Scott and Melissa Ch. 02


Scott sat in his office and stared unseeing at the work in front of him. Rachel was due any minute with her lubricant and her fuckable ass. Just thinking about it gave Scott a terrific boner. The fact that everything was going to be taped so his wife could watch it later made his cock hard enough to cut diamonds. He glanced up at the camera and smiled at his wife.

There was a quick knock and Rachel waltzed in wearing an even shorter skirt and tighter top than yesterday. She put the lube down on the desk and bent over the desk. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Not so fast, angel. We have plenty of time. Lock the door.”

Rachel did as she was told and turned back to him with a “Now what” attitude.

Scott smiled. “Turn around so I can look you over.”

Rachel heaved an exasperated sigh and turned around slowly. Scott hoped that his wife was getting as good a look as he was. “That’s a very sexy top, Rachel. I want you to take it off.”

“Excuse me?”

“I didn’t get a chance to really look at you yesterday. I want to really enjoy myself today – to savor the experience. So take your top off.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Fine. Unlock the door and go. I’m glad to see you’ve decided to accept your D.”

“D? It was a C.”

“That was yesterday. Our deal was you get graded on my happiness. Right now, I’m not enjoying myself at all so your grade drops to a D. Unless you want it to drop lower, I’d get that top off if I were you.”

Rachel glared at him and pulled off her sweater. She was wearing a red satin bra with demi-cups. Scott reached out and took her hand at the wrists and pulled her to him. He reached up and gently cupped one breast. Even though she was looking down at him, Rachel felt no power over him. Rather the opposite; more in his control than ever. She was surprised to feel her heart speed up and her pussy get moist.

Scott felt Rachel’s pulse race under his fingers.

“Are you excited Rachel? Is your pussy wet? It certainly was yesterday. Does selling your body for a grade excite you?”

“Yes,” whispered Rachel.

“Then be a good grade whore and drop to your knees.

Obediently, she dropped to her knees and opened his pants. His 8″ cock was thick and rigid in her fingers. She smeared her fingers with precum and wiped it on her lips and licked her lips clean. Then she kissed the tip of his cock. Scott moaned; her lips were velvet. Slowly her tongue snaked out and licked the tip. It circled and swirled around before running along the sensitive ridge. She kissed the tip a few more times engulfing the entire tip with her soft mouth. She used her whole head to swirl her lips around his cock while sucking with all her might.

Pop. the tip popped out of her mouth glistening wet. She blew softly across it.

Scott moaned in agony and grabbed the back of her head and forced her head back down. She opened her mouth and swallowed his cock down to the base. Scott could feel the tip pressing against her throat. He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and forced her head to slid up and down in time to his own rhythm. He could feel her through constrict with each deep thrust. He felt her gag erotik film izle and struggle and didn’t care. Rachel had to understand her place here. She was his whore and nothing more. Scott looked down at her and saw her hand under her skirt moving fast. His cock swelled. He was on the verge of cumming. He didn’t want to finish just yet so he pushed her away from him. Rachel leaned back on her heels, her hand still moving under her skirt.

“Lift your skirt.” Scott ordered. “I want to see what you’re having so much fun with.”

Rachel didn’t argue now, but quickly lifted the hem of her micro mini. Her red satin thong was pushed aside and two fingers were moving in and out of her pussy while her thumb was tickling her clit. Scott’s eyes were riveted to her lush pussy framed by satin blond hair. His hand moved languidly up and down his cock as if too were memorized by the site before him.

“Show me your tits.” He whispered.

Tucking her skirt up so he could still watch her beautiful snatch, Rachel used her left hand to scoop each breast out of its demi-cup. She began caressing and fondling each breast in turn. Scott Raised his eyes to glance at her face. Her eyes were glued to his right hand moving slowly up and down his cock.

“You want this cock?”

Rachel nodded.

“Show me how much. How fast can you get your pussy to the edge of cumming?”

Rachel’s fingers started to work feverishly. Her left was roughly mauling her breasts. Her fingers viciously twisting her nipples. Her right hand was frigging her pussy twice as fast as before.

“That’s good, Rachel. Se what an eager little whore you are.”

Suddenly, to his amazement, she dropped her left hand down to her pussy and slapped it – HARD!

“Oh my, you do like it rough, don’t you, Rachel?” Scott purred and he stroked his cock harder. “Hit it again, Rachel.”

She did.

“Harder!” He barked.

She slapped harder.

“Harder, slut!”

She whapped her cunt so hard she cried out.

“That’s a good girl. Keeping going until you’re about to cum. Faster slut!. Faster and harder!”

Rachel’s fingers were deep into her pussy as her left hand beat a tattoo on her clit. She was going to cum any second now. Scott had intended to stop her before she orgasmed, but suddenly it seemed wasteful to interrupt such a beautiful performance. He stopped stroking his cock for fear he would climax with her.

She threw her head back and started to keen. “Oooooaaaaahhhhh. Yes! Oh God! Please. Oh Please!”

Scott guessed what she meant. “Cum Bitch! Cum now!”

“Oh Yes!” Rachel screamed and shuddered through a violent orgasm. She fell sideways and thrashed about on the office floor. Scott watched her squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of her orgasm.

“Rachel that was beautiful.”

She looked up at him embarrassed and fearful. “Yeah right.”

It was. Beautiful and hot and got me hard as hell. Time to bend over the desk and do your duty, my little grade whore.”

Rachel got unsteadily back on her feet. She looked nervous. Scott took pity on her a little. “First, come here.”

He held his cock straight up. “Try this film izle in your pretty pussy. See if you remember how well it fit yesterday.”

