Subject: Seasonal Pool Attendant 1 ==== Background ==== These stories are a mix of fiction and non-fiction from my earlier life. I’ve also condensed time-lines so what really happened in weeks is now happenings in days. Names have changed etc. Finally, I know you all like some action and there will be some in the next episode but this story arc needed to start right as it reflects what was my awakening to myself sexually and what teen boys are made of (in more ways then ail ==== “Awakening” ===== Adult/Youth I was lucky, I’m a pretty good swimmer but rather then going amateur competitive I decided to start lifesaving and lifeguard training. Ultimately it stood me well as when I started college it provided me a good income over the summer months and enough ad-hoc hours over the winter that I was never stuck for money. The job was with the local authority and around Easter each year they started the seasonal recruitment for lifeguards during the summer months. Most people applied for the beach roles as they are very much coveted, but in my first year I felt it best to hedge my bets and apply for both. As summer rolled around and focusing on my exams I had put the application to the back of mind. This was before mobile phones and when I got home one evening there was a message beside the phone with a name and number I didn’t recognise, asking my Mam (yes, living at home, as a student it was cheap accommodation) she explained it was about the life-guarding job. I rang in the morning from college and I was offered the pool job starting the Monday after my exams finished. I was asked to report for duty at an inner-city pool, make sure to have my own stuff, shorts, t-shorts and spare gear etc. And so began what became the most interesting and rewarding job I have ever had. But first a little more about myself, as you already know I was coming to the end of my first year in college, a young adult in the eyes of the world but ultimately still very immature both sexually and emotionally. You see I was attracted to the same sex from a young age, always looking to experiment with friends which was easy enough but as we moved into puberty I wanted to keep experimenting but my friends didn’t. I was confused, still attracted to my peers but unable to find a release. Jerking off was my only relief, with the occasional help of friends underwear ‘borrowed’ from their clothes hamper and on one occasion with a generous helping of cum. As I grew older I found my attraction to the same sex didn’t get age with me; my desires remained focused on young teens, those in the midst of puberty, radiating hormones from every angle. As I got older and came to the end of my own teen years I had accepted the fact that I wasn’t one for relationships, subdued my sexuality to myself and that was that. Initially this job as a lifeguard wasn’t anything more as a means to earn good money and have enough in the bank to keep me going when I got back to college. I arrived at the pool a few minutes early and knocked on the door, a guy opened it, I introduced myself and he welcomed me in, introducing himself as Joe. Over this series I’ll fill in the gaps about the role (we’re officially called pool attendants) but this story is about that first day, the fleeting glances and how my sexuality was re-awoken. I swam and trained a few days a week, seeing naked and semi-clad bodies was normal enough but never aroused me. But today, this first day on the job was going to finally release all those years of suppressed feelings, forcing me to face my own sexuality and that I’m attracted to teen boys. After introductions and a quick tour, the pool opened and the first swimmer came in, they pretty much were retirees and local office worker getting in some early escort lengths, as they all finished the pool pretty much emptied until about 10:00am when a bunch of young preteens arrived. I was working on baskets, that means as people get changed they bring their belongings to us and we issue a coloured band with a number. This way the swimmer can get their gear back and the different colours indicate when your session in the pool ends. It was all pretty noisy and in minutes they are all in the pool. Joe suggests I join him on the pool bank for the session to get a feel for managing the pool deck. Plan is I’ll head back in at the end of the session to hand the baskets out. Lunchtime rolls around, the local kids have left and a lunchtime adult crowd are in; I’m on the pool bank while some of my colleagues are having lunch, we swap mid-session so I can eat. The lunchtime crowd empty out quickly and Joe tells me that the older local kids will be in shorty, I’m on baskets again but he states we’ll both head into the changing room after the session to make sure there’s no messing. As the boys started to bring the baskets up I noticed some had really just thrown their clothes in and their underwear was just sitting on top which I found this strangely interesting. All too quickly they were all in the pool so I made a cup of tea and