Subject: Scrum Down 3 – Henry Gets Some Bone, Maro Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and practice safe sex! Happy reading. Scrum Down 3 – Henry Gets Some Bone, Maro Henry Slade arrived in London, for a day of freedom. The Exeter Chiefs centre explored the capital city taking in the many sights of the historical capital city. Walking through Camden, the 29-year-old looked over the market stalls trying to identify a small gift to take back to his parents. Winding through the narrow streets Henry felt lost, the maze of boutiques and stands were blurring into one overwhelming mass of visual noise, fuck it, it’s time for a beer. He took out his phone and opened maps before a thought dawned on him, he switched to his contacts and found Maro Itoje’s number. “Big man, I’m in Camden and I need a beer. Where should I go?” Henry sent to his England teammate, “Henry, come here!” Mauro replied, sending his location from Hampstead Heath. [I wonder what he’s doing up there?] Henry thought to himself, opening Uber and ordering himself a cab. Within minutes his cab had arrived and Henry clambered in for the short journey to the Heath, [aaaaand breathe.] The cab arrived and Henry climbed out taking in the busy junction filled with families, couples walking hand-in-hand and now, a lost international rugby star. Henry took out his phone and entered maps again looking at his location. Finding his blue spot, Henry followed the map along the winding paths and up the hill until he saw the big lock sat down with a group of friends looking over the stunning London skyline. “Henry!” Maro beamed, pushing himself up off the grass to greet his England teammate. “Yo Maro.” Henry smiled broadly as they hugged. “Guys, this is Henry, Henry these are the guys.” Maro explained. Henry gave a tentative wave to the group who greeted him politely. “We won’t be here long.” Maro whispered to Henry as he acknowledged each of the group’s greetings individually. Maro stuffed a bottle of beer into Henry’s hand then held out his own beer for a cheers, Henry reciprocated before taking a long, thirsty swig. Dropping the bottle from his lips, Henry surveyed the London skyline, for all the years he had bad mouthed the capital as an “outsider” the truth was the city really was spectacular, there was The Shard, there was The Gherkin, a smile spread across Henry’s face as he appreciated the view. “Looking for the cows, villager?” Maro grinned over at him. “You could say that.” Henry chuckled. The evening began to draw in across the clear sky as they emptied their beer cans and bottles. “Ready to head back?” Maro grinned with his disarming smile. “Yeah, I got fuck all done today though.” Henry chuckled. “Pah, don’t worry about it, we can go shopping in the morning, I’ll drive you wherever you need to go.” Maro replied. “Would you, that’s sweet of you.” Henry grinned. “Happy to help bro.” Maro smiled. “Alright folks, we are off.” Maro announced, taking out his phone and ordering a cab. “It was nice meeting you all.” Henry called politely, chasing after Maro who had turned and begun his journey home. Within 10 minutes they had arrived at Maro’s flat, a two-floored, two-bed flat in West Hampstead. Henry followed the tall Lock into his Edwardian flat; the building’s crafted iron finish not only included the bannisters but also a beautiful birdcage style lift. Henry’s eyes drank it all in as they climbed the staircase and arrived at Maro’s top floor flat. The Saracens star pushed open his door and strode into his home followed by his England teammate. “Make yourself at home.” Maro offered, reaching out to take his coat. “Thanks.” Henry grinned, handing over his coat and kicking off his shoes. Taking in the framed shirts and man of the match trophies, Henry was impressed by his teammate’s success. The flat was huge; high ceilings with a grand light in each room, even at 6 foot 5 inches tall, another Maro on top of Maro’s shoulders wouldn’t reach the ceiling. Maro placed Henry’s coat behind the door then heading over to a cabinet in the corner of the room he removed a bottle of whisky and two tumblers. “Let’s take this up a notch.” Maro grinned. Henry chuckled, taking a seat on one of three, two-seater leather couches facing towards a coffee table with a space to see a large plasma TV on the wall. Maro tipped the light brown liquid liberally into