Subject: Scoring With The Goalie Please Remember fty Survives and Thrives by Donations. If you can afford please give. This is a work of Fiction. Although when writing it it was fun to think that it could have happened Scoring with the Goalie It was a long drive from Ohio to South Carolina. The under 12 boys soccer team was crowded in a rented extra long passenger van. The ride was getting miserable for everyone including the head coach, assistant coach, and team manager. The GPS spat out “you have arrived at your destination”. The first twelve boys were being checked into the hotel. The other four were in a rental car just behind them. The AC was broken on the van so even with the windows open the hot humid August weather produced 12 red faced wet smelly boys. The coaches took them to their rooms and told them “showers everyone”. We are going to dinner in two hours. Every boy was more than happy to hop in those showers, some were never away from home so having a roommate was the ultimate cool. The tournament was three days long. This would be a test of the boys stamina , sportsmanship, and being a teammate when things got tough. The evening was great the other boys arrived and everyone went out to dinner, then went and raced go karts. The boy’s team name was The Bandits. Their first game was 10 am in the morning. Then the times for the other(s) for the day to be determined. They had some good players. The stand out player who stole manisa escort many games for them was 10 year old Carter John their goalie. He was the by far the player on the team with advanced skills who made many tremendous, sometimes acrobatic saves. Game Day The Bandits were starting the tournament playing a team with the name of, the Blaze. If you looked at the rosters the teams were evenly matched. All kids were about the same age and as both coaches told their boys, play hard, remember the sportsmanship rules and most importantly have fun. Carter John looked a Whiter Shade of Pale as he went out to cover his goal and began to sweat and pull at his fingers as he got into position. The coaches wrote it off as tournament jitters as CJ (Carter John) never played in a tournament before. Ten minutes later CJ was pulled from the game as he let in three routine goals that should have been easily been stopped. CJ put a towel over his head and was shaking and one could hear him sobbing from beneath. Team manager, Axel, went to the coach and told him he was going to take Carter John away from the game as they had never seen this behavior from him and he wanted to get to the root of the problem so he could compete in the rest of the tournament . Axel got CJ back to the hotel and they went to Axel’s room. It turned out the other players were putting so much pressure on CJ that he had to play levels above what he usually did that it stressed maraş escort him to the max. CJ fell into Axels chest and cried and Axel held him snuggly and even rubbed his buttocks a bit and CJ asked him to keep doing that. Axel who was gay and liked boys but never had one said to CJ, I know you don’t feel good about what happened today, but if you let me I can do something’s with you to help you feel better. It has to be kept between you and me because people don’t understand and it’s sacred. With that CJ look at him funny and asked, Like What? Axel gave CJ a kiss on the lips and held his lips to CJ’s for a bit. When he released CJ came back to Axel and kissed him clumsily and both continued with Axel slipping his tongue into CJ’s mouth. CJ gagged at first then accepted Axels tongue. Axel continued down CJs neck and lifted his game shirt off of him and kissed his red pectorals. CJ squirmed and panted and was liking every minute. Axel moved down to CJ’s stomach and kissed him all around including his navel. Then Axel started slipping CJs game pants off and CJ helped him by kicking them the rest of the way off. CJs ten yr old penis was standing at attention. Axel stroked it a few times and CJ let out a shrill sound of ecstasy. Axel kissed and licked CJ’s prick and balls and CJ moaned in delight. Axel, knew what he enjoyed the most and he bet CJ would enjoy. Axel had an unusually large and long tongue. He put CJ up on his knees mardin escort and his head in a pillow. Axel who had done this numerous times before to gay men now had the opportunity to do it to a boy. Axel, parted CJ’s cheeks to widen his hole began licking his behind. CJ was quiet as the feeling overwhelmed him. After he got him used to it Axel spread CJ’s cheeks a little more and now Axels entire tongue fit up inside CJ’s butthole. Axel’s tongue was over three inches. At first he made his tongue muscle stiff. CJ was practically screaming in delight. Then Axel began swirling his tongue around inside CJ’s butthole. CJ was practically gasping for air. All this time CJ’s penis was getting the “feeling” that all boys get when they can’t shoot. He had multiple dry orgasms. The guys took a little break. Then Axel let CJ sit on his face. Much to CJ’s delight and Axel’s. Axel, then introduced CJ to oral sex on the front of his body. He gave CJ a blow job. Axel loved the feeling of making young CJ’s 10 yr old dick twitch when he was having a dry orgasm. Much to Axel’s surprise CJ grabbed his crotch, took his shorts down, and gave him a blow job for showing what pleasurable things that are held within the body. He asked coach Axel, if they might do this sacred thing again. Coach Axel told him, of course, for now relax and play in the games. The Bandits lost two games in the tournament. The opener to the Blaze and one more to The KAOS. They came in second place. The coaches were proud of all the boys for how well they played. The team found out how they affected CJ by pressuring him and apologized. They learned a lesson in being positive and encouraging. CJ, well, we know what CJ learned.

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