found myself thinking about all that underwear and I was getting aroused. As the session ended, I handed out the baskets but this time tried to imagine the underwear I saw in the basket on the slender frame of the boy in front of me. I was sporting a semi and wanted to see more, I tried to imagine what was hidden within their shorts – they all wore shorts. Joe beckoned me to join him and I was handed a brush. He explained that we would wash down the changing room while the boys were getting changed, keeping an eye on behavior – I was to follow his lead and pick up a few tips for the future. All the boys were crowded in the showers, jostling between the shower heads, all with their shorts still on, lots of noise but nothing serious. Joe and I grabbed a hose and started washing the place down. After about 5 minutes Joe shouted to the boys to finish up and get changed, a few began to move other hung around. Joe and I were standing at the entrance to the showers, giving the last few lads time to finish their showers. One boy caught my attention, I guessed him to be about 12 (I later found out he was 13 last January) but his body was something to behold. He had blue shorts on but they were tight, he was adonis compared to everyone else. The water running down his body was affecting my cock, I headed to the urinals to take a piss; I didn’t want to get caught perving. When I got back, the showers were empty and we quickly washed them down; we then started moving through the changing room. I noticed all the boys were getting changed furthest from the showers and I guessed this routine was normal and this way they gave us the space to clean while they got changed. Quickly enough the room emptied, in fact I think most of the boys barely dried themselves before getting dressed. One of the stragglers was my adonis and he was taking his time, most of his mates had left and he still had his blue shorts on. At this point my life changed, he was facing away from me and Joe, hooked his thumbs into his shorts and in one movement whipped them off, bending over and point what can only be described as the best bum directly as me. I felt my knees go weak, I must have made a made a noise as he turned to face me and I got to see this boy as naked as the day he was born. A small patch of pubes perfectly topped off what can only be described as a perfect penis. “Adam, get moving, you’re always paddy last.” Joe’s words izmit escort bayan brought me back to reality but this boy now had a name. “What’s up Joe, you always like my little show.” Adam responded while giving his hips a little trust making his cock bounce. Joe started to direct the hose towards Adam who squealed, admitted defeat and started getting dressed. Joe asked me to finish up on my own which I was cool with. Adam was the last to leave and shouted a quick bye to me. I wasn’t expecting that he was even aware I was there and stammered a response. He must have considered me a dork. As I finished sweeping where Adam was standing I saw he left his blue shorts on the blue bench. I picked them up, bringing them to my nose, I don’t know why but all I could smell was pool. I took them with me and put them in with lost property. The rest of the day was uneventful. When I got home, I jumped into the shower and while soaping up my memories of seeing Adam first in the shower came back to me. Those tight shorts covering that bum, his body with the prefect amount of muscle definition so he wasn’t a little boy any more. Then that moment when he dropped those shorts and I got to see that tush. My erection was was raging, I had never been so hard and so aroused. Then he turned and I saw his cock, it was only a fleeting glance but burned into my mind for eternity. My own cock erupted in an orgasm like I had never experienced, my legs buckled and I collapsed into a heap. What had come over me in the last few hours? I knew I was gay; I knew I felt attracted to young teens but I always believed that it was just a case of finding a partner my own age, coming out to family and friends and I would move on. This was more, this was lust, this was raw desire. My second day was pretty much a rerun of the first; the routine was easy enough. I was on the pool bank during the first couple of sessions in the morning and split the lunch session with one of the other seasonal guys, Jack, who started a few days before me. However I kept thinking about Adam during all this time. I had checked the lost and found when I came into work earlier and the blue shorts were there, they had dried out over night. I sneaked them into my pocket in the morning before heading into the toilet. While there I gave them a good inspection, I had hoped to find a pube but they were clean. I wrapped them around my own cock while having a few strokes, I left a little of my pre-cum on the fabric and returned them to the basket. As the local lads arrived I saw Adam as he walked into the changing room, grab a basket, head to the same bench and threw down his bag. He then strolled up to the