the glasses. [That’s gotta be a quadruple] Henry chuckled to himself. Maro caught Henry’s eye and the expression on his face. “Put some hairs on your chest big boy.” “You’re one to talk, cheers.” Henry replied, referring to Maro’s smooth, broad chest which he had witnessed many times in the locker room. They clinked their glasses and took a sip of the peaty liquid before exhaling a manly sigh of appreciation. bursa escort Their conversation took them over Japan and that world cup final, the day that never was. Then the 6 nations, what a fucking disaster that had been. Would Eddie Jones still be in charge by the time they got to France? And if not, who would be the new coach? Would they still pick Maro he gave a conciliatory nod bringing a wide smile from the forward. “Well, if you want it, come get it.” Maro grinned, spreading his legs and unzipping his jeans. Henry had seen Maro’s cock many times before, but this time as the 9.5-inch log emerged from the forward’s crotch, Henry had to take a moment to prepare himself mentally. Maro watched Henry’s brown eyes travelling along his hardening meat and smiled, “Ready for it big boy?” Henry nodded tentatively. The Plymouth-born centre picked himself up and moved towards Maro. Sinking to his knees between the big man’s legs, Henry didn’t even pause to contemplate. Reaching into Maro’s crotch, he took hold of the forward’s thick pole at the base and placed the tip into his mouth. Henry closed his lips and slid down the black boy’s thick, hard shaft, the taste was overpowering. Henry felt powerless to resist, each time he swallowed the cock his mouth took in more of Maro’s delicious meat. Maro raised his arms, resting them behind his head whilst his England teammate serviced him. Henry held Maro’s thick baton at the base while he busied himself at Maro’s head. Henry’s pink lips pursed tightly around Maro’s swollen tip, sucking gently and swiping his wet tongue across the top. The glancing flicks sent to glee through the forward’s massive frame bringing a gentle sigh from the big man. The sounds of wet sucking echoed around the contemporarily designed living room. Maro enjoyed Henry’s tongue work as the centre ate his dick. “Another thing you’re better at than Owen.” Maro chuckled after another long sigh of satisfaction. Henry appreciated the encouragement; it was always good to know things you could do better than the famous England poster boy. Henry poked his tongue out of his gaping mouth, the tip prodded against Maro’s thick, dark shaft which pulsed towards Henry as a reflex to being teased. Again, Henry teased the big black cock in front of him, tickling Maro’s tip which tensed hard once more. Looking up at the big lock, Henry felt in control as he took hold of the base of Maro’s shaft and swallowed as much of Maro as he could. Maro gave a grunt of satisfaction watching Henry bob up and down the length of his cock. Henry wasn’t able to swallow the whole thing, but that didn’t matter, around 7.5 inches of Maro’s meat disappeared inside Henry’s skull each time the centre descended Maro’s cock. Inside Henry’s throat, Maro could feel his exposed head glide across Henry’s tonsils bringing light shudders from the 27-year-old. Henry could hear Maro verbally enjoying his oral talent. Soft murmurs and other gentle sound effects left the forward’s lips involuntarily. Each sound encouraged Henry to suck harder and move faster on that beautiful black 9.5-inch mast. The image of Owen sucking Maro’s big black cock while the man mountain frowned bemused by the northern lad’s lack of skills filled Henry’s mind. The centre wanted to impress and, in his mind, there was only one way to do it, but before he climbed aboard, he wanted to enjoy the meaty cock stretching his throat wide open. With increasing ease, Henry sucked on the big forward’s long, hard cock. The urge to gag weakened with every repetition as Henry’s throat loosened to accept Maro’s hard pole. The 29-year-old inhaled deeply as he sucked, Maro’s manly aroma filling his nostrils. Henry’s tongue pressed firmly against the back of Maro’s pipe, stimulating it with well-placed pressure. “Fucking hell yes.” Maro groaned with delight. He knew who he wanted to share a room with Henry on their next tour. The tightness of Henry’s lips around his hard cock felt sensational. The 27-year-old watched his dark shaft disappear