Scott’s Granddaddy part 5-6


Scott’s Granddaddy part 5-6So I laid face down on the chair with my towel still wrapped around me. He pulled up a chair next to me so he’d be comfortable. He was wearing just a towel too and the position I was laying I could get a clear view of his cock. I immediately felt an erection coming on. He applied the lotion and started working around my neck. It felt so good. He worked on there and my back for ten minutes before he moved down to my calves. I remarked, ” this is how a massage feels? I never knew what I’ve been missing ” . Then I told him that his hands were like magic. He continued to work on my calves and slowly made his way up towards my hamstrings. I can feel his hand brush the lower part of my cheeks istanbul escort because at this time, my towel had raised slightly. The more he rubbed the back of my legs and the closer he got to my inner thighs, I could feel my pulse racing and my dick get hard. I shifted a bit and he asked if I was okay. I said, “everything is perfect, don’t stop.” He started working my inner thigh and at this point I wanted him to go further. I parted my legs a bit and he leaned over and said, “you like this don’t you? ” I just nodded and had my eyes closed. I opened my eyes and I could see that he did too because he was fully erect under the towel. OMG his cock was avcılar escort big and beautiful I thought. At this time he worked his hands between my thighs and I spread my legs even more. He poured too much lotion and tried to wipe it off so I lifted a bit a slid the towel off of me and said, “here, use this. ” Now I laid there completely nude with my friend’s grandfather rubbing my body. He immediately started massaging my butt cheeks which is the best feeling in the world. I was in heaven! I’m pretty sure I had a good amount of pre cum come out of me at this point bcuz it felt wonderful. I knew he was into it because as he caressed my ass, I could feel his finger slightly graze şirinevler escort my tight hole. I thought to myself ” do it !” and he did. He worked the lotion down my crack and was now massaging my boutt hole. He knew I wanted it because I spread my legs even more. He said outloud “you are so sexy “. Finally the moment came, he inserted his finger into my hole and I let out a moan. He started going in and out slowly then a little faster. He was gentle and I loved it. He asked if I wanted him to stop and I said no. He worked my ass a little faster and was now using two fingers. I was rubbing my crotch against the chair and ” you’re gonna make me cum ” and he responded “that’s what I want “. I looked up and he was jerking himself off with his other hand. I yelled out ” I’m cumming” and so was he. I came harder than I ever had and I heard him let out a big moan then watched the most beautiful flow of cum come out of cock. I just laid there in aww for a few minutes. He asked me if I was okay and I said “never been better “.

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