Schoolboy Love


Schoolboy LoveIt was 1992 and I was for teen and on a school trip to Germany. I was at the time a keen amateur boxer, tall, lean and well muscled. During the trip I was given the task of looking after the new boy, Stuart. Stuart had recently arrived from Australia he was small for his age about 5ft 3 tanned and a little chubby with really dark eyes and quite long chestnut coloured hair. He was getting bullied, k**s had started to call him fat ass because he had what is called these days a “bubble but”. I was to sit with him on the coach and look after him during the trip.On this particular day we’d been on a long and boring coach trip and Stuart had gotten travel sick. All the k**s where due a night out to some local German bars to sample the traditional beers, they had pretty relaxed laws in Germany those days when it came to drinking age so the k**s where all very keen to get out and try some local alcohol. Stuart didn’t feel well so I volunteered to stay behind with him, drinking wasn’t part of my boxing training anyway.By about 9:30 the dorm was empty except for me and Stuart, I’d just come out of the shower and was wearing the white bath robe provided. Stuart was sat on the edge of the bed wearing the same robe waiting to go in the shower next. I walked over to his bed and sat next to him “Are you ok Stuart” I asked as I put my arm around him in a friendly way, as to reassure him. he looked up at me and brushed his hair away from his eyes like a girl would do and bit his lip in a really coy way “I’m fine now” he said putting his hand on my leg “Thanks for looking after me” AS I looked at him my heart started to suddenly beat faster and I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I hadn’t really realised until now but Stuart was beautiful. I looked into his lovely dark eyes and lifted my hand to brush his long hair away from his face. He was so pretty he had a sweet little button nose and red pouting lips. We held our Gaze for long enough that both of us knew there was a mutual attraction. Stuarts mouth was slightly open, he leaned ever so slightly forward and his mouth opened wider as he breathed a soft sigh. I could feel his warm breath on my face. I leaned forward and kissed him gently on his beautiful mouth. I pulled away but we were still close, our incesu escort noses almost touching. we looked into each others eyes for a moment then kissed again for longer this time. Again I pulled away, I looked at Stuart his eyes where still closed I moved in to kiss him again and he opened hi mouth and pushed out his tongue slightly. The kiss was so soft and sweet, so much better than any girl I’d ever kissed. As we kissed I felt Stuarts hand slide under my robe and start to stroke my cock. the feeling was amazing. I wanted this beautiful sweet chubby little boy so so much. I felt like never before I felt warm inside we kissed and touched each other so gently. Eventually I pulled away from the kiss and still looking into he beautiful brown eyes I opened up his robe. I knew he was totally naked underneath. In almost one moment his robe came completely open at the front he opened his legs and lay back on the bed. I was totally shocked with what I saw. My heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour. This lovely sweet petit chubby tanned little teenager had an massive cock. It was absolutely huge. It must have been at least 8 maybe 9 inches long and fat, really fat! and it was rock hard, his foreskin was pulled right back and his cock head was really swollen and best of all…it was wet. It was literally dripping pre cum. Little Stuart must have been so sooo fuckin horny. His cock looked as if he was going to cum right there and then. I looked at his face. He looked a little bit embarrassed by the size of his huge dick. It was a proper mans cock on a sweet teenagers body. Oh my god he was absolutely beautiful. I moved my head down to his cock and the first thing I noticed was the smell. Stuart hadn’t showered yet and was sweaty from the long coach journey, it smelled quite strong a lovely musty real man smell. My heart was beating so fast by now I could feel it in my head. I breathed in the smell of Stuarts huge sweaty cock it was all I wanted in the world I wanted to lick every single bit of it, I wanted to taste it. I wanted to suck his cock I wanted to drink up every drop of his sweet precum. I licked his cock right from his balls all the way upto his fat swollen head, I must have licked up a full tea spoon of pre cum. It was divine. It tasted so soooo good. I close my eyes and sucked on his cock till it was all the way down