trick well, and she felt his big finger touch her tongue. She shivered. The spongy cockhead touched her tongue, and she wrapped her lips around it, sliding her mouth down easily over its length. Her brow furrowed. She had taken it easily, much more easily than she should have been able to. Her tongue swirled around it, tasting it, feeling its length and girth. It wasn’t her brother’s cock in her mouth.

“My throat needs cum to stay healthy…Sucking men off is my favorite pastime…”

She felt Mark’s hands slide into her bikini top from behind. At least, she was pretty certain it was Mark. The hands were big like his, but for all she knew he’d left her here with a couple of horny rapists. She felt panic seize her chest, and she tried to pull away. The big hand shot out of her top and slapped her face gently. She remembered that it was ok to slap her if her mouth wasn’t open and ready for cock.

The big hand slipped back into her top and played with her nipples, while the penis in her mouth slid back and forth over her tongue.

“Creamy semen is all I need to eat…” The voice told her, and within a few minutes the dick in her mouth was spewing its load onto her tongue. Sasha swallowed it, moaning, her cunt hot and wet, nipples aching.

“Any dick is a good dick…My pussy should never be empty…”

“I was made to swallow cum,” she said, and Mark kissed her head.

Another dick slid into her mouth, catching her off guard. This one was larger, but it still wasn’t Mark’s size. Sasha sucked, bobbing her head back and forth. She stroked it with her hand as she sucked on the head. Whoever it was pulled out of her mouth, and she felt the spray of hot cum splash her cheeks, her chin. She gasped, and then a third meat pole was fucking her mouth, the biggest of the three. It still wasn’t Mark.

“My pussy loves to cum…”

She orgasmed as it occurred to her that she’d just sucked more dicks in 10 minutes than she’d sucked in her whole life to this point. This cock had more staying power, and he buried it deep into her mouth repeatedly, his heavy balls slapping against her chin as he used her mouth for its purpose. Finally, he pulled out and shot his load onto her face and bikini. Sasha squealed, and found herself laughing delightedly.

“Being a dumb fuckpuppet is so much fun…” The voice told her.

Mark helped her stand, and she felt the water bottle in her hand. She washed the sperm from her mouth with it, and swallowed more. She reached up to wipe the cum from her face, but Mark stayed her hand. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as she realized he was making her leave it there while they walked back down the beach.

“Happy sluts get facials…Paint my lips with cock juice…”

He guided bahis şirketleri her back down the beach, and she stumbled along blindly until Mark stopped them. She felt the breeze of electric fans blowing over her skin. He placed her hand on something smooth and leathery. A stool. They must have walked down to the beach cafe, and they were about to sit down at one of the little tables. Mark made sure she was straight on the stool, and then she guessed he took his own seat. He held her hand across the table, reassuring her that he was still there.

It felt so strange to just sit there like a zombie, unable to communicate. She could speak, sure, but she couldn’t hear anything, so what was the point? If nothing else, she was gaining a newfound respect for the disabled. Without Mark she’d be completely unable to function right now.

“I love to obey…Treat me like a pleasure toy…Being raped builds character…”

She wondered what he would tell the waiter, when she refused to speak to him or remove her headphones. What would the waiter think of the drying sperm stuck to her chin, crusted on her glasses, staining her bikini top? Her warm cunt quivered at the thought. It would be obvious she’d just taken a facial. He (or she) would know she was a slut. Would he (or she) want to use her, too?

“Warm snatch is a wonderful place for my tongue…Salty jizz makes an excellent treat for my whore holes…” The voice said. Fuck, this woman could go on. The constant bombardment of filth, the only thing she could hear, made it impossible to think about anything else. Not that she needed to, of course. Only real people need to think. She was just three warm holes for cocks.

Had she actually thought that?

“I love being a mindless cocktoy…Saying no is for losers…I am an obedient cum dumpster…”

She felt the table shake slightly, and a moment later Mark pressed a cold drink into her hand. She fumbled with finding the straw, and began to suck. Something in her mind compared the size of the straw to a penis. She sat there, stupidly, as Mark fed her french fries. She could just imagine people around them laughing at her. The brainless slut with sperm on her face getting hand-fed. The image, strangely, made her pussy spasm.

Soon, there were no more fries, and she felt Mark guide her from the table. She looped her arm in his again, and after some more walking, he placed her hand on the hot door frame of the car. She carefully took her seat, felt Mark take his, and the car rumbled beneath her. A few minutes later, the cool of the AC began to blow over her hot skin. She sat back in the seat while Mark, again, teased her slit.

“I do not have a vagina. I have a cockpocket…I do not have breasts. I have fuck handles… I do not have a vagina. I have a rape tunnel. I do not have breasts. I have slut melons…I do not have a vagina. I have a cunt…I do not have breasts. I have cock pillows…”

Sasha let the perverted slut talk to her as her rape tunnel was finger-fucked. She never imagined there were so many vulgar names for her body parts. While her cockpocket squeezed Mark’s fingers, she quietly repeated the words aloud, just to be able to say something. The lack of communication, the deprivation, was starting to get to her.

Just after her third, or perhaps fourth orgasm in the car seat, she felt the familiar bump of the car rolling over the lip of their driveway. A moment later, Mark shut the engine off, and helped her out of the car. He walked her into the house, and up the stairs, where she felt him sitting her on the bed. Suddenly, the voice stopped. After hours of hearing nothing but that sultry, slutty voice in her head, it was almost as bad as losing her sight had been. She felt lost.

Then, Mark took the earphones off and she was bombarded by the ambient sounds of the quiet house. It was jarring, just hearing the sound of the air moving through the house, the creak of the trees outside, buzzing of the summer insects. She felt him touch the glasses.

“I’ve shut off the lights, but just go easy,” Mark said.

His voice, deep, rumbling, was such a stark contrast to the slinky moans and giggly bimbo tone that she’d become used to hearing. He slid the glasses off, and she carefully squinted one eye open. Sasha was glad she was sitting down. Even the dim light through the dark curtains of her room was enough to be almost painful. She blinked back tears as her eyes complained about the intrusion into her darkness. It was several minutes before she could fully open them for more than a blink. Mark held her hand, stroking her bare leg with his other, while she slowly regained her senses.

“Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied, and her voice sounded strange to her own ears, “I think so. That was…I don’t even know. Terrifying? Exciting? Both?”

“You did great.” He said, and kissed her lips softly.

He pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and slid her bikini strap to the side, slipping his tongue into her moist folds. Sasha inhaled as Mark sucked lovingly at her slut hole. His fingers nimbly undid the ties on the sides of the bikini bottoms, and they fell away, giving him better access. She lay back and twined her fingers into her hair.

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