into Henry’s skull and then felt the pressure of his teammate’s throat closing around his swollen head. Fuck, Henry could suck him all night at this rate and he wouldn’t get bored. The forward’s balls didn’t agree however and as he sucked; he was bringing Maro dangerously close. Sliding off the top of Maro’s cock with a pop, Henry took the forward’s thick black wood at the base and stroked it across his cheek. Maro’s eyes narrowed, disappointed that Henry had decided to end his amazing oral work just as it was about to hit the spot. Henry stood up and took his shirt off, then gestured to Maro to remove his own. As Maro removed his shirt to reveal his dark, muscular frame, Henry peeled down his trousers and stepped out of them. The tent in his red boxers was clear to see and slipping his fingers under the waistband, escort bayan the 29-year-old pushed them down. Henry stood for a moment proudly with his hands on his hips looking down at Maro’s muscular body and smiling with anticipation. The centre stepped towards Maro and threw his right leg over Maro’s left leg, then placing his hand on the forward’s shoulder he threw his left leg over Maro’s right leg. Taking Maro by the chin, Henry pulled Maro’s face towards his and planted a long hard kiss on the 27-year-old’s thick lips. Maro’s full lips took control while Henry reached around and located his teammate’s thick black cock. Rolling his hand to the top, Henry guided the tip towards his hole and pressed it against his ring. Their kiss increased in intensity as Henry pushed his arse out, placing his weight above Maro’s cock, Henry allowed gravity to pull his weight down, a soft nasal groan confirmed what both men could feel, Maro’s head had begun to penetrate. The feeling of his ring stretching wider than it ever had before made Henry groan deeper and longer than he ever had before. The burning sensation engulfed his body like an inferno, an inferno concentrated on his tight, pink arse hole. Yet with time, gentle movements up and down, and kissing, plenty of kissing, Henry filled his hole with more than 6 inches of Maro’s thick black cock. The pain was excruciating as Maro’s thick rod sliced its way deeper inside his muscular body and yet as the pain increased, so did Henry’s desire for more. The bottom’s powerful thighs pushed him up a little then further down into Maro’s lap, swallowing a little more cock each time. Maro watched every move Henry made, every flinch of his body as the pain surged through the bottom’s sensitive, muscular body. Henry’s body felt incredible surrounding his thick, black cock, the bottom’s tight hole dragged Maro’s dark foreskin along his shaft with increasing speed and decreasing discomfort. The forward’s hands held Henry’s hips as the 29-year-old bounced, both men could feel their breathing increase in depth along with their heart rate. With Henry’s increasing freedom of movement, Maro found himself jabbing north softly as Henry descended, encouraging another millimetre to edge inside the bottom as he fucked himself. Henry threw his arms around Maro’s neck and hugged the big black beauty tight. The bottom felt happy and as comfortable as he would ever be while being skewered by a thick 9.5-inch pole. Henry’s glutes began to really take charge of his movements, rocking his hole from front to back as he used the entire length of Maro’s thick, raw cock to fuck himself. With his arse grazing Maro’s thighs each time he sank down into the forward’s lap, Henry felt unstoppable. “Fucking hell that’s deep.” Henry exclaimed as he bounced with increasing speed, squeezing the 27-year-old’s thick head into his tight belly. Maro remained relaxed, sitting back on the couch watching the bottom’s tight hole sliding along his hard 9.5-inch log. Maro reached out onto the back of the couch and gripped the leather tight while Henry bounced above him. With Henry’s tight arse clinging tight to his thick, raw cock Maro knew it wouldn’t be too long before his cock exploded with what felt like a pint of thick cream churning in his balls. “Ride that dick.” Maro groaned, his throbbing cock sliding within Henry’s tight chute. With the pressure building in his balls, Maro moved his right hand to take hold of Henry’s bouncing cock and as the bottom bounced, Maro began to jerk his hard cock. The feeling of Henry’s hard, 7.5-inch cock throbbing in his