my throat and then back again, I licked it and slurped on it and smelled it asif I was some kind of sex crazed a****l. I’d never ever been so horny before. I lifted Stuarts legs and hitched up his knees, I licked his big heavy balls. but I knew what I really wanted, his arse. His beautiful fat bubble butt. I lifted his legs right up and parted his fat fleshy young arse cheeks. The first thing I did was get my nose right in there and take a long sniff of he dirty sweaty young hole. Oh god it was so so fuckin good I started to wank as I smelled his arse. It was sweaty and unwashed, what I was doing was so dirty it made me want to cum right there, I had to resist the urge to cum. I licked his sweaty arse crack all the way from the small of his back to his balls, I savoured the taste. I then opened his ass right up and licked his arse hole. I felt his balls tighten and his cock stiffen right up, he let out such a sweet little moan of pleasure. To my shame his arse hole wasn’t clean and as my wet tongue pushed right inside it tasted really bitter and started to smell quite pungent but I didn’t care. The more I licked and tongued Stuarts dirty hole the more he moaned. His sexy little moans were like music to my ears and I started to really like the taste of his unwashed hole. His arse hole was wet through by now and I pushed a finger inside, I stroked the inside wall of his ass(what I now know as the prostate)and almost instantly a huge dribble of pre cum ran from hid lovely swollen cock head all the way down his cock and onto his balls. Stuart moaned, almost out of frustration this time. I heard him quietly almost under his breath “Fuck me. He began to writhe on my finger then he said it again louder this time “oohhh fuck me” I moved away from his sweet arse and cock and upto his face and kissed him softly on the mouth. we pulled apart and he reached out and held my cock looked my right in the eyes and whispered “Fuck me Matty please Fuck me” I looked at his face he was so beautiful and he was begging me to fuck him. I kneeled up and lifted his legs in the air and his ass wide open. I spat on my cock Stuarts hole was already soaking wet I pushed my cock part way in and straight away a small river of pre cum dribbled from Little Stuarts cock. I couldn’t help myself, I quickly licked it up before once again pushing my cock this time all the way into his arse. Stuarts eyes rolled in pleasure and he let out a loud moan he quickly grabbed his cock and started wanking hard and fast. He pushed his arse hard against my cock and I started to fuck him. I was kneeling in front of him holding his ankles in the air and fucking him like a girl and he was absolutely loving it. I couldn’t stop looking at Stuart as I fucked him I noticed his bare feet and how his cute little toes would curl slightly when I pushed in him hard. I pulled one of his feet close to my mouth and licked the soul of his foot, this made his arse clench around my cock really hard, he liked it. I started to lick feet all over, both of them now. They tasted so salty and Stuart moaned in ecstasy. I looked right into Stuarts eyes and started to suck his toes, I was sucking on Stuarts toes like I’d been sucking on his cock but this time my cock was inside his arse and he was watching me intensely. Stuart was wanking his huge cock really hard and fast now he started to breath really fast and heavily and I could see the blood rush into his face again he eyes rolled back in his head. I sucked hard on his toes and started to cum as my cock swelled in ejaculation Stuarts arse gripped so tightly around my cock as he started to cum I bursted what felt like a massive load inside stuarts hole and at exactly the same time Stuart came a huge cum load all over his own face god it was massive, thick and white, then he ejaculated again it seemed even more this time again all the way up to his face and almost in his eye. I was still cumming and the sight of this triggered a feeling I’d never had before my cock was red hot and so sensitive and I started to cum all over again like having two orgasms one after another, stuart ejaculated another huge spray of cum. I lied on him and kissed him. I could taste his cum on his lips, my cock was still hard and I carried on fucking him while we kissed he wrapped his legs around me and cuddled me so tight and I felt all warm inside as we cuddled up. we lay covered in cum gently kissing and cuddling for what seemed like hours. I SO wanted to tell Stuart I loved him but I didn’t. Sometimes I think about that night and still wish I had.

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