Seasons: Spring Ch. 01


Authors Note: Seasons is my first attempt at erotic fiction and I hope you enjoy it. This is the story of a young man, Jason Davies, who is struggling to find happiness and purpose, and is at a major crossroads in his life.

I have several thematic arcs already planned that coincide with each season and the entire story takes place over the course of a year. I will cover a broad range of themes and will release individual chapters as often as I am able.

While this story is erotic in nature and each chapter will likely contain at least one sex scene, I aim to establish a semi-continuous narrative. My goal is that the completed work will be read as a novel. As this is my first submission on the site and a work in progress, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated.



Chapter 1

April raindrops pattered against the skylight as the cresting beams of sunlight imparted dusty shadows along the corner of the utilitarian bedroom. An obnoxious alarm began to drown out the comforting din of the rain, startling the man into action as he quickly silenced it for the third time. It would be a cool wet morning, he noted absently, tossing the covers aside.

“I don’t want to be here holding on. I won’t ever be your cornerstone. Watch her run, can you feel it?” belted from the small Bluetooth speaker on the bathroom counter as he entered the shower. He hummed along, his thoughts drifting to the message the student had sent him last week.

He took a long look at himself in the mirror attached to his dresser and contemplated opening the message today, ignoring the feeling in his gut that it would be a costly mistake. He would be considered muscular, even ripped, compared to the majority of white men in their 30s who worked at a desk all day. He was a soccer player in high school and while he was never that talented, he retained the active lifestyle. It was likely the only good habit that remained from his youth, a bright spot among the miscellaneous bad ones. His pecs and abs were clearly defined, although the dark hair covering his chest and stomach desperately needed to be trimmed.

He was half-mexican on his mother’s side, and though his features tended to look Mediteranean, he tanned very well, especially during the summers. He sported a close-cropped beard and short, messy black hair, more wavy than straight, that was accented by hazel green eyes. He quickly dried off, tossed the towel into the hamper and picked out a black golf polo and khaki slacks from the closet. This was a typical outfit for him, classic and unadorned. Style had never really interested him and there were no attention grabbing half-sleeve tattoos, piercings, or jewelry to speak of.

“Just drink the water where you came from, where you came from-” he paused the playlist, bringing the soulful drawl to a halt as he checked his messages. After deleting a few notifications, he opened a message from his neighbor, Vince:

10:23 pm – Hey man I know youre doing some cleanse thing, but if you want to come over and have some beers, I got a six pack from Quilt and Pistol that I’d think you’d like. Cheers!

A wolfish howl coming from the small dining room disrupted his train of thought and he shoved his phone into his pocket.

“I’m coming, Lila, I know. Just hold on.”

He opened the kennel and she jumped up to lick his face, whining excitedly as she led him out into the backyard.

“Don’t get muddy please” he called out to the tawny mutt as he contemplated messaging Vince back. After a quick piss, Lila bounded into the house and sloppily attacked her food and water while he packed leftover chicken and veggies into a plastic container.

“I’ll see you tonight, be a good girl.” He scratched her back and gave her a treat on his way out, slinging his work bag over his shoulder as he exited through the garage.

He climbed into his reliable Toyota 4Runner and turned the radio to the local sports station, hoping to catch some news about the upcoming NFL draft. Instead, the radio hosts bursa escort were droning on about the Rockies impressive showing in their home opener and their chances of taking the NL West this season. The moisture from the early morning showers hung thick in the air and he cracked the window before pulling out of his sleepy neighborhood onto the main drag leading out of Loveland.

A bedroom community, Loveland, Colorado was a small suburb of Fort Collins that acted as a central hub to the larger neighboring cities and state parks. Eastern Colorado University, the final destination of his early morning commute, was a 20 minute drive north to Fort Collins. As he turned onto US-287 and began to pick up speed, the creeping fog dissipated from the corners of the windshield and a humid breeze whipped against his face. Estes Park, the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park, was just a short drive to the West and Denver was less than an hour’s drive to the south. At present, the imposing peaks were concealed behind a thinning veil of mist. In the summer months, these mountain highways would fill with tourists and all manner of outdoor enthusiasts, turning the normally laid-back community of Loveland into a comparative metropolis.

Jason leaned back in his seat, listening to a gregarious former baseball player hash out so-called advanced sport analytics as an 18-wheeler passed him in the left lane. His vehicle rocked violently as the truck flew by, yet he paid the speeding trucker little attention. The mountain air was crisp and refreshing and his thoughts lingered elsewhere. He took the Fort Collins/ECU exit and switched the radio over to the alternative rock station, growing increasingly annoyed at the inane babbling of the three co-hosts.