hands made Maro’s cock even harder, the feeling of his cock probing Henry’s insides, turning the bottom on and thickening Henry’s own cock made everything hotter. The 29-year-old’s hot tunnel descending around his pole made Maro groan, sliding over his sensitive head. “I’m really close.” Maro breathed, watching Henry stuff himself with the forward’s rock-hard sheath. “Good.” Henry panted as he bounced, “keep wanking me.” He finished. Maro maintained his form, pumping Henry’s wand as the centre fucked himself on Maro’s long cock. The 27-year-old obeyed Henry’s instructions with extreme difficulty. The bottom’s arse felt so good he wanted to roll his eyes to the back of the sockets but watching the movements of Henry’s manly body made the whole situation so much more arousing. “Yeah, I’m gonna cum.” Maro nodded. Henry bounced up and all the way off Maro’s meaty cock just in time to watch the 27-year-old shoot across his smooth, broad chest. Much like Maro himself, the black boy’s cum was big and thick. The big forward sucked in deep breaths of air between grunts as his cock squirted like a fountain across his smooth, dark skin. Maro’s fist continued valiantly tugging at Henry’s 7.5-inch sword while his own cock shot another bursa escort load across his contrasting skin. The deep, smooth chocolate colour of Maro’s skin became dotted with the bright creamy colour of his sticky cum, landed in thick globs across his muscular body. “Holy fuck.” Henry whined, his eyes scanning Maro’s broad chest as it became drenched in his own cream. For no reason in particular, Henry placed his hand into the sticky mess forming on Maro’s chest and gave a loud groan. The warm, silky substance between his fingers flicked a switch in Henry’s mind and as Maro’s fist rolled along his cock, the centre erupted over his teammate’s waiting chest. Two thick, hard cocks pulsed angrily as they fired their owner’s marbly white cream across Maro’s beautiful, dark skin. The forward had the most incredible view as the pair of cocks throbbed wildly while firing their contents. Taking Maro by surprise, the most powerful surge of Henry’s orgasm sent a thick rope of cum into the forward’s smooth cheek. “Uhh fuck.” Maro breathed, his orgasm was at an end but Henry’s face shot had sent a final surge of erotic passion through him, shooting another wad of thick white cum across his abs. Maro gave a long sigh looking up at Henry who hadn’t finished cumming yet. The Exeter centre’s upper body convulsed as his body acted out the intense pleasure he was feeling. The last few ropes shot from his slick head across Maro’s broad chest to join his teammate’s pearly cream. “Ughhhh.” Henry groaned, using his chunky thighs to slide his body over Maro’s softening boner a couple more times to force the last of his cum out onto Maro’s sweaty abs. The two sat panting, Maro looking up at Henry who grinned back at him. “Well, that was fun.” Henry beamed. “Yeah, not the way I expected my day to go.” Maro chuckled. “Better or worse.” Henry replied. “Oh, much better.” Maro nodded enthusiastically. “Unlucky I didn’t get what I needed already though.” Henry laughed, looking over at the clock. “Not sure I’ll be able to walk any great distances after destroying myself with that thing.” Henry continued, flicking his eyes down towards Maro’s cock. “Doubt I could even make it to the door.” Henry finished. Maro rolled his eyes with a smile, “You trying to get an invite to stay the night.” “No, no. Just saying.” Henry chuckled. “I’m joking bruv.” “I know you are!” They argued, grinning as they did so. Their breathing had returned to normal and the England teammates finally had the energy to move. Henry pushed himself up to stand, watched all the way by Maro who appreciated Henry’s solid body. “I’m gonna clean myself up and if you wanna help yourself to a drink, feel free.” Maro announced pushing up from the couch surveying his chest as he did so. “Cool cool.” Henry smiled watching the forward go. Pulling up his boxers, Henry helped himself to a glass of water and filled two glasses with scotch. Relaxing into the couch he smiled, taking a sip and allowing the peat to warm him up. Listening to the water begin to run, he tensed his loose hole and smiled at the burning sensation. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. 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