Sauna Visit


Sauna VisitAfter my previous visit to Northwich Sauna a few months ago I booked Wednesday off work to make another visit on TV/TS day. I had arrange to meet up with a TV called Julie in there in advance, so headed off quite early to spend a good few hours there.I paid up and striped off, taking my towel with me. As I usual do I walk round the upstairs area to see what action is happening. Plenty of guys walking around or sat down watching porn. The porn room had a couple of guys in there.The large playroom and gloryhole area were all empty. Along the way were several TV’s sat chatting. I made my way to the maze area, and in the very back room was a TV getting fucked from behind, with a queue of 3 guys waiting. I sat down to watch the action, and two more TV’s came in so the guys waiting made their way over. In front of me way one TV getting fucked hard from behind, with two more TV’s on their knees sucking cock. The action in from of me way turning me on. More people came in to the room, and one TV came over and started to stroke my cock. After a bit of playing and teasing she asked did I want to fuck her, I politely declined and explained I was meeting somebody.I headed back to the open area, and spotted Julie lying down on a couch in one of the rooms. She had the door closed so people could see her but not get to her. she was working a massive dildo in her arsehole. I sat down on the seating area opposite and watched her work the giant dildo in her now gaping arse, whilst watching a video of long mint stroking her massive cock and cumming in her own mouth. I was getting so turned on but was keeping control! Julie unlocked her door and two guys followed her in. She go on all fours and the first guy just slid straight into her ass and pounded her hard and fast. The second guy went round to her mouth and she licked and kissed the head, before sucking him down her throat. It didn’t take long for the guy in her ass to cum, when he did she told the second guy to fuck her. I made my way to her mouth and she started to suck me off. She teased the tip before taking my cock down her throat. Julie sucked my cock for a few minutes before I swapped with a guy watching. I saw the second guy shoot his load into her gaping arse, she sad she wanted to take as many loads as she could and she had certainly made a start!I made my way back out into the maze and again watched a group scene in the back part of the maze, by this point though I’m walking around with a hard on, pretty much guaranteed to get fondled as you are walking past anybody!!As I’m walking around I’m seeing the same faces (and cocks) again and again. as nthing much was happening that took my fancy I went into one of the private rooms and had a little break, I watched a TS threesome scene on the video in there.After ataşehir escort 10 minutes of so I came back out and worked my way around the floor, there was a lot more people milling around, Julie had moved into the large play area that I normall go in and was on all fours on one of the three single beds in there. I went up to her and fucked her with her dildo, it must have been thicked than my wrist and she took it all in her ass. I could see her cock getting harder as I fucked her with her dildo. She was moaning and started to drip pre cum onto the bed. A new guy walked in to join in, I got Julie to lie on her back, took the dildo out of her mouth and made her clean it with her tongue, licking the cum off it that had been shot in her ass. Our new friend slid straight into her ass, and stroked her cock as her she moaned with pleasure. I watched as he kept bringing her to the brink of cumming, but whenever she got close, the guy fucking her ass would let go stopping her from shooting. He started to fuck her so hard, pulling on her balls and stroking her hard again. It got too much for Julie and she shot her cum all over herself. She wipde the cum off her self and sucked her fingers clean, this proved too much for the guy fucking her, and he shot his cum in her well fucked ass. As soon as he finished he pulled his cum covered cock out of her ass and made her suck it clean. I pushed her dildo back into her ass again and left her on the bed with her new friend.I wandered around again, not really finding anything or anyone that took my fancy, I watched a guy get fucked by a TV for a few minutes and moved on once she had cum over his ass. I decided to take a break and go for a coffee when I heard a voice I had heard the last time (and only time) I had gone on a TV/TS day. I turned and saw the tall leggy transexual I had fucked last time I was there. I was hoping that she would be there again today but didn’t expect to see her. She was putting her belongings in her locker and when she turned around she looked stunning; black stockings and a black basque that barely covered her huge tits. She looked stunning. She headed into the maze so I headed back that way to follow her. I head one guy say that her name is Phoenix. When I found her in the maze she was on all four on the bench, with her ass in the air getting ready for one of the two guys already there ready to fuck her. I made my way around to her head and watched as the first guy started to work his way into her perfect ass. I put my cock to her mouth and she gave it a few licks as I played with one of her nipples, with the other guy doing the same as I was. Phoenix was making a lot of noise as she was fucked hard and we had gathered quite a crowd. By the kartal escort time the first guy had cum there was a further 8 guys watching with a could of TV’s watching too. The first guy pulled out of her ass. As