By a quarter to 8:00, he turned into the four-story parking garage that was connected to the Department of Biomedical Sciences and began to make his way up to the roof level. On the roof, he circled around the lot several times even though there were only three other cars parked on this level. He pulled to the far end of the lot and parked away from the others, his small SUV unlikely to draw too much suspicion this early in the day.

He unlocked his phone and selected the email application, opened his saved folder and found the email she had sent him last week. The subject line read: Jason, Please Open and Read. He hesitated, reading the words over and over again. He clicked it and re-read the message for the fourth time in as many days:


I know you that you think this is inappropriate, especially since I sent this to your work email, but I don’t care. You know what this is about so I’m not going to waste time pretending it’s something it’s not.

I want you. I want you physically and emotionally, Jason. I know you see that, but more importantly, I know you feel the same. I’m not crazy or imagining this. It’s there every time we talk, Jason, lingering just under the surface, torturing me. It’s obvious from the conversations we have that you care for me more than you let on. I see it in your eyes and in your smile. I can’t take it anymore.

Regardless of whatever bullshit excuses you come up with, please remember that I’m 22, an adult, and I am fully capable of making decisions for myself. I know what I want and I’m pretty damn certain you want it too. Here I am. I’m yours. You just have to be man enough to come and take me.



Alongside the note were several pictures and a video attachment. He took a deep breath, letting her words sink in. He had briefly glanced at the thumbnails the first time he opened the email at his desk, but had quickly closed them and tried to put them out of his mind. Now, staring at the thumbnails, the urge to open them was overwhelming. He could tell that Julie had put a lot of thought into these pictures. There were three, and each one must have been carefully curated from a larger collection. They were damn near professional quality and she had carefully selected a different outfit and setting for each pose.

This bursa escort bayan one showed her playfulness, he thought, as he caved and downloaded the first in the series. She was leaning casually against an outdoor jacuzzi. The picture was taken at nighttime and she appeared to have just stepped out, a sleek dark green bikini clinging wetly against her curves. She was flashing a brilliant smile and winking at the camera. Her reddish-brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail; a dangling belly-button ring with faux diamonds completed the look.

The second look was sexy as hell. She had taken it in front of a full length mirror and her athletic body was framed in black lingerie. She had ditched the belly ring for a garter belt, which clipped to thigh high stockings, and accentuated it with a black choker and high heels. Her auburn hair hung messily around her shoulders and she was looking into the camera with a sultry gaze that was enhanced with mascara and smoky eye makeup. The thin black straps popped against her pale skin and the nearly sheer lace that covered her breasts hinted at her nipples underneath.

Jason could feel his cock stiffening in his pants. His heart began racing as he swiped to the next one and found Julie lying naked on her bed. After the anticipation provoked by the first two pictures, the full reveal of her bare body was a welcome focal point of this pose. Julie’s milky breasts and pale, pink nipples were deceptively large for a girl of her build, easily a D-cup, and her round nipples were pierced through with silver barbells. Her manicured hands were folded over a small, trimmed patch of light brown pubic hair several inches beneath her long and toned midsection.

She had spread her legs wide to display her freshly shaved vagina. Her swollen clit was visibly moist and surrounded by a pink inner and puffy outer labia. His cock was visibly straining against the seams of his pants and the hungry, supplicating look she was giving him caused his cock to throb painfully. The imploring eyes, sealed with a lip bite, screamed for him to come fuck her pussy raw.

He scanned the parking lot briefly and quickly unfastened his pants and removed his shirt. His black boxer briefs were sticky with precum and the leaking head of his swollen cock was peeking out from his elastic wasteband. He grabbed it roughly and felt a wave of pleasure course through his body. He had never masturbated in public before, and though there was a part of him that enjoyed the exhibitionist thrill, he was more concerned with what awaited him in the attached video. He opened it excitedly, his body nearly trembling as Julie’s nude figure appeared on his phone display.

She looked into the camera, “Hi Jason, if you’re watching this, I’m sure you have seen my photos and know how far I’m willing to take things. If there is any doubt left, I’m prepared to remedy that.” She sat down on the bed and sprawled out, getting comfortable before addressing him again. Sitting next to her was a pair of nipple clamps, a small glass butt plug, and an unreasonably large dildo.