counter where I was standing. “Hi, I think I left my swim shorts here yesterday, did someone hand them in?” he asked. “What do they look like?” I replied as I lifted up the lost and found box. Knowing dam well they were in there but trying to play it cool. “Blue, probably a little small for me but I like them. I have some new shorts my mum bought with me I could wear but I like the blue ones.” “This them? they do look a little small for you.” I held up the shorts in my two hands, giving them a little flick. “But maybe the girls like looking at your butt in these.” I continued. “Cool, thanks man, that’s them.” he said as he grabbed them from me. “Nah, girls aren’t my thing.” he said as he headed back to the bench. I was shocked, stunned and everything in between. This beautiful young teen admitted to liking wearing tight shorts, that he’s not into girls. Was he telling me, a stranger, that he’s gay and already out in the open. With all the bodies moving around I didn’t get a clear view of Adam changing but I did get to see many other boys izmit sınırsız escort stripping, glimpses of so many different cocks. All different shapes and sizes, from no hair to sizable bushes. Bums of every type, bubble, pert and firm. As the boys took their baskets up I got to see some treasure trails as well, not something I had ever considered sexual. Finally Adam sauntered up to me in his blue shorts. Remembering that I had left a little of my pre-cum on them aroused me to no end. He handed me his basket, I put it on a shelf and got a band with the number. As I handed it to him our fingers briefly touched, his skin was soft. “Have a good swim.” I mentioned. “Thanks and you’re right, my butt does look good in these.” he said as he turned and headed to the pool. Jack was already on the pool bank and I headed out to join him. With all the local boys in we usually have two people managing the pool, one sitting on the chair and one patrolling. As it was Jack and I there was probably more messing then usual as they tested our limits. The girls pretty much kept down the shallow end while the boys were jumping and diving in the deep end. There was a small group of boys and girls swimming together, I guessed there were in budding relationships and looked to be just enjoying chatting. The group of boys got more and more boyish as the session continued and one lad began to standout for all the wrong reasons. He looked to be a little older then Adam but no way as cute, in fact he just looked shabby. He was shouting and teasing others, getting a little rough. I mentioned to Jack we need to reel him in. Jack went over and talked to him but he didn’t settle down, in fact he got got mouthy. “What can you do, you can’t catch me or kick me out.” He shouted to Jack. Neither Jack or I wanted to have to get any of the regular staff out and help sort things, we knew that if we handled the issue ourselves we’d have some respect from the local kids for the rest of the summer. At this point the lad in question pulled off his shorts and started streaking around the pool, the noise level erupted as girls screamed and boys whistled. Jack looked at me, we were both thinking the same thing, what the fuck to do now. I must tell you this guy wasn’t even a looker, compared to Adam this guy was just boring looking. “Kid, you’re not impressing anyone, in particular the girls. All that’s going to happen now is they’ll go home and tell everyone that your cock is smaller then their little finger. Also you’ll get banned for a few days along with five of your friends who I will randomly pick. And that will be your fault.” I called to him. Adam joined me, “Paul, stop fucking around, no one is interested and all that’s going to happen is you’ll get barred and I better not be one of the others who also get barred.” “What’s wrong Adam, aren’t you interested in some of this?” Paul sneered. “Paul, if your cock was the last cock in the world it would turn me straight.” Adam then swam over to some friends. At this point, pretty much everyone turned his back to Paul and ignored him. I was stunned as there was no way I would have every expected a young inner city lad to be so openly gay and also command that much respect. The rest of the session continued without event and when it ended it was time for my break so I wasn’t able to see Adam again. When on our break I asked about Adam, how he commanded so much respect and was he openly gay. Joe explained to me that Adam’s family had done a huge amount for the community, not all of it legal, but they were very much anti-drug and the other parents were grateful for them helping keep drugs out of the neighborhood. He was gay, having come out a few months back but as the youngest, he had a couple of older brothers and therefore no-one messed with Adam. It wasn’t a family to get on the wrong side of but if you were on their side, keeping drugs out and not giving Adam any hassle, then you were a fty//gay/adult-youth/my-view-of-dannys-bedroom

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