soon as he did one of the TV’s droppe to her knees, whipped his condom offand licked all of the cum off his cock. The other guy who was getting sucked moved round and started to fuck her. Two more guys came round the top end to play with her boobs and get sucked. More people were crowding around to see what was going on and to get involved. It didn’t take long for the second guy to cum so I made sure I was next! I put a condom on and slid straight into Phoenix ass. I genuinely could not believe I was getting to fuck her again and I started to fuck her hard but slow. In the sauna I had had sex in front of several people but by this point ther must have been around 20 people around watching u let alone the guy in her mouth, one in her hand, to guys playing with her tits and me deep in her ass. To the side of us was a TV on her knees sucking a lucky guy off and also two guys playing with each others cocks.Phoenix was moaning and it was turning me on so much, that with my balls hitting hers as I psuhed all of the way into her. She asked me to cum in her ass as her ass was made for cum. She wasn’t wrong! I pulled her tight and, teasing her one of her nipples as I pushed deep inside, I couldn’t get anymore of my cock inside her and I started to cum hard deep in her ass. Her ass around my cock felt so good, I pulled out and made my way out of the room. I went around to the playarea and found Julie was still there, ass up in the area, ready for the next cock to breed her. I told her what had happened and asked her did she still want my cum. She said she did so I gave her the condom I had just filled with my cum. She then emptied my load from the condom in to her ass! This girl was filthy as hell. She told me she was hoping to be barbacked by two guys in her ass at the same time, with the size of the dildo she was using it would have been no problem!!I left Julie too it and headed to the gloryhole section, the middle cubicle was locked so I went into the one next door. Fingers appeared at the hole so I put my soft cock through. I was met with a wet mouth that started to suck me back to to life, tasting the cum on my cock from when I fucked Phoenix. This strangers technique was fantastic, working my cock in circles up and down. I knew I wouldn’t come again so soon but this mouth was working wonders on mer, they had me pretty much grabbing onto the wall trying to keep control. I left the room and headed back to the maze to watch Phoenix getting fucked from both ends. she was stoking her cock, moaning while she pendik escort had cock in her mouth. She pull her mouth off the cock that was in her throat and said she was going to cum, she shot her load on the bench she was on. This was too much for one of the guys watching who shot his load on her back, his cum covered her! The guy in her ass started to cum too. She said she needed a rest and she got up and left. The guy who had been fucking her mouth still hadn’t cum so he ended up fucking one of the TV’s that had been watching before shooting his cum over one of her legs.I headed back over to the open area to watch a scene where a blonde TS was playing with a beautiful blonde girl. I stayed there for 15/20 minutes before heading back over to the open area. Julie had moved on and nothing much was happening. a beautiful TV had turned up and was getting a tour of the building by one of the regulars, absolutely stunning! I ended up chatting to her for a little while, she was there just to be able to dress and be accepte but she didn’t want to play. I don’t know if she did or not but she will have got a hell of a lot of attention!! I decided that I would go and get a shower and headed to the exit, as I did I noticed in on of the room in one of the areas that is normally quite a crowd was forming. I hussled my way into the room to find Phoenix has got her second wind and was lay on the bed with a guy deep in her ass. a couple of guys were stood wanking themselves off so I joined in, watching this goddess get fucked hard. After a few more minutes of fucking him she said she need to rest, he pulled out and left. She turned over and lay on her back, showng her beautful tits and cock. Phoenix lay there for a couple of minutes watching the 3 or 4 of us slowly wanking watching her. One lad asked could he cum over her tits, she said no but he could cum in her mouth. He didn’t say no she got on all fours and he slid into her mouth. To my surprise she put her ass in front of me. I licked and plunged my tongue deep into her ass, playing and stroking my cock. She told me to put my cock in her ass, and I wasn’t going to say no! For the second time today I got to fuck her as I slid in the guy in her mouth shot his load before wiping his cum over her gorgeous lips.I stroked her stockings as I fucked her, her legs looked perfect in her black stockings and stilettos, her body is perfect and she nows how to make a guy feel fantastic. She pushed her ass back and arched her back so I went deeper with each thrust. As I fucked her one guy came over and came on her face, seeing this was too much and I busted my second load into her ass. I couldn’t believe my luck getting to fuck her twice. I stayed and watch her get fucked by two more guys and take three more loads in her mouth. Before I left for the day I sat and wanked myself off watching a Yasmin Lee domination scene, before I came a TV had wandered into the room to see what was happening, and she got on her kneeds and let me cum in her mouth. Another great day at the sauna, so much so I’ve booked next Wednesday off hopefully for a repeat performance!!

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