“If those pictures didn’t whet your appetite, I’m about to show you what you’re missing out on.”

Jason was entranced. Like most men, he had seen his fair share of pornography, some of it quite kinky, but this was something else entirely. Julie was stringing him along, tempting him in an extremely intimate setting that she had devised specifically for him. She took the nipple clamps and fastened the first one over a long erect nipple. Pale blue veins were visible against her porcelain skin even though her breasts were heavily flushed with arousal. Her normally light areolas were much darker now and covered in goosebumps.

“I want you to take my piercings in your mouth and use your tongue to play with them” she intonated huskily. She gently attached the next nipple clamp and let out a small rasp of pain as the pressure caused the sensitive flesh to swell between the metal teeth of the clamp. Then, she connected the two clamps with a silver chain.

“You can play with them” escort bursa she said as she looked back into the camera. Between the piercings, the clamps and the chain, her picturesque breasts looked extremely vulnerable and sensitive. She gave the chain a fair tug, causing her nipples to stretch against the clamps.

“It stings quite a bit, but the pressure turns me on” she replied to a question he never voiced.

“You would be surprised what I can handle though.” Precum was slowly leaking from the head of his cock down his shaft. He obviously had no lube in the car, but the abundance of precum was more than enough to get the job done. He grabbed his cock and started stroking his sizable length with drawn-out, rhythmic strokes.

As if on cue, Julie panned the camera down to her pussy. Her clit was bright red and violently engorged and her inner lips were glistening wet. She took two slender fingers and began to rub it slowly at first, occasionally letting a finger slip into her dark wetness. She continued the motions, using the juices from her pussy to lube up her clit before taking a detour toward her ass.

Jason loosened the grip on his cock and slowed the pace of his stroking. He could hear the wet sounds of his own cum building in his cock and wasn’t ready to blow his load just yet. Julie reached for the glass butt plug and began to insert it methodically. The tip entered easy enough, but the flared base stretched against her tight ass as she slowly worked it a few inches in. Suddenly, it popped in completely, leaving a glittering glass heart in place of her pink star-shaped asshole.

Julie was clearly in command of her own sexuality, and as hot and impressive this display was, he couldn’t help but feel a little intimidated by her expertise. Jason was no slouch himself, being relatively blessed with a girthy 7-inch cock. Although he had bedded at least 7 women since high school and none of them had complained about his skill or his package, he felt a bit alarmed when she reached for a 12-inch veiny dildo that was at least 6 inches around.

“I really like my toys big and thick” she teased “but it’s no substitute for the real deal. I don’t just want to feel my pussy fill with cock, it’s too mechanical” she continued. “I want to touch your body, smell your sweat, taste your cum in my mouth.”

He pussy was sopping now, but it still took a good deal of effort to coax the monster dildo into her eager hole. As it slid deeper and deeper inside her, she had established a rhythm. By the time three-quarters of the beast was buried in her, she was moaning like a wanton animal in heat while using her other hand to play with her clit. He tried to match her pace for several minutes, as his cock pulsed with each stroke, but it was too fast and his heart was pounding now.

She pushed the dildo even deeper inside her, nearly burying it completely before rapidly sliding the entire foot of veiny silicon out with a with a lewd, wet noise, leaving a dark empty hole in its place. Her entire body shuddered as she climaxed and a visible gush of fluid ran from her pussy down her ass, covering the heart shape butt plug and dribbling down her trembling thighs.

Since he had been mimicking her stroke for stroke, her climax sent him over the edge as well. He let out an animalistic groan as he felt the pressure of cum pulsing up his shaft. He grunted and convulsed as thick ropes of cum erupted from him. The first shot hit him in the neck like a blast of lava and the subsequent aftershocks covered his chest, belly and thighs in sticky, pearly white cum.

She panned the camera back up to her face and laughed girlishly “So…Jason, that was fun, right? Imagine how much more fun it would be if you were here with me.” She winked at him mischievously and kissed the camera. Then the video cut to black.

“Fuck…” he said out loud as the fantasy slowly dissolved. “What am I going to do now?


Author’s Note: Just to reiterate, this is the beginning of a multi-part series that will likely be more of a slow burn than a page turner. In chapter 2, we will learn more about Jason and Julie’s backstory, meet his colorful neighbor Vince, and get into some shenanigans at the local pub. I hope you enjoyed this story half as much as I did writing it.

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