Rachel smiled and straddled him and settled down on his fat cock. The sound which escaped her mouth was between a moan and a sigh. Immediately she began gyrating her hips around his cock. His hands reached around to caress her ass while he kissed her lips tenderly. Minutes passed while they kissed and Rachel ground away on his cock. Scott let go of her ass and brought on finger to her lips.

“Suck it.”

She opened her mouth and sucked his finger like she sucked his cock. When it was nice and wet he pulled it out of her mouth and reached around her again and began to wiggle it into her asshole. She froze and tensed up like a board.

“Keep moving and relax.” He whispered as he started kissing her again. His touch was very gentle and slowly she started to move again. He felt her body relax as he continued to work his finger into her ass. She was extremely tight. Slowly carefully, he worked his finger in up to the second knuckle. Rachel was breathing heavily and grinding herself harder against his cock.

“How does that feel?” Scott whispered.

“Incredible.” Rachel gasped.

“What a little slut you are. What kind of girl gets off on having her teacher’s finger up her ass?”

“Your kind.”

“And what kind is that?”

“A whore. A grade whore. A filthy grad whore like me.”

“That’s right.” Scott slapped her ass with hi free hand. ” Time to earn your grade, whore. Get up.”

Rachel got up and bent over the desk. Scott stood up and step behind her. He lined his cock up with her pussy and slammed into her – hard.

“Uhhh.” All the breath was forced out of her lungs.

Scott continued to fuck her pussy slow and hard as he grabbed the bottle of lubricant Rachel had brought. He squeezed a generous amount onto her asshole. He worked it into her ass with his finger. Once he was sure she was well oiled, he pulled out and pressed his cock against her asshole. She began to tense up.

“Relax.” He whispered. “Relax, little girl. You’ll like this before we’re done.”

He could feel Rachel force her body to relax. Slowly he forced his cock in. He felt an erotic thrill of power as he watched her ass cheeks spread apart for his cock. God! he loved ass fucking! Abso-fucking-lutely loved it! Beneath him Rachel whimpered softly, but she stayed relaxed. Only her fingers gripping the far edge of the desk showed any tension at all. Scott felt like his cock was slipping into a velvet covered vice grip. Smooth warm and tight. Scott could fell Rachel’s muscles fighting him as he reached the tight ring of her sphincter. He pushed harder and leaned over Rachel.

“Let go.” He whispered. “Picture a ring expanding like your pupils when it gets dark. Just relax. It’s not natural.”

“No, it’s not.” Whimpered Rachel.

“Oh Yeah?” Scott chuckled. “How do you think your shit gets out? Your ass muscles stretch. It’s just usually traffic goes the other way.” Scott continued to speak softly to Rachel as he pushed against her tight muscles. He reached around and gently stroked seks filmi izle her clit. He felt her muscles open a bit.

“That’s a good girl. It’s coming in one way or the other. Just relax and let go.” He kept playing with her clit.

“Ahhhhh.” Rachel moaned, relaxing completely. Scott pushed all the way in until his balls were snug against her ass. He paused for a moment letting her get comfortable. He kept rubbing her clit. Rachel was getting more and more turned on. Without realizing it she was pushing back into him.

“Mmmmmmmm…” Scott purred. “You like this don’t you, you little slut girl. You’re getting all excited, aren’t you?”

“Goooooooddddddd, Yeeeesssssssss!” Rachel’s reply was one long drawn out moan.

Scott grinned evilly and glanced over his shoulder at the nearly forgotten camera. “I knew you would, you fucking slut.”

“Oh yes!” agreed Rachel

“Time to go to work, grade whore.” Scott announced. He pulled out and plunged back in.

“OH MY GOD!” Rachel screamed.

“Stay relaxed.” ordered Scott hammering into her ass.

“Oh, my God. Oh my God. Oh myGod. OhmyGod. Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod.” Rachel changed over and over again like a mantra.

“oh yeah! That’s right, baby. Keep going.”

I am a God!, thought Scott.

He watched Rachel’s right hand let go of the desk and reach down for her clit.

“Good girl. Get yourself off, my little slut. Make yourself cum for me.”

Scott could feel his own cock swelling. It was going to be soon. Any second now. “Cum with me, slut! Make yourself cum. Hurry up!”

He started smacking her ass. Rachel started going wild, thrashing wildly on the desk. “Yes, yes YES! Oh God YES!”

Scott felt her orgasm rocketing through her and hurriedly drove himself over the edge. He threw his head back and let out a near howl of release as he blasted her ass full of cum.

“YES! Take that you fucking whore! Take that!”

Again and again his cock spasmed in her ass. Beneath him Rachel continued shaking with the after tremors of her orgasm.

After her shaking had subsided, Scott pulled his cock out of her as and grabbed a handful of tissue and tucked them into Rachel’s hand. He grabbed another handful and cleaned his cock off and tucked it back into his pants. Rachel took the tissues and cleaned herself up. Scott sat down in his chair and pulled Rachel on to his lap. He kissed her gently and rested her head on his shoulder.

“That work was definitely worth an A+. Congratulations.”

Rachel gave him an exhausted smile. “That was amazing.”

“I knew you would like it. Now you need to get dressed and hurry home. It’s late.”

Rachel nodded and got off his lap. She put back on her sweater and turned to look at him. He smiled as he stood up and gathered her into his arms. He kissed her deeply and then said, “Good-bye Rachel”

“Good bye Professor.” Rachel said and walked out the door.

Once she was gone, Scott climbed up to the camera and took the tape out. He put in a fresh tape and set it back on the shelf. He’d enjoyed performing on camera and wanted to do it again. Besides he had a feeling that after seeing this tape Melissa was going to want to see more.

He climbed down and opened his briefcase. He put the tape inside and closed it again. Grabbing his coat, he turned off the lights and left with a satisfied